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  1. Same here! I haven't been visiting the drama forum for a bit to try and distance myself and resume normal activities but its hit hard now that it is Saturday and no CLOY to look forward to tonight . It doesn't help that TVN keeps uploading clips of CLOY as they normally would to draw hype leading up to an episode. I mean, that single scene of our lovers crossing the demarcation line in ep16 still has me in tears for the Nth time! Just a side note and pardon me if I have missed this discussion, but I was one of those (like many others) who felt that the greatest regret with the ending was SJ's death. Now that I have digested it all, I realised that his character was never written to be a "good" person from the start. He was a con-man, he was condescending and acted high and mighty whilst in NK, AND he plotted together with SR's second brother to keep her in NK just to save himself. Sure he had a backstory, (which I felt was poorly inserted towards the end so as to give him a more dimensional character and gain more love), and he demonstrated wittiness and redeeming qualities. Not to mention that I rooted for him and SD too. But ultimately, he was one of the villains, albeit a uncharacteristic villain, in the same cluster with SR's brother nonetheless. Being a con-man is also a huge no-no in Korea, with the number of scams and pyramid schemes that exist already. Plus, how was the writer to detail his survival in NK if he were to reunite with SD? There just wasn't enough time for more story telling with the second leads. Hence sadly, he had to be sacrificed. (Maybe a drama for SD-SJ ala Lee Dong Wook and Yoo Ina style?) It would have been nice to have a special today just to tie things up and formally bid goodbye to the show, but I guess with the breaks we had in between and that mini special, there will be no more. So I guess its back to re-watching the series, and enjoying that initial bickering-hesitancy-jealousy-denial-thoughtful type of interaction between our leads and that atmosphere filled with uncertainty (of their feelings) before they confirmed their adoration for each other. #CLOYsepanxisreal
  2. I'm fairly certain that is her house in Seoul, as the pilates studio is in Seoul too. She's from Daegu but would make sense that she is currently based in Seoul and it would just be her parents home back in Daegu.
  3. Sometimes their on-screen relationship mirrors their real life relationship we see in the BTS, no wonder they suit their roles so well. They may as well be acting as themselves. HB is so accomodating towards her its cute and sweet at the same time. Makes me think of this scene in Mongolia when their train stalled and JH got up multiple times to buy SR everything she asked for, until he got "annoyed" and asked if she was going to just stay there since she had so many demands. Haha. And this BTS reminds me exactly of that Mongolia scene above where you can tell even though he doesn't quite agree with the koala bear position, he still asks her patiently if she wants that position, but at the same time has that same "I give up/I have no choice but to give you what you want because I know you will just keep pushing for it" look on his face. Ahh..must be that eye smile that has sucked you in right HB? We know you can't say no to her I noticed it too, particularly when they actually began filming and she literally slammed/crashed into him the 2nd time but he still continued to play along and spin her around. All I could think of was poor HB, that crash would have hurt!
  4. I always thought they established their friendship really quickly given that media outlets all claimed that they were good friends and Ye Jin claimed their debut timing was similar during their very first negotiation press con. But I learned later on that YJ is actually his senior in the industry, having begun her career earlier, not to mention that she is also highly acclaimed in the industry having bagged numerous prestigious acting awards! In this video, it is interesting to see how their relationship has progressed. From 2:17 onwards, they discuss how she is actually older than him because she was born in Jan, hence would have been a year older than him at school based on the schooling system in Korea. Again, in Korea, and especially in their workplace, age and seniority is a huge thing, and often a barrier to whether people are able to form close relationships, which in turn determines if they can be friends or close senior (sun-bae)/junior(hoo-bae). YJ says that initally she thought/wished that he would call her Unni/Noona since she is technically "older" than him by korean standards, but now she has decided to give the issue a rest. When asked how they address each other, she said she calls him bin-sshi (which we all know), but surprisingly (I didn't know this because I have never heard it in the countless interviews I watched) HB used to call her Son-Actress (which I view as a respectful form of addressing her, if not friendly already ). Because their age-gap is such a grey area (and is often the problem for Koreans in this same group, born in the same year but began schooling at different times) they could have had an "awkward" relationship. But guess what now? He calls her YJ-sshi i.e. I see it as them treating each other as equals, but he adds the sshi at the end for politeness since it is an official interview setting. So whilst it may not mean much to many of us who live in societies that do not place much importance on hierachy--the fact that they could overlook their "age gap" and years of experience at work, and went from senior-junior to being equal means A LOT (not to mention that they are of opposite gender too!) YJ may be easy going hence could easily overlook the status quo difference, but HB is known to be so polite, respectful and (the way I see it) keeps a clear distance from colleagues of the opposite gender so as to not create unnecessary rumours. So for me, that was already a huge milestone. (Cue compare him with his other female acting partner-- they are the same age and have also collaborated twice but are still really polite and distant, just like what purely work colleagues would be.) This may not be a massive observation or a huge discovery, but hey every friend-something more-couple-marriage-relationship starts somewhere right? Not to forget that this journey of "bridging the gap" began in 2018 as well
