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  1. Hello, I just joined watching this drama & so far I’m loving it. It’s refreshing to see no backstabbing & unnecessary jealousy between main couples. And I love the story stick to its original plot..finding the real murdere of AJR..after 14 episodes I just want to share my 2 cents.. Firstly, I suspect all the death in Mo’s family designed by Han. Han is a power crazy woman. She believes being a judge she was the ultimate power, but she realized it wasnt the case after she handled the MC case. So being offered a job at MC she grab the opportunity to gain as much power as possible...however she cant get what she wants as long Grandpa Mo is in control, thus tried to kill him via the accident. As per ep 14, here’s are the finding 1) SK is not Chairman’s Mo biological daughter but she is Grandpa Mo’s daughter. And I suspect SK is not AJR’s biological daughter. She has been married to chairman Mo for many years but still didn’t conceived. Then chairman Mo had affair with his nurse & had 2 sons with her & chase AJR out from their main house. For some reson he still visited AJR from time to time. At the same time I think Grandpa Mo had affair with some other woman, she got pregnant & to hide the child, probably Grandpa Mo asked AJR to fake her pregnancy & gave her the child once his mistress gave birth. I’m sure once YSH heard abt AJR’s pregnancy she wont allow Chairman Mo to visit AJR & keeps pestering jomnto divorce AJR. When he didn’t, she plan with the doctor to feed AJR with drugs so Chairman wud divorce her becos of her addiction 2) we can safely cross WJ’s name as the AJR’s murderer when he questioned WS’s whereabouts at the time of the muder becos it seems like he often wondered that WS’s alibi wasn’t consistent. 3) WS isn’t as simple as he presented himself. He knows from young the his parents, especially his mom groomed WJ as the next heir. Despite his failure track record I suspect he is one shrewd & cunning guy. I’m not even surprised he has good business skills underneath all that love for for arts & filmaking talk. I hope none of Mo family member murdered AJR but Han did it out of her own greed. And in the end I hope SK will run MC corp, HYD will lead top, chairman wud retired, WS go on making film, WJ will go to Paris as he plan & lives his life as he wants, and YSH wud accompany Han in prison for her parts of destroying AJR’s health & stealing AJR’s work
  2. Honestly I’ve stop reading the Crap-patch news long ago becos they under estimated our intelligence. Not only that, after reporting a wrong news, and after court had prove the person the news favor was wrong, they never take up the responsibility to apologise & amend their wrong reports... And to that 2 timer husband of Miss Koo, why didnt he charge her in court with defamation if he was in the right? Becos he is a kind person? OF COURSE NOT!!! If he is then he wont share whatever to the Crap-patch news...he didnt file charges becos she IS right...He is cheating on her, his mgt co is doing all they could to do a damage control on for his image becos this is abt all they can do. If he was falsely accused by GHS isn’t the easiest way to clear up his image is to charge her with defamation? But he gave a stupid excuse as he care for her but made up selective text mssges to make GHS looks like a looney, what kind of compassionate is that? More like a desperate attempt to do damage control for a man who has problem zipping up his pants.
  3. AJH must have hurt her real bad for her to have this reaction. Those like me who have follow her since BOF days, and some who have been following her even longer must known these were totally not her style. As I mention in earlier post over the years she did mention abt having bf in separate interviews:- at least one time she mention abt seeing a younger guy, then in another interview she mention abt having a bf when STJ scandal break out while she was in Taiwan filming Absolute Boyfriend, then in HT she revealed she break up with a celebrity bf becos he was too secretive abt their relationship...so my point is, either the bf she mentioned was referring to one person or 3 different bfs, we will never know becos she was never get caught nor does she said too much abt her bf in her social media, therefore nobody really know what’s going on in her private life until the time she mentioned vaguely abt it herself... that’s how private a person she is, yet now she bare everything abt her relationship with AJH...dont you its weird & that she revealed that much? She must have hurt beyond her mind with what AJH did.. so I hope she will get what she wants from AJH & moves on with her life
