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  1. Quite frankly it’s time for these villains to get their just desserts. And maybe too this new development will shake up JH because he need to get rid of his contract wife. He’s being too passive and complacent as though he wants GY to continue waiting for the rest of her life. Still,I really dislike how characters in Korean shows let people control them. It’s the strangest thing for me to watch. I guess this will be up to JH to decide if he wants his son raised by someone else or stay at the side of his contract wife.
  2. @joan0528 and @fansdrama, I don’t even know what to say anymore. Personally I wouldn’t sell my soul or life for any business or money so I really do not understand these characters. Perhaps because I grew up in a free country I have never understood characters letting other people dictate their lives as adults. I’m watching the drama Encounter and it’s pretty much like this too. Well, if GY and HG want to live their lives at the dictate of others, it’s really their choice. Also why does GY have to tell Emily anything though. Emily already claims JH as hers.
  3. Personally I like JB and HG and I want their relationship to work out. I think their relationship is more than “usual” simply for the fact that both are still holding on after two decades and they have a different relationship dynamic when they get along. I’m very annoyed with this stupid writer for doing this to them. My aerobics instructor just had her first baby at 44 years old after getting married at 42 years and trying for a while to get pregnant. So I know it really gets difficult to become pregnant with age but to make it so JB can’t have kids is terrible of this writer after putting their relationship through the wringer so many times. I saw the clip of Baek Chul going to the restaurant and I was annoyed with GY for not telling her parents anything. I will just assume she will in tomorrow’s episode. They really need to buy a house.
  4. GY has endured a lot in dealing with JH and his wacko contract wife. She has shown remarkable patience with the constant threats and harassing phone calls from the wacko contract wife. Just for this alone I loathe the wacko contract wife. If she hadn’t done these things to GY I wouldn’t have such strong feelings towards her. After all, JH walked into this mess himself and should deal with it himself. If he’s given a second chance with GY, I think he has a lot to apologize for just for all the things GY had to forbear with from the wacko contract wife. Also, I’m beginning to feel impatient with JH. I know he feels sorry for the contract wife and has to wait for her to become mentally stronger but I also feel he’s encouraging her dependency on him. In the meantime, I can clearly see now why GY didn’t want YS to meet his father until after the two months. Notice the child has been asking more often now for his father. His grandfather also mentioned that he’s growing excited to see his father so the child has increasing expectations towards JH which to me is not good because he’ll be disappointed. This only make things more difficult for GY because she has to give him answers and worry about the impact on the child. It must have really been foreshadowing back then when JH told GY he wanted to have a child and she objected and said that he comes home late and that means she’ll be the one left taking care of the child. He had promised her that he’ll help out and so she gave in and agreed to them start trying to get pregnant and sure enough she’s the one who ended up raising the child.
  5. @chubby^green^, nice summation of the episode. I’m just very pleased with Yoo Kyung’s growth in confidence. I like that even though she was unexpectedly confronted by the addition of Hyun Oh and his fiancée to the trip, she kept herself together. Imagine how uncomfortable it must have been to share a meal with them. She handled herself well. Hyun Oh. I understand he has a dream and wants to pursue it but I kept wondering why people don’t know when to give up. I always think that people in those kinds of fields that can be subject to injury should always think of a second career option for the future. He is obviously in pain because of his knee (probably from jumping and other dance forms that put pressure on the knees) but he’s deceiving even the people he signed a contract with. I think that’s unprofessional because he might end up hindering their success. His fiancée is indeed pushy. Didn’t she ask her dad’s secretary to have Hyun Oh followed? Creepy if you ask me. She’s pulling a lot of strings for him so their whole relationship, both business and personal, seem to rest on her efforts.
  6. I’m so proud of Yoo Kyung. She is definitely standing up for herself now even when Hyun Oh wants to be wish washy with her. I love how she shut him down when he tried to use the affection he probably guessed that she still feels towards him. She told him she’s not going to go along with his mood. I look forward to seeing more of her growth in the upcoming episodes.
  7. So happy that he’s already married because I can’t stand the possibility of her getting what she wants after doing so many terrible things to hurt the reputation and livelihoods of others. She also targeted the step-brother twice so it would be weird if he hooked up with her even if he wasn’t already married.
