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  1. @princessaves, technically all of the moms in this show made terrible decisions for their children. Don’t forget it’s not just the sisters but CA’s mom as well. When the judge wanted to know the truth and CA wanted to tell the truth, the mom admitted that all she cared about was her daughter and forced CA to build a web of lies that will no doubt become an issue in the future. We don’t know how much might be revealed in the future if it’s ever found out that the judge covered up her son’s hit and run and then it leads to further questions about his death which involved CA. She’ll hopefully be a police officer then and who knows how this will play out. After all, she did lie to the police and misled the investigators.
  2. I’m really enjoying this show. It has a lot of heart. My favorite storylines so far are the suicide couple and widow mom. I guess when people are gravely wronged I get behind them pursuing justice. I’m just so glad that Mak Rye and her gentleman friend were able to stop the couple before it was too late. It’s nice that they were able to air their grievances and get a second lease on life. I’m rooting for them to overcome their battles ahead. As to Bak Ha, I know it won’t be easy to find the truth behind her husband’s death and embezzlement charge but I hope it’s all exposed eventually. In the preview it looks like she’ll face a setback and become discouraged but I’m hoping she’ll get back up. I must admit that the storylines with Eun Ji and Poong Ki crack me up. Eun Ji coming to blows with Mr. Expensive Wig was so funny. Both her and Poong Ki sure live exciting lives. I hope that Woo Jae finally report what happened on the night of the fire. I can’t imagine that he can continue living at the inn in sight of Bak Ha and still keep that secret especially when he sees her struggling. It’s better to confess and ask forgiveness like he said. I’m glad to see Hae Joo no longer acting like a scatter brain. I would like to understand his moral center because it’s not quite clear to me yet. Obviously that hotel that they love is involved in dirty practices most certainly at the behest of the elders in his family. Will he also think their current practices are okay or will he clean up their dirty practices?
  3. @Jillia, yes I definitely remembered the scene in the library where some of her books fell over and he retrieved them for her and she noticed the scar on his hand. The reason why I thought Haru was “unconsciously” drawn to Danoh and wanted to protect her is because they hadn’t really interacted much. However, in a later episode when she wanted him to intervene when she was forced by the stage to go into the sea water to find the item that Kyung flung into the water, Haru just watched and didn’t intervene or attempt to intervene like she had requested of him. During that time Haru behaved almost like he was an alien in their world. However, I do need to rewatch that episode that shows Haru’s point of view to understand his introductory experience in Secret better.
  4. I rewatched the first four episodes last night and with more knowledge of the story and characters now, I can appreciate the importance of some things I missed on first viewing. For instance, during the scene on the stairs where Haru first changed Danoh’s stage, since she was supposed to break her leg (can the writer stop being cruel to Danoh), I noticed that even though Danoh didn’t seem to see Haru’s face while he was descending the stairs pass her, her heart immediately started beating fast setting off her heart monitor. (The blinding light that accompanied his descent makes me think she really didn’t see his face) However, since her rapid heart beat set off her heart monitor, she becomes cognizant of him and turns to look at his descending back and began to follow him down the stairs as though mesmerized/unconsciously drawn to him and the stage continues in a different sequence but ultimately end with Danoh still getting knocked down the stairs by Juda but this time Haru is there to break her fall by her landing on his back. Although Haru cannot see the future, the scene gave me the impression that he was unconsciously there to protect Danoh. It’s further reinforced later when Danoh was playing dodgeball (in order to find her mystery guy) and sure enough he emerges to protect her like she planned. I like that although Haru only starts becoming a “living” character around the field trip story arc, he was drawing Danoh and protecting Danoh even before they started interacting. It makes me appreciate the connection between their Trumpet Creeper incarnation and Secret because obviously Haru was drawn to Danoh in Secret even before she found him and began to build a relationship with him in Secret. No wonder he thinks of her as his beginning which can arguably be traced back to his love for her in Trumpet Creeper.
