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  1. Exactly what I was stewing about, @maribella. And how about finding a hair on a coat to get a DNA test with ???'s hair?! What the #$%! As we say when the drama goes bonkers, the writer has jumped the shark. All I see are loose ends flopping around like spaghetti.
  2. Thanks... I had a feeling it was heading that way with SH in a real depression now and not very alert.
  3. HJ is now between a rock and a hard place. After talking with new Mom and admitting to what he knows about MsM's revenge, and new Mom's revenge, he cannot go along with bringing down all of Jewang Group that is new Mom's goal. He wants to protect his father, which leads me to believe there might be even more to new Mom's story that hasn't been told since new Mom is threatening to grab the company. The preview is confusing when new Mom orders someone to stop ex con... is he finding the lost daughter? It almost sounds like the lost daughter is mentally ill.
  4. Yep, today was a good episode also. How about crazy Mom's slap across the chops at HR?! That was surely worth the wait. And Se Rin knocked it out of the park today! She has crazy Mom in her palm, so much so that crazy Mom blurted out she'd find a fund to embezzle and come up with the starter money for the new project. Wow! Way to go, SR. HJ has a plan that we don't know yet, but it's going to be good. I like these "seasoned" actors in this drama anyway, so I'll look forward to the big finish.
  5. I'm in that camp, too, @youngae, that HJ will take the bull by the horns and get on with the revenge. The transfer of SH may be to protect him before HR destroys him somehow since she is already thinking, "If I can't have him, nobody can." HJ knows the crazy sister is fixated on not letting EJ win. In the end, EJ and SH will be together, and the real hero is HJ. New Mom is pretty confused, so let's see how this plays out.
  6. So Ha Jun has it all figured out, who's who and what's what. Next week should be interesting. And if we're taking guesses as to who might die/disappear, my bet is on Chairman Oh for the mess his family is in and the embarrassment it creates for his business and his personal life surrounded by such vermin. The final straw could be finding out who President Wang is and the callous business decision he made causing her husband's death. His facade of not being swayed by emotions is going to crumble bigly.
  7. Of all the episodes this week, this one is the most disappointing except for SR going for the jugular on evil Mom. MsM wimped out again when she backed off from HR instead of striking while the iron was hot. Rules of War... really? I thought "All's fair in love and war." Slinky HR wins again while MsM hisses her threats. Come on, Ms M, bring it on! And as far as SH knowing what the score is, he can either be a help somehow, or a liability. I guess that will be the decision of HJ.
  8. Today's episode is pretty meaty also. HJ announces to SH that he is getting engaged? or marrying? MsM. Not sure which, but it is obvious HJ is going along with new Mom's plan as he had to get into the mean role before he met SH. That has set SH off into melt down, so much that he approached new Mom and ended up getting slapped. HJ is just pretending but has SH and MsM convinced he is serious. SR and her Dad are officially kicked out and left homeless on the street. House returned to MsM's real mother via new Mom.
  9. There seems to be a riff between HJ's dad and new Mom that hasn't been revealed yet. I'm thinking there is more than just the business rejection that led to new Mom's husband's suicide. Is there a love triangle there from the past? Evidently HJ's dad's remorse over the past is not enough for new Mom, and, in the end, she wants a very big part of that company. This is getting complicated.
  10. Just from the raw episode today, it looks like the present alliances are becoming frazzled and it may take several episodes to form a new revenge team. There's a lot of floundering going on.
  11. Some of you super sleuths had this figured out way back at the beginning that new Mom's daughter might be out there. At least that is what HR is banking on by convincing ex con to go out and find President Hwang's real daughter. HR thinks (mistakenly) that Eun Jo is conning Pres. Hwang and pretending to be her lost daughter. Wow! Somebody better do some real damage in the revenge dept. and get some people in their downward spiral.
  12. Friday's cliffhanger should be a doozy. New Mom heard via the recorder in Grandma's room, rich Dad spilling his guts to comatose Grandma over the suicide of former associate (New Mom's husband). New Mom has now launched into fast forward and took the recording from MsM's room of the confession of the maid that mean Mom killed HJ's mother. She sends the recording to HJ, much to the dismay of MsM. HJ approaches step Mom and is ready to kill her. Maid better scram as it may be doomsday for her. Preview shows HR and former con in "negotiations".
  13. Today and tomorrow are really big episodes. SR sends the video with MsM's father dying to MsM, cheater Dad lost his empire and has a heart attack, and tomorrow HJ is ready to kill step Mom. Hang on everybody..
  14. I hope new Mom wins that argument about letting HJ and SH know what's what, because being left out of the loop can be so devastating when they find out. When other people know stuff and you don't, there can be such a feeling of betrayal. I can only hope MsM plays her cards right.
  15. New Mom correctly addressed the "mind game" of revenge to MsM, so I hope MsM can get her act together before HR beats her up too badly by playing mind games. I expect things should change quickly as MsM realizes that she'd better toughen up and get it on. It's going to be a challenge , also, to keep HJ focused once he learns the truth about his mother's death. That will send him off the deep end, and require some real disciplined work to bring down evil Mom.
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