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  1. Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won’s “King 2hearts” Reveals Teaser Stills

    by: hotshotlover30 on Feb 26, 2012 soompi

    MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “King 2hearts,” starring Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won, unveiled teaser stills of its main leads. The series takes place in a fictional contemporary South Korea, which is still ruled by monarchy. Lee Seung Gi play Lee Jae Ha, the scatterbrained Crown Prince of South Korea, while Ha Ji Won plays Kim Hang Ah, a North Korean Special Forces female operative.

    The teaser stills are from the first episode of “King 2hearts,” where Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah meet for the first tine. The scene was shot on February 7, and the two leads are dressed in their respective country’s military uniform. According to producers, Ha Ji Won has delved 100% into her character, talking and acting like a true North Korean operative.

    A representative of Kim Jong Hak Productions stated, “While it was their [Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won] first shoot together, they had great chemistry with each other, earning praises from director Lee Jae Gyu and the rest of the crew.

    “King 2hearts” is about an arranged marriage between North Korean Special Forces female operative Kim Hang Ah and South Korea’s Crown Prince Lee Jae Ha. Initially, the two are blinded by their pride and prejudice against each other, but they manage to get past their differences and fall in love.

    “King 2hearts” will premiere on MBC on March 14 at 9:55PM KST.

  2. Ha Jiwon, Lee Seunggi: King 2Hearts script reading account

    Script Reading for King 2Hearts. 2012 January 26.

    English: LSGfan

    Source : MBC official blogger Cupitter4

    Director Lee Jae Kyu (Damo, Beethoven’s Virus)

    Writer Hong Jin Ah (Beethoven’s Virus)

    Teachers Lee SoonJae and Yoon YeoJung, Ha Jiwon, Lee Seunggi, Yoon Jaemoon, Lee Sungmin, Joo Jinmo. Not just any team, but one you could call a dream team!

    Cupitter4 arrived on site 30 minutes prior to the reading. Soon, I saw Teacher Lee Soonjae. With each actor entering the room and immediately addressing Lee Soonjae and Yoon Yeojung with “Hello teacher~ I will work hard~” this dream team was heartwarming from the start. With teachers Lee Soonjae and Yoon Yeojung providing their depth, it felt great!

    Our cute leading lady Ha Jiwon arrives!!!

    Why is the charismatic North Korean female officer Hyang Ah cute? Wrapped up in a coat in this cold weather, she seemed like top star Ha Jiwon, but after taking off her coat and revealing a sporty short sleeve t-shirt… an opposite charm!

    She was really well-suited with the Hyangah character. (When you watch, you can’t help but to love Hyangah?)

    As soon as she was seated, she asked whether there were any changes in the script. She was asking because she had post-its throughout her script since she will be speaking in a North Korean accent. It was obvious how much she had prepared for this new beginning.

    And our handsome over-indulgent Prince Seunggi arrives

    Why do we call him Prince~ Prince~? Everyone refers to him as Prince!!!!!!

    As Seunggi humbly sat down to the side area of the actor sunbaenims, the King 2Hearts team insisted, “Aigoo~ Prince’s seat is right here in the center~!!” Seunggi embarrassingly chuckled, and the actors chuckled at his cuteness, but he soon played the role of vibe-maker so well from the start!

    Seunggi was reading/playing the role of Prince Jae Ha so on the mark!!! that every time Jae Ha spoke, the entire room couldn’t help but to react. Great vocalization/articulation from Seunggi.

    Not only that, as this is an acting transformation compared to the characters and image that Seunggi has carried thus far, it will be great for you to anticipate this. (Jae Ha is so awesome… So fun….)

    From the start, the chemistry and vibe are great!

  3. ‘The King’ found a new name, title finalized as ‘King 2hearts’

    Posted on Feb 6, 2012 by tryp96


    Upcoming MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The King’ has shed its working title and has chosen ‘King 2hearts’ as the final title.

    An official from Kimg Jong Hak Production told Newsen in a phone conversation, “The title change from ‘The King’ to ‘King 2hearts’ has been finalized. ’2hearts’ literally means 2 hearts. It’s a title that puts more emphasis on the love between South Korea’s prince Lee Seung Gi and North Korea’s instructor Ha Ji Won.”