  5. @triplem, looking forward to seeing the OTP development you mentioned. I wish this case involving Baek Rim will wrap up soon. I dislike seeing rich people railroad others who are trying to make ends meet. It’s just too unfair in an already unfair world.
  6. Also, Danoh is terminally ill and I like the way she’s not gloomy. Instead she chooses to have a bright attitude. There’s a saying that you might not feel happy but if you act happy then those feelings of happiness will come along. Danoh’s attitude toward her circumstances always remind me of that saying. Perhaps she read one of those books that @Jillia mentioned where the author talked about enjoying the things we take for granted in the busyness of our lives like watching the sunset, taking walks in the mountain, etc.
  7. @Sanju98, I thought KHY was “extra” pretty when she showed up in front of Haru at his locker in the episode last night. I admit beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think KHY is very pretty and she fits the lead in this show. I know she’s a little extra when she’s perky and excited but I see it as part of her character. I really enjoy her Danoh.
  8. I’m in such a good mood because of that heartfelt ending between Danoh and Haru. It’s like Haru was saying to her that even if this story ends in tragedy again, he will find her again and again to protect her. He’d do anything for her. His eyes were filled with tears too when he said it and I was sincerely touched because it helped me to understand the depth of Haru’s love for Danoh to keep trying to defy the writer repeatedly considering too that he doesn’t even belong in Secret originally. His promise is particularly poignant because before the ending scene Jinmichae told Haru that he wasn’t meant for Danoh, the writer never intended it, and they would never be together. While Danoh was sick at home, Haru admitted that he felt anxious. I think he feels a growing anxiety that he and Danoh might be parted soon so he took the opportunity now to declare his promise to her that he would always find her no matter where. If I was Jinmichae I would be enjoying the world of Secret. Trumpet Creeper seemed to be a nightmare for him with an overbearing, scheming, and most probably wicked mother and a scheming, hostile brother. Heh. Suddenly the world of Secret seems like paradise. Poor guy was literally shaking from those unpleasant memories.
  9. Yep, Joon Hwi is the largest shareholder and I love it. His vote on company decisions will matter no matter what the aunt says. Regarding SA’s extravagant spending, does Double X really need to see her current spending? All she has to do is pull their credit card statements from the past nine years and also look at her blog history. Her extravagance is very easy to prove. I think the upper hand that SA has is really the money that Double X used to pay off CA.
  10. @Table122000, I’m done commenting on Seol Ah. I do watch her scenes to see if there is even a tiny bit of heart there and less self-centeredness and I guess when she gave her mother the money it showed a mustard seed of kindness. I still don’t want her to get any money because I can’t imagine how her materialistic attitude would ever change otherwise. I also wonder if she’ll end up cheating too because she and the Moon guy are interacting more now. Heh. In the preview it looks like Hae Ryang woke up and was telling MIL that DJ was in a loveless marriage. SA walked in and heard it too. I guess they’ll have fireworks now. What I’m most interested in is if Baek Rim can finally be freed from their scheme to frame him. The policeman told JH he will wait until his daughter woke up.
  11. @triplem I also felt a stab in my heart for CA when she realized her mother gave her the money so that she can disappear for the sake of her precious daughter. It’s moments like these when I wish CA was in a position to tell them bye. I just hope JH’s words stick with CA for life and she no longer let her mother’s persuasion “distort” her life. I loved the way JH warned his aunt. I hope he’s able to make the railroading of CA’s friend stop here although even that seems like it will be dragged out longer. It’s clear from JH’s confrontation with his aunt that he’s sick of lies and covering up of incidents. I guess that’s why there’s somewhat of an invisible wall between him and his mom.
