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  1. Thank you for the first link! That has been by FAR the best and most conclusive comparison I have seen. Wow, that difference in treatment with his two leading ladies. I reckon its a good indicator of how close and his level of comfort with SJH is, because it was his most recent previous drama (hence his behaviour/character on set and the way he treats others would be similar). Its clear that he is still his friendly and set mood maker self with Lee Sun Bin, jokes and laughs around, but that skinship that is so apparent with SJH (and not only in this BTS from DM but many others too)! Granted LS
  2. Omg I am SO glad this forum is back up!! I felt slightly lost without being able to meet and read what everyone had to say the last few days. Thank you everyone for continuing to contribute, I will backread in detail later, but I thought I could quickly give my 2 cents worth re. the radio interview even if my korean isn't quite all there. @huckleberrymoonriver @fiona628 @PreciousByTheBay So at 30:13 Yeong Cheol asked SSH to record a morning wake up call for the fans out there, and SSH sang Paul Kim's song. From what I know, SSH often listens to PK, even on I live Alone
  3. Omg I LOVED her drunk talk in front of Penguin scene. That must be one of her best ad-libs. I thought that was seriously natural, yet chic and oh-so-lovely + cute. If I were a man, I would definitely fall in love with her drunk antics And how heart fluttering was it when she said to HK that she had been waiting for him! (Even if it turns out she meant her ex). @airgelaal @PreciousByTheBay thanks for keeping us in the loop with their news articles! Seriously these two, they need to GET ON their Kakao talk, start making date plans and stop using interviews/reporters as their mi
  4. Yea I used to wonder how they would communicate, probably in English but then again there would also be a lot lost in translation between them. I don't doubt the amount of love SSH would've had for his ex back then (given he thought of marriage) but I reckon just interacting alone, he would have so much more fun and understanding with our beloved SJH! I agree! I kinda liked SJH with KJH back then, not to the point of shipping but I liked the vibe of them together. However, he seems a little more uptight (given his controversy from last drama and eagerness to do well in CL
  5. Wow all the like minded shippers and drama supporters coming together would be so exciting. And filipinos (from what I have seen and heard) are pretty passionate people too so I imagine it will be heaps of fun! Thanks for letting us know! Yup I thought he was really handsome back then too. Peak of his good looks? Lol. And then I felt like he aged a fair bit in DM but as I watched on I thought damn he's aging like fine wine.
  6. @PreciousByTheBay Thank you SO much for sharing SSH's fan account and their observations of him. It warms my heart to hear that he is such a sensitive and caring soul and now more than ever before, I really hope he can find the love he seeks and settles down (it would be icing on the cake if that woman is SJH! Hehehe). Whenever I think of how cut he must have been after his last breakup, episode 10 of DM comes to my mind. On the rooftop of 2NBox, when he proclaims that he has mustered up all his courage just to confess his feelings to DH since he stopped believing in love. To me, that scene fe
  7. The ONE BTS I was dying for the moment I watched episode 15 was the hospital scene but we didn't get it. I agree that it was an ad-lib as well, but ad-libs are simply an improvision to the script (and are often added on) whilst rehearsing prior. I believe SSH devised the kisses and SJH played along, much like the blind date 'head-grabbing' scene, because there were different takes of that peck on the lips scene. But @akhenaten your theory that they are just so comfortable with each other that the kiss could be a spur of the moment and yet come out so natural looking would definitely
  8. For those who are interested (I remember someone asked earlier on about what SSH is like since everyone here seems to mostly focus on SJH). I've been randomly watching some videos on Youtube since there aren't many long time SSH fans here to tell us what he's like (and my general perception of him has been clouded by korean netizens who lump him together with Lee Byung Hun ) and I came across a few clips of him on Life Bar during their promotion of the drama Player. Since it is the most recent other than "I live Alone", I reckon its a good indication of his views that's worth sharing
