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  1. My friend @Jillia oh please share when you can. I get it too. I know how work and life can be. If it were not for the major marathon I did watching it this past weekend and yesterday, there would be NO way I would be able to say I am up to ep 10. I was multi tasking as I was watching it. Really enjoying this drama a lot, got to thank my pal and unni for the recommendation. Some thoughts I have so far in the spoiler .
  2. @Jillia You know, I did do some sleuthing and saw clips but when I tried to watch on YT got the big ---- Not Available in your Country. For me, I am in the USA. So that makes sense. But seriously there is not much marketing stuff either if you cannot rely on KBS. Even other dramas have interviews or stuff--promotional on other places. Sigh thanks for that reminder my friend.
  3. Hi All! I did not know it was released and I am caught up. I never saw the C drama version. But I too like @D27Gjk68 liked her in Romantic Dr Kim S2 last winter. Total agreement with @agenth what the fuss was about getting the money. Why is she scared to tell the teacher, oops sorry teacher. Can I check my notebook? I think I left something important in it. Why have to stoop to these tactics to get it back. YES, she did not steal it. More she absentmindly forgot it was in the Korean Lit notebook where homework was handed in. I like alot of people like Woo Da
  4. Thanks for the posts @Jillia KBS is stingy on anything related to this drama for us fans to watch. WHY?! So mean! I watched last night ep 3. -I liked that Yi Gyeum and Da In are getting closer. The fact she smiled when she got the cream from him for her hands. Then when YG found out from Chun Sam that she is DEFINITELY into him. YG cannot trust it 100% but still smiles upon hearing the news. -Glad that YG and DI got out of being killed and hunted by Little Sheriff Kang Jong Gil. Dang due to the corrupt Kim Byeon Geun, he killed both father and so
  5. Hi All, Like @raziela I did not have this on my radar. But my good friend recommended it a few weeks ago but I said my drama rotation was kind of heavy. So last weekend and all day yesterday (I took the day off) I caught up 1-10. WOW what a ride! I really like this drama. Great acting and tight story line, I agree no holes in acting and no filler plot points (ahem Awaken). I agree that our ML So Mun just has a lovely puppy crush on Hana. Cute how she is playing along and how she teased learning from grandpa that SHE asked him out first. LOL.
  6. OOH W Korea released this video of our OTP & even better it is subbed! It is a refreshing interview where they answer by DRAWING it. Very cute. I like their chemistry even here. They are so comfy. Love how Im Si Wan said he thought of her first impression was far from her looks. So cute these two. Looking forward to this week's episodes Ki Sung Gyeom wanting to get Oh Mi Joo's attention in last week's episodes were cute. How agreed to live at her place and even after learning it as the THIRD ROOM literally was the living room. Loved how he ma
  7. Enjoying this drama and they posted ep 5-8 clips Interesting learning about Cha Soo Hoo trying to learn why his target as NIS agent is to watch over author Kang Yeo Joo is understandable. I mean to have his agent friend to know he was FIRST and ONLY agent hired by her. Also we learned Agent Ma Dong Kyun dated her or was her prior hubby? (I wasn't sure.) Dang he is obsessed with her. But she is very suspicious as we saw she was in cahoots with the Baek Soo Jung's manager Kim Duk Ki now in Philippines. Very suspicious. This interesting
  8. @40somethingahjumma Thank you for your post. I always like your posts and good to see you here. @Dev11O Blessed angel for your quick recaps. You are a saint for someone stuck at work and dying to know what is going on. ep 13 preview clips for today ep 11 clips in spoiler
  9. Found this and cast interview I watched part of ep 8 and fell asleep last night as the subs came late. I know that ep 9 by now is out. So I am curious about his trauma too and hope why is he so sad? I know it is a death of someone. But who ? Must be the guilt he feels? ep 10 preview Scenes from ep 7 and 8 ep 9 kiss scene Thanks @Jillia For the article.
  10. Due to this drama and others in 2020, I watched Extraordinary You from 2019. I marathoned it and enjoyed it alot. Though different obviously, I have a penchance to like High School dramas. I don't know why, keeps me young at heart. LOL. Maybe the innocence and thrills of first love, kiss etc awareness of liking someone else. Cute drama and I am glad I watched it. Though there was the dark aspect it was enjoyable to watch. Looking forward to the last episode of this short drama. ep 7 ending CUTE ep 8 preview
  11. @Gi I thought "James" was dignified and handsome but YES that blog post is accurate. If he was in HK during their golden era he would be a matinee star. I agree with comments he is a cross between Andy Lau and Leung Chiu Wai. (I personally favored Andy Lau then in the TVB dramas out of the TOP 5. Congrats best couple our OTP ep 33 preview
  12. @Secretz Thanks for the update and spoilers of the ending of S1! I am stuck at work and it is lunch time. I admit ep 20 had me at --WHAT?! Penthouse does deliver on the over the top drama! I have to give it that for sure! ep 21 epilogue Scenes of ep 1-20 of Season 1 of Penthouse clips from ep 21 ending season 1
  13. Hi All. Happy New Year! Ok very confused about this forum. I only came to say hi and thanks to someone to wish all Happy Holidays tag. 1) @partyon My dear friend, I am confused by this forum. Thanks for the request for Team Subtract So reading the rules by DEFAULT I am "n" so then have to be Team Add 2) @Sleepy Owl Also thanks for request to be on Team Add Right now I will be neutral. But I wanted to come back and write this as I took a break all weekend and yesterday. Thanks friends for the kind New Year
  14. Over the weekend watched 1-10 of Uncanny Counter-- Love it!

