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  1. FJ's scene with the ice water and tangerines was so funny. Ep 30 gave me butterflies watching DH & FJ lying on the bed . BTW did anyone else think Vengo looked hot while he was sitting there getting seduced by the demon lady. I'm so happy he made the hot search. I hope the rating will go up for this drama. Cant wait till mon for the new eps. I really enjoy reading all of your comments, pix and vids. Thanks everyone for keeping this thread alive.
  2. My thoughts exactly. I don't mind when ppl say the hate it once or twice. But to continue watching something you hate and keep complaining on & on is ridiculous. Honestly, as soon as I see their name I know 100% for sure they are gonna complain and compare it to TMOPB. Then they get their band wagoners to start comparing and complain too (again if you hate it its more logical to stop watching it). It's so annoying and embarrassing. I'm saying this as a TMOPB fan (its prolly in my top 10). @jimmylyne Yes, it's better to just ignore those trolls. They are just trying to get us upset. I just ignore them and come here to read things here. Everyone here is friendly, welcoming and civilized. Let's just enjoy this drama and not let them try to take our shine away.
  3. I feel you. There are a few ppl there that are like insane. Everytime I see their salty comments I'm like oh its you again ....... please cry some more . From what I gather they hate hate hate the pillowbook drama and they say it cant compare to TMOPB. But they continue to watch it and come back all the time to complain how this drama sucks. It's like hello?!!? Are you crazy?! If you don't like something quit watching it. Instead go to your fav drama's thread and go fangirl over there. Duh! Honestly, deep down inside I KNOW they like this drama but wont admit it. That's why they cant stop watching it. Hahahaha Anyways, sorry about my rant. And who cares what those strange ppl think. I'm really loving this drama and all of their nonsense wont change how I feel. I smiled the entire time watching the last two eps (my favs so far) I hope you will continue to love this drama too.
  4. Here I made a vid for you. Hope it will work for you. Press volume button bottom right to hear vid. DH FJ Bath
  5. Heres a vid with the bath scene. Shows a bit more than what is in the preview for ep 25. DJ is so shameless the way he looks at FJ hehehe . I cant wait till thurs to see this scene. Bath Scene
  6. @ SC2019 & @ 9tRedFox Thanks for answering my question. It's been a while so I forgot some parts of the book. You guys are amazing for taking time to reply to me.Hugs.
  7. Can someone who read the book tell me if DJ remembers the mortal (King Xuanren) realm with FJ? Like, if he can see his time he spent with her with the mirror. Or if anyone can tell me what chapters it happens in the book I'd really appreciate it. Thanks <3
  8. @ angelangie I really appreciate you posting the ranking charts. I come back all the time to look at your new posts. Honestly, without you I wouldn't know what the rankings would be. Thank you so very much. Just want to tell everyone on this thread I really like reading all your comments, vids and pictures. I'm glad everyone is so nice here. I'm praying this drama will get better and the rankings will go up. Vengo and Reba are too cute together. Thanks everyone for keeping this thread alive.
  9. Youre welcome. I wished they would have had Le Bo reincarnate too. He was absolutely one of my fav characters.
  10. I like reading comments about this drama too. I even go here & Douban a lot to read comments. Although, I have to use google translate and a lot is lost in translation. Still I love reading the comments because everyone still really loves this drama and so do I so its perfect.
  11. She died and reincarnated. Then Jiu Chen said to Si Ming to write Hua Yan mortal fate. Si Ming had to make her a queen and make her husband "the king" love and be devoted only to her. He wanted her to live a good life. Si Ming said to Shi San that Jiu Chen might as well take his life (because usually king's have many wives).
  12. Hello Love <3. Awws, Im so happy to hear from you and grateful one of the reason you joined was because of me. You made my day . The reason I left for a bit was because I went to visit kdrama land. I couldn't get Chang Chen out of my head so I tried to go look for something else to watch. I watched Justice (2019) (7.5/10) a few weeks ago and a few days ago I finished Tunnel (2017) (7/10) because I heard they finally caught the Hwaseong killer after 30 years. But even though I was watching other kdrama's I always came back to re watched a few eps of L&D. I'm glad you're still here and that you still like L&D on Viki. Are you re watching it on Viki too?
  13. @Vals Stor I'm so happy you and everyone here is still keeping this thread alive. I still havent moved on from this drama. I'm so happy it has a 8.2 rating yay!! Anyways, I found this vid today of AvenueX playing the qin for the ost of Love and Destiny. Its sound very relaxing. So I thought I'd share it with you guys.
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