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  1. But the wife didn’t know the husband is unhappy with her. He failed to deliver what he feel to his wife. So is that gave him the right to cheat on her? Remember he is the one who cheats. The wife got her message thru to her husband clearly. When she said she didn’t want children, the husband never say otherwise. Don’t say he was scared of her. Nobody force him to marry her. For their failed marriage its the husband’s fault completely, because he betrayed the marriage vows first. He didn’t get his message clear to his wife that he is not happy with her & their marriage & he wants out BE
  2. You don’t have to be sympathetic to her, you don’t even have to understand her. Just don’t blame her for her husband’s infidelity & righted his wrongdoing. His marriage failed because of his affairs. He fails to communicate with his wife is his own incompetence. Don’t blame the wife. On Point! Poor Sung Hoon. I hope his next work will have him a better & respectable character
  3. Actually she’s wrong! Men or even women cheat for NO reason….they cheat because they lost to their own lust, desire & temptation. Full Stop
  4. Still no excuse to cheat!!! In an examination if someone was caught cheating, what would happen to them? Will they get a second chance? Not very likely. They’ll be thrown out of the examinations hall right away. And that’s only abt exams, we’re talking about relationship & marriage matrimonial. Its an adulterous & immoral no matter what excuse given! Would the person cheated be happy if they’re the one being cheated? For what BHR did, apple for an apple, eye for an eye… PHR cheats on BHR first, now she cheats on him back! Though she cheated in a different way, its
  5. For whatever reason, she never cheat on her husband & stay true to her marriage to the end. Her lawyer husband should also know what’s he’s getting into too when he decides to cheat on his celebrity wife. He is not stupid, he is a lawyer, but sometimes people tend to forget he is a lawyer because he is stupid who cant speak & reason well. People have different personalities, some good & some bad. Not everyone are saints. That’s what made everyone unique. BHR may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she’s not all bad. She still care about people around her. Not just for show.
  6. But PSH really was crazy abt her, chasing her around, promised the star & the moon to her, begging & whining to his parents to allow him to marry her when they objected. There shouldn’t even be “reason to cheat” under whatever conditions! Its very wrong. If he is not happy with her or his marriage he should find a way to get them both to go for marriage counselling. Professional marriage counsellor, not just random anyone with sexy butt. If he’s truly not happy, just end his marriage first, then he can go sleeps around with anyone he fancy. Does it gives anyone the right to ch
  7. Exactly! It’s more like they put her in the cold storage. They push her into the corner. She’s legally family member but they treat her like an outsider while they treated their son’s mistress as family when they have no legal obligation to her.
  8. Yeah, I’m pretty sure between his 3 colleagues, SB seems to have interest in Writer Lee the most….and OMG, what if its true SB likes LSE, while his younger brother get back together with NGB, so both the professor’s ex wife & his mistress will become in laws?
  9. I don’t care what people say but the best revenge ever was the time BHR tells the truth to public. Go BHR And why did her in-laws curse her so much, when what she said is a fact! SW protruding tummy is the proof of her words! 2 days old divorce = mistress 8 months pregnancy. So what if she add a touch of drama to it, she wasn’t the adulterous, she’s the victim. Also didn’t the son did the same when whining for a divorce? Didn’t he acting up, lied & went looking for his mistress behind her back even after promising not to? Why ashamed of if it when they fully supported their son
  10. Seriously I don’t want any of these women to reconcile with their adulterous husband. They can do better without their untrustworthy husbands. Don’t use children to hold on the broken marriage. It will make them more miserable since kids these days are more understanding than before. Honestly I dunno what message this writer trying to tell, and what point she’s trying to prove. I wonder if she’s trying to say single women should just have affairs with married man, because they’ll be happier than the married woman… or having an affair is more exciting & enjoyable than marriage
  11. Well said! Very true. Man reaps what he sow….also there’s another say, “What goes around, comes around”. He cheated once, he cheated again. A decent man feel guilty when he try cheating, but PSH did it like he has every right to cheat. As if his love to SW is such a beautiful thing when it was nothing more than a dirty affair of a scumbag & a shameless hussy. And he actually put all blames on BHR for his unhappy marriage when he himself failed as a man to steer & control his own ship. He should be the captain of his house. Rather than wanting attention & wanting pampering, he
