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  1. Please allow me to rant:

    I've been hoping that Eonnie will choose a project soon since I've been missing her so badly. However, after the APAN awards, I'm so stunned by the turn of events that I'd rather eonnie take her time and choose her projects wisely. Yes, we all know Eonnie always chooses projects that fits her perfectly and that she can portray as flawlessly as she could, so she has nothing to prove to us fans. But I'm so tired of award-giving bodies giving her a disservice and international Kdrama fans discrediting her acting capabilities just because DOTS is overrated. She was the saving grace of DOTS and yet, not only is she being overshadowed by her co-actor in the drama awards, international K-drama fans have the nerve to say that she doesn't deserve the Daesang when she didn't even win one, that only Kim Hye Soo deserves it. At least Kim Hye Soo has the best plot of Signal to back her up, Song Hye Gyo HAS NOTHING. She was still able to act flawlessly despite the ridiculous plot of DOTS. I'm so tired of these people downplaying her acting prowess.

    I hope eonnie chooses a project that will showcase her great acting skills more. It doesn't have to be a mega production with the best cinematographer, with a shooting abroad. A great script, with a great supporting cast and director are the only thing she needs. It doesn't have to have a blockbuster production and excessive promotion. I'd rather her choose a cable drama with great script. I want her to star in a critically acclaimed project. It doesn't have to be as popular as DOTS. She doesn't need the fame anymore. As a fan for 15 years, my only wish for her is to be acknowledged, not only as A-list actress but a critically acclaimed actress. 

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  2. I'm sure this one's already posted but reposting because she's too pretty. Eonnie looks like a beautiful vampire. I miss the thread. I've been busy for so long. Thank you everyone for all your updates. @hclover96 beautiful translations. Thank you for your hard work. I feel ashamed for not contributing as much. I hope Eonnie will have a comeback soon. I miss her badly. Take care Kyo fans!


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  3. 7 hours ago, esophageal14 said:

    Thank you sunflower91 and crixa for bringing this issue to the mods attention! I have been following this person's posts and in fact, to my

    knowledge, this was her 5th post unrelated to SHK. She was not bad-mouthing SHK, but the fact that she was "promoting" someone else,

    I thought it was not proper! I have little knowledge on how to deal with this issue and it made me so frustrated!

    That person wasn't bad mouthing Kyo per se, but that person was indirectly bashing her by deliberately posting in Kyo's thread her non-support and promoting another actress. Good thing the mods took care of it already. :)

    the ultimate Goddess of Asia :wub:



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  4. 19 minutes ago, sunflower91_ said:

    hi Christine aka daisybella! just a month ago you joined SHK forum broadcasting yourself a "huge fan" of SHK since AIMH and now your latest posts glorify your own true goddess and you seem to be that ecstatic that she won the 2nd round , well no problem with that if SHK ranks only 2nd , but your post is not really related to SHK , hope moderators will flag you down for your inappropriate post in SHK thread or if you want can create your own forum for your goddess so you can freely praise your goddess without annoying other fans.  you must take note also that its not yet the final round don't rejoice too much you'll never know who will be the ultimate Goddess of Asia on the final round! we gladly welcome you then but please have a little respect to SHK fans !

    true fans here in this thread only have SHK as the ultimate Goddess of Asia

    Sunbae, this is so not right. I already reported that person. I don't know why the mods aren't taking her posts down or reminding her about the rules. That person instigates fan wars and indirectly bashing Kyo. She should be ignored but at the same time should not be tolerated. 

    Kyo eonnie might not win, it doesn't matter coz to us, and obviously to many people, She is the ultimate Goddess of Asia. 



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  5. 11 hours ago, sunflower91_ said:


    what intrigues me about this article is that at the last sentence they stated that SHK is considering a sequel for DOTs????????? how true , looking forward  if ever there is confirmation about this!

    한편 송혜교는 KBS-2TV 드라마 ‘태양의 후예’ 종영 후 차기작을 검토 중이다 thru google trans "Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo is considering a sequel after KBS-2TV drama "Sons of the Sun" (referring to DoTs)   by jongyoung

    I'm not really happy about this. I do want eonnie to come back as soon as possible but a sequel for DOTS is bound to disappoint. Most of the sequels of Korean dramas had poor reception and bashed by critics, good examples are IRIS 2, Full House 2 and Dream High 2. I'd rather her choose a new and fresh project. She should leave Kang Mo Yeon as it is. However, I trust her, I'm sure she will choose a project that she will be happy about. 




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  6. 5 hours ago, Candles said:

    I know you guys are working hard but please listen to the mod. It's unnecessary to keep making posts here solely about the poll since most of us here are already aware and voting. The rankings are volatile/change frequently so lets try not to get too caught up on it.

