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  1. Yes, Jae Hyun will get stabbed when he’s holding flowers. Here near the end. Omo, it looks like he gets stabbed in Ji Soo’s neighborhood when he’s waiting for her with flowers.
  2. @thistle, at least we get to look forward to tomorrow’s episode. I must say I enjoy Young Woo’s rant for the first time. Jae Hyun needs to protect his woman. He’s not doing a good job of it right now.
  3. Quite frankly, it seems crystal clear that it’s Ik Jun. The problem about the theories was that people were/are treating it as a mystery when it seems straightforward to me. All the flashbacks that we’ve seen so far with Song Hwa’s story seems to show that she liked Ik Jun. Her eyes says it all. If the actors are being ambiguous in interviews, I suppose it does cast doubt that it’s Ik Jun but the acting seem to say it’s Ik Jun. The scenes also imply it’s him in terms of build up for a potential couple.
  4. I watched episode 6 recently and to me it looks like IkSong were interested in each other back in 99. She saw IK Jun and Jungwan leaving the room and followed them out while the guy was onstage singing out of tune. Seems like she was quite attuned to Ik Jun. In any case, I suppose what matters most is the present. As far as Song Hwa living in Sokcho in season 2. I think that would be interesting. A new setting/environs would be nice. It also would give Song Hwa time to decide what she wants. I hope she doesn’t reject Ik Jun though and no more love triangles please. I’ve never liked l
  5. @ryanallright, I found this on the internet years ago but I can’t remember the author: In essence, opinions only actually matter when you let them. They cannot affect you or bother you, unless you accept them. They cannot multiply unless you respond to them. Such opinions are not eternal unless you react to them. They hold no intrinsic meaning unless you contemplate on them. They cannot change you unless you cultivate them. It doesn’t matter what’s said elsewhere. Opinions are just opinions. I, for one, am enjoying rewatching this show and appreciating what I missed the
  6. @UnniSarah, I think the problem might be the lack of children. I think that might be the elephant in the room that took a toll on the marriage. Honestly, my preference is that they work it out but the writer probably has a different idea. She/he already introduced that male character who will return to work at the noodle shop and I get the impression Min Joo is attracted to him.
  7. @enchantedyears, yes, that is the end with Ji Soo on the hotel floor where Jae Hyun supposedly lives. @thistle yes, it’s time for this suffering to stop. It’s time for Ji Soo and Jae Hyun to fight back. Please don’t be one of those drama shows that wait until the last episode to punish the bad actors, no pun intended.
  8. @UnniSarah, I have no doubt that Ga In’s mom will appear in the future if she’s alive, which I think she is. She’ll probably appear at an inconvenient time too. I wonder how Ga In would feel about that. Anyway, regarding the hug and pounding heartbeat, yes, I believe there were two instances where we heard strong heartbeats when SA and GO were particularly close. The most recent being at the house and seem to show that both are attracted to each other although SA would probably deny it and GO has acknowledged it to herself twice. Regarding the lady who is having an affair with Baek D
  9. Well, this must be dump on Ji Soo episode. It’s kind of ridiculous now. Anyway, I saw the raw episode on Viki. @angelwingssf, yes, it looks like the ex wants to assume custody of Youngmin. When Ji Soo went to see Youngmin, he went down to Ji Soo and from some of the words I catch, I’m thinking he’s telling Ji Soo that she’s basically not taking care of Youngmin. In any case, after all the stuff chaebol wife pulled today to turn others against Ji Soo and sully her reputation, I guess Ji Soo decided in the end that since she’s getting heat for having an affair, she might as well have a
  10. I said exactly the same thing a few episodes ago. They have no respect for her at all so how is she going to make a difference to them? She’s definitely like a doormat for this new family. The only difference between her family and this one, as far as her character is concerned, is that she’s not out there slaving from dawn til dusk for this one. I hope the father finds out and stick to his gun that Min Joo is the one that thrashed GO’s room. Ae Ri just crawled above her in my like for a character. At least Ae Ri owns up to her wrongs. Min Joo, on the other hand, is like a back stabb
  11. Thanks @roli. Netflix article is such a tease. What’s this: Blossoming Relationship A happy end to the season saw Jung Won finally making his decision to stay at the hospital, and in the process reciprocated the feelings of Dr. Gyeo Wool, he finally confessed her love to him. Next season we’ll see the development of the relationship, and potentially we could even see Jung Won pop the question?
  12. It would be nice if the parents are able to reconcile. Kind of like “Go Back Couple” and “Unfamiliar Wife”. I wasn’t expecting the amnesia plot but at least they will perhaps get to tackle their issues before completely walking away from the marriage by the time his memory returns. I’m assuming his memory loss is genuine since he seems to remember the past clearly. Mom seems to have her guard up but time will tell all. As to Eun Joo, I wish she never finds out that Dad is not her biological dad. However, I suppose if there’s a plot involving her biological dad, it can’t be helped. She seems to
  13. I’ve been dreading any hint of GO’s step sister meeting Han Ri. I hope such a thing never happens. I don’t want her near that family of brothers. I much prefer if they bring in a new actor for Han Ri just like they did for Baek Doo and Min Joo. I can’t stand the idea of GO’s step sister ending up in the lap of luxury. Heck, I would much rather Han Ri date GO’s best friend.
