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  1. Found a making video Also the 3 songs from the OST out so far (check spoilers for the other 2)
  2. @Samuel Yohanes I am loving the recap. Oh so they all were celebrating their collaboration together--ok makes sense that they were together. But then why AJ needs to be carried bride style by YW when she is at home? I guess I have to be patient and wait. Yes the coworker is Hye Jin. Hard to remember all the new names for every drama. LOL. Ok recap refreshed--awww ok gotcha. So they were definitely all drinking. HY telling what to to AJ about the guys. OOOOH cannot wait to see. Interesting and makes sense of YW failed confession attempt. Yeah, if AJ has a b
  3. @mouse007 Hahaha, I should be working too. I am glad it is not busy this morning. I don't feel too guilty as I stayed late last night til almost 9 pm. Yes there is that line between love and hate. When you have such DEEP feelings and hurt, ODO is doing his darnedest to feel dislike/hate and keep it up. But as he is with AJ, he seeing her charms again and falling in love again. He was smitten seeing her stop to take a pic of the sky with her sweet and hopeful smile to capture that moment (last episode). Or when they BOTH were happy and smiling after being splashed by the FOUNTAIN,
  4. @Mademoisella I know right? Chani was just in "Once Again" a weekend drama as Jiwon for a few episodes and his cameo ended. It was cute. I like RW. I was glad to see them at KCON NY. I hope RW has a speedy recovery. Interesting that SF9 are in the party scene with AJ and ODO and JAR. Are they the musical guests? Performing at the party?
  5. @Samuel Yohanes I am frankly happy with ANY form of recap. I think you should do what is easiest for you. I am soooo appreciative of your efforts. Number is nice and orderly and if not a pain for you. But word is fine too.
  6. @Samuel Yohanes Thanks thanks thanks for recapping. I put a rough translation of the preview up (edited the prior post btw). Hmm food for thought. @mademoisellesia I did read about SF9 doing a cameo in a post, I thought SOOMPI but I guess not. Awww we were trolled HN calling RJ dad. I was going to say, HN would not OUTRIGHT say it right with no test or figuring out stuff first given what she did with YW. LOL. RJ really wants to be part of AJ life and possibly HN. I think it is cool he was there and MADE FACE for AJ with the unkind mothers. Thanks
  7. @chatterbox22 Oh my and @tuffygarcia about them all meeting. Cute that PD is carryikng AJ purse though. So I cannot imagine she got drunk with all three guys. She got injured? It is curious that ALL three of the guys converged and then later YW is carrying her in bride style. Def reeks of she is hurt/injured or something or fainted? @mouse007 Hmm good theories and thoughts about AJ not telling her daughter. So many scenarios and reasons. They are all valid and make sense. I agree she did not get pregnant due to a traumatic/horrible situation like rape. If she did, AJ responses (to
  8. @mouse007 No problem at all and thanks for being open to my post to you. More just wanted awareness and not take lightly how words can represent a meaning that we don't necessarily mean but even in JEST to still take it seriously. Society seems to be harsher on women than men too overall. Just as a woman, I just wanted to respectfully bring it up. Of course these are my theories: We still don't know why AJ did not tell ODO. But it seems suspicious that RJ is nervous a bit when ODO talks to AJ. Plus when AJ asked RJ about why her relationship went south wit
  9. @mouse007 yeah to me it is a big minor chance that the father would be someone else. Just IF was someone else, AJ should not be called a tramp. Here is #1 reason why AJ is not one: Slang definition of tramp: tramp noun (WOMAN) [ C ] US slang disapproving. a woman who has sex often, with a lot of different partners. There could be a bad circumstance and if something bad happened to her, she shouldn't be called a tramp I know she is a fictional character, but I admit as a female, the blame on the woman calling them "tramp" or other unsavory terms doesn't si
  10. @lyd89 thanks again for the updates POST show. I agree how you consider it a drama or just a reality show. I mean it is NOT our reality. Plus the PD had to weave a story that has viewers---yes the HG and MJ was a given due to MJ strong interest. I think if the PD shown what HG was sad about--it would have made fans EVEN more upset. I mean happy they were together but more upset now that they are not together. I had mentioned before, many people in reality show really stay together. Plus dating in real life is tough---even job, family and stress. So added TV cameras did not help. P
  11. @Redpinkboxes Thanks for being and MVP posting an amazing recap. I was tearing up and happy and squealing just reading your recap. I SOOOOO cannot watch it for real. Right now is lunch time. Since clips are stingy only have the ones @triplem posted. Just from your recaps only and the scarce video clips: -I squeeeeeeeeeealed like crazy with CH and EH first kiss! (OMG they made up for NO kisses for this kiss!) I loved it was at the deoksung wall (I want to visit this place next time I am in Korea ---whenever that is in the future after this pandemic is over). She cutely
  12. @hibiscus23 Ok OTP are together just other factors to their journey were ANNOYING and we fans in this forum were complaining of the story arcs. Then we realized someone pointed out that there were two different writers for the drama. NO WONDER, it made sense of the disconnect we felt & not keen on. But the lovey dovey OTP moments are cute. IRL I do ship the actors and there is a separate forum made for us to spaz about them post DM drama. Take care and be well my friend!
