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  1. https://seoulbeats.com/2021/02/side-b-the-vulnerability-of-taemin/ Its interesting article to read, somehow its click with the speculation about taeun got "break up" in the past.
  2. Thats why i think many "shawols" dont like wgm. Even they said its a script show, they know its "the real taemin" at that show. I am sorry for saying this, but Taemin is not very good at acting . And he know it, thats why he is retired for two times now . He really can not hide his expresive face...
  3. Hi...... Can u dm me the acc please... I want to know if I already follow them or not. Thank u... OMG.. I am really really really agree about this one. Sometimes its disturb me seeing fan art/gif/caption especially about 2min. Or taemin himself. The way they draw or describe him. Yes i get that he is nice, full of charms, even aegyo, and get spoiled by almost everyone surrounding him. He is "the maknae" after all. But he also grown up man, wise and have some depth in him. Tonight some shawols comment about some "taemint" that describe the process taemin got his hip tatto in
  4. https://youtu.be/KqrM6KVhtGM Its from his second v live. From 2:00 mark. He said his schedule is done with english. Then jinki called, he said he has plan . Then said sorry sorry
  5. Coz the way taemin pronounce truth looks like chu. And taemin said "my lips is chu (from the lyric of mr.chu) or something like that The writer ask every member wish, what kind of proposal they want. Taemin want to do the proposal he saw in the movie love actually. But after he try it, he doesn't want to do it again
  6. may I watch it too? Already download some of it back then, includes video from taeun forever. But so many other video like from naeun pov or taemin pov. Thank u...
  7. He