  14. @ryanallright, thanks for that review of IkSong. I hadn’t realized that Ik Jun was the largest contributor to the Daddy Long Legs program. What a guy!
  15. That would me too. I still have that drama on hold at episode 6 for at least three months now. I’m rather indifferent to both OTPs. @Lmangla, hmmm, some of these drama shows technically didn’t have an OTP or romantic pairing. I would say Nobody Knows, Tell Me What You Saw and Memorist fit into this category. They all ended without any concrete OTP romance. Reaction 1: I nominate Ji Hyung Joo and Shin Ga Hyun in 365: Repeat the Year. I love the way they worked together to solve their mysteries while growing closer. Also, maybe you can add When My Love Blooms. Reac
  16. @UnniSarah @RobinM @Ldy Gmerm The lawyer lady is still at it. Now she’s questioning Sul Ak’s assistant about Sul Ak and Gye Ok. The assistant basically told her Sul Ak isn’t romantically interested in Gye Ok. He does this by repeating what Sul Ak said about Gye Ok which on the face seems negative but taken another way seem to imply Sul Ak likes Gye Ok. So lawyer lady now firmly believe that Sul Ak likes Gye Ok. I’m not sure if Min Joo found the contract but I tend to believe she did. I’m also not sure how Gye Ok is supposed to make a difference in the lives of the children because al
  17. I thought I read somewhere that the duo said they didn’t want to portray messy relationships. In any case, thankfully this is a Korean drama because if it was a US drama, dissenters would actually get their wish come true in the excuse of “keeping things interesting”. I hope all the relationships established will last the duration of the three seasons. These friends are on the cusp of 40, if not 40, so it would be nice if they have settled relationships. For example, I want Ik Sun and Jung Wan’s relationship to last. I enjoy them together. Same with Wintergarden. I’m just hoping for I
  18. @RobinM, I actually like Geum Gang and his wife despite their greed. The difference here is that it not “malicious” greed like in other daily shows. The siblings might try to out do each other to get into the good graces of their father but there’s nothing really mean spirited about their attitude or actions towards one another. I get a tickle out the fact that Geum Gang and his wife are still into each other. They seem to work well as a couple. Ga On does have an attitude at times but when Sul Ak is parenting her, he does say the right things to correct her.
  19. Hmmm. What does that mean? Does it mean that Ji Soo is ready to fight back since chaebol wife is now messing with Ji Soo’s friends and loved ones? I hope that’s what it means. I know the preview showed Ji Soo getting hit with eggs and that she was exposed as an adulterer. Well, I hope the same in kind is returned to chaebol wife and her family. We can’t just have our OTP suffering like this when some of the things they’re accused of wasn’t or isn’t true.
  20. @UnniSarah, I like Sul Ak. I have never really disliked him. He has many good qualities including working for his own living and not being greedy about his father’s money. He raised his daughter well. He does in fact take care of his father. Despite their disagreements, Sul Ak to me is the best son in terms of caring for his dad. He might be a tsundere with Gye Ok but I think he cares about her though he might not be conscious of that fact. As to Baek Doo, I don’t think he has the nerves to cross the line. However, I want his wife to get wind of it before he is tempted to cross that
  21. Yes, I believe during that phone call with his junior, the junior told him he planted the victim’s evidence on the guys who stole the cars and Kang Ho told him it’s not necessary since they caught the guys in the act so there’s no need to plant evidence in this case. The junior responded that Kang Ho leaving him on his own to take the blame, I guess, if something happened. Also, just look at the way Kang Ho brought in stuff into the bar/night club to coerce the night club owner into giving him the names of the VIP list. He kind of reminds me of the cops in the past in the drama Life on Mars.
  22. Yep, I never once thought he was useless. He kind of reminds me of old school detective style. Maybe a bit reminiscent of Colombo. About an overarching story, I really don’t mind if they forego one. I don’t mind procedural crime shows at all. I often get annoyed that a lot of crime shows have that one criminal that just so happen to have a personal story with the lead detective and who the lead detective pursue unsuccessfully until seasons later (or episodes later for Kdrama). Even Sherlock Holmes had a nemesis so I guess crime shows seem to feel they need to have one for their prota
  23. I was going to come here just to post on the lawyer girl. Her move to call Gye Ok out to whine about SA turning her down, to pry into Gye Ok’s feelings/life and to make her claim to SA known to Gye Ok was disgusting. She’s probably banking on trying to get Gye Ok to back off if she does in fact have feelings for SA or to warn her off from falling for SA. Her agenda was completely clear in her attitude, demeanor and words. I hope Gye Ok doesn’t fall into the stupid trap of trying to prompt SA to be open to the lawyer girl. The aunt throwing dirty water on Gye Ok was out of line. I
  24. When she says she’s looking at her next role, she probably means in the interval between now and shooting season 2. Otherwise, I’ll be very upset if the actress isn’t returning. I think with the exposure they’re getting from this show, the actors would probably return. They also seem to enjoy working on the show. I hope none of their interim projects interfere with shooting season 2. This is why I don’t like multi-season shows even in the USA. Anyway, it’s cute how she says the other actors were rooting for Wintergarden.
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