  9. Hahaha. Good one! Especially since that is the favourite position SSH likes to take whenever they are mucking around whilst rehearsing an intimate scene. I wonder who she drew inspiration from @starrynic I am with you. I keep coming back to the forum--post drama withdrawals, no more HK-DH on screen, and worse, no SSH-SJH and their chemistry filled BTS @akhenaten I noticed in their BTS (mind you its usually just short exclamations or phrases so it can't be conclusive) that SJH often speaks in informal korean to him too. A sign that they truly are comfortable with each ot
  10. How funny I thought the same! The whole time I was expecting a cliche scene even, of that ring being in her rice--never happened. And then I consoled myself that the drama probably didn't garner enough hype or viewership to warrant an expensive diamond ring. Perhaps the only PPL was that awkwardly placed drink to aid digestion that Ah Young drank at the pharmacy. Camera stayed on it way too long to not have noticed. Btw does anyone know if the full OST has been released? Can't seem to find it anywhere, its not even listed on Wikipedia yet. I really love their instr
  11. I stand corrected after watching the video, SSH introduced her as the actress with a bad personality/temperament. Love how she just plays along with him, same as the couch scene wherein she agrees with everything he says when "blaming" her for their awkward kiss scene. Haha What SJH said at the wrap up party can be loosely translated as "I am thankful for everyone (addressing the crew) who has worked hard all this time during filming, and it is fortunate that we have managed to wrap it up well without any incidents (issues/accidents)". @fiona628 thank you for sharing the song
  12. Finally had the time to watch subbed version and digest the last episode again, and I must say even though it was a plain and simple let's-wrap-all-the-side-stories kinda ending, we did get plenty of HK-DH moments and a sneak peak into their everyday lives as a couple. Even though their couch kiss scene got cut short by HK's (its healed when the story warrants it to, but not healed when its the critical kiss ) "WOUND", it was cute to see them argue and HK being all sulky about the missed opportunity/making excuses about wanting her to stay the night. It was nice seeing how comfortable and happ
  13. @Ayame when I saw those pictures it really made my day! Loving these two SO much! @nyzah13 oh yes I remember in a IG post of their wrap up party, SSH pulled SJH up onto the chair to take the mike and introduced her as "the angry actress" and she just played along by agreeing with him. Their back and forth banter is just too cute. @akhenaten I watched an old interview in 2015/2016 by SJH and she mentioned wanting to try an action role even back then. So I'm really glad that in this Qiyi interview she reiterated wanting to attempt an action role but with SSH this time!!
  14. Isn't he lovely?! And what's funnier is his management agency posted the photo too (top right corner, King Kong Starship). To be honest the last time I've seen him so smitten and happy/easy going with another actress is Kim Tae Hee and rumours were flying around back during My Princess Days too. Could be the genre of the drama being a rom-com that allows them to be all relxaed around one another. (Also haven't seen him recentlty with other actresses or his ex-gfs so I can't comment). Yes @fiona628 thats mostly what I was referring to too. He's too much of a worldwi
  15. Omg YES please. If some magazine outlet would please interview them! I highly doubt either of them would be super busy with schedules at the moment since its covid and neither appear to have any upcoming piece of work It is, after all, SJH's first lead role. And even if the drama didn't garner fantastic ratings, the fact is all other dramas on at a similar time have been suffering from lacklustre ratings too. So really, they did ok. Or even like a IG post from someone about the drama team's catchup would be nice. I would LOvE to see them off screen together again
  16. hello fellow supporters!! I'm so excited we have a space of our own now. Thank you @Ayame No time to post much now so just gonna start off easy. They look so natural together!! These could easily pass for real couple shots.. if ONLY. And like this instagram fan has said, I would LOVE to see them reunite at the year end awards!! When else would we get to see such a lovely couple in public again
  17. Am I the only one who liked the ending, but felt slightly unsatisfied and empty? Maybe because episode 15 was full of fireworks that this one paled in comparison? It definitely tied up loose ends and gave all our characters a satisfactory ending without feeling forced. I liked how DH and HK have developed into a very natural and 'real' couple as such and I simply love their chemistry. But somehow, I felt like we were shortchanged with their final scene-- their interactions felt rather awkward/scripted What was the purpose of their simultaneous recital of "let's have dinner toget
