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  1. The explanation about MaRi is that she had been in a terrible accident years ago and has some brain damage. I'm liking this drama, but the MaRi character is so bizarre with her flipping between normal conversations and being quite articulate to acting childish with a stuffed animal. Her mother's admission of the whole child out of wedlock saga is pretty sappy, and brain damaged MaRi seemed to understand and take it all in, even researching on the internet about the needs of new babies. The writing for this character is totally out of whack. I expect a lot of awards for our 2 leads as their acting is really good. The rest of the support is good also, and it looks like Mr. Romantic is taking charge for Ji Young, never losing out again to money and power. He'll be more of an equal to his rival since his birth mother will be funding a dramatic endeavor in the future (as indicated in the preview for next week). Both leads play the serious and comedy parts very well; there are LOL parts and serious sections that balance out the drama. I'm really enjoying this drama.
  2. I totally agree with you both. Disregarding the single mother and her struggles to raise 4 kids without financial support during their most important growing years is a real insult to those Mothers. She sacrificed and lived in poverty while her legal husband ran off for an easier life with a new partner. Since Korea no longer punishes men for their infidelity, he gets off pretty easy. And the humiliation dished out by new wife to old wife for a liver donation is beyond belief. I get that the message of family loyalty is what the goal is in these last episodes, but unfortunately, the loyalty should be going to Mother, not Father.
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