    The official said, “It was fun just listening to the script reading. I was amazed by writer Hong Jin Ah’s powerful writings. The first broadcast is really highly anticipated.”

    Meanwhile, ‘King 2hearts’ has started filming at the end of January. Depending on whether or not ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ gets extended, it will start broadcasting in late March or early April.

    source: newsen via nate

    English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com

    Lee Seung Gi as Prince Lee Jae Ha


    credit: tryp96,dclsg, imbc

  4. Lee Seung Gi leave a message on his official website and most of it is about King 2 hearts :D

    벌써 2월..! 2012-02-04

    안녕하세요 아이렌~!

    제가좀 늦었죠^^??

    여러가지 좋은 소식들이 많았는데 너무 갑자기 언론을 통해 공개가 되어서

    제가 나서질 못했어요 ㅋ

    먼저 3월 6일 발매되는 일본 싱글앨범! 연애시대와 친구잖아

    뮤직드라마도 영상 비주얼이 쥑입니다..ㅋㅋ

    일본에 계신 팬분들께 좋은 선물이 될 수있기를~~!!!

    일본활동 대박기원!

    그리고 ..여러분이 노래를 부르시던 드라마를 드디어 3월에 찾아뵙습니다^^

    제목은..킹… 2hearts..ㅋㅋ

    첫촬영은 2월1일 무사히 마쳤구요

    군인으로 나와서 머리를 무지 짧게 잘랐는데

    아직은 어색합니다 ㅋㅋ

    역시 머리빨이었어….ㅠㅠ

    첫촬영은 너무 재밌었어요!!

    이재규감독님이하 모든 스텝들이 너무 좋고 실력도 최고라서

    처음인데도 불편함없이 촬영했네요 ㅋ

    아.. 이번 드라마가 끝나면 정말 연기를 많이 배우고 늘어있겠다는 생각이 들정도로,,

    참 ,,배울게 많고 설레는 현장입니다..^^ㅋㅋ

    나만 잘하면 되겠다는 생각이 다시한번 듭니다 ㅋㅋ

    작가님 표현을 빌리자면 폼잡고 멋진 왕 이재하가 아닌

    지상최대의 뺀질이 잔머리 대마왕 날라리 이재하 국왕전하입니다.!


    멋지고 인자한 왕을 꿈꾸셨다면 지금부터 그 환상은 철저히 깨주시길 ㅋㅋ

    말도 엄청 직설적으로 해서 남이 상처받는 것 따윈 아랑곳 하지 않는..

    욕도 꽤 잘합니다..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 놀라지마세요 ㅋㅋ

    그동안 이승기가 감춰왔던거 살짝보여주는거니까요~

    이제 슬슬 제 본 모습도 조금씩 보셔야죠~~^^???????ㅋㅋ

    드라마 ‘킹’

    출발부터 너무 기분이 좋은 드라마..여러분

    많이 응원해주세요^^!!!!!!

    여주인공 하지원선배님도 많이 응원해주시구요 ㅋㅋ

    질투하지 마시고요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    멋진드라마, 지금까지와는 또 다른 모습으로 3월에 인사드릴겁니다!!!

    자자~!다들 드라마모드로 준비들 하고 계세용^^

    ‘킹’대박!! 국왕전하 이재하 화이팅!!!

    아이렌 더 화이팅!!!

    source: leeseunggi.com

    English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

    It’s already February…! 2012-02-04

    Hello Airens~!

    I am a little late, right^^??

    There has been a lot of good news, but they were revealed very suddenly through the press

    so I couldn’t come forward ㅋ

    First of all, the Japanese single album to be released on March 6! Time for Love and Aren’t We Friends

    The image visual of the music drama is to die for…ㅋㅋ

    This can be a nice gift for the fans in Japan~~!!!

    Wishing the Japanese activities to be daebak!

    And… the drama everyone’s been singing about is finally coming in March^^

    The title is… King… 2hearts..ㅋㅋ

    The first shooting on February 1 ended without a hitch.

    Appearing as a soldier, my hair got cut really short.

    It still feels awkward ㅋㅋ

    Hopefully the hair grows quickly….ㅠㅠ

    The first shooting was really fun!!

    All the staff under Lee Jae Gyu director-nim are very nice and their skills are also the best.