  5. Now with this amount of trolling in the drama (@0:33), how not to stay onboard this ship? (don't tell me they are promoting TVN because different areas/households have it on varying channels ) SYJ's innocent expression , HB's stoic face . PRICELESS
  6. I don't know how Goblin and CLOY got lumped together, other than they were aired on the same channel, which sparked debate I guess. They were really different genres and had different writers. In fact, I was expecting comparison between CLOY and DOS since they both have a military background. TBH, I also thought Goblin had a greater impact in terms of setting trends (that long winter coat damn), exposure as well as its popularity (ratings aside). It was heavily parodied and it seemed (MOST) of the younger generation knew about it, and still rave about it. BUT we have to remember that it had two extremely popular male leads, who many attribute its success to--the show thrived for its bromance, more so than romance. Also, unfortunately, SYJ once said, movies with all male leads tend to do better in the box office in korea, hence less female lead centered box office hits. I mean, even Sky Castle got mentioned heaps in all the variety shows! But thank you @joonminfan for that parody clip. LOL. You can always gauge the success of a drama (in one way) by how often it is mentioned or parodied in variety shows, so I'm glad these clips are finally showing up. I reckon the next scene that will garner parodies might be the border crossing (ep9)/ border separation (ep16) scene. It made me cry like a baby, I can't imagine how it will be translated into a comical scene. Nonetheless ratings are the best measure for success as it is cold hard numbers right? Just as it now holds the record for highest rated single episode, it is also the best drama for me in a long while! @Dana T @ncly I too really loved his bowl cut. I never saw it as a bowl cut but rather a boyish cut. Much preferred it over bodyguard look in SK. (Not discounting his final suave look in Switzerland but!)
  7. Not gonna lie, the denial stings. But if I may just lift the mood(s) of any remaining genuine shippers of this lovely couple in here, and say something in all fairness. I saw the teasing at the after-party as colleagues who have experienced first hand, the sparks between 2 people well suited for each other. Just like how we tease our friends or colleagues if we feel like something must be going on but no one knows what the truth its. We could call it a "some" relationship. Whether they are currently dating or not--maybe HB hasn't convinced SYJ; maybe they are still consolidating their feelings, who knows? Our guess is as good as theirs, and its our belief versus their denial. But what is clearly evident (and we don't need a psyhologist for this, LOL)--their chemistry, off the charts! Mutual attraction, definitely there! Even with his previous (longer term) relationship, it took them some time after the conclusion of their drama to recognise their feelings and officially become an item. I remember other actor-couples having mentioned that whilst acting, you can get so swept up in the emotions of your characters that you need time off to regroup and ask yourself if those feelings are real, or conjured from living in that moment, as the character. I mean, we know that SYJ gets emotionally attached to each character that she portrays. She cries at the end of a heavily emotional scene, she cried at the conclusion of Pretty Noona, she also cried at the end of CLOY. Those tears in the drama that got us all sucked in could not have been more genuine so I'm sure both HB and SYJ were heavily invested in their roles. I watched an old video about HB last night claiming that he never wanted to go public with his very first relationship (his other half was less well known) until they were caught. With his most recent relationship, they went public at a really early stage and look what happened. He has made it known that he doesn't like to publicize his private life because that leaves no room for imagination as an actor, so it got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, it was his past girlfriends who wanted to make it public, who knows? At their age, social status as well as standing in the entertainment world, (and particularly for SYJ), I feel like it will be a case of all or nothing. With previous denials (which I don't think they lied about, just maybe not quite there as a couple yet), an admission now gives HB-SYJ nothing to gain (other than satisfaction for the public to say, SEE! I told you so!) but everything to lose if it doesn't end up in marriage. SYJ from what we have seen and heard, I believe is not one to compromise on her selection of her other half. She is independent and successful and does not feel the need to settle down for the sake of conforming to social norm. And despite his previous admissions, I feel HB is increasingly cautious, and will be very protective about his other half if he is serious about her. (His fans will know Knetizens have slammed his scandals, calling him the female SHK or just simply not being able to hold onto a relationship for long). After all, he is at this point in his life where he desires to get married and settle down. Don't wanna scare any more potentials away with judgemental knetizens and their brutal comments! Unless either one of them are already in a serious relationship with someone else, for which I will be truly gutted. So be brave fellow shippers/shoppers if we choose to stay on board! Safe to say I am still on this ship, only because I support their individual careers as artistes and I really would like to see them find happiness in each other. How often do you come across someone who fulfills all the qualities you seek in your other half (cue SYJ. YES you tick all his boxes!), lets you goof around with them and genuinely allows you to be yourself? Cheers all!
