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  1. @Ameera Ali

    the gifs are hilarious :thumbsup: Please continued  them coz its getting tedious :unamused:watching SH and LSh playing catch up with the baddies. I wish the writer just relax a bit. So many abusive scenes.

    Oh dear I guess the writer tried to push up some interest in VC character. But it didn't work for me seeing him in action rolling down the stairs.  Instead could we have a little bit of romance now.


    @newyee thanx for preview. I hope no one stop VC from telling the truth. No more fainting goats :sweat_smile:

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  2. Its typical in kdrama. Moms are normally allowed to do nasty and horrible acts if they claim to do them in the best interest of their child. Writers will even have mc said things like " If I'm your mom, I would do the same" to justify them. 


    Now we have SH turning into a softy. He felt for AR " suffering". She  just a mom who tried to protect her son from bad girl Esther. Anyway he should know by now the chairman is made of sterner stuff. 

    Yes Esther . Love it when she told SH to stop protecting AR if she harass him. 

    The girl got her priority straight. 


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  3. @philosophie

    What I meant was YR loved geosan and has the savvy to run it. While SH has more talent in art rather than business. 


    The affair between HS and WH's dad happened way after MH was born. HS started to hate her husband after he brought home MH and forced her to raise his illegitimate child. 

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  4. Finally the sub is 100% complete. Phew.


    The chairman wanted to make a new will. MH was out. Chairman was aware of his evil tendencies.  Naturally SH was the next in line.  Pity both he and HS never consider YR when actually she is the geosan thoroughbred. 

    No mention of the baby in the end. I suppose it was not important whose the father was. The baby was a plot device to move the story. It was MH's so that JW can get geosan to defend her. It was WH's to provoke MH that lead to his death. :P


    I guess it must be MH's since in the end the writer conveniently took it away from our otp grand reunion. 

    Oh well I stayed on watching becoz I love a whodunit story not the otp. SH was my bias.

    Chingus...thank you for keeping me company in this thread. 

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  5. @imgreatgal  From the title of the short clip@tv chosun website I guess he told her instead of MH who everyone assumed was the intended heir, her husband wanted SooHo to be the next chairman.  She might go bat crazy for that. She hated her husband for years becoz she thought he preferred MH to SH. 


    I wish WH's mom was stronger. Such a waste to kill oneself without knowing the husband has decided to stay with his family. She should have spare a thought to her son. 


    @zenya22 Her mom obssession with making SH the head of geosan at all cost has destroyed their family. Like the painting by SH, they could have been happy if mom and dad were not constantly at loggerheads. 




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  6. @philosophie I give it a try.

    11 hours ago, philosophie said:

    Honestly I’m confused by whole show. Can someone explain in the end who killed MH, what the revenge WH was all about, and the ending.


    Director Woo killed MH. He has vested interest in keeping JW healthy and alive after JW sort of made a promise to director woo to donate her kidney to his sick wife.  The night of the murder, MH was strangling JW. Director Woo intervened and stabbed him dead. 


    WH's dad died when he was a boy. He was murdered. His mom hanged herself after she met with the chairman of geosan. So WH was convinced his dad was killed by the chairman. Since then he been searching for any clue and proof to nab the chairman.


    In the end, it was revealed that the chairman's wife, HS who killed WH's dad. The chairman knew all along about it but he kept his mouth shut and paid off his driver Ricky to leave korea. 


    Previously HS tried to kill off both her husband and MH. The plan was to drug the heli pilot. The heli crashed.  The chairman survived tho he became mentally incapacitated. While lucky MH was not on board of the heli due to a last minute change of plan. 

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  7. Watched ep15 sub (partially).  I was wrong. The convo was between the chairman and ricky the rat, not WH's dad.

    No wonder he looked sleazy. I dont have to understand korean to get the vibe. Good acting. 

    Feel bad for director woo.  His wife passed away without him by her side. :tears:

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  8. 13 hours ago, zenya22 said:

    LOL the godmother. I was hoping her son SH can stop her but he seems clueless about what mom is capable of or what she is doing behind his back. 


    He always know about his mom obsession to make him the head of geosan. He tried so many times to stop his mom but she never listen. Now with MH gone and his dad hospitalised he can do something to curb her. Love the scene when he busted his 2 faced assistant.  The actor playing SH is good at making SH looks vulnerable and helpless with a hint of his mom ruthlessness. 


    Episode 15.

    Interesting convo between WH's dad and the chairman. Wish I could understand korean. :mellow: His dad looked  like a sleazy kind of guy..

    Director Woo lost his wife. So I guess JW never really promise to help him. He misunderstood her intention and saved her from MH for nothing. 