    Even in the very beginning, the shooting took place without any inconvenience ㅋ

    Ah… I’m feeling that after this drama ends, I’ll have learned and grown so much in acting,,

    Really,, this is an exciting set where there’s so much to learn..^^ㅋㅋ

    I’m rethinking that it would be ok if only I could do well ㅋㅋ

    In the writer’s words, Lee Jae Ha is not an elegant and cool king.

    Lee Jae Ha His Highness is the biggest slacker trickster big devil delinquent on earth.!


    If you dreamed of a cool and kind king, from now on, that fantasy will be completely destroyed. ㅋㅋ

    He doesn’t care about things like hurting other people by being too blunt…

    He’s also quite good at swearing..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Don’t be surprised. ㅋㅋ

    I’ll show you a little bit of what Lee Seung Gi has been hiding all this time~

    It’s time now to show my true colors little by little, right~~^^???????ㅋㅋ

    Drama ‘King’

    A drama with really good atmosphere from the get go… Everyone

    Please show a lot of support^^!!!!!!

    Please also show a lot of support to the female lead Ha Ji Won sunbaenim ㅋㅋ

    And please don’t be jealous ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ :lol:^_^

    I’ll greet you in March with a completely different image in the cool drama!!!

    Now~! Everyone, prepare to get into the drama mode ^^

    ‘King’ daebak!! His Highness Lee Jae Ha fighting!!!

    Airens, more fighting!!!

    English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

    can't wait for March..

    King...2 hearts fighting!!!!! :D

  5. My dear Ixory...How are you ka ? Very Long Time no Seen....I'm glad you back with the news of Jiwoo new Drama....

    Hi annie ,i'm fine thanks you... ^_^ i always visit this thread time by time ,just i don't post often but Choi ji woo new drama really make me out of my shell :P ... 2 years is such a long time... :sweatingbullets:

    It's wonderful to hear from you, Ixory. It's been a long time since you last posted. I'm so happy to see many friends in this site coming back. I'm really happy too that Ji Woo will have a new drama. She has been busy, too with other activities at least. She's not completely out of the picture. JI WOO FIGHTING.......

    Thanks ruthlene..sorry for MIA for soo long.Thanks to jiwoo upcoming drama,i'm back..hehe..try to post more often.. ;)

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  6. [eng]21/1/11 Strong Heart (20/1) recording fan account


    Today Seung Gi’s red checkered jacket is red on the inside..similar to Canada pattern? The t-shirt is white printed t-shirt…

    The jeans is a little bright..

    I sat at the very front today..had a detailed look~

    Jeans..Thigh..HaHa;;I don’t want to be like that

    Anyway…i like..

    I was there to watch the recording of warrior special that was aired last week, which was after the concert..think that he’s very thin..(there’s a possibility due to his clothes)

    Personally, I think he looked better today.

    However I was worried that his condition wasn’t too good..During the second part..there’s a reason to it..

    (Why his condition wasn’t good..I don’t know if I can say it ;;it maybe broadcasted..should I say the details…)

    Even though his condition wasn’t good, he never appear to be tired, was happily recording~

    There’s support from seungsunsa cafe and Japan Airens today~

    The author said that there are a lot of presents for Seung Gi today

    There’s a girl who sat beside me said ‘Though it’s later but I will still like to wish Seung Gi oppa Happy Birthday’

    Seung Gi said ‘It’s really late~’ and waved to us for a few times

    The end of break..Everyone made a heart sign to Seung Gi.. (I’m more shy so I didn’t do it;; it’s done by the people around me)

    Ho Dong oppa came out..also support Ho Dong oppa…

    Seung Gi ‘Wah was still making heart sign for me..the moment Ho Dong hiong appeared…’

    In the end..There’s an additional scene..Seung Gi ‘Please shout “WOW” for one more time’ As Seung Gi was doing the “WOW~~~” reaction just like us, we were all laughing…(This should be used for the recording of the audience’s reaction)

    When everyone is leaving ‘Thanks for the hard word~’ and waved goodbye~~

    Ah. After coming out I realized that Seung Gi took photo with Japan Airen (I think so)~!