  8. @phoenixember you are right, someone should've warned me before I signed up for this ship! Hahaha Aww y'all where do I even begin? @Kyoya @lavanta @BinjinFTW @binjinunnie @BINGO_O @Xoxo @itspeanutbutterjellytime @Dramanoona @Winny @Sianna @BoyzwithLuv @avocado yum and anyone else I may have missed mentioning! We are such a down to earth and reasonable group of shippers, I love it. This must be because of our target OTP, and the age group they represent. Thank you all so much. I kid you not when I say I read all your insights/replies and my heart is full, just like when I watched their happy selves in the last ep, I am all smiles . You are ALL right, whether they were dating at the beginning, are currently dating, or will be dating or even better #tothealtar, i will be supporting them nonetheless. I think what makes this ship all the more believable and addictive is the fact that these two just bring out the best in each other (and I don't mean brilliant. heart wrenching. convincing. acting skills). Who else loved how he mimicked the director in this video? Reminds me of his goofy self that we only ever see in his interviews and BTS when he is with SYJ To turning SYJ as suggested, but then not stopping even when CUT was called? (2nd video) Just all the previously unwitnessed goofy sides of HB, to the aegyo filled and fun natured SYJ, like I cannot even!
  9. Ok so I need fellow minded shippers here to bring me back to positive binjin world! Please don't mind my less positive train of thoughts, I must just be overcome by the conclusion of my 2 month attachment to the drama (feels wayyyyy longer than that but). SYJ is harder to read given her really friendly nature so I can't help but notice HB more. The hug at the wrap up party, I accept discussion that their positioning made it awkward, plus being surrounded by heaps of people does not help. Still, my first impression was that it was really just an encouraging /good work-my-bestie-and-colleague sorta pat on the back. And then he did the same hug at the end of their shoot again, for that green screen picture? Again, great work friend vibes Edit: I just rewatched it, I think it was to comfort her because she was getting emotional at the final conclusion of filming. Although that is true to SYJ's nature because I remember the same happened for pretty noona. BUT a pat on the back is better than a pat on the palm right?anyone catch that quick high five/pat on the palm HB gave Seo Ji Hye on their last scene together? For the most recent BTS, on her very first attempt to jump onto him (when she nearly tripped) he caught her with manner hands, palms facing up. Surely not something necessary between two really close or dating couple? Its just that the sweet moments in the last BTS lifted me so high, this one kinda paled in comparison. Sigh.. I must overthink things. But HB is definitely more comfortable in her presence, and jokes more too. Compare it with the BTS at the dinner table with the NK ahjummas and he is a little more stiff. Plus someone mentioned SYJ doesnt do back to back dramas, but she did this time. Which I suppose could be attributed to a good script, but also I'm sure they realllllly wanted to act alongside each other. I hope these 6 months has made them grow fonder of each other, in a romantic sense of course! After all, its not always easy to work with your other half right Help! I need more #positivevibes
  10. Did some eager fan rip this BTS off earlier than it was meant to be released? Because its not on TVN youtube or IG? Lol
  11. Naw mannnn, the drama, their BTS and interviews itself made it hard for completely sensible and logical people to separate fiction from reality. And so we all fell into this love story called HB-SYJ. Now they troll us with these happily ever after photos that look MORE REAL than real life could ever be. If these two don't fall in love and live in bliss for the rest of their lives, then they definitely deserve an Oscar for those more-than-believable acting skills (not trying to discount how good of an actor/actress they are of course, but you know what I mean). And I am never believing another on-screen romance. Now for BTS pretty plsssssss TVN?
  12. Did anyone else immediatly think of the first gunshot that JH sustained in NK whilst trying to save SR and their BTS? I mean, i cried bucket loads at this scene in the final episode due to SYJ's amazing protrayal of a heartbroken desperate woman in love. But after that, all I could think of was the NG scene from NK which was also dramatic, but Hyun Bin just burst out laughing at the end watching her run. Ahhh I love how all the incidents and how everything ubfolds in this drama from NK to SK are parallels of each other, including this scene where she is rushing to him, again. Omg those new stills, if only, if ONLY it was for another episode this weekend!!! I legit can feel a lump in my throat and happy tears, it is like a follow up to the drama because TVN knows majority of the audience are having a hard time letting go of our beloved JH-SR. I'll take it as the happily ever after that is shown in the form of stills-- our OTP have found a way to be together in neutral land, and are forming the family that they have dreamed of. The message contained within these photos are quite sinmple, if you guys are feeling regretful about how the drama concluded, do not. Because YES we are living happily ever after! I kid you not, this drama really tugs at our heartstrings. I will miss it sooooo much
  13. But are we really not gonna get any BTS today? Usually we get final BTS with the cast thanking the audience... I need my final dose. Already missing them BAD...
  14. YES Icing on the cake! What a fabulous finish to am AWEsome ending. This just tops it all for a memorable drama. Now can the CLOY team get an overseas trip plssss.. over even Jeju Island if they are worried about Coronavirus. I mean they deserve it more than any other drama in awhile yea????
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