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  1. @UnniSarah... I've been watching this on KBS tv so I'm several episodes behind, but I think I'll just run through the episodes on line to catch up. I really like this drama and every episode is good. I agree that maybe Min Joo's time is up, but I'm curious as to how much she cooked the books and cheated Mr. Boo out of money. And where is it? There is so much to happen yet until the end with all the scenarios being introduced. Finally, a good daily.
  2. I have to admit I skipped several episodes towards the end, but the last two episodes were good. Ends were tied up nicely and the rotten people got what they deserved. Thanks, everyone, for keeping the comments coming on this drama, and we'll meet up at another real soon.
  3. @tulip06...I am recovering and closer to home the end of this month close to the end of this drama! We will have to decide on the next one. Thanks for your concern.
  4. So does this drama deserve all of the awards it got after only 30 episodes? That may have been a little premature, but I'm liking how the setup is forming for the cheating spouses to get hammered.
  5. So sorry to cut out friends, but I will catch up later as I am recovering from an illness that may take a few months. I'm going to power through the episodes as it sounds like the typical frustrating scenarios. Catch you later
  6. FYI... I did see episode 69 subbed on one of the two sites I frequent, so check it out today if you're looking for it.
  7. I wonder if there are more characters to be introduced, since Jeong Won mentioned she was going to visit with her uncle before going to the office. So she's the money person and her husband married her for that. Evidently that's why poor schmuck mistress mused, "If I had been rich instead of poor, could I have married you?" (to Joon Hoo) These late subs are driving me nuts.
  8. I was just thinking recently that this drama didn't have any birth secrets... (slaps head) ... silly me!
  9. Drunken former father-in-law was so distraught that HJ was called in addition to Jin Sang. I don't know the conversation, but HJ did her best to calm him down and get him home. She ragged on ex and new bride, which probably means nothing to those two. FIL misses someone to look after him and just can't get it together. Dae Gu knew that HJ was called out over the incident and he and son went and picked up HJ in his car when she was through. That relationship is cute and they are getting closer. Jeong Won got ready for work without her husband knowing. She is working at their company and the team welcomed her enthusiastically. Her husband's step mother called him and asked if he knew about JW going back to work.... Surprise!! He quickly got flowers and welcomed her at the office and offered dinner (?) to the team. Dumb mistress/actress saw it all as they left, and the lunchbox she prepared was dumped in the garbage. JW actually saw her on the way out, so I don't know JW's plan, as her husband went home and slept in their bed. Preview shows Jin Bong trying to avoid Cheol Jin as he looks for her.
  10. I'm going to hold on to the hope that nothing happened between Cheol Jin and Jin Bong even though they woke up together. It just galls me that we have to go with this storyline once again. This drama has to hold the record for promiscuous sex, so why not just give CJ's mother a heart attack if she finds out what her son has been up to? @marrez1... agree with you about not knowing the link between families. Let's see... they live in the same neighborhood, Hae Jin lived with her in-laws, there was a child that surely had birthday parties, school events, piano recitals, etc. that brought them all together, but CJ is so dense that he doesn't know his sister's sister-in-law? Wow... that's a stretch.
  11. Once Jin Bong discovers who Cheol Jin is, she just might be the one to back off , since that scene with JB and HJ was very sincere with JB feeling so bad toward HJ. You have to consider HJ's poor mother and what she went through with that family. Mom deserves a better choice than someone from the Lee family. Family events would be awkward considering the new arrangements. And several episodes ago when Cheol Jin was introduced to Jeong Won through his mother, that seemed unbelievable that he didn't know her. That's the wife of his boss. This is a media company that surely has award ceremonies, banquets, public relation events, etc. where Jeong Won would be with her husband. Or at least it would seem.
  12. I feel the same way. Oh Dae Koo was very direct with his son and eased the family tension by telling him that Dad and Mom were divorcing. Hae Jin is acting cowardly by not explaining the situation to her daughter, so Yu Ri is going to be devastated and feeling abandoned. I know her Dad is a jerk, but kids take it hard. This drama is so matriarchal anyway, and the women are a mess.
  13. @Lmangla... Your comment nails it with this "slow walk" to the divorce court. I have to credit the writer here for showing the impact of the cheaters on the hurting spouses, and not throwing in the towel too soon in order for the louts to walk off like they just shed an old coat. A lot of self examination needs to take place until the "Am I better off with him or without him?" question takes hold and starts to make sense. It doesn't relieve the burn of infidelity, but it is a process that needs to happen. The writing is thoughtful and deep, somewhat different from the ordinary breakup scenes.
  14. I don't know when we've had the perpetrators beat/messed up in successive episodes... love it!