    Thanks to them, I can sit nearer during recording..Being so near, he really looked like a sculpture…

    Even though I’ve been looking for a few hours but it still feels like a dream…

    source : dclsg

    eng translation Sim Lan based on chinese translation from yaoyaoyufei at china cafe

    photo cr: dclsg

    Ah his condition wasnt good? i wonder what condition..hope he is alright…..

    Another fan account mentioned that today the amount of fans is more than usual. The recording started at about 2.40 pm and they finished recording the opening part only at about 6pm…and at 6.40pm ,they recorded the main part…..

    Seung Gi is also full of smiles,looks like he is in a good mood.

    Fan account also mentioned about the fans special preparation- food and gifts and also the presence of Japanese airens. (to celebrate Seung Gi 25th birthday)

    [update] Joanne said tht she heard that Seung Gi had enteritis (inflammation of the small intestines) But korean fans said that his condition is not serious…so we dont have to worry ^^

    credit :lsgint fan account 1

    [eng]22/1/11 Strong Heart Fan Account No 2 (20/1 recording)

    Strong Heart epilogue 2

    Note: The author was only there to view the recording and didn’t know about Seung Gi’s illness. Even the fans that were so observant did not spot any abnormalities on him. It could show that how professionally Seung Gi performed on Strong Heart. Another fan mentioned that Seung Gi was bearing with the pain but kept the professional look till the end of the recording. The news of Seung Gi being sick was only known after someone told her about it. She blamed herself as she didn’t know that Seung Gi was bearing the pain.

    *Seung Gi’s little actions

    Today Seung Gi waved and said hi with his eyes to his fans when he came out…

    Ho Dong appeared a little earlier than Seung Gi and the fans shouted to Ho Dong ‘So cute! Handsome!’

    When Seung Gi come out, everyone shouted ‘AH~!’

    Ho Dong even made a joke by raising his clenched fist and made a ‘Aisi’ expression~

    Seung Gi laughed after looking at Ho Dong’s expression~

    The thing that made the most impression was Seung Gi dancing

    Though it’s full of passion..but Seung Gi who couldn’t coordinate his body well..Kekeke

    When the guests were dancing his neck was still moving front and back…Keke

    If there was powerful action or dance, he would have a very surprised look

    When he was trying to follow the dance, he would try to spread his arms slightly and try to move a little…

    When the lady dancers came out, he would also try to dance lightly~~

    When sitting on the chair, one of the legs would be on the chair and the other leg that was on the floor will tap to the music…

    When the guests danced, it’s the time for fans to enjoy.

    They were all laughing at how cute Seung Gi was~

    Today Seung Gi didn’t have a lot of actions~~

    He didn’t change much pose during Mc-ing too~

    The last time when I came, there were some cute poses like his butt was on the chair but his legs were dangling in the air Kekeke

    I was still wondering if I would see this pose again… I made an extra effort to look out for it but it seemed that he only stood up/ sat down~~

    *Seung Gi’s talk

    During the break, fans shouted ‘Though it’s later but I will still like to wish Seung Gi oppa Happy Birthday’

    Seung Gi: ‘It’s really late~~’

    There was a fan who shouted ‘I love you, Kang Ho Dong!’

    The problem is that this fan shouted just after they made the heart sign to him(Seung gi)~

    Then Seung Gi said jealously ‘No, was still making heart sign for me..the next moment ~~’

    Fireworks appeared on the stage today

    Seung Gi exclaimed ‘Oh~!’

    After the end of the performance, he walked over to the author and asked ‘Was anyone hurt by the fire~It’s too hot~~’

    (There was one guest not on his/her seat) Due to the usage of the firework, the part of the shock when the firework appeared have to be recorded seperately~Then Seung Gi told the audience to made “ ‘Oh~~~(sound like it’s a pity)’ do it again~”when Seung Gi said ‘Oh~~~’ then we also made the Oh~~~’

    eng translation cr Sim Lan at Msia Airen FB based on chinese translation of yaoyaoyufei from china cafe

    source : seungsunsa cafe

    [eng] 23/1/11 Strong Heart fan account no 3

    This week actually I wanted to write my fan account…but many others have written theirs..so i endured….

    But I dont know whether I am the only one who saw this…seems like nobody has written this part..

    It is not anything special…

    That day, Seung Gi because of his cold, enteritis, etc physical conditions..