  12. Or widower/divorce man with kids. Or a husband who doesn’t mind adopting. I hope NEVER. What’s done is done. He threw her away like a piece of worthless furniture. If she ever want to be in a relationship again, she deserves a man who pampers her & treats her as equal, and not like atm & food vending machine
  13. I’m really hope SW will lost her baby & see how PSH “love” for SW…and hopefully BHR will overcome her uterus problem. I hope not only 40s husband dump Ami once he has enough playing with her, or another new toy comes along, I also hope she ruin her career too bcs of the affair
  14. I see…thank you for sharing. Since she supposedly fell off the cliff into the water & as you said the DNA paper is still dry & intact, means she didn’t actually fall in the water, probably landed on some kind of protruding stoned big enough to be like a platform, not that far down from where OYH’s fell. And maybe bcs she knew someone really wants her dead, might as well gave them her “dead body”. She has money now, there’s no problem for her to get wax statue like those celebrities have them at Madame Tussauds… O know Dr Ha is far from ideal, and not always a good person,
  15. I think so too. He’s too smooth with Ami to be the first time he’s having affairs. Unlike 30s & 50s husbands who can’t lie well & can’t mask guilt face well. 40s husband wouldn’t think of leaving Ami yet if he never realised his wife has started suspicions of him. So yeah, I too don’t think Ami was his 1st mistress. My bet he already had several during the course of their 15 years of marriage, but was never get caught by SPY
  16. You think so…can you give some examples like why you think so. I’m sorry for asking you here, I just can’t bring myself to watch bcs my blood boils much too fast whenI try watching
  17. I too like OYH over SSR, also abt killing MSA, beside OYH inconsistent drunken state memory, do they have any solid evidence that its truly OYH who shoved MSA off the balcony? When a strong murderous JDT failed to do so? Drunken OYH, who barely can pick herself up to stand actually pushed the girl her size off the balcony? It still hard for me to believe that unless they found other clearer evidence pf OYH pushed MSA to her death.
  18. Not only I want the mistresses disappear, I want them to suffer too as much as the wives for daring to touch forbidden apples. The celebrity mistresses should be exposed, so they’ll understand being public figures they their morals are important. For the so called consulltant mistress who had sex without protection, well I said before, the innocent fetus shouldn’t be born at all
  19. Hi, I’ve stopped watching at mid ep 2 of season 3 & I don’t think I can continue watching it anymore, since the storyline & the plot seems to be flushed down the drain. However out of curiosity I just want to known if both LL & OYH are still dead or if they have come to life again? Also identical twins & doppelgängers are much too frequent in the drama, as if the writer has lack of ideas of what to write anymore. They shouldn’t made it into season 3. For me I don’t see any point watching if there’s no OYH in the drama because the drama itself begins with OYH
  20. I don’t either. Maybe PY should let him taste him own medicine, afterall she’s one hot lady, its not hard for her to find his replacement
  21. I can’t believe it, the drama is getting ridiculous, first the horny grandma who lust after he stepson whom she’d raised since he was a child abt 9/10, now there’s a horny grandpa ghost who trying to hook girl in bikini at the pool? Seriously? And what with all the men in the drama after the mistresses? What’s the writer trying to tell, that mistresses are more attractive than wives? The way the story is going, one might think the writer is a mistress too.. And they still want this kind of drama to have season 3?
  22. At what point did I say 40s husband is such a great husband? As I recall in other post I said he’s the creepiest husband out of the 3 husbands. However comparing between the 3 wives, 40s wife had it easy & happy time before she caught on with his cheating. Unlike the 50s wife who sacrifice her youth just to support her husband’s financially so he became successful as he is today and then was discarded without a 2nd thought or the 30s wife who has to face spoiled brat of a husband who keeps whining & flaunting his illegitimate fetus to his wife’s face. The very least 40s husband provide
  23. Yeah, me too…out of the 3 wives, the one I have least sympathy is for 40s wife. One bcs how she treats her mother, 2nd bcs despite his cheating, 40s husband treats his wife very well. He pampered & spoiled her. He take good care of his mother in law despite his wife’s disapproval. He’s caring & attentive dad to their daughter. Other words, he take good care of all their needs. But of course being a jerk its not challenging enough not to have a secret mistress on the side…but all in all 40s wife has a good life while it last. As for BHR, honestly its better to get rid of her
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