    I agree with @Candles. No need to get stressed out with the voting. I'm pretty sure all of us here are doing our best to vote for her as much as we can. The voting fluctuates every now and then, no need to update since the Mod has already reminded us the rules. It will be wonderful for Kyo to win but if Kyo won't win, I don't think it really matters to her. I don't think she's the type to get disappointed in such things and if she's aware of our support, I'm sure she'll be proud of us whether she wins or not. :)


    on a side note, I'm still waiting for news of her next project. Eonnie, hurry up and choose a project. :tears: I hope her next project will be a Korean movie. A critically-acclaimed Period movie like The Throne or The Masquerade with critically-acclaimed actor Song Kang Ho.


    Or an intense thriller, suspense movie with critically-acclaimed actor Choi Min Sik. Anything that showcases her brilliant acting chops with brilliant actors, not just with  Hallyu actors. :bawling: but truth be told, anything will do, for as long as she comes back with another project as soon as possible. 

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  7. @smiletall You're right. It's not proper to bash others just to praise Kyo. Kyo wouldn't want such thing. I do believe Kim Hye Soo deserved the best actress award in TV category. I have watched Signal, I might sound like a traitor to Kyo, lol, but Signal is my favourite Korean drama of all time. Hands down. Mainly because I'm a sucker for suspense genre and Signal was really well-made. However, as a fan, it can't be helped that you wish for your favourite actress to be recognised and acknowledged especially if she's most deserving. In my ideal world, Kyo should have won the Daesang, not DOTS. Jo Jin Woong should have won best actor award in TV category. Yoo Ah In should have won best Actor in movie category, he was great in The Throne, I haven't moved on yet on his portrayal as Sado. Flawless acting from him. Kim Hye Soo could also win the best actress in the movie category and Kyo in tv category, then JJW the Daesang but Jeon Do Yeon is Jeon Do Yeon, it can't be helped. I agree with you, let's just be happy she graced us with her ethereal presence.

    This time is not Kyo's yet. I also think that if Kyo won the Daesang and Jo Jin Woong didn't win any award, S. Korea might go crazy and some haters will come out from their caves and take this opportunity to bash Kyo to their hearts' content. This time is not her time, and I'm sure her time will come and it will be the most glorious thing.

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  8. I'm sorry I have to rant here. I hope you'll forgive me coz I don't have anywhere to vent out my frustration. 

    I can't even sleep well last night. I kept on thinking how Kyo was robbed. I'm not going to be a delusional biased fan here, my opinion will be as a Korean acting entertainment fan for years. Kyo is a wonderful actress however I don't think her past works were Baeksang worthy. But this time is a different story, I was expecting a win for our dear eonnie. Baeksang has been elusive to Kyo for the past 20 years, but this time, she is worthy of the best actress award or the Daesang. I can't believe she has neither!! I was expecting her to win 100% since in 2014, Jeon Ji Hyun won the Daesang for My love from another star. I'm not saying JJH isn't a good actress, she is great! She deserved the award. However if we are going to compare the characters Cheon Seon Yi and Kang Mo Yeon, KMY has depth of character and multi-dimensional and a harder character to pull off. So I'm baffled how Baeksang can give Cheon Seon Yi a Daesang (which was well-deserved) but not to Kang Mo Yeon which was portrayed by Kyo flawlessly. I can't even cry my frustration out! I don't know why Baeksang is being like this, but if I have to guess, I think they're more generous to actresses/actors that are frequent in movies. I noticed how movie actors tend to win the more prestigious awards. So I'm really hoping and praying that Kyo's next project will be a Korean movie. I want to see her in dramas but I believe she has to focus on her Korean movie career. End of rant. 

    You are still my best actress Eonnie! Forever and always. :tears:



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  9. 10 minutes ago, utkim said:

    Is the show over yet ??? ehhh? i can't see anything :blink: 

    Oh, it's too bad Kyo didn't win the acting award....But Dots won the Daesang and it's like Kyo and JK won the Daesang for me cos the 2 were the main reason why it became popular. Congrats to all :)

    waaaaaaaaah. I was waiting and waiting, waiting for Baeksang to announce Song Hye Kyo as the Daesang winner. But the Daesang is DOTS, that's it. I'm heartbroken. I'm dumbfounded, it can't be. DOTS is an awesome feel good drama but it's not Daesang-worthy with all of its ludicrous plot-holes, IMO. Kyo deserves the Daesang!! I was 100% she will win. I'm going back to my cave now and cry river of tears. I never thought I'd hate an award giving body so much!!!!

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