    Before the recording began,everyone was ready but when Seung Gi appeared he didnt prepare for the opening,but was busy looking for his manager..’## hyung ## hyung ~~ ‘

    I was really curious, so I followed Seung Gi and saw his manager…

    Our Seung Gi said

    “Must I really eat my medicine now” (the tone is like when my son is sick,he is unwilling to take his medicine)

    eng translation lsgairenint based on chinese trans from yaoyao at china cafe

    credit :lsgint

  7. Which singers are hardest hit by online piracy?

    Jan 14, 2011 Written by tryp96


    This is actually a ranking list where I don’t want to see SeungGi’s name, but it just keeps popping up.

    On the 14th, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Copyright Protection Center under the Copyright Association of Korea disclosed the statistics of online piracy activities during last year.

    On the online music sector chart, SNSD was #1 with a score of 35354 points. 2NE1 was #2 with a score of 23612 points. Our SeungGi, unfortunately, was in the 3rd place with a score of 23435 points.

    The article doesn’t explain how the points were scored, but I’m guessing those are the numbers of illegal copies found by those two agencies.

    If my memory serves me correctly, SeungGi was ranked high on this list last year as well.

    source: citynews

    English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com

    Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

  8. Lee Dae Ho, “Contacted by Nation’s Younger Brother Lee Seung Gi, I couldn’t refuse.”

    Jan 12, 2011 Written by tryp96

    English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

    Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.


    Lotte Giants’ professional baseball player Lee Dae Ho explained why he had appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Sunday – 1N2D’.

    Lee Dae Ho made an appearance on MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery – Knee Drop Guru’ that was broadcasted on the 12th.

    On that day, when questioned by MC Kang Ho Dong, “Why did you first appear on the other broadcast station’s 1N2D when you promised to appear on Knee Drop Guru first?” Lee Dae Ho explained, “Actually, I was going to come to Knee Drop Guru first, but I was suddenly contacted by Lee Seung Gi.” He then said, “(Lee Seung Gi) came to Busan. He didn’t know where to go, and he didn’t have anyone to go with. It was a request from the nation’s younger brother, I really couldn’t refuse.”

    source: starnews

    Ryu Hyun Kyung, “Lee Seung Gi, sang ‘Because You’re My Woman’ to me, so…” Expressing disappointment

    Jan 12, 2011 Written by tryp96


    Actress Ryu Hyun Kyung was a guest on Strong Heart aired on Jan 11. She was telling the story of her having no presence. She said even though it had been 16 years since her debut, people would still have a hard time remembering her. She then turned to MC SeungGi saying, “Lee Seung Gi sshi doesn’t remember me either, right?”

    Apparently, they had met on a variety show MBC “Sunday, Sunday Night – Brain Survivor” back in 2004 right after SeungGi’s debut. SeungGi was promoting his album of course, he sang his debut song and even included ‘Hyun Kyung’ in the lyrics. Since SeungGi did not remember singing that song to her, he apologized.

    source: reviewstar

    English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com

    Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

    Lee Seung Gi, appearance 7 years ago… Chubby with baby fat ‘So cute’

    Jan 12, 2011 Written by tryp96

    This is related to the previous post.


    English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

    Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

    MC Lee Seung Gi’s looks during his rookie days 7 years ago revealed on SBS Strong Heart broadcasted on the 11th has attracted a lot of attention.

    On that day, Lee Seung Gi’s looks from 7 years ago got revealed when a guest, Actress Ryu Hyun Kyung, told the story of her appearance on MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night – Brain Survivor’ together with Lee Seung Gi in the past.

    With the looks of a rookie not long after his debut, sitting in the back corner, Lee Seung Gi had sung his debut song ‘Because You’re My Woman’ to Ryu Hyun Kyung.

    As an 18-year-old high school student at the time, Lee Seung Gi’s face did not look much different than it does now. But his chubby child-like looks with baby fat gave off a cute boyish image, and garnered a lot of attention from the guests on the show.

    source: xportsnews

  9. 9/1/11 Strong Heart recording fan account


    Heard that it will start at 11.30 so I went there, but it starts around 1.30.

    Because have to wait for tools and performance preparation, so it was late than usual.