  8. It’s like you read my mind and wrote my thoughts. I’d like to single out the wilderness part though. It really slowed down the pace and interest for me. I was thinking the other Academy students would be part of the arc too but instead we got long scenes of NQ and MSS bonding while trekking alone through snowy plains which was less interesting than the politics of those scenes when old auntie was trying to frame and accuse people until Fu Zi gave her a resounding smack with his long arm. I also don’t like hearing how SS reacted after NQ left her parents home. I also thought that if SS made the decision to leave home she should have prepared her heart with the same determination with which she left. She does sound different from the SS in the novel that you guys tell us about.
  9. I like her but I don’t ship her with NQ. @epinklyn, thanks for that photo of first and second brother. As I’ve said before, I find second brother hawt. I love looking at him in every single scene even with that hat that @angelangie doesn’t like.
  10. Regarding this, as bad as it will be for JH, I feel it might be better for the people to find out where he is. Only then can Deranged’s power over him become void. I don’t want it to happen but neither can Deranged be trusted to not spill his secret any further or not call those people in one of her emotionally unstable episodes even if she would do us all the favor of disappearing to the US with her long lost mom. She obviously think holding on to a man who has not shown her any intimate affection will make her happy for the rest of her life. Big mistake. No doubt his tolerance for her is limitless because I’m beginning to think that Deranged has to seriously vex him in order for him to overcome his guilt and pity for her. He didn’t even seem upset when she threatened him twice that he can’t leave her easily and that one call to the US will be the end of him. Nevermind he did these dangerous things to save her sorry life. She ignores this and use it to blackmail him because like I have already concluded, she’s an extortionist masquerading as a victim. I do think that eventually SN, Mobster Chairman and Fake Daddy might join hands to find out JH’s weakness especially if he’s able to find that guy who can testify that Baek Chul killed DY. Mobster Chairman would then lose his power over JH and they will try to get rid of JH through investigating the information that Deranged already hinted to SN or SN will get more information from Deranged by pressing that dummy’s buttons. I have full faith in Deranged that she’ll eventually put JH’s life in danger. @viyra, I have watched a lot of Korean crime drama and their police and prosecutors are almost always corrupt. So much so that one time I asked my South Korean coworker, who is a consultant who goes back and forth to SK, if the justice system in SK is really like that. He basically said that it’s pretty much like everywhere else in developed countries. However, while US crime shows generally don’t portray the justice system as corrupt, the SK crime shows portray the justice system as overwhelmingly corrupt in a lot of crime shows. The prosecutors are always in cohoots with the rich for career upward mobility and perks and the prosecutors direct the cops so it’s a cesspool in a lot of their crime shows.
  11. I foresee an upcoming fight between Jung/SN/fake daddy and JH/GY/HG. Since SN was in mobster Chairman office trying to convince him that team JH/GY/HG is coming against their team, he seemed to have taken the bait especially when she reminded him that he’s the one who destroyed JH’s family business and JH will not let it slide. How timely of her to point it out just after JH told GY his intentions behind securing YB City. He’s also beginning to search for that weasel who scammed his mother since he’s needed as a witness for DY’s murder. Mobster Chairman seem to feel that JH can’t do anything because he has the weasel and he knows JH wants the weasel. I think the danger might start to increase now. I’m not exactly sure what JH is attempting to do with this Koji person but I hope he’s not resting all his plans on him. He definitely seem like a guy who can be seduced by SN. SN is definitely going after JH’s secret. The topic is coming up too often now. K warned JH that SN was trying to probe him for background information on how they met. I’m wondering if JH isn’t taking it seriously though. K hinted that maybe Unstable Mabel might have said something to SN while they were drinking together. Well, the fact is, SN did raise this issue with JH right to his face so he should know Unstable Mabel was talking. As to Unstable Mabel, I wish her mother would just come get her. Still can’t stand the sight of her. It’s worse now that she’s basically lit a fire that will put JH in more danger. I guess that’s her brand of love. She also wants to go home instead of going to a psych ward. I hope she goes to a psych hospital because maybe then at least YS can get to spend a little more time with his dad especially since SN was talking about spending Christmas with her daughter. JB. I understand her but I am hoping that her secret doesn’t stay secret. I’m not sure if she’s upset because she wanted kids or she’s upset because now things are hopeless with HG because he’s the heir to a conglomerate and that means producing an heir. I wish she had someone to talk to and cry with. Also, I wonder if it’s entirely hopeless for her. I mean, with the advancements in medicine and a ton of money, who knows what can be done for her. Granted, going through the stress of trying to conceive sure is a turn off. Regarding JH, I wonder if he stole from mobsters or something like that.