  4. Lee Da Hee isnt the one who’s dating Se7en, its Lee Da Hae, the lead actress from the drama My Girl. Its 2 different actress...Lee Da Hee, AJH’s partner from Beauty Inside is a newbie actress, while Lee Da Hae is Korean drama queen... Thanks @loveukoo for sharing GHS’s old tarot reading translated by our dearest sis @cheerkoo..I wonder what happen to her lately, I hope she’s alright. Anyway in the reading it stated that she will have 2 sumthing, I believe it supposedly say 2 marriage but the editor or translator have no heart to say 2 marriages at the time, so she put there 2 serious relationships. But now with what happens with AJH, I hope she will wed another better man who will make her blissfully happy. And tbh, tho at the time I too refuse to believe she wont enter a happy-ever-after one time marriage, I doubt the reader was talking abt her relationships. Becos we all know GHS is a no nonsense person. Once she gives her heart, it means she has marriage in mind. We all also know she really loves her first bf from college, which left her devastated when she caught him cheating with her friend. And although there was no offical statement or declaration, from many different interviews in recent years, we know she has at least one bf between her BOF days & AJH. She said so in HT with Blood casts; she break up with a certain celebrity bf becos he was too obsessed with keeping their relationship a secret to a point nobody knows abt them. In another interview she talked abt when the sudden scandal abt her & STJ that came out of nowhere in 2012 (or was it 2011), which confused her since she never even met him...she revealed then she was filming AB in Taiwan, she was seeing someone seriously & has to travel back & forth between Taiwan & Korea just to comfort her bf...so put 2 & 2 together the celebrity bf she talked abt in HT could be this one she had while filming AB...so the very least AJH was her 3rd bf, not counting if she has others in between the time frame...anyway I hope she will find a man soon, doesn’t matter if he’s a celebrity or not so long he sincerely loves GHS & will take car of her & make her happy
  5. Here's the thing...I love to ship GHS with most of her either leading man or the 2nd lead...it doesnt matter to me becos if I ship her with someone in a drama means she is that good an actress that I got caught up in their love story. In strongest Chilwoo I ship her with Eric, in BOF with Jihoo sunbae, in TM with Park Kiwoong, in Captain with JJH, in AE with LSY...however in Blood I'm not that crazy abt GHS & AJH but since there wasnt a 2nd male lead love interest, there wasnt a choice & honestly I still love her chemistry with JJH despite him being married IRL & the evil doctor in drama. And TBH I was quite disappointed when they announce AJH as the male lead. To me they didnt have to choose an A lister but at least they should find a capable & experience actor. Park Ki woong is an example of a great actor but never get the chance to play a lead. Yeah, my point is not only AJH was a newbie back then, he was a bad actor as well. The drama had to depend on GHS & JJH's strength. Even supporting actor Jung Hae In was way better actor & he is now very popular with his own capability & leading his own drama. Unlike AJH who was neither here nor there, using GHS as his stepping stone to be in the limelight. Also when GHS said he's having affair with actress he's working with, my first thought was LDH from the Beauty Inside, becos he was flirting like crazy with her...and of cos GHS wud find out any hanky panky going on on the set since SHJ was in the drama too. I never thought it was OSY becos they just started filming the drama, & usually the main leads hardly film together in the first few episodes. GHS never mention any names, fans can jump to their own conclusion, but it was AJH & his company that directed the accusation to OSY, which indirectly confirming what fans speculate whom GHS's meant in her IG, in order to cover up the real actress who has affair with AJH. Honestly OSY shud sue AJH & HB enterprise for involving her in GHS-AJH divorce. Till today i suspect the actress having affair with AJH was his leading lady in the Beauty Inside...and since GHS own bff was in the show too, I believe that's how she gets to know first hand how her husband was behaving on the set. Remember they already lived separately since before AJH started filming with OYS. The "actress" who keeps coming to their home shud be the one from the filming period when they still lived together, right, so shudnt it from BI? Anyway lets see how great this AJH is in his new drama...I hope the drama flop big time... I understand why GHS desperately wanted to hold her marriage together & when AJH still insist wanting to divorce her she wants AJH to admit it was mainly due to his infidelity that their marriage didnt work. Its harder for women in Korea to remarried especiallu a celebrity especially if the divorce is partly the woman's fault as AJH & his company wanted. Tell me how many divorced K actress/ female celebrities get to remarries? So far the only one I know is actress Chae Rim, and even then she remarries a Chinese actor, not a Korean man. So I can understand GHS's dilemma. Afterall she is still young....