  18. Me tooo! And I thought DH looked really pretty in that scene. TBH I don't think her hair throughout most of the series has been doing her beauty much justice. Despite all the spazzing about our OTP who really stole the limelight in this episode, can I just say, JH or actor Lee Ji Hoon did a brilliant job in conveying the emotions of JH (His interviews, IG and BTS for this drama shows he's fun and lively and has so much aegyo its adorable. Quite the opposite of the characters he mostly portrays). To be honest, I have had a soft spot for JH despite rooting for DH and HK. JH
  19. I know, after shooting a few, you'd think they'd be less nervous?? I find it so cute how SSH at his age, having dated and acted with so many pretty actresses still gets nervous in front of SJH. Nerves are a sign that he is still awed by her right??? Hehehe Sexy time aside, I also really loved how the scriptwriter purposefully made use of the line "lets have breakfast together" which showed how they transitioned from their dinner dates to a breakfast date! A sign that this relationship has really progressed! OH man these two! I am so glad for the translation because I
  20. He was talking about the scenes that left an impression on him, the heart warming cooking scenes, his first kiss with DH, and even filming in the hot weather. I second that!! I was looking at the comments on Naver TV for the couch kiss scene and even the korean audience feel the same as us! My favourite comment (2nd best with 291 likes) 볼때마다 둘이 현실 커플같은건... 두사람 진짜 잘 어울림~~송승헌씨 진심같아보임~ Which loosely translates to: these two look like a real couple everytime I see them. They match well. SSH looks like he means it (sorry not too sure how to better transl
  21. @akhenaten Exactly my thoughts! What has this couple done to me?? Don't mind me while I spazz a little more. Obviously there was more meaningful content to this episode other than the focus on our lovebirds, but who can resist these two! My FAVOURITE scene of allllll time. (Directors, PDs, scriptwriters, this is what a couple in love should be like. Please include in future rom-com). Ugh but DH you should've at least reciprocated the kiss! Next episode maybe??? Hehehehe A close second just for the ad-lib kisses. Love how SJH and SSH are comfortable
  22. what can I say???!!! The first half of episode 15 does not disappoint. His accident was worth it, if not just to see their affection for each other in hospital. I'm laughing and cringeing and grinning at their oh-so-natural couple moments. And those kisses . I'll worry about the medical inconsistencies of HK's injuries later. (And the fact that DH does not seem at all distressed after just witnessing a horrific accident involving the man of her life). These two are explosively sweet, I want the BTS for their hospital scene and their ad-libs PLEASE. I cannot with these t
  23. Same here!! Desperately hoping that they tie up any loose ends in this episode so that we can have 1 full (and if not, three quarters will do too!) episode to enjoy of our OTP and their lovey dovey chemistry filled moments . After all, ever since they started dating, their dinner scenes, not to mention dates as a couple were far and few between! I've already accepted that this drama ain't no masterpiece in terms of the script writing that has gone into it, but it did have its moments of brilliance. And I'm wishing that the writer is as much of a fan of DH-HK as we are to let us e
  24. Now that we mention HK's out of character actions, I'm reminded of their earlier days. Even if their intial encounters in Jeju were simply the inner psychiatrist in him wanting to help a forlorn person, or the empathy she ignited in him when she had a spill about being left alone-- their subsequent meetings were definitely a result of HK actively pursuing someone he was intrigued by, whether he realised it or not. I loved seeing HK run through the streets searching for DH at her regular spots, the ONLY ones he knew of from their 2nd dinner date, but nonetheless he thought he would t
  25. I understand that many of us aren't completely satisfied with the writer's progression of the story. But the writer did show some brilliance in the earlier stages which I'm sure was what drew us all in. As we countdown to the finale, I thought it'll be nice to share some meaningful quotes from the previous episodes when the drama was on course to be healing and heartwarming, some that really resonated with me and got me hooked. After all, SSH himself mentioned that he took up this project because it voiced the thoughts of heartbroken people and that heart fluttering sensation as they meet
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