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  1. I hope the same , I also didn't see it that way and do not want it to go that direction. But I'm in a way glad people pointed out the possibility here, bcs I would have been too shocked otherwise if it will go that way.. Still so many questions and waiting for answers. Why a person does what he/she does can be such a mystery. I just hope MY genuinely cares about ST and is not just using him as a bait and that they'll find a way to live happily and with a calm heart all 3 together. I also did feel a bit of pity for JR at the rooftop, when she tried to confess. Not tha
  2. MST as photographer is so cute (the chicks ) the selfie MST as a fan of MY is even more cute! But the interaction between the two is the cutest it's so cute how MST acts like a happy puppy when seeing MY and MY is so cute, fun and respectful against MST. She doesn't treat him as someone abnormal, she gives him fan service like he's the president of her fan club I love the scenes with them almost just as much as between our lovable leads. I think MST will be very happy if she becomes part of the family and he can call her "sadoon" (in-law). But that
  3. this was so funny. we can expect the unexpected from her, but this I did not expect and it was briljant!
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