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  1. I rather liked this last episode as it didn't seem like the usual corny ending with predictable results. There was actually more story to tell with the inheritance, and nephew seemed to be sorting it all out with his bad hand he was dealt. The ending dance routine is getting to be, well, routine with some of these dramas, but it was O.K. and a way for the cast to say good-bye and sign off. Thanks to all of you posters who kept the summaries going because I really appreciated them. See you at another drama.
  2. Episode 121 was actually quite nice, but I admit, I'm a sucker for sappy endings. Mr. Boo addressed each family member with thoughtful consideration, then walked away into the cosmos field. I miss the mature actors like him (Park In Hwan) and notice that a lot of the veterans are missing these days as the writers seem to zero in on the 20 somethings. It would be nice to see more of a balance of age groups, but I understand, too, that ratings depend on eyeballs. So whatever brings them in, that is the casting. The final episode should be interesting as the lawyer addresses the i
  3. I'll slog through until the end, but so far this is just another "meh" ending. I don't like the drinking games (typical Korean humor), and Han Ra's character leaves me cold with his immaturity for a person supposedly age 30 ish. Looks like Mr. Boo is going to check out after he takes the family on a picnic and distributes the inheritance. I suppose everyone will be in place at the very end, but poor nephew of GO will have a lot of issues to work through. Oh well, we're almost done.
  4. Funny how GO's character has been flipped from being pretty capable to totally ditzy. Being in charge of millions of dollars of real estate and cash turned her brain to mush. Good thing SA is head over heels for her and steps in to try and clean up the mess. I can certainly understand why the family is going to be underimpressed with GO joining the family. The windows of opportunity for gaining back at least some of the fortune have been set as the crooks can't leave for several days and SA has already contacted the authorities to stop any more transactions. Poor nephew with hi
  5. I don't have the copyright story straight, but wasn't it in SA's name? The meeting in the hotel could come to a screeching halt if the copyright isn't clear.
  6. Fortunately there are a few days before the con man's scam is finalized, so dumb sister better confess to GO before she is a candidate for the gated community. If she doesn't, she'll be named as a co-conspirator when con man is caught. Yes, poor Mr. Boo having to be in such a state, but SA is beginning to suspect that there is something very strange going on with con man.
  7. OMG. I just read the comments on another site and the crooked chef pulled it off. He, shyster sister and son went on a vacation to enjoy their new wealth. A real kick in the stomach for the greedy sons.
  8. I wondered how much longer before the wiggling finger would appear; looks like in the next episode. Can't understand why Mr. Boo's bloodwork wouldn't show traces of poison when he consumed the tea not long ago. In this day and age you can find almost anything.
  9. The more Min Joo gets suspicious of conman, the more I see her as being "redeemed" in the end for exposing him. That totally sucks since she didn't get to first base with him, so now she's going to get revenge, and she stepped all over GO in her now defunct scheme. I'm still hoping that GO did something to screw up the obvious "here's the bank code, get the goods" theme. Only in drama can you walk into a bank with a code and get to the valuables. Great security. Anyway, not too many more episodes, so let's hang in there as best we can.
  10. Whew! Thanks for that. I was losing faith in Mr. Boo but he's doing the right thing.
  11. Still no subs, but I watched some of the raw. It looks like Ga On is choosing to live with crazy Mom. I don't like this story line at all, and I can't imagine a 15 year old wanting to leave her family and surroundings to go to the unknown. A typical young teenager, I would think, would opt for the security she's known, even though it's not her "real" family. Mr. Boo's indifference is super annoying.
  12. I have yet to be at a Korean restaurant where a beverage is thrown in someone's face. I guess I don't go to the right places.
  13. I'm with all of you that think GO and SA's relationship is getting messy and muddled. I didn't like the conversation quite awhile ago with SA telling her that his daughter came first, and implied that their relationship should be on hold. I think the writer was trying to portray him as the dedicated Dad, but Mr. Boo needs to take him aside and coach him on the difference between being a Dad and being a husband. There shouldn't be a "first" or "second" priority IMHO, because the husband wife partnership is a lifetime commitment. As for Min Joo, she's a horrible poker player. Rig
  14. And did you notice when Sul Ak and "Megan" met together at the coffee shop the song playing was "Memories" from "Cats"? A very subtle suggestion for their reunion.
  15. I don't mind the pace at all, but I understand the frustration expressed here. It's taking awhile for the family to come around and appreciate their own situations, let alone the situations of the siblings. They still exhibit some pretty boorish behavior, yet have a few sparks now and then of empathy and the need to accept their own mistakes and regroup for the sake of their family. GO remains calm and cooperative, trying to guide them to the finish line. It's baby steps for her but she is remaining the adult in the room who can see light at the end of the tunnel. Her reward will come eve
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