  13. @partyon OMG oops.Thanks for telling me where to vote correctly. I screwed up. LOL. @triplem Welcome my friend! Always great to see you in forums! I am loving Son Ho Jun (always love him) and I love Song Ji Hyo in Running Man. I know her dramas were always a mixed bag but I Iike her alot. I hope you continue with us for this ride! I like it is on NETFLIX for me here in the USA.
  14. Hello Everyone! Only Tuesday and lunch time for me. I am not going to lie, low key loving that my not using CY bad dongseng's name and just using "leech" others are doing the same. The actress is doing a great job to make you really dislike her. I just am soooooo ticked still for CY and really they are going to drag it out? She is devious to take the toothbrush just in case if DNA match is needed. WOW the LOW of low. But we know that the truth will come out as leech doesn't have ANY memories. Only she has the DNA, pic and calling YD oppa. Not enough info. We have a good
  15. Hello and thanks /welcome @Ashbelle I have not watched Monday's episode as I was busy and it got too late to watch it. I will watch both Monday and Tuesday's episodes tonight. But here thanks to generous KBS here are the clips from today's episode. I am on lunch break now. Here is the preview for ep 7 next week:
  16. @chickfactor @ponderings Loved your posts! I finally watched the episode. - Yes EJ def holding back and not being harsh on maknae & learning with everyone else as EH wants to be more honest. She didn’t want to hold back once knew JW was away. But interesting EH didn’t offer the letter that JW wrote with the necklaces. - MW is adorbs and live this Kwon Yul cameo. Omg he totally was eager to drive her. In the care his quirky and funny mom- gochujang was actually a berry jam lol. Too cute! I loved EJ thought it so amusing she kept smiling well into the office
  17. As we wait for Wednesday they posted the ending of ep 4 clip End of ep 3
  18. Thanks all for the great comments , goodies and theories. Swoon posted old stuff but still goodies & their first kiss as we wait for the weekend!
  19. Yes met another deadline done! yeah! Gosh these 90's F temps are not fun.

  20. @hibiscus23 Welcome back! Watch when you can! But def be warned it is not a fun ride towards the end. But the ending is well worth it with our OTP. If you go back you can get spoilers if you want them. I know glad our family grew and we even have a couple forum too of our OTP as well. Great meeting you here and see you around!
  21. @alleram95 Grateful for your hard work and subs. You are the best! @lampard7 @JumeeTya as well as others for posting and comments etc. I watched both episodes last night after a busy weekend. -OMG uggggggh frustration---seriously show you had to go that route?! -Leech I am so ticked and so prolonging the reunion for her FAKING being YS to YD. Dang unscrupulous. CY closed her shop and even gave the deposit to those loan sharks. You do NOT deserve any kindness. The fact to steal her toothbrush and the photo to pretend to YD you are his sister is
  22. @Redpinkboxes Thanks again and dang such a rollercoaster episode and tomorrow finale is going to be interesting. Get some well deserved rest! @triplem Thanks to you too for the clips. I am just watched the posted clips and thanks for the awesome recap. I have to wait til I go home in a few hours. But as I stew and thinking over what I know for ep 15. -SY called it on the fraud for JW and dang he had NO money to even come back to Korea (somehow not surprised) the plane ticket is pricy. Plus he bought pricy present necklaces for the sisters. E
  23. Thanks @0ly40 Busy morning with work. Sigh. Glad we have clips to watch later. Here are more clips from ep 5 (see spoiler for the rest as there were many) Appreciate that KBS does do this.
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