  6. I think so too...with the fans pressures I’m sure the production team worry abt their show’s rating. I’m sure they cant risk fans boycotting the show, afterall lets face it GHS’s fans vs AJH’s fans, which one do you guess has more fans & influences? GHS doesnt only has fans among young girls but all range of age & occupations. Imagine AJH was basically an unknown actor until he was caught dating GHS. Or else why wud at least a couple of endorsers terminate their contracts with AJH based on GHS IG posting alone? Its clear they show whom they are bias to...My point is AJH is nothing without GHS
  7. Exactly! And like @Teresa Gascoyne he cant even answer simple questions nor was he good in ANY sport. It was frustrating & embarrassing watching him. I was like “What exactly did GHS see in this guy?” When he doesnt fit her ideal man characteristic (she used to like manly man instead of pretty boys) nor does he has intelligence to match hers. He designed jewellery but the one GHS wore on her wedding day which I assumed designed & gifted by him, the one he mentioned in NJTTW 2 ... well quite frankly to me its hideous & wasn’t the type for engagements or weddings. For trendy or costume party maybe but not for engagement or weddings. But since GHS likes him I think perhaps despite all the above he is kind, considerate & caring husband .Unfortunately he was complete opposite of of what we thought
  8. What’s been puzzling me is in the guy IG post, he said GHS break into his apartment after lying to the guard. Now why did he said she lie? She is truly & still his legal wife. And I also wonder why GHS has to get in the the guard’s help? This mean AJH has changed his door passcode/key to the house. So why wud he do that? Even if they’re not living together, she has every right to enter his house...so what did he worry about? Unless he has something to hide... like a jealour gf who doesn’t like GHS to freely enter his house or he is us afraid GHS might stumble on him making out with his new gf in his house. Either way that is still wrong. Even if they’re separated he is still legally married. Having a gf while still married make him an adulterer. So that alone make me suspicious of him. Revealing the text mssg shows me how inconsiderate & self centred he is. Imagine if he is living with hos mom & brought along a PD up to 3 o’clock in the morning, what wud be his mom reaction? And if his daddy comes home drunk & saying things like he wants to divorce his mommy becos she’s not sexy anymore or worse hit her, how wud he feel? He can do this to GHS becos she is someone else daughter & sister...how wud he feel if his dad wants to leave his mom just becos he’s bored,wud AJH still be ok with it? Tho I want GHS to quickly move on with her life & dumps the no good husband of hers, I still understand why she wants to teach him a lesson for giving her a title divorcee
  9. Hi, I dunno abt you guys but I cant seem to sign in/log in in soompi news, to comment under comment section...since most of the comments thereare bias to the jerk husband of hers, I feel somenone has to point out what he did wrong but I cant comment to defend her...what abt you all?
  10. @sheherizade3 True...so far GHS has never mention any name nor drama title...it has been from AJH's side all along, saying he had to apologize to OYS for dragging her, but why did he? Unless he knew he did something wrong with OYS or purposely dragging her along as a scapegoat. When I watch him in BI inside I feel he has a thing for LDH & if there's some rumors on set, guess who wud GHS have heard it from firsthand? Obviously from her best & closest friend who was in the same drama as him. And why Dispatch the newscrap in action again? Who is GHS & AJH? Are these 2 such an important people that they got busy forensic these couple text whatever? And Dispatch often sided with wrong/guilty party. Look at BOF F4 KHJ's case. They were the one who started exposing his ex text msgs, eventually court ruling KHJ was clear of all charges while the ex goes prison for manipulating, blackmailing, defamation ect yet Dispatch never ractify their news with the real outcome, not a word even when they have wrongly reported the news & help someone defaming KHJ. Now they are doing the same to GHS. Dunno what drunkard AJH did to GHS but this newscrap is helping him. Again the netz forgot these are conversation between a legally married couple not just live in lovers, thus GHS has every right to demand her rights for her husband's time & attention...and his stylist & ceo shud just mind their own business. His wife shud be his first priority & main responsibility, not his drinking buddies.
  11. @joarjess All along I thought she was referring to the actress who acted with him in the Beauty Inside until OYS came out saying she is suing GHS. Why is she suing her? Is she the only actress acted with AJH? And GHS never said the actress is the leading lady, therefore the actress cud be anyone from the production, so why is this OYS being too defensive & all jumpy, if she has done no wrong? AJH admitted sitting to the actress in the train/plane for a bit but he still did...I remember that is his way of hiting on a girl, at least that's how he did with GHS. So of cos GHS felt insecure knowing he sat next to this actress...I believe GHS knows him better than any of his fans. @cliffbinder2 Good point, if he has -ve bank balance, where did he gets the money to pay off Dispatch & the lawyer of the sleazy singer? Either he has money hidden away somewhere or he has a 'sponsor' covering his expenses. The CEO seems to meddle enuf in their relationship, no wonder GHS was pi55.