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  9. HS is totally bad. She's like the mafia godfather.  She will  dispose whoever is in her way. She even have her own assassin to do her bidding. 

    So who can really stop her now. <_<

    Looking forward to watching the last 2 episodes. 

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  10. His stupid dad loved a psycho and paid with his life. Like father like son. Both are sucker for unhappy married women. 



    I like them too. Both are flawed but  I have enjoyed watching their interactions. I hope they get out from this mess, together and happier.






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  11. @imgreatgal

    It was in episode 7. (Almost the end of it)

    JW at the airport trying to escape from MH. As usual Director Woo caught up with her. Her plea for him to let her go failed becoz he was such a loyal dog to his master. But then on the way back he got a call from the hospital. Thats how she got to know about the sick wife.  She told him she was willing to be tested. The night of the murder if MH was not momentarily distracted by director woo presence JW will not have the chance to grab that knife. She was not strong enough to overcome him. 


    JW should have trust WH. She thought she is saving WH. She longed to be free from geosan but now she is back to square one. 

    YuRa is letting her emotion ruled her. But then if not for her , WH would be dead.


    In ep 12 it seemed HS was the one who stabbed WH's father for reason still unknown. What would be the reason for  a widow to  committ suicide in the living room of their home after telling her son the best revenge is to live well.:huh: 

    Did WH's father has an affair with HS or what?

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  12. From the convo in the car between director woo and JW, director Woo intervened in the fight between JW and MH that night.  He got bruises on his cheek. Normally he would turned a blind eye to what his master did to his wife. But he needed her to be alive since she sort of promised to donate her organ. So he cleaned up the crime scene and kept his mouth shut. Now he knew she is pregnant what will be his next move.


    What a mess between our otp. WH tried to safe her from the murder charge. He even put her interest first over his revenge.  It might work if not for his colleague big mouth. Now she got in her head she needed to save him from herself.

    I wonder if she knew about that revenge thing that he has against geosan. From the preview YuRa will found out about his vendetta against geosan. I bet she will be only too glad to tell JW about this.


    YuRa words will bite her back. Her mommy will definitely pay for her crimes.  But HS throwing  that bloody knife on a very busy bridge which I am sure will have plenty of cctv in a broad day light was the most ridiculous scene ever. *facepalm*



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  13. I think there will be a switch of role between our otp. It will be DK2 turn to rescue his wife. All this while SH has given her all to claim back her man. 



    I love that SH and SooHo's son is alive. Such a cutie and well mannered. But he seems happy with his adopted mom. Will see how the writer navigate this issue. From the convo with his mom I think he has a heart transplant. No doubt his real dad being a doc will come into play later.


    Esther is really dumb.  How can it never occur to her AR will make a police report over the missing pearl. It's NJ lot to be saddled with a stupid partner in crime. One of these days I think he might strangle her himself. He looks richard simmons off whenever he got a call from her. :w00t:





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  14. Love how SooHo showed mommy who is the boss of Geosan. Just I said previously, his wife has the  hots for him now.  But SooHo's wife got to be extra careful. She could be next on her mil thit list if she knew too much. 


     I think mommy wants to use whatever ricky has with him to control SooHo. She wont give up that easily the power she just got after the death of her husband. She is one crazy manipulative woman. 



    The problem is the writer failed to give us proper back story why the ML fall for her that deep and that fast. They just met again a year ago.  So it is hard to root for them. Did he think he is responsible for her being tied to her nasty husband? 

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  15. @mslilith I am watching to find out who killed MH. I am not invested in the otp. Not even with second FL. Which is a pity becoz the writer is very generous with our otp moments. 

    I am however more interested with SooHo character actually. His mom thinks she can control him and he is weak  but I think once he get the chairman position he will show his true self. Looking forward to that.

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  16. 3 hours ago, newyee said:

    Twist..turn..twist...turn out the cosmetic surgeon is coming for Esther & NJ, I guess.


    Oh no. That cosmetic surgeon is bloody brilliant. NJ and Esther need SH off their backs. She isn't changing her mind about DK being her SooHo. 

    So perhaps they offer the surgeon lots of money to change someone else to be SooHo. Maybe they find someone with a medical background who is in need of money. But that will be super twisted right. :sweat_smile:


    Ep 39. Watch raw.


    Sadly our otp has been torn apart by Esther shedding crocodile tears to DK2 :crazy: and AR being a thug to SH :tears:


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  17. The detective said there was something strange about the bloody foot steps at the crime scene. He said the patterns looked like someone was casually walking away rather than a panicky one.  I notice the way WH walk. It looks like  he is catwalking on the runaway. So WH could be the killer. That night he did see JW drove away towards the Geosan building. Or maybe the actor was a model before and I am overthinking much :P



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