  12. @stargazer187, I hope KDR doesn’t bear this burden alone. I hope she tells WDR and I guess this will be a test of his love which I hope stays true.
  13. When I use Google Translate for the synopsis of Monday’s episode it says: Sena, who is angry at Koji for changing her (his?) business partner, has somehow tried to change her (his?) heart. In the meantime, knowing his (her?) illness, the complicated minded person pushes out the senses. (I believe this is about Jung Bin because while translating some of the words her name showed up before the entire sentence was completed. Perhaps it’s saying that she’s pushing HG away). On the other hand, Baek Chul, who is under the supervision of Chung (could be Jung) visits Jae Dong restaurant. Perhaps someone with better knowledge of the Korean language can translate. I get the gist though. It seems like JH and Koji teamed up in today’s episode since at the end SN walked into the hotel room and JH is there. But the preview shows SN pretending to faint or fainting in Koji’s hotel room. Perhaps one of her ploys to gain sympathy or seduce him. The preview for Monday also shows JB avoiding HG and then I think she might have broken up with him? He had a hurt expression after she told him something. I hope their fallout don’t last long because it’s tiring to continue watching discord in their relationship after all this push and pulling.
  14. I think outfits like those should only be worn on a fashion runway where all kind of weird clothes appear. @sava2sava, I think SN’s last trump card will be to find out JH’s secret. She knows it’s deadly so a better bet is on this secret as opposed to Baek. Perhaps she’ll use a Baek in the interim. By the way, did the preview synopsis for Monday say Baek showed up at Jae Dong’s restaurant?
  15. @sava2sava, no no no. I think the synopsis applies to JH and his family including his ex-wife, son, his mother and sister. It makes more sense to me that it applies to JH, his family and GY and her family. They were the victims. SN broke both families even with HG and JB. True love I suppose is recognized after being tested by hardships. I think what JB and GY feel for their respective persons can be called true love because it’s steadfast, unwavering despite the terrible ways in which it’s been tested. For the men, well, I suppose because they aren’t very expressive I’m less impressed by their love. I suppose this is why in one of my favorite US cartoons one of the male characters said, “We’re guys. We don’t talk about our feelings”. In today’s clips I saw that JH’s mom was welcomed into GY’s family home and chatted with YS. Both grandmothers were doting on him and they had a good time laughing and it looks like they’re getting closer. That is a good sign to see these two women laughing together because their families have been through so much even between their families as well. Also, I don’t really mind JH mom (except when talking about custody) but I do mind GY’s father’s rudeness. He’s a jerk to me throughout much of the show but I still sympathize with his loss at different points. He was a jerk to GY, her mom and JH and his family. While JH mom can indeed irritate me, she doesn’t really hate GY. However, I can’t say the same for GY’s jerk dad.
  16. Where in the world is the fashion police? SN needs to be handcuffed right now. What the heck is she wearing as an excuse for a coat? Anyway, I have to wait for subs because I have no idea what’s being said. Thanks for the clip @dramaninja.
  17. You guys are making me excited for the sub episode later. Anything to wipe that smug look off SN’s mug. I watched the clips on DramaKBS YouTube channel and why did the writer do this to JB? I feel so bad for her wasting her youth only for this to happen to her. That girl who works at the restaurant is blind. I find Jae Dong is a nice looking guy and his attitude has improved throughout the show. Then again, each person has his/her own taste. @joan0528, do you know what JH’s plan was? I saw the preview for Monday’s episode and SN is not happy.
  18. @chubby^green^, I still think we should wait to see his side before we rightly vent our frustrations about him. Fortunately we should find out more tonight.
  19. @chubby^green^, I didn’t think the Hyun Oh would get engaged to someone else but I know his fiancé is one persistent lady. She’s always been around since the beginning. It wasn’t too surprising to me that they’re together now. I don’t know what could have happened to Hyun Oh to make him change this much but hopefully we will find out soon. He certainly feels like a different almost depressing sort of person. Whereas Yoo Kyung seem more comfortable now speaking her opinion rather than getting carried along with someone else’s opinion or decision for her.