  12. I think so too, that's why AJH's side keep insisting not to charge her to criminal court for defaming him, becos he knows if he does so, she will get the upper hand becos he violated her when he was drunk... Now I wonder why one of her dog bark at AJH the moment he enter their house in one of her "Diary"..why indeed? Maybe the dog, was it Sundae or Gunbam, witness him hitting her, that's why the dog becomes anxious & protective of GHS, barking at AJH to tell him off. He didnt try to pat the dog...and we knw dogs are very loyal & protective towards its owner. Maybe little Sundae/Gunbam was the whitleblower who tried to tell us daddy hits mommy..
  13. I have just read the text messages AJH shared via Dispatch...boy oh boy is he an idiot or what....cant he read all GHS's demands in between the line? She is telling him she doesnt want a divorce, she wants them to try work out on the marriage, marriage is not dating which are all just for fun. Marriage is to work hard together to make it work. Any wife wud complaint if husband goes around drinking often especially with female drinking buddies. If a mother can ask where her children are, or what time they are getting home after work, marriage licence give every right to each spouse to question the whereabout of the other half. The text messages he shared only show us how stupid & immature this husband is. How cud he just come home drunk after celebrating his birthday with his female stylist & some other women, then came back in drunken state & ask a divorce from GHS becos she is not sexy? Wjo give him the idea? Most of her messages was being sarcastic towards him but this husband take it as it is, so to me its either he's an idiot who didnt understand what she meant or he is so desperate to divorce her...a man who less than 3 years ago declare his love to her during tvn award when ask to say something to her, made no effort to mend their marriage. If they have tried for over 5 years is one thing but their marriage is less than 3 years old with him in other countries in some months of the years..how much effort has he done? And he never see her point of being a divorcee...hello friend, you married her, than you want to discard her with some title most women everywhere fears...a divorcee....like she said its her honour but he still didnt get it. He said he's a divorcee too, yeah but a man status is different than a woman...his future new in laws wont question when he lost his virginity, but for a woman, her future in law wont be so kind especially if their son is still a bachelor, at least not in this part of Asian region...but of cos he just gave her whatever she asked without thinking & made her a gold digger when he has been a free loader (financially & popularity)tru out their marriage. Well...I'm on GHS's ship all the way...gold digger or not she has to be compensated for her honour, dignity & time spend as his wife. He was the one who proposed, he was the one who make promises, now he wants out becos he cant commit to one woman. Its about time for him to be a man...settle his family affair & own up to his mistakes before shaking his butt for other women
  14. With the latest IG post I finally get what GHS was trying to say. Honestly I dont understand, with such a crap of a husband why does she refuse to divorce him, but now I think I started to understand her. What she wants, if the husband wanted a divorce, then the reason of their divorce application has to be becos of AJH's infidelity, which is the truth. I bet AJH just agree to whatever terms just to get her sign the divorce paper. However after she agreed & she has drafted press released, the mgt company decided to protect AJH with the common reason of "irrecoverable differences" which made GHS as part of the guilty party that lead to the divorce. I guess she found out just in them before they send it to press, & so she posted their mssg. I think she wud give him the divorce he wanted if only he agreed to have his infidelity as the reason, but by doing so he can kiss his career goodbye for good. Not just acting but his jewellery business too. I think she's telling him the longer he waited the more she's gonna reveal. I think the cheater finally gets to meet his match
  15. She's retiring from entertainment? Seriously? Didnt she just being invited to some film festival in September 2019 for her short movie, but she cant attend becos just had a surgery? Did she ever mention abt it anywhere else?
  16. According to the "official statement" from his company & her former company, they had to go to court for their divorce procedure on Aug 28th, so does anyone heard abt it? I hope everything goes smoothly & in accordance to GHS favour. If AJH is this kimd of man I just hope GHS will get away & get over him as soon as possible. GHS deserve to find her own happiness...
  17. Btw the last post in her IG before the drama started.. She looks peacefully beautiful with her mother who looks healthy too & her cute nephew...I cant imagine just a day or so later ahe said all that... Also abt the money she sells book, so I'm sure she still got the royalty from her books, also she paints & sells her painting...thus she isnt that desperate for money...even if she's not acting, her other talents still make her rich..rich enuf to even open an exhibition in Paris, so I dont get those saying abt money.... Somehow this remimds me of KHJ's & lunatic Choi case...what's happening to BOF cast members?
