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  1. A long time ago, MS offered to give shady Mom all the financial support she wanted. She rejected that. Having her daughter taken from her is the thing that's going to set her off big time. That has to happen now, so that she becomes so reckless and does another crime to put her away permanently , and give some peace to ES's family.
  2. More drama and gnashing of teeth in episode 108, and of course, Aunt has to get into the act of beating up on Jenny while the design team films it all. That should be great for the company on the internet. Mrs. Ji arrives at shady Mom's house, then grills her about her lost daughter. Jenny comes home and Mrs. Ji is once again, is the comforter to a broken Jenny. Preview shows MS with Jenny and Mrs. Ji at the restaurant, MS says something that shocks Jenny.
  3. The thing that's going to anger shady Mom and send her off the rails is when Jenny finds her real family. So how soon will that happen? Both MS and shady Mom are so cruel to let Jenny bear the burden and guilt of being the daughter of the Black Rose. Jenny risks losing everything... her marriage, her career, her reputation. MS sees her suffering, but is such a coward by not reuniting Mrs. Ji and Jenny. He could throw cold water on this frenzy if he would just admit what he knows. If MS does act soon, shady Mom will be so incensed that she will go after him again, and maybe succeed. That's when she'll find out that he was her son through the things that were left in the locked safe. That's speculation on my part, but I agree with @nohamahamoud2002 . That's the only way Jenny will be truly rid of her.
  4. WOW! Episode 107 is explosive! Lots of stuff is coming out all at once. Need subs, but ES admits to Jenny he knows that shady Mom is the Black Rose. Jenny wants to resign, and falls on her knees to apologize (?) and Grandpa overhears the conversation about shady Mom being the Black Rose. Holy Cow! He is furious! Then in the preview, Mrs. Ji approaches shady Mom with the picture of her daughter and is accusing (?) shady Mom of taking her (??) Not sure, but this is nuts. Also, ES had a big discussion with MS who admitted to some big stuff. Can't wait!
  5. @Lmangla.. no kidding. Did you catch the part where DJ had her background and her sad, weepy story about her background? That she didn't even register her existence until she was twenty and probably was an orphan wandering the streets? Oh, please.. she murdered people and even orchestrated events to wipe out other people that were a threat. And now the "bonding" with Jenny after teaching her criminal acts and beating her up. Nauseating.
  6. The preview indicates that ES and MS discuss and acknowledge who the Black Rose is. As many have mentioned, that leaves ES and Jenny in a sticky situation with their relationship, that probably will end up in a separation until she finds out who she really is. If that is the plan of this writer for 10-12 more episodes, this will get old. I agree... it's too slow.
  7. I'm not sure what Jenny's game is here, but for some reason she's getting all sappy with her criminal Mother. They went walking in a park by a lake, and it seems congenial. Preview shows them at dinner somewhere and I'm not sure if Jenny is giving Mom a reality check, but it started to look serious. Not sure where this is going. DJ and ES have serious discussions. I guess we're still waiting for MS to "man up" (pun intended! )
  8. So MS's cowardly side continues , and to avoid the resentment of both Jenny and shady Mom, he risks Jenny's mental health rather than tell the truth. It looks like he's being pushed toward making things right, but who knows if he backs out at the last moment to avoid the pain? Jenny is going to be furious when she finds out all that happened to her, and on top of that, nosy Aunt has to rag on her again for meeting MS. Kyung Soo left info about the neighborhood where Wang Soo Jin lived during her life of crime. ES found the house and the lady said WSJ gave birth to a boy, which was before Jenny. ES asked Jenny if she ever had a brother, and Jenny said "No, I was raised alone." ES is thinking Jenny has a brother somewhere. The people said they didn't know of WSJ's boyfriend. This is all more info, but the pieces are not coming together. DJ is the level head when he tells ES that Kang (gangster bro) is a scary person, and to watch out.
  9. There seems to be some disconnect between all the detectives... ES, Jenny, and DJ. ES is not telling Jenny of the things he's finding, Jenny is not telling ES, and ES and DJ have some shared info. ES gets quite a bit of info about Wang Soo Jin from the old people in the old neighborhood. Gangster bro sent pics to shady Mom of ES and DJ at Kang's office building. Shady Mom is beginning to squirm a little, but she's digging in. I wonder if MS is ready to bring Jenny and Mrs. Ji together from the looks of the preview. ??
  10. @nohamahamoud2002... if not now, I would think soon. MS has shown that he knows a lot about shady Mom, more than the average "friend". That should send up some red flags to DJ and ES. What is odd to me is that gangster bro has such a life of crime and the police seem like they don't know anything. When shady Mom was young and was heavily involved in bad stuff, there is always associates and other people who are involved also. Detectives in the crime business have extensive files on these characters.
  11. Correction... the building that ES entered was owned by Kang, and DS knew that it was worth about $5 million. Preview shows that DS has found out where the Black Rose lived, and ES goes to the neighborhood and talks to a lady that helped her give birth to a son. Here come the DNA tests.
  12. More movement in episode 104.... Jenny calls MS and asks the name of shady Mom's brother. He says Kang (something). At dinner, Jenny asks ES if he knows the name Kang (something). Shady Mom's eyes just about pop out of her skull. ES is puzzled, but answers yes. I think the discussion turned to how he wasn't interested in finding the Black Rose. In the night, Jenny is not in bed and ES walks out and hears Jenny and Shady Mom talking in Mom's bedroom. Whatever he overheard is shocking, and he's starting to put some pieces together. (Yes, plastic boy actually looked surprised ) Then DJ comes up with stuff on Kang, and the bells really go off in ES's head. They walk over toward the police headquarters bldg. Out walks shady Mom after talking with her gangster bro, and they see Mom and bro get into a car together. ES calls Mom and she lies about where she is. ES goes to Kang's office and starts to snoop, but is found by a gangster type guy who walks in on him. Preview shows ES kind of beaten up, but he's O.K. They are really gathering info on Mom and her brother.
  13. Correct. I don't know what happened with the preview translation, but his response was "Because she's your Mother!" Not, as we were led to believe, "Because she's my Mother." Anyway, with MS, Jenny found out that Mom, her brother who is with the police Dept., and Lucky are all in this life of crime together. Jenny now has a lot of info., but not all of it. She wants to tell ES but I'm guessing she hesitates. MS warns shady Mom that she's still facing criminal charges with money laundering, etc. so she should fess up. Meanwhile, ES and DJ have connected the ex-cop they were investigating to Deputy Kang (gangster Bro). ES has noticed that both Deputy Kang and shady Mom claim that the Black Rose is dead. Suspicions are rising.
  14. There's a lot in this episode, but Jenny questioned MS about shady Mom having a brother and what was the connection with Lucky. Need subs, but there are a lot of tears and anger.
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