  20. That may be HG’s goal but his new power acquisition doesn’t seem to sit well with mobster Chairman. I wouldn’t be surprised if it might lead to conflict. However, he did seem to be okay with HG’s bold declaration that he’ll lead the group differently than they did. I wonder if HG and JH won’t butt heads over JH’s intentions towards YB City now. Since we were talking about what the title of this drama meant, I found it curious that when I was browsing On Demand Korea streaming service website to check out their new drama offerings here in the USA, I saw this show and their synopsis said: A drama series about people who rebuild broken families and find true love in spite of the hardships they face.
  21. Why did GY’s mom go to that place to be insulted? Why is GY bothering about Unstable Mabel? Don’t cast pearls before swines. Their kindness was completely spurned. Let JH and his family deal with Unstable Mabel. /end of rant. I feel so sorry for JB. This writer is so unkind to her. I don’t know if she ever wanted to have kids but certainly hearing she can’t or it will be difficult for her to get pregnant must make her sad. Again, good people getting the shaft by the writer. GY’s mom talking about how GY has changed was a good observation. She has always had fire and she still does but sometimes she really does seem cold as ice. However, as long as she takes down SN I’m on board. @sava2sava, I like that GY told SN that ultimately she’ll beg her to take custody of SY. SN is still so disgustingly arrogant. I think the most amusing part of the episode for me was when Chairman Jung was forced to give HG equal power at the shareholders meeting. I was wondering if this mobster was going to continue to have things go his way. I like how HG blindsided him.
  22. And I still remember that he apologized to GY for hurting her feelings when he opposed their relationship because of the connection with SN. It was such a sweet moment when JH and GY went to visit them as newly weds and he noticed that GY was not herself, he basically told her not to take what he said to heart and he welcomed her with warmth and the right attitude of a FIL. GY’s father, on the other hand, did not really do the same with JH. Frankly, when JH’s dad apologized to GY right in front of his family, my good opinion of him increased even more. That’s one of the reasons why I say that he’s the best father in the show. He can admit when he’s wrong. Too bad the good people in this show are treated so mercilessly by the writer while the bad people flourish. @joan0528, I watched Money Flower and while I know that JH’s character liked the main female character, his revenge included using her. I liked the drama but that type of revenge is not my cup of tea. He was even sleeping with his revenge target.Yuck. My favorite revenge show that recently finished is Player. Solid show.
  23. JH’s family also understood his desire to avenge his family. Now GY probably understands it a bit since she went after those who destroyed her family business and killed her brother. Regarding JH, while I don’t mind that he wanted to right the wrongs done him or rather make the aggressors pay for the injustice committed against his family, I feel he also lost too much in pursuing the path of revenge. I sometimes think of his father’s words to GY...that no matter what they should stick together. I’m not sure his father would be pleased with the way he has ruined his own life to avenge him.
  24. @joan0528, I kind of think that’s it’s natural for family members to love each other to the end no matter what. That’s why I don’t really see the title applying to family. Strangers who have no blood connection and fall in love though is a different story. I suppose Jae Dong is an exception but he is fully accepted into his family so naturally they will love him unconditionally. I mean think about it, no matter what a family member does, because of blood ties family members will love each other even if they don’t agree with the actions of a family member.
  25. @angelwingssf, I could have believed it was about familial love if a “special” emphasis was placed on those relationships. Somehow GY’s speech to JH that what he felt for SN wasn’t love made me feel that the show was supposed to be about a love that doesn’t stop halfway but continues to the end. That’s what she told JH when he said he had used up all the love he had for a lifetime. I think that was the pivotal moment when he stopped feeling sorry for himself and started to really look at GY differently. However, somewhere this sadistic writer derailed the story and the story became entirely driven by SN and her victorious ability to ruin everyone who came in contact with her. @joan0528, when I saw the preview for tomorrow’s episode I also thought that in the end the mobster Chairman, the fake daddy and SN will join hands to go after JH if the Koji scam succeeds. They were mentioning JH’s name a lot in the preview for tomorrow. I thought surely he’s crossing them and their true depraved nature won’t sit by and allow their goals to fail.
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