  18. I have been reading a lot of news & comments, but something seems not right. I asked myself, was it really GHS who wrote all that? Our GHS, the writer, novelist & film director? Becos I bet the GHS we know can write way much better even while she's drunk than the one posted in her IG. And what woman wud humiliate herself talking abt something private like her unsexy teats? Is there even a sexy teats? To me it sounded more like from someone who is very jealous of GHS, who was trying hard to degrade & humiliate her...that despite being a beautiful woman with a very sexy body, her husband finds her boring & not sexy enuf, (well if its true he said that, I wonder if his chopstik limps & invicible butts are sexy then)I havent heard any man who have met GHS who says she's not beautiful...the one I always see wether a man or woman, they all went open mouthed speechless when they saw her for the first time. And from AJH stmt a scary woman enter his apartmet. Pls do tell me has anyone ever heard anybody has ever refer to GHS as scary? Weird, funny, eccentric yes but scary? Even animals love her...another thing why did she has to lie to the security to enter AJH's apartment? Didnt she said she did decor for the apartment? I assumed the apartment is the one feature in Koo's diary, the one AJH enter while she's doing the interview...if so she has a key to the house so why did she has to lie & break in into the house? Anyway, everything is not making sense to me, from the copy paste text messages, to her writing style, the word she use & even description of her character is completely alien to me...if her IG hasnt been hacked by someone who is jealous of her, than she must have been possesed!
  19. Reading both their posts now I'm confuse...who was the one who wanted to delay release their divorce statement to the press? When is NJTTW presscon going to take place? Is the court hearing on July 28th really take place? Now that GHS has reveal abt their rocky marriage, does her mother still in the dark? If not then technically it was GHS who break the news to her...
  20. OMG, I just realize the one from HB whom AJH has been bad mouthing GHS with is a woman. Is he having a thing with that lady? Is that what GHS was trying to tell us? Was he on the phone at 2 am talking to that HB woman, Moon Bomi sumthing...
  21. @loveukoo I believe rather than working out on his marriage, AJH is more busy working out on his body...
  22. Now I believe back then, he took advantage of KHS vulnerability as I suspect she was going thru a healing process after breaking up with a bf. In HT with Blood casts she said she broke up with a certain celebrity bf becos she feels he cares more abt his popularity than her. AJH was there focusing on her every word. We knew between her ex bf from college who cheated on her & AJH, there was a certain celebrity bf, whom no one knows abt, the one she talk abt in HT. And no one knows who the guy is until today, so imagine how desperate GHS must have been to swallow her pride & shared private texts between her & her husband. Now AJH is getting more famous, and finally going to be the lead in a drama after Blood, maybe the company feel GHS present as nuisance, & his marriage image is in the way, so he decided to get her off his back. I'm sure to protect AJH's image as the sweetest romantic husband alive, they wud put the blame on GHS. So fans wud sympathize with devastated husband...now that GHS bravely reveal their text messages, the best the co cud do for damage control is to declare both agreed to divorce... I guess maybe its true that AJH persuade GHS to join his company so that they cud have the upper hand to do as they wish. If GHS belongs to another company, her representative wont sit still while HB & AJH cook up some excuze to blame GHS
  23. I wont compare with song2 since I dont follow them closely but little things that seems to have ever since GHS withdrew from STM becos of her chronic allergy seems odd to me...for example, she went to Africa without telling her husband, instead of being in Japan with him, she went for vacation alone to Philipines, not to mention when she said in an interview she wanted her kids to look only like her...maybe its normal for some people but to an old school person like me it seems fishy becos marriage is abt sharing, support & being there for each other, but they did nothing...I dunno but tho I hope I was wrong, I sense something was amiss between tbe 2 way back since she got that allergy that made she lost her job in STM
  24. I once voice out loud abt my uneasiness on their wedding procedures, becos after shouting his love for her, he didnt bother to turn for to register their marriage, & give work as an excuse, also some events that follow afterwards but was ward off by some of you....so I take it as I'm reading too much into it, that I probably over thinking abt it, afterall we know GHS is more on the eccentric side....however my initial uneasiness abt their marriage seems to be right afterall. To come to the decision since 2 months ago, they must be having some problems for quite a while & realized they cannot continue to live together.
  25. Very true...it seems that the mgt company is only listening to AJH's side of the story & taking his side. I dont know what kind of stmt AJH & his company going to released that GHS seems to practically beg him to delay & to talk to her mother first before releasing a stmt, which AJH refused. I dont think its just abt the divorce or else GHS wont share abt it on her personal IG. From what I can see AJH prioritize his career over GHS, her family & her career. From my understanding Korean society dont take kindly of a divorce woman....look at what happen to another celebrity couple who got divorce recently. Fans mostly blame the wife for the failed marriage, tho it was the man who wants out. With being single again the man's fan multiply by nights while the wife got bigger anti-fans...so I can understand why GHS did what she did
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