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  1. If anyone is going to start this drama, you might as well wait for about 35 episodes before you jump in. I can see the indications of "snail's pace" already. Everybody knows that Dong Joo is going to end up at the house of Song Ah, so maybe he'll get there by episode 10. I don't really get why a writer would pick an American name like "Jenny" that is hard to pronounce by Koreans. It shouldn't be, but it sure gets mangled.
  2. I'm a little surprised that there isn't more about Man Soo and his family, and that shady Mom isn't trying to concoct a reason to start communications with his family. There isn't anything on the relationship chart about his associations, so I'm wondering if this Man Soo/shady Mom plan is going to be short-lived and Jenny makes a quick decision and elopes with Eun Suk. I don't see any reason for Man Soo to be hanging around very long, because the drama seems to be centered around shady Mom and her past which involves the Oh family. Super dangerous for Dong Joo's sister to be messing with shady Mom and Jenny, disguised as the driver. Yikes.
  3. Kim Hye Seon was most recently in "Secrets and Lies" as a somewhat mild character, but yes, she gets alot of these heavy roles. She has such a full schedule with 2-3 dramas each year because she is such a pro. This drama is starting off pretty strong, so we'll see how it goes by episode 70! It's an O.K. storyline; too bad it isn't a little less than 120 episodes. I'm wondering what shady Mom's long range goal is.
  4. @Lmangla... I'll check it out. I couldn't find anything at all about the writer, so maybe this is a "first". Don't know if that's good or bad. We need a daily to bring us all back together....
  5. I'm going to bring this back up to the first of the drama titles to suggest that, if you skipped this drama, try it. It's pretty cute and funny, and the acting is good. I'm not big on "body swapping" story lines, but this has some LOL moments that are just nuts! It's completed, so find your favorite site and watch at your leisure if you're not finding anything very interesting lately, like me.
  6. I watched the first episode ... yuck. It's more of the same and typical writing and relationships. Not for me.
  7. If you haven't watched the last episode, watch it. Considering the circumstances that we've recently learned about, the ending is acceptable even though it wasn't exactly as we wanted. The NJ/SJ relationship was left somewhat open-ended as if they might start again as neither of them said they wanted to move on and forget their relationship. I think the writer did a pretty darn good job by scrambling for an alternative ending. After NJ and SJ met up in her new shop, they both admitted that they thought about each other over the 2 years apart and NJ asked her to start again. She didn't say "No", so we can assume they were to restart their relationship. The rest of the drama was tied up neatly, with some warm, fuzzy scenes as well as a funny scene with big mouth assistant and Bang. Everyone was with the person they needed to be with, and life moves on. Thanks, everyone, who added to the discussion and hung in there. See you on another thread.
  8. From comments on another site, the viewers feel the same way we do.... very disappointed. I started this daily for the cast which was very strong, but not knowing what to expect. I actually hope this writer will try again in another drama, because the first 90 episodes were outstanding, but the last one fourth was a dud and she needs to figure out a way to finish off with a flurry. This ending is a kick in the gut for all of the hours we invested in watching.
  9. These last episodes seem to be a combination of lots of "cute" along with NJ's romantic relationships. The new girl introduced as a potential love interest that works for NJ is awkward, and he seems to be uncomfortable with her advances. This episode has her at the family table for a meal after which NJ takes her home. There he has his hand on her arm and Seon Gyu (remember him? SJ's "step-uncle") walks up and surprises NJ. I wonder if SG might have had a relationship with that girl and she's pulling something. Or, maybe, SG is just reminding NJ that SJ is back home.
  10. Hyungang gets back to normal with SW as CEO and NJ really leaving. Don't know how SW accommodated uncle and Mr. Jo. Then the 2 year jump!! NJ has his business, and SJ is returning from her studies. JA is holding her 2 year old son, and CSH is learning how to cook with NJ's mother, who must have married lawyer Heo. Wow.... I guess the extension is more fluff to fill up time. NJ and SJ are getting a little "long in the tooth" to be starting their marriage and possible family if that's the way it turns out. Their families are probably getting a little anxious.
  11. Lawyer Heo addressed the shareholders and said that due to the latest negative publicity, which he should have handled better, he would resign and take full responsibility. The plan that NJ, SW, and lawyer Heo came up with is that the minority shareholders (not NJ and SW who are the majority shareholders) would be choosing the new CEO. NJ composed a letter to the minority shareholders and had his team forward the letter, stating that it was important for them to attend and cast their vote for the new CEO. The voting took place with candidates A, B, and C (no names) being presented with their qualifications. When the votes were tallied, it was candidate C who was chosen, and that turned out to be SW. Mean uncle and Mr. Jo are mad and seemingly not going away quietly, so we'll see how that works out. SJ left a voice mail message for NJ and said she was going to study in America, and hoped they could be together again when things got sorted out. CSH has already decided she wanted to find SJ and get things back together. She is much calmer and more normal. JA's mother is going back home as CSH is moving back with the family. Lawyer Heo has taken NJ's mother out to walk in the park and wants a relationship now that he is free. Dumb Bang is following them and sneaking around like a cartoon character with sore feet and his shorts in a knot. What an idiot.
  12. Not sure of what is happening, but lawyer Heo looks to be moving out of the office. Mean uncle and Mr. Jo try to "move in", but the board meeting picks SW as acting management director(?). Have to wait for subs, but NJ and CSH have subdued smiles on their faces.
  13. So old, mean uncle is using the media to manipulate the shareholders before the scheduled press conference where CSH was supposed to atone for her sins. Uncle's plan is to oust CSH and replace her with a management expert (Mr. Jo's son). The boys and lawyer Heo have come up with a plan and I think they are ahead of the curve here and ready for the board meeting (next episode). Lawyer Heo asked his sec. to process the resignation of SW immediately, but that seems to be part of their plan somehow. NJ and SW have a lot of shares in the company which was mentioned by lawyer. It seems that lawyer Heo is sweet on NJ's mom, and they are going out for dinner, just the 2 of them. Mr. Lee is attracted to sister Heo, and SJ is ever so slow at getting out of the country. Whew! Lots of ends to tie up next (and final!) week.
  14. There appears to be some strategic move with CSH, NJ, and SW teaming up together to dump mean uncle and Mr. Jo. At one point, NJ even calls CSH "Mother", so I'm wondering if the SW "resignation letter" is part of the scheme. CSH is getting some of her fire back and confronts old uncle. What is maddening is the "flip-flop" by the writer with her character being vindicated and she is now going to save the company for her sons. Oh, well.... whatever.
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