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  1. I just started a week ago . The old lady is real piece of work. Her husband is clueless to what is going on . I miss the child actors , they act better then the adults. I also expect lots of revenge and as usual a love triangle.
  2. I Knew MW's Dad was still alive. We never saw body . I guess it's difficult to play a dead man in one drama and live one in another. He also playing a chef in the drama A Good Supper . I ran across it while catching up with some of my dramas.
  3. This drama should have never been titled Man in veil . It should have been titled Seven deadly sins , Everyone in this drama especially Ms. Hefty has committed them over and over . It makes my blood boil that it took SJ 2 episodes to do what TP couldn't do in 90+ episodes SMDH. I have never seen a drama filled with this much stupidity in my life. The writer and his twisted imagination seems to have took a nice long vacation , With his recreational drugs , And left us all in purgatory a good while ago. This drama should not have been extended not 1 minute longer , it should have been over at
  4. Yes I believe he will because for one they never showed a body. In a previous drama I watched the person was seen being hit by a car , They never showed the body , All you heard was him screaming. He resurfaced 3 episodes before the drama concluded.
  6. yes I have quite few lol . But there so many dramas lots of hot smoldering abs, Its going to be hard to pick a just one lol. It's the same for SLS it's going to difficult but I can do it lol.
  7. Thank you @partyon for the poll . I can't wait for the poll for the best abs. Can you do a poll on second lead Syndrome?
  8. In all the mist of all the deceit and the backstabbing and the hot smoldering abs. Did anyone tell Ms hefty to take a pregnancy test ? Smdh. Not only am I ready for Ms hefty to get locked up , I can't wait for SJs Dad and TPs Aunt to meet up. How many times are they going to miss each other with so few episodes to go. Team Disney need to be put to side for second, Team Mafia needs to be up front . I want see the back story of SJs Dad , TPs Aunt , and (Mafia mama) SJs Mom.
  9. The adoptive aunt is the first love of SJs dad . SJs mom paid his adoptive aunt to stay away from SJs dad and disappear. TPs adoptive aunt lost her memory in a accident she doesn't remember SJ dad. SJs dad has been looking for the adoptive aunt for quite sometime , SJs mom knows this and has stopped him at every turn. She murdered his adoptive aunt's husband because he was about to expose her. TPs adoptive aunts husband was the one SJ mom ran over with car and framed TPs mom . TPs mom was also about to expose SJs mom because she found out that she was stealing money from her.
  10. I feel so sad for SJ just as he was in such harmony with his Bff, Here comes Ms Hefty to blow it all to purgatory. I hope SJ winds up with someone he deserves to be happy ,everyone deserves to be loved except Ms. Hefty , Her Mom , and That murderest Moma SJs mom. SJ had never knew what love felt like till he met YJ. All hes every felt was angry and suffocated , His dad treated him a like tool , To use and control on a wim , I feel to hide his own inadequacies as Man . His Mom is the in every form ,Writers hurry up and fit this woman in a orange jump , Just like her daughter in law she ne
  11. Oh Well the bromance is over it was good while it lasted. Im praying that SJ doesn't turn twisted because of it , I like him as he is now , I wouldn't like it if he turns evil. As for Ms. Hefty I was hoping she would be in a medically induced coma after that car accident. At least we would get some relief from the YR show 5 days a week .
  12. @Lmangla Im agree with you, I have tried to use the common sense method in Kdrama, It just doesn't work . I just laugh and cry and let the rest work it self out .
  13. I had a idea so I thought I would throw it there out there goes. Team Mafia: YR , SJ(YR Mom) JH, Mr. Koo maybe it's just me but when I see this group on screen I get chills not to mention I think of the godfather movie . One false move with these folks , You will either be meeting the white truck of doom or wind up 6 feet deep. Pick your poison proceeded with caution. Team Mickey Mouse : TP , SJ , YJ I like love triangles , But this one is going to be a real mess , Something humpty dumpty may not be able to put back together again. I dont know what's
  14. I'm enjoying watching this drama , I have never had First and second lead syndrome this bad in a while . SJ with his rack of abs and smooth talk . TP is so on the quiet side , Yet so handsome and charming, Omg the sound of his voice I lose all focus . I'm also love seeing YR suffer she deserves it and then some . I couldn't stop myself from laughing ,Yesterday when she thought she was going to get that bag , To see her hopes go up in smoke had me . I love the triangle and Bromance between TP and SJ . Its going to be hard to watch when TP and SJ turn on each other. The road ahead is
  15. SJ is a beautiful person he looked like he was walking to certain death walking down the aisle , He looked totally miserable. I feel bad for him , I'm glad he made it clear to YR I don't love you and I never will , This marriage is for business purposes only. There will be no hanky spanky here. But we all know YR she very cunning and has no shame .
  16. It was a long 122 episodes of screaming , Hair pulling, laughing ang crying . It's over now I was very satisfied with ending, The scene of the night was when MH reached out to SH it was heart breaking. It was good to see all the Evil ones were where they belonged . Some of them in the end showed they were human and saw the error of their ways, Except for Cruella who was without empathy or remorse till the very end. Last but not least the moment I was waiting for the wedding!. SJ and PJ looked beautiful together . It was really sweet, How SJ made PJs dreams come true to finally become
  17. @tas82I agree with you to go through 120 + episodes of fighting like cats and dogs , And forming a bond with MJ and MH , reuniting with Leon. Falling in love and breaking up and getting back together. SJ Having to deal with his twisted family .PJ having to deal with EJ and her Madness . It all Started with the kind gesture of a handkerchief, When they both had hit rock bottom in their lives. To have it end without a happy ending for SJ and PJ is Unfair.
  18. Omg That was the best back from the dead entrance I ever saw It was epic!. The look on the faces of Cruella and her crew of clowns was priceless. I couldn't help but repeat that scene of Snakey eyes coming up from behind delivering the final to the 3stooges. Now there's nowhere to run or hide its payback time!. I don't feel any pity for any of them , Through out they thought they were above everyone and couldn't be caught. It's going to be oh so satisfying to see Cruella and crew carted off to jail . Tomorrow is the last episode , I hope they show a small time skip and happy times w
  19. @Lmangla I'm currently watching Mom has a affair and Alice which are wrapping up this this week. I also have a few dramas I'm playing catch with , Man in a veil , Homemade love story. Search and Kairos just started so I have time to watch those. I read about Phoenix it sounds good I'm looking forward to that too.
  20. Let me get this straight. You both are already prime suspects in a murder and attempted murder and Embezzlement . And now your going to add assault and battery and bribery to your resume lol. Do they really think that there is only one copy of their conversations floating around? They cant see pass the dollar signs in their eyes. I can't wait till tonight's episode . The Murder video and Then some is going to be quite the power point presentation lol.
  21. @tas82 did his enormous ears give him way ? lol . I knew that soda machine guy was him even with the mask.
  22. Cruella is gloating for the moment , But she has forgotten that Snakey eyes has the recording of her and SH and so does EJ.
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