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  1. I feel like s2 was def contingent on the performance of the supposed s1. And since it was not a runaway hit in Korea (though it had solid ratings in comparison to other dramas airing in the same time slot), it might not have been so certain. I feel like SSR will not return. If I was him, I honestly would not bother. They underutilized his skills and screen presence. And the story could honestly go on fine without his character especially with them acting largely beyond the law now. The NIS was pretty useless anyways. In terms of side characters, they would only really need Lily, EP, JL (maybe), and the acting president Hong to return for consistency. But really without Suzy and LSG, it would be entirely pointless. Likely the difficulty is trying to pin down schedules with them. Suzy has so many projects in talk. And especially with LSG, it would also mean he would have to wholly commit to doing high action sequences, which is always a risk. From previous promo interviews, it also sounded like they both were pretty ready to try different roles/projects. Filming and production for this drama was unusually long so it’s understandable. Though it did also sound like LSG might be open to a s2 at one point. I think there is a chance. But I would be very surprised if they did confirm. I also think it’s a little suspicious that both Suzy and LSG have yet to post anything on instagram after the final ep aired. Typically they would post some goodbye to the character/show and thanks to cast/crew. And while other cast/crew seem to be posting, they have been mum. But maybe it means nothing. If they do post a goodbye to their character though, I will basically take it as a sign that they are done with their roles.
  2. So it pretty much happened the way most of us thought it would. AND they actually did the worst thing ever and ended the series basically right after the opening sequence. They literally made the whole series a backstory, when the actual REAL interesting story is what happens after that point. Worst writers ever. Also unless the whole production, cast, and crew were guaranteed a second season, the writers are the absolute worst for writing the story this way. It provided no resolution at all. HR and DG never even met again face to face! If a second season doesn’t happen with the same leads, these writers and whoever decided this was a great idea should never be allowed to touch a drama again. Also, if HR and DG ever do meet in some future storyline, HR better be pissed off at DG. He literally changed her whole life trajectory and is out trying to avenge his death, when he is alive. Like I want them to kiss and then she better let him have it, because they now have one super complicated, angsty relationship. Also if there is a s2, there better be more focus on them as a couple working stuff out because they are literally the series cliffhanger. And if there is actually a s2, i agree with others now that it will likely take a long time to come out, especially if they have not actually shot it continuously. And with how long it took vagabond to first come out, I can only imagine. Geez, this drama.
  3. The pacing would make more sense if it was a 24 ep series. So I hope it’s true.
  4. Ah good theory! Also so lame if the show ends soon after this. Completely agree. I mostly tried to hold off on judgement until the end. And now that there’s one ep left, (unless the last ep is AMAZING) I think I can comfortably say that the story has been incredibly predictable for a spy drama so far. And what’s worse is that it felt like the writer wasn’t even trying that hard. I understand they wanted to explain the whole backstory, but I seriously feel like they could have condensed this whole 2012 storyline and ended up with the same amount of character and story development in like half the time. And then they could have gone into 2019 at the halfway mark. It would have made for tighter story telling and writing, instead of semi-meandering at points. We also would maybe have a chance for a better resolution in a single season instead of wondering if s2 is actually happening or not. Some eps were not even a full hour. There were unnecessary recaps at the beginning of others. And one ep was entirely just literally them taking KWG from the freight container to the courthouse. The part that annoys me is that this is the point in the story where the characters actually can show development and growth! Part of the reason why the characters feel so one dimensional is because the writers basically kept them the same from beginning to end. There is barely any growth. HR does become a more patriotic agent through DG, but she still never fully gains a sense of true agency or storyline. DG is as hotheaded from beginning to end and is still running off blindly. Their relationship has hints and is adorable, but is also paced so awkwardly at times. With DG’s supposed death, HR now actually has a chance at a more personal and stronger storyline that could connect her better with the viewers through her avenging DG’s death. Does she try to take on his mantle of justice? Or find her own way of revenge? Her own journey and emotional payout would feel much more organic and earned. And DG likely goes to a much darker place as well. A colder and more calculated DG would be a welcome dichotomy. And when they meet up, then what?? I want more than a couple mins of reunion. There would be so much dang history and emotions to dig through! I feel like there is so much more potential for the main characters at this point in the story! Instead we are doing a time jump and it’s the last episode. If this was a 24 ep drama or the eps were longer in runtime, I wouldn’t be complaining as much. But the obvious twist with EP came way too late. I blame the writers more than the cast and production. Still, I honestly adore LSG and Suzy together. They have a sweet chemistry. I also just wish their synergy had been better utilized. Not to be too much of a downer, because I do enjoy this drama still. But the possibility and potential of what it could have been is sometimes annoying to think about.