  15. Belated Happy New Year everyone! I took Monday off from work and in work today! Catching up with stuff but trying to be upbeat about the new year.



  16. Happy New Years Eve (for me and others still in NYE). Those already in the New Year--- Happy New Year! Glad to rediscover Soompi Forums this year 2020. Hope 2021 is brighter, better, safe and healthy.

    1. partyon


      Happy New Year dear chingu!  :dorakiss:

  17. @Min2206 Aww ! Thanks ! May 2021 be a great one for you! I have 12 hours to go still from being on East Coast of USA. Enjoy!
  18. @joccu awww noon here 12pm. I have a ways to go before midnight. LOL. Eating leftovers from lunch and doing a double shift today. Going to my new side job after my main job (half day). At least I should be home by midnight. Thanks for your post and you have a great 2021 too!
  19. Thanks @Jillia Reliable with clips and posts. I have been diligently watching this lovely drama. @kdramagrandma Glad to see you watching this too. Just easy breezy for me and once a week and nothing too heavy. I am enjoying the OTP, sidekick friend with cute dimples. Sad it is ending next week. Glad that BHR finally announced she was the VICTIM and NOT the Bully. It was about time.
  20. @kallen88 @rocher22@ck1Oz Hello! I am loving this drama too. I agree with @ck1Oz the translations --depends where you go and the source DOES lose the nuances of relationships I find is crucial as well. But I like you can ignore the subs (at points of course as I am not a native Korean speaker) but I have been watching enough Korean dramas to know the importance of nuances of language. I find that Chinese subs retain the relationships but my Chinese reading skills are not as good as my listening. I have not watched ep 6 as I am stuck at work lunch time.
  21. @Sejabin Thanks my friend. I came here to thank you as I don't usually come to this particular forum. Also glad to be in SOOMPI as the SOOMPI forums kept me sane as I came back and got more involved than from lurking only over the years. Also grateful to you and many others I have encountered this year have been meaningful and lovely. Include but not limited to: @Lmangla @partyon @Jillia @larus @Sleepy Owl @africandramalover @chickfactor @Happy Sheep @ponderings @thistle @iamnowhereforyou @ck1Oz @joccu All have a Happy New Year and
  22. Sad no episodes this week. Heart thumping moments of our OTP from ep 5 and 6 The chemi between our drama goddesses (bus FL sees her old bullies) Later when FL is held hostage so SJ is lured to the noraebang place Cute moments from FL and SJ SJ asking his sis how she met FL, when he found out about bullying he was appropriate to be mad at her for not telling him but relieved FL was nice to her (awww softening his heart to FL) , I enjoyed watching again SJ dance in his boxers (revisited)
  23. @Jillia Thanks! I did try to do it but I get a mess of code instead. So I just gave up after a few tries. Wishing everyone here a Safe and Happy New Years! All the best in 2021!
  24. Some clips posted The real truth is now out to all about Seo Yeon/ Chae Won (ep 29-30) OST song (not sure if posted already) OOPS I realized I did not watch ep 30 until last night. So the prior post was just on ep 29. -I liked that James despite getting his memory back and RH, HD and Uncle now know he has his memory back. Cute how James wants to hold on being treated the same as James when Uncle sees his great home. I liked how he cares for Uncle and Uncle cooked for him. He got him food and saw his e
  25. Thanks @Jillia I don't know how to add TWEETS here Thanks for sharing the tweets: Park Eun Seok as Logan Lee got an award--saw the tweet. Yeah! The Actress as Jenny's mom (I think already mentioned) Though it is a wild ride, I agree the acting is pretty good. I am loving this drama as it is my one that is OVER the top but you cannot stop watching it.
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