    There are about 1 or 2 guests that reached around 12 o’clock , after that, I saw Seung Gi oppa coming from far away.

    Because there were no fans around there who were smiling…


    I am so happy, waved my hand uncontrollably.

    Oppa saw that and also waved hand and smile while walking to the waiting room~~~~

    Because I do that action by my own… felt uneasy about that~~~~

    Although I am not that good in cooking..

    I cooked ‘rice wrapped with egg’ in the morning and brought it there~~

    I put a smiley face on top of the rice by using tomato sauce.

    Dinner seems like eating rice wrapped egg is better than rice wrapped with seaweed…

    But, I have to give my present… I have no idea and went to ask the guard.

    He said that I can give through the manager.. but I am depressed upon how to call the manager.

    Suddenly oppa walked over there, felt awkward~~~

    The manager and cody who were far away from me were also going there.

    Therefore, I gathered my braveness, manager!!!!!

    He walked towards me.

    Talked with the manager: Please give this to oppa, there is rice inside, must eat it, please..

    Manager said: ahh.. Then the bowl is also inside here?

    I said: Yes.. Thank You~~

    The manager is really friendly~~

    The manager is the best!!! Helped me to pass my present to Seung Gi~~

    Felt very nervous before going in. Saw lots of Strong Heart performance but didnt feel that way before….

    Seung Gi’s fans and Super Junior’s fans queued up separately, sat at a place that has a very good view.

    My place is very good.

    Today oppa wore black colour t-shirt with a black coat, jeans with red colour stripes?

    Seems like his mood today is good. Hahaha..

    Althougth I watched it but it was like a dream. My memory is weak…. Watch for so long but didn’t remember anything..

    Oppa said happy new year and waved hand when he went in..

    Recording starts!!

    Every guests started speaking, had fun together, very interesting…

    Today ,there was also Heo Dang fairytales.

    Everyone danced when the music is played..

    No matter how, felt like oppa is there to help those guests when they are at lost.

    Oppa’s MC skill is getting better compared to last time.

    This makes me feel impressed… thumbs up …

    Seung Gi’s fans were sitting at the side.. hahaha..

    Ho Dong hyung and Seung Gi oppa gave idea to each other while looking at the script, used pencil to write and write…

    Seems like he has wrote a lot, also drank a lot of water..

    Really drank a lot of water, about 5 bottles..?

    Looks like Ho Dong hyung and Seung Gi oppa saw me nodding my head??

    They were talking to my direction.. haha.. Have a few times eye contact…

    But I never avoid that.

    Ate dinner.. Have’ lunch box’ for dinner..

    After eating.. they started their dialogue!

    Everyone congratulated those who won awards, did a love action, oppa brought us laughter. Hahaha..

    Saw oppa turn his shoulder, he also yawned at the last part.

    Must be tired after long time of recording..

    Also saw oppa wiped his face using oil clear sheet, didn’t throw the sheet into rubbish bin, just pretend that he don’t know and left it on the stage.. I saw all these!! Hahaha..

    Today’s recording was fun.. There are some differences when watching it live and on TV.

    I kept checking the time before they started to talk… I can’t go back late.. But I also can’t lie to my parents.. Go home late isn’t that good..

    I gave up that principle in order to send the present.

    Parents sent SMS to me at 10 o’clock.. I told them not to worry about me..

    There was a period of time to rest..

    Suddenly, Seung Gi oppa walked to the side seats and asked whether what time is it, curiously.

    Therefore, I took out my handphone to confirm the time.

    I said: “It’s 10.44 pm”~~~

    Oppa said: “ Just left a few guests who haven’t shared their story. Please wait, it will end in 1 hour.

    After it ended, oppa bid goodbye.. Everyone greeted the guests..

    It really ended before 12 o’clock.. Oppa really kept with his promise. Hahaha..

    Saw the lunch box that was already placed in front(the author’s lunch box for Seung Gi), it’s empty.. looks like it has been eaten..

    Mood is really good~~~~~

    eng translation cheongyp at Msia Airen FB based on chinese translation of 依依 at baidu tieba




    9/1/11 [article] 2D1N Lee Seung Gi “Na Yong Suk PD, the world’s worst PD”


    Lee Seung Gi introduced Na PD as the world’s worst PD to his foreigner partner ‘Ye Yang’.