  12. @triplem, thanks for the recaps. Finally some more development. I particularly love the part where he implied she shouldn’t be a doormat. I like that CA is using her brains. Not many people in dramaland would think to record bribery when they’re actually walking around with the technology. Regarding the preview, I’m just going to assume there are dozens of people in SK with that name so it might take some time for JH to realize CA is the person he’s looking for. Of course it would be great if he found out now but I doubt it. The episodes should be released in an hour or two so I can watch them.
  13. @Jillia, if Danoh and Haru don’t get their happy ending in this manhwa and instead end up in a new manhwa and get their happy ending, would you be satisfied? I ask because I know that some viewers don’t like endings where the characters in the story dies and then are reborn in another era and the lovers in the new era finally meet in the last few minutes of the show. The criticism is that relationship development occurred in the original era and the new era lovers didn’t get any development. Of course this wouldn’t matter in Danoh and Haru’s case if they remember their love and development in the previous works. However, for me personally, if they kept falling in love across all their manhwa existences, I’m fine with that...like eternal love.
  14. @baby.hae, Danoh realizes her time is running out. She wasted 10 years (an entire decade) of her life already and her condition is worsening daily. She’s increasingly in physical pain from her heart condition and it must be very frightening for her. If we put herself in her shoes, we should definitely understand why the moment the stage ends she immediately wants to find Haru who has done nothing but loved her sincerely. Yes I know that he only just last episode told her he liked her but “his actions” consistently demonstrate to her that he cherishes her. Particularly in the most recent developments he has said many things to reassure her and has shown her how much he treasures her. She actually made my tears fall last night when she couldn’t find Haru at the 100 year old tree and she began to cry. I understood her because every minute of her life is more precious to her now.
  15. @larus, I adored KTH in One More Happy Ending. His pairing was my favorite from the start in that show. @mrsj3n, I watched Money Flower but I just now realized the similarities with this show.
  16. @stargazer187, except that whereas Danoh/Haru/Kyung triangle was tragic, I can’t see NJ/JD/DH following in the footsteps of Trumpet Creeper. The temperament of their love triangle is different. Do Hwa (aware) gave up on trying with Juda because he realized his interference at the party hurt “both”JD and NJ. That’s a key difference in the two love triangles.
  17. @selen4ever, thanks for the photo. @triplem, I would love for the mom to stay alive. I don’t think I have ever watched a family drama where someone is not afflicted with a critical illness especially the older characters like a parent or grandparent. I would love if we at least skip terminal illness in this show. DJ and his secretary are already in coma and Joon Hwi’s younger brother died. We already have the dark themes of suicide and manslaughter so that’s more than enough for me and hopefully the writer.
  18. I also get the impression that BK has become more menacing. I don’t understand how he can get more explosive than he was before. Even the way he talked to Jinmichae got under my skin. E3 wanted answers too which Jinmichae responded by speaking mysteriously but when it comes to BK, it’s like a threat. Gah, when will this guy change? How about starting with his relationship with his younger brother. He’s just all anger all the time except when feeling sorry for himself and then it’s about putting down Haru for exerting himself to be more than a “mere” extra. I mean can he be less self-centered? I’m waiting for him to break out of “Me, Myself and I” mode. Then perhaps he can gain real friends. I’m especially looking forward to Jinmichae’s story. I know he had a tragic romance too according to the character details released previously on this thread. I want to see if he’ll practice what he preaches when he sees his love again. Hmmm. I Do Hwa too. I wish he would be happy in the end. He has already given up on JD but he keeps getting pulled into her loveline with NJ. I liked it when JD briefly told off ahjumma. Ha. She’s definitely aware because her goody character would have never done that. Besides, we heard the stage change when she exited the gate of her home. Seems Danoh has accepted that she will die soon and she wants to spend her remaining time with Haru. It’s bravely poignant. I hope she gets her wish because I think it near impossible to defy the writer.