  5. A season 2 has to happen right? I was seriously hoping they wouldn’t end the series with the opening sequence. But they are doing exactly that. But I am glad that the twist is not that GHR is actually bad like some were hoping though. That may be a fun twist, but it also would be more bad and inconsistent writing on part of the show. (Also how dumb of it was DG to just go and face Eduard alone without a backup plan. Like he couldn’t even take a couple secs and call/txt anybody to give a heads up? This is where i am, what i’m thinking, my suspicions. If something happens, you know who did it. Also maybe come with backup? But if he wasn’t this way, there would be no story i guess. Also, he wouldn’t have been so easy to manipulate by Eduard.) So it seems that HR will go “black” to avenge DG. DG of course never dies, and he will come out alive but pretend he is dead so as to “protect” those he cares for and will assume a mission of lone ranger. He seems to have become a type of mercenary in the opening scenes, which means he must become one to infiltrate and bring it down somehow. Years pass and HR and DG’s paths cross unexpectedly, which is why DG is freaking out in the beginning and can’t pull the trigger. I feel like HR and DG need to meet again before the show ends. Will we get a reunion kiss?? It seems doubtful because they have not even admitted their feelings to each other. And like 7 yrs would have passed if they jumped to present time, making them very different people. Do I still want it? YES. Geez. The glacial pace of this couple is infuriating, even for a kdrama. Likely, it will end when they finally meet again with vague open ending. And no major resolution on Samael. Unless they do some copout ending. So a second season of some sort is likely in order? They also, I hope, would have LSG and Suzy come back (because they are the primary pull in the show, story aside). If they do not get the og cast back, I’m just going to toss this whole thing. (If you watched Suzy’s bday video that LSG&co. took of surprising her and then Suzy making a wish, they clearly wanted the show to perform super well. Granted, all cast and crew wish for success for their projects, but i wonder if a s2 is contingent on the performance on s1. I would argue that it should be doing more than well enough on netflix, and I think I read somewhere here that the show made more than enough internationally through netflix and ads to fully cover the cost of the show and then some. It seems solid (though not spectacular) in skorea. So not sure.) I also worry about a second season because they both seems so busy. Suzy already has talks about being in another drama for next yr. Which means that if a s2 does happen, it will either be without all/most of the og cast. Or it will not air until like the end of next yr at earliest.
  6. The story is getting better! I have actually been liking the show as it goes on a lot more than the initial two eps, which were very flashy, but kind of shallow in terms of character substance for me. It's still in the first half of the series, but hopefully, the pace will keep up so the story will not drag too much. There is a lot of ground to cover plot-wise, so there should be minimal lag time really. The main protagonists have a lot of work to do! In terms of previous comments saying things like the story was too obvious or HR as an agent was too unbelievable in her lack of skills as a field agent, I wanted to share my thoughts. While there are definite plot holes and inconsistencies, I am so far okay with how things are going. Basically most of the things shown in the series trailers/teasers have been shown now in the first 6 eps. And now it feels like the second half of the story is unfolding. Clearly, things are lot more complex and the corruption is more deeply rooted than at first glance. It was no secret that M&J were involved in the terrorist plot of the plane, and that Chief Min was a high suspect for the mole in NIS. Also while it is not certain, it is highly implied that the President is not on the up&up and is corrupt/compromised by those around him. There is still the large Who Dunnit question that looms large (because there is likely a larger lever of power controlling in the shadows), and as this drama is clearly a spy thriller, the large focus should be on unraveling the conspiracy piece by piece as it has been so far. Now that the most obvious pieces are in place (thank goodness they did no drag out Chief Min as the mole. Also who says he is the only one?), how they expose the potential role of the President/his cronies and his corruption, and how they realize the existence of the Bigger Bad will be the daunting task at hand. And we still need to circle back around to the opening scene in the desert with HR and DG. What happens between them? In terms of HR as an agent, I feel like the show has been steadily showing more of her character development and might be a more