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  1. In my culture and my own opinion I do not like anyone (any gender) smokes. However korean culture is a bit different. A lot of men smokes. A lot of them. You can find lots of smoke stands/rooms on streets in Seoul. My opinion is as long as he takes care himself and he takes his career seriously meaning he can perform flawlessly then he shouldn’t Ben judged by us from different culture backgrounds. My passed grandpa smokes all his years without cancer. It also depends on the his body or health. Don’t worry. If the girl loves him, smoke won’t be the reason to leave him. In fact she can make him quit smoking. A friend of mine who’s a korean and married her husband who was smoking at the time but he quit now why? Because of love and responsibility. Dont worry!
  2. My gosh you have such eagle eyes. After I rewatched a zillion times I finally saw. It is! It is our precious rosary and this was filmed during eungeung!!!
  3. @chantaljaey she stopped wearing that precious rosary bracelet. Haven’t spotted since. But I have a crazy thought. Taemin is coming back again they might start to have a new mission let our eagle eyes open wide hahahaha
  4. I saw this post this morning. Does anyone know when this clip was from? I haven’t seen this but the caption says “I miss you” I believe it’s not recent. But just want to share our thoughtful angel (I don’t know why IG link doesn’t auto refresh here. It’s an bracelet clip of Naeun) - I guess because this account is private https://www.instagram.com/p/BsrxEyHg_ShdUKRqdPv4yLp19Hxe_M4YdbEJZg0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=18twqylfa5kid
  5. What made me having omma smile on my face is seeing so many exo fans shipping our taeun. So many fans popping out supporting our couple in that prediction acct comments made my day hahahaha
  6. I was excited for a sec but realized it’s not. But this also looks like a rosary bracelet! Finger crossed
  7. I thought I would never see him wearing adidas until Naeun stop the brand sponsorship with adidas. Like he would be very careful when it comes to this. This is why I like private taemin moments. Unexpected capture of real taemin
  8. Key's shout out of "diffuser" is just too funny. This is a good sign for our baby taem to be more independent. Keep the house clean and scented (wink wink) having his own space is definitely something to delulu for
  9. Taemin is wearing his old catholic ring on his left thumb and a new(?) index ring on his right. I haven’t seen a sharp image yet but this index one looks kinda bulky. It doesn’t look like the catholic ring he wore in Berlin. I could be wrong though. I would imagine he is wearing something meaningful too as a lucky charm to kick off his arena tour
  10. Wuri naeun was wearing the bracelet in jp concert. I didn’t follow much on apink concert only saw clips here and there. Not sure if she wore bracelet in other concerts but I haven’t seen a photo of her wearing it in other concerts though. If true, then I can imagine she treasures this on a special day when both were in japan and a lucky charm of oppa kicked off his arena tour (swipe to the left for the second photo)
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