    ‘Happy Sunday-2D1N’ from KBS 2TV that was broadcast on 9/1/11 (the second part to the trip with foreign talents)

    Though there were foreign guests with them this time round, they still did ‘Bok Bul Bok’. The members tried to make Na PD to be lenient by saying ‘There are not only good people in Korea. There are also people who do not give food or give people a place to sleep.’

    Lee Seung Gi told Ye Yang ‘This person is the worst PD.’ Na PD had no choice but to laugh.

    After that Kim Jong Min asked his partner ‘Who is he?’ His partner immediately replies ‘Bad person’ which made everyone laughed.

    In the end Na PD said ‘You’ve taught ‘good’ stuffs’

    source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201101091832141001

    eng translation credit Sim Lan at Msia Airen FB based on chinese translation of joanne at china cafe

    credit :lsgint


    10/1/11 [1n2d article] Lee Seung Gi, bright smile + bear hat = no one can be as cute as him


    Using a hat, no one can be as cute as Lee Seung Gi

    From KBS2TV ‘Happy Sunday-2D1N’ that was broadcast on 9/1/11, Lee Seung Gi wore a hat (with a bear wearing a Christmas hat) with his partner and came with their couple hats. Lee Seung Gi showed his bright smile when taking photos with his partner.

    The red Christmas bear hat matched very well with Lee Seung Gi’s red jumper, his cute expressions also matched very well with the hat. These therefore made him the cutest.

    Netizens left messages like ‘It’s just a hat…’.’no matter what Lee Seung Gi does, he’s cute’,’the hat is so cute’,’how can he fit himself so well with the bear hat?’and etc.

    eng translation credit Sim Lan based on chinese translation of Joanne at China cafe

    source : http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1294578000120772002

    Totally agree with the netizens’ comments ^^

    credit : lsgint

  10. [article] 24/12/2010

    Cf queen Kim Yuna , King Lee Seung Gi…5 billion this year alone !

    A total of 12 endorsements, 5 billion is just from advertisements…. There’s a total of 8 billion including TV ads and music sources.

    Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi has the highest record of CF sales amount in the year of 2010.

    Lee Seung Gi has a total of 12 advertisement/cf endorsement this year. If his worth is counted as 500 , 600 million a year (that’s the price for a professional model), then his income will be approximately 5 billion won and above for this year.

    This has already exceeded the income of Kim Yuna that has the record in the first half year.

    A CF related personnel pointed out “ Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna has co-operate before for advertisement, both of them are most popular for this year. Lee Seung Gi also has the most CF sales for this year.

    Recently, South Korea Broadcast Advertisement Corporation has proved “Lee Seung Gi effect” through “2010 consumers’ research” (MCR). The most liked model choosen by consumers for the first half year is Kim Yuna (22.3%), whereas Seung Gi is the second with (5.4%). The most liked model choosen by consumers for last half year is Lee Seung Gi (11%) that has exceeded Kim Yuna (10.48%).

    Lee Seung Gi is not only active in the CF world. The amount of his income for variety shows such as KBS 2TV “Happy Sunday- 1Night 2Days”, SBS Strong Heart is also quite powerful. It is known that the income for each appearance is around 8 million won.

    Once SBS drama series My Girlfriend is a Gumiho starred by Lee Seung Gi is confirmed, sponsors are already queuing up. Besides that, songs that are released this year such as “I will love you from now on” and “Losing my mind” have obtained very good results, the popularity of these songs are also good.

    In the year of 2011, Lee Seung Gi will appear in front of everyone as a more active person. Recently, there are all types of survey on who will be the successor for Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Seung Gi’s active appearance in the MC world receives attention on this matter. A related personnel of a TV channel expressed: “Now, Lee Seung Gi has already exceeded the position of a pure star. He has already become an influential person towards the public. The biggest advantage that made him so successful is because he participated in variety programs, acting industry besides staying in his original singing industry. He has a broad field/area of activities.”


    Lee Seung Gi’s cf (in blue)

    Kim Yu na’s (in red)

    source :


    eng translation : cheong yp based on chinese trans from yaoyao at china cafe

    Mr Lee is rich!! keke ^^

    credit :Lee seung gi airen Int.

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