interesting story arc than even DG, who as a character is very simple and straight forward. Obviously, DG is the central figure of the story, but the more I get to know HR, the more I like her. Yes, she was a mess in the Morocco debacle, but honestly, despite the fact that she was acting as a field agent, it is now obvious that she has no interest/desire to be one. She clearly had no prior experience other than officer training (which is far from actual experience in the field) prior to her Morocco trip. HR did not even go there voluntarily. She would have preferred to be a paper pusher. She is driven to support her family, and her initial commitment to her career at the NIS is based on financial necessity, not duty to country. But eventually, it's shown that her conscience prevails and she cannot just standby and watch injustice prevail. Her character could have been written a lot more consistently, but I feel like it's unfair to expect HR to be a super skilled and wholly competent field agent/fighter in all aspects right off the bat. The show has so far just shown that she generally can defend herself when necessary and that she's intelligent. In interviews, Suzy even points out that her character has an arc in which she grows as an agent. So this is all expected. I think it's fine that she shows moments of promise and moments of lacking within the story point at the moment. What I do have a problem is with the fact that the writers tended to utilize her shortcomings as simply a means for comic relief with an odd sense of comedic timing. Like there is a time and a place, and especially in the first 2-4 eps, the timing sometimes felt a bit off and jilted. There are also a lot of scenes written in a way to enable the plot to move along. If HR had caught Chief Min, not only would I have been impressed that she was able to overpower a man twice her size under a clearly rattled mental state (within a couple hours, she had learned her direct supervisor was a traitor that had tried to kill DG, which lead to her killing a man for the first time, and her colleagues had just been attacked), but then he wouldn't have gotten away for whatever the writers have in mind for his character to do/fight/whatever. And in fact, I sometimes feel that HR is actually a more believable and realistic character than DG. Sure, it's much easier to root for DG because they give LSG an overload of cool stunt and fight scenes. But really, how is a normal person, even if he is a trained stuntman, able to fight trained assassins and survive like THREE severe car accidents like it's nothing. But TW cannot make it out of ONE fully conscious? What??! There are comparisons to Jason Bourne and the Bourne Identity series, but Jason Bourne was a highly trained CIA assassin himself! I understand in order to keep up the tension and action, the characters must be under attack constantly, but there is actually very minimal sense of danger for DG's life at this moment for me. For one thing, we know he's alive until we reach the opening scene of the series, and for another, he apparently is absolutely indestructible, much to even the annoyance of now two hired assassins lol. Also how is he so calm just carrying a dead body? Like clearly HR was shook that she had to actually kill someone out of defense, but DG was pretty unfazed. He should really consider a career change after all this is over. lol. Overall, while there are sometimes points where it is lacking, this drama has definitely been entertaining so far. The pacing of the lighter beats were also a bit more balanced in ep 5-6. And importantly, the growing relationship between DG and HR is so sweet to watch, particularly when everything else seems to be going wrong around them. The way you can see a growing sense of respect and camaraderie between the two of them is so satisfying. And you can clearly see why DG is starting to fall for HR: during moments where DG begins to feel despair over Hoon, HR is somehow there to help him through or keep him company in some way. The drunk kiss scenes were also so cute. TW and DG were affected in very different ways. lol. This story is definitely tilting DGxHR in terms of couple ships, but I cannot wait to see TW reluctantly pine over HR (though I can bet, it will be too late). TW might realize his feelings for HR when he sees she is actually a good and worthy agent, but it's DG who actually pushed her to be better in the first place, so there is only one way things can play out in terms of the romance department in my eyes. Just keeping my fingers crossed for a couple good romantic scenes and kisses. And yes, that's plural for kisseS. I don't want the only real kiss to be at the very end. I mean, it's 2019. I don't even ask for heavy emphasis on the romance. But I think we all can handle an action drama with some good romance sprinkled that is not at glacial pace thankyouverymuch.
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