  19. He’s reminding the characters that they should act according to their roles. I really do think he fears change too. He likes his familiar world where at least he’s in control. Another thing that I don’t get about BK is why has he never wavered even a little bit when his younger brother tries to improve their relationship. I get that he doesn’t like the stepmom and by extension blames the brother but BK is young. Is he so hardened by his life to the point that his little brother’s attempts at reconciliation don’t move him at all? He leaves no room at all to mend the relationship with his brother. Honestly I would like to see him act more like a big brother even if he never get to the point of liking his father and stepmom.
  20. @Jillia, there will always be viewers who overlook serious flaws and make excuses for the sake of the character they like or the ship they sail on. I started watching this show casually. In fact I didn’t know the actors at all so I had no bias.(I just last week realize the actor for Haru is the female lead’s best friend in Where Stars Land . I knew he looked familiar though. I also watched Search WWW after starting this drama so I saw and liked the actor for BK in that show). Anyway, when I started watching this and saw how awful BK treated Danoh even in front of all their classmates, I was outraged as a female. I thought Danoh needed to walk away from that train wreck especially since he was also violent. I get that BK has family issues with that terrible father and he resents his stepmom. His father uses him as a tool for his business and he obviously disliked Danoh because it’s really her affection (onstage) that traps him in his father’s scheme. I get that he’s very angry but I also think he’s accountable for the way he expresses that anger and lashes out at everyone around him (except A3) especially Danoh. By the way, not everyone in BK’s situation act that way. For me, the only time I feel sympathy for BK is when his father is in the scene. That guy is terrible! He treats BK like trash. Other than those times I don’t find BK sympathetic. There was a character in Class of Lies/Mr. Temporary who had anger issues too. With BK it’s all anger most of the time. I’m glad he heard Haru’s advice to fix himself and hopefully he will heed his advice.
  21. I’m so glad Haru is no longer taking any of BK’s crap. That guy has real anger issues and he needs to fix his attitude just like Haru pointed out and later Danoh pointed out. It’s quite obvious he looks down on Haru both through his words and actions. He better be thankful for the stage because that’s the only powerful advantage he has over Haru thanks to the unimaginative writer. It’s also clear that he had anger issues back in the goryeo period. He was kicking down stuff in that final scene when goryeo Haru decided to sever their bond. Even in that period his words conveyed that he looked down on Haru who seem to not know his origin. Maybe BK has abandonment issues. Jinmichae said their (Danoh, Haru, BK) story in Trumpet Creeper ended in tragedy. That seems to imply that the drama might stick with the story that Anybody else was laughing at the music teacher’s outfit? He certainly likes to dress in the spirit of the lesson he would be teaching that day. OTP scenes and development were so good in today’s episodes. Loved all of them including the sad but beautiful moments in the beginning of the episode.
  22. I really enjoy this show but I keep wishing it wasn’t on Netflix where their F bomb in the translations startles me every single time. I can’t get used to it at all. end/rant. I was also suspecting HS’s father as the joker. There’s just something abnormal there. It might turn out to be a different explanation though. I notice that several characters like to say “don’t be a joke”. DB’s mother especially likes to say it and JR has said it and other characters. Most are obviously red herrings. I also think that Hyang-Mi’s murder was probably done by another perpetrator since several people had a motive to get rid of her but there’s also the possibility that she was killed by the joker. YS is the best! I knew he wasn’t going to break up with DB. I hope PG will give him a chance. The neighborhood ahjummas had me cracking up in their confrontation with the reporters. I just love the way they handled the situation true to their style.
  23. It’s a valid fear especially since they don’t know for sure why he disappeared in the first place. Jinmichae implied that it’s her actions to change the storyline that caused Haru to disappear but then he reappeared again and eventually remembered her. So she must be wondering what can they do and what can’t they do to prevent a repeat of Haru’s disappearance. Maybe the answer is not to meddle with the official storyline but that also means she cannot change her fate. Actually, I don’t see how anyone but the writer can change her fate. That’s why the webtoon ending that I read about makes sense to me. It was sort of a compromise
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