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  1. Well, I guess three different people asking EJ why she hates PJ so much must mean that EJ’s day of reckoning is truly here. Even her own mother asked the question and her dumbo husband will ask the same tomorrow/tonight. I hope those medical records weren’t only sent to her husband. It would be nice if she’s actually involved in a scandal because of her past with the married school teacher. I don’t think keeping her past private will change her attitude. I think people knowing about it, rather than only her husband, would force her off her high horse.
  2. @joccu, I don’t think they found a body. However, they found someone else’s DNA on the school bag that was left behind. Currently the crime lab is running a test on the DNA to possibly identify the owner of that DNA. The reason why I believe perhaps there is a possibility that she died is because the serial killer was shown as though he was reminiscing on one of his victims and images of the little girl at the amusement park with her parents were intertwined as though someone was watching her with them. Therefore, it kind of implies that the serial killer may have been involved in the daughter
  3. I honestly would prefer if neither Wook nor the detective is the grandchild. It would be horrible to find out that their friend or fiancé died because of the search for them. It would be good if the grandchild is someone else. Realistically, it would be normal if the grandchild isn’t found just like it seems more than likely that Mr. Jang’s daughter was in fact killed. Regarding Mr. Jang’s daughter, I’m actually surprised that his daughter could in fact be dead because it’s more realistic than Drama-Land usually plots. In this way it kind of reminds me of a show I used to love called
  4. @tas82 @Mocharel Without a doubt both the brainless stepsister and scheming, greedy Min Joo will be forgiven. Earlier I had suggested that the food company can sue the stepsister for their loss but then I think Seol Ak would go as far as paying back any money owed to the company for her and perhaps letting them continue with the trademark. At this point I think this guy would do anything for GGO and we know that GGO doesn’t believe in her stepsister facing the consequences of her actions. It’s no wonder the woman never learns because she never pays for her actions. @Mocharel, your
  5. Your mother is so right. It’s very rare for viewers to reach the point where they are “completely” turned off by the heroine’s stupidity and absurd niceness. I actually don’t care about GGO anymore. I find it stunning because I think the heroine from Mom is Having An Affair is pretty much a doormat but I’m still cheering for her. In the other daily shows I have watched like Love Until the End and Ugly Alert, I cheered for the heroine right to the end. GGO, on the other hand, is a victim of her own stupidity. Even now she’s frantically looking for the stepsister to avoid reporting her
  6. Kocowa Translation: SA: Actually, Buruna Noodles has been passed over. Brothers: What? Min Joo: He would have aimed for the trademark rights. JW: Your family is a mess right now, isn’t it? Han Ra: Why didn’t she say anything? She’s making me worried. Aeri’s mom: You look so much better. GGO: What’s going on? Min Joo: I have something to confess. SA: Dad. Don’t worry about anything. No matter what happens, we will protect Buruna Noodles. The only good thing here is that the family is working together to resolve this matter and will probably now
  7. The best revenge drama I ever watched even to this day is Chinese drama Nirvana in Fire. It was a dish served very cold. The protagonist setup up all his targets brilliantly and defeated them. However, his targets were very clever villains and did not go down without an equally interesting fight. Actually, that show had some remarkable villains and the actors playing the villains were awfully good. As far as Korean revenge drama show, I saw all in the poll except I dropped Innocent Man maybe after watching a third of its episode. In terms of revenge, I guess I would choose Money Flow
  8. Oh. My. Gosh. This. This. I never thought I would have experienced this with GGO. I think the turning point was when SA then hateful Min Joo warned her and she actually got offended. She didn’t even pause to consider their warning. I mean, she barely know the man and she knows that he’s an ex-convict. She found out that he’s been duping Mr. Boo all these years under a fake identity. He didn’t even send any money to assist in raising his son nor try to look for his son. Yet, she knew he visited her apartment several times and she didn’t even think to secure the important stuff in the house. Ah
  9. Lee Soo seems like he has a jaded view of relationships. His parents marriage must have scarred him with all their screaming and fighting. It also seems like his parents were probably friends before they got married and then after they divorced they returned to being friends. The end result of this is that Lee Soo wants to live his life selfishly, only thinking of himself. This is probably why he has been telling Woo Yeon repeatedly to think only of herself. In any case, I find it hard to root for him to be with Woo Yeon. The girl confessed to him twice and he rejected her. I don’t li
  10. Well, I finished watching the episode. @msmy, the conman succeeded in his plot. He sold the trademark to a big food company so that the company can sell the food product of Buruna Noodles. The company made a copy of the fake ID of the brainless stepsister posing as GGO. The conman and his accomplice will leave in five days when the boat is ready. They also sold off Mr. Boo’s real estate dirt cheap. I don’t know what else he owned that they intend to sell. SA told GGO to report the stamp stolen in order to terminate any possible transactions. The past transactions that were already approved can
  11. Preview Kocowa Translation: GGO: I lost it. Brothers: What? SA: She’s not the culprit. Brothers: The culprit? SA: Someone like a culprit. GG: Who is it? Mr. Boo: They finally found out. Wicked: You jerk. You dare stab me in the back. BD: Honey. Do you know anything about Cha Jung Gwon? SA; I think he stole Dad’s seal. Aeri: Please wait a bit. We’ll catch the thief soon. SA: It’s there! Chef Cha is there. Super nice GGO still seems clueless that she’s been conned by her beloved stepsister and beloved brother-in-law. I
  12. I don’t think it will though. In the preview the wicked stepsister signed off on documents in GGO’s name. So, I think they probably succeeded. Also, it’s a trademark. I think the conman got the brainless stepsister to sign over the trademark to sell Buruna Noodles (product) to a big food company. I guess the details on what the corporation is buying and the sign off will be shown in the next episode.
  13. @tas82, I have no idea if Mr. Boo will be able to get back the trademark. The problem is that they supposedly had Mr. Boo’s seal so I don’t know how that works in SK. The stepsister even had a fake ID with GGO’s name and signed as her. I don’t know how this kind of action will not deserve anything but jail time. I find GGO and her family nuts, to be honest. They opened their house so freely to this man. Well, in the end the joke is on them. I’m just really sorry for Mr. Boo.
  14. It’s strange that I get a vibe that Wook is the grandchild yet it seems for sure that he’s his mother’s child. The fact that he seemed close to the daughter and affectionately called her “Aunt” seems to be unusual. There are also those memories of her hugging Wook and stuff. I feel something is off here and that maybe in order to live with her child, the daughter used the maid to adopt her child and bring him into the house. What throws me off is that Wook’s mom seem to be the real deal and yet, I can also see her being a cover for the daughter and her son. Regarding the detective, hi
  15. That’s always the case, unfortunately with the main characters. They suffer from stupidity a lot. I took a glimpse of the raw episode today and finally GGO found out the papers are not in the safe. She’s in for a rude awakening because now her wonderful stepsister impersonated her and fake signed off on the deal as GGO with the conman and the business partner present. I saw the preview and I’m really sorry for Mr. Boo. I see GGO telling him she’s sorry. I guess that’s all she can say in this situation. If the writer was worth her salt, the stepsister would go to jail together with th
  16. I think the yellow jade was given to Fu YZ, so maybe his father was involved. However, I think he said his teacher gave him the yellow jade. However, about the bribery and forging of Ah Jun’s father’s handwriting and stamp, my mind immediately wondered if there is a collusion between her stepmother and the Fu family. Whoever is stamping documents to set him up must have access to his manor. Honestly, my hope is that the stepmother, the stepsister and the Fu family all fall into ruin by their schemes.
  17. Right? It’s my favorite Chinese drama for the year so far and the first and only show that gets a in my currently watching signature. Heh. @cheekychipmunk_stv wait, Fu YZ burnt the library down? Really? I didn’t realize that. When was that revealed? I thought he was just outside snooping like he always does when he should be minding his own business. About Luo Qui, I keep thinking why would they go after a child. I even wondered if maybe he saw something that he should not have seen. Or, did he upset some spoilt rich kid and his family like Fu YZ, whose family seem to put
  18. @msmy, while SA has been suspecting him for a while, the preview seems to indicate that he hasn’t made much headway. I wonder if goody-shoes GGO still doesn’t realize something is going on around her? She might have asked the question in the preview but she’s pretty clueless herself.
  19. Well, isn’t it good that Dumbo, his wife and Cruella are the heads of the company now? If a scandal does break out eventually exposing their past purchase of murder, etc., wouldn’t their fall and public shame be more delicious?
  20. I just finished watching the episode and it’s true that he pulled it off. He’s a fortunate man indeed to have such an airhead of an ex-wife and a super nice sister-in-law. He used them both thoroughly and he hit the jackpot. In the preview it might indeed be the airhead ex-wife dreaming because the conman has absolutely no intention of getting back together with her. When he hugged her after she gave him the keys to the safety deposit box, he had a hard expression on his face once again demonstrating that he can’t stand the airhead ex-wife. Unfortunately for Mr. Boo, he c
  21. Good for him. His wonderful sister-in-law is in for a surprise. The only person I’m sorry for is Mr. Boo. He worked hard for nothing in the end. I thought his judgement was correct in choosing such a guardian but alas, I suppose being nice isn’t all there is especially when it comes to taking financial responsibility over someone else’s fortune.
  22. @PoisonIvy, yes, we think Detective Ko is from the future and a time traveler with the Teacher’s organization. I also wonder where is the Ko from this timeline. When was he swapped? It did seem as though Ko is fuzzy on some of his past memories with his wife, so it sort of implies that he wasn’t the version who shared those memories with her. Hopefully we will find out more in episode 11 though we will have to wait until the following weekend. Heh. Yes Min Hyuk is an interesting character. It was nice to see even him can get emotional.
  23. @Sleepy Owl, I guess it really depends on JG. As I pointed out before, the future mom in the kidnapping case also murdered the present day mom in order to save the daughter. If anybody is the definition of desperation it was her. She even hired a bounty hunter to execute the Alice personnel who was driving her away from Alice. However, it was clear she wasn’t thinking straight by her impromptu actions, anxiety and nervousness. Both her and Detective Ko basically has the same goal, even more so if he came from another dimension. The difference is Ko has been plotting his action for years in pre
  24. I don’t necessarily think it’s a waste if the white/silver haired person is another JG. Besides the fact that the profile looks like JG, I think it would be a poignant moment if it is indeed him because it at least shows that he understood that nothing could stop the death of his mother. It reminds me of The Flash who also went back to the past to save his mother and a future version of himself stopped him from saving his mother because he already knew that saving his mother would make the future worse. So instead The Flash said goodbye to his dying mother pretty much in the same way that 2020
  25. JG does have a prejudice towards Min Hyuk because of their past clashes so I do think JG will give him a hard time. Nevertheless, I would think even a normal human being should be shook by a close relative pointing a gun at their head. Here’s the proof and the reason that JG needed. Will he try to deny reality like he did when he throw away the dash cam showing Detective Ko is also a suspect in LSH’s murder? The fact is, whether he likes it or not, Detective Ko values his wife more than JG’s life. How will JG face this truth? It might be his first betrayal. As much as he thinks of Detective Ko
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