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  1. If there is an English version I want to buy one too...
  2. I think the one who left RG at the orphanage wasnt DM's mom but the authorithy. Regardless rich or poor, DM parents had no right to bring him home. I think DM's mom let her kids played with young RG as long as she cud, and when time to leave, it was against her conscience to leave a young child alone at the playground unattended, but she cant bring him home because she can be charged for kidnapping. The next best thing she cud do was to bring over the child to the nearest police station & let them handle from there. I suspect it was either a female police officer or a social worker who brought him over to the orphanage until someone come to report a missing child. However after certain period of time, no one come to report/claim him, they sent him for adoption.
  3. I think I can understand the changes in DM's character after falling in love with RG. Afterrall fangirls are really passionate people. They fall in love with the artists which why they become fangirls. In DM case, she has never fall in love before, that's why she puts her heart and soul in fangirling but it's just love from afar. However now she has a flesh & blood male she fall in love with, right infront of her, so obviously her focus shifted to RG, & he needs her more than the idol. Just like SJ when was single, she was as bad as DM, but after she falls in love, got married & have a kid, she no longer went stalking with DM. Her priority changes since her son is her priority now. So for me now that DM fall in love for real with RG, its the transition time for her, tho she still sneak around to stalk SA but was caught by RG, remember, & he brought her to his home so they can fight like intellectual people, only to get interupted by HJ (Cindy) Bravo Cindy, real bad timing...
  4. I seriously dont like EG. If he really looks at DM as a woman, then he shud treat her parents as her parents, not come & go to their home like family. He seems to take advantage of DM & her family's kindness. Sure DM's mom was like his nanny when he was young but I still dont get it why his mother still pay DM's mom like a babysitter. He's a grown man with a career. Even if it didnt pay much, cant he find a place of his own like most men who are not staying with parents? Does he really need to put up a tent in his school whenever DM uses her own room in her parent's house? Does he want to continue to leech off DM & her parents for life? He even asked DM's mom for his suite for him to wear to confess to DM *roll_eyes* seriously?! And he expect DM to accept him as a man? Even if there's no RG, DM wudnt even give him a 2nd thought. Anyway abt the secret of them 3 playing at the orphanage when they were young...cud it be possible that DM was adopted too? That her mother was a social worker who handled her case, that's why EG's mom left him to her after birth but she went looking for her & advice her against it & promised to take care of him too since she's raising DM too, thus raising them as twins. But all 3 of them lived at the orphanage until HYJ was adopted. Then DM was adopted by her present mother
  5. OMG, now that you mention it....oh yeah her legs indeed were between his legs, ant they were tooooo close to his erm, asset Since the legs were covered under the blanket, there's no need to really put her legs in between his right? Oh these 2 shud just date for real already.....
  6. Here's the thing for me....I wonder who gave the idea to DM that no man wud falls for a hardcore fangirl? I mean she shud know better since her own bff SJ marries a cool PD, tho he made mistake here & there. But the point is he loves his wife unconditionally despite his wife goes gaga on certain idol right infront of him. Also I dont think its becos of her mother, becos its a known fact mothers nag abt one thing or another. I remember EG did say something along the line DM shud just be with him since he os the only one who can accept her fangirling way, also trying to help DM's identity is not becos he worries DM wud be fired but to feel he is superior that he knows something important abt DM the RG didnt. If he really worries abt her job then he wudnt have come crashing on her while she's working nor wud he provoke RG over & over again. Which back to the issue, that he has been using the reason to fend off DM from men, until she met RG & he was desperate & not caring abt her feeling, he just force her to listen to his confession when she has made clear her feeling for RG. Of cos DM hide her other identity from work becos her former boss hates fangirl, however DM has proven over the years she has never let her fangirling mode to get in the way of her work.
  7. Rather than DM's mom, I'm more curious abt Lee Sol's identity, & her relations to both Ryan & Sian. Just like Ryan, I'm sure Sian is collecting all LS's painting for a reason. I have a feeling Ryan & Sian are biological brothers, or at least half brothers & Lee sol is their mother
  8. Says who? They are close to each other behind the scene becos they like each other....as simple as that. If they like each other but not close bts becos they are shy, & while in their 30s too, then they dont like each other enuf to put an effort to be close to each other. For these 2 people, PMY & KJW, they're not just close they practically flirting with each other not caring who thinks what of them. I have seen PMY closeness to her male co stars before, especially her gang from SKKS, PYC, YAI, SJK & others. She was very close to them like buddies but she never flirted with them. She was like one of the boys when with them but with KJW, she was a girl enjoying the guy's company. wether they'll get together or not only time will tell Btw found this sweet clip
  9. Just finish watching ep 10. Am I the only one who feel EG is annoying & self-centered? He has his chances with DM for over 20 years yet he choose the time he saw DM brimming with happiness being in love with another man to confess his feeling. Even if he just come to sudden revelation of his feeling, he shud just keep it to himself since its already too late. If DM relationship doesnt work out with this man then maybe he can try his luck that time. And I hate it that he meddled in her work & life. Though her prarents brought him up since infant, he has no right whether as a friend, family or a love sick guy, to barge into her working hours or office dinner just becos he was jealous some great guy shows interest in DM. Even her parents approved of RG, who is he to oppose? As for DI, I think she's more tolerable becos she has never hide her feeling for RG. Everyone including RG knows her feeling for him & he is transparent too with her & everyone abt his stand. He made it clear to everyone he is not interested at her romantically. And boy oh boy, do RG & DM burn the screen or what! They're so hot. Now I understand what they were talking abt during presscon, abt how KJW is an experience adult movie actor....hahaha...I read the funniest remark in youtube, someone saying she got pregnant just watching him unbutton his shirt in ep 11 preview And PMY is super hawt too & very responsive. If there's a bed scene I bet the drama ends there & we have to pay to watch it in the movie teater as per adult movie...haha Anyway cant wait for next week episode...
  10. Their 3rd wedding anniversary is coming up, wud we get a chance to have a glimpse of the the couple recent pictures together or do we still see the same recycled old couple pics & photoshoppe pics mv, celebrating their anniversary this year...and I hope she's not going to wish happy couple day again on her wedding anniversary
  11. Thanks Cheerkoo for taking time to bring over & translate for us. Miss her & I especially miss her drama. Abt this part I wonder why she mention abt playing high school. I think with her age & ageless face she wud be bless to play various roles since she can play a woman from her teens to middle age. She has such a young face but with mature age she wont have problems doing mature act (if you know what I mean). So I wonder if she was offered only to do young roles that's why she's reluctant to do? Despite whatever people said abt her acting, I still think she is a good actress, and I especially like her doing melo (I'm a super fan of AE). Also I wonder how it is if she act as bimbo or someone who knows & embrace her beauty. It's been 2 years since her "allergy" incident that cause her to withdrew from the drama she's doing, so I believe whatever that is bothering her is long gone already & I hope to see her as an actress once again.
  12. What is that written on her cup? Is it her name? Looks a bit long to be her name, right?
  13. Where is this place? Is this in Korea? He went to Jeju a few days ago, right, so is he still in Jeju?
  14. When & where she's gonna held the exhibition? I assumed it gonna be her art exhibitions, wonder will it be in Korea or in a different part of Europe, since she did one in Paris last November...cant wait to hear more
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but Er Shu means 2nd Uncle right, since his character in TSOML is the 2nd son. Which means Feng Shu is Uncle Feng & FengGe means big bro Feng... So the younger generation actors call him uncle, I wonder if they call Huang Xiao Ming uncle Huang too And heartiest congratulations to the Feng couple for the arrival of their new family member. Hope he'll grow up to be as tall as daddy with good looks like mommy.
  16. I wonder if our Ms Koo has a plan or being offered to do a drama this year? Also if she has plan to go back to acting at all? I'm missing her on small screen. I've been rewatching Angel Eyes, since its my favourite omong her dramas. I hope she will do another melo just as good, if not better. I simply love her acting a mature, adult character than the younger type...and I think she looks very beautiful in AE. Anyway many married actresses return to acting after married & their shows gets high rating viewers. Lee Boyoung, Jun Jihyun, Lee Nayoung to name a few, so I hope despite whatever difficulties she still find courage to continue acting.
  17. Hi, this thread is hardly moving these days...doesnt anyone stumble across our couple doing groceries, dining, shopping, attending weddings or even walking their pets? They seem hardly spending time together, during her birthday last year she was in Paris, alone & during his 1st jewellery brand exhibition, she went to Africa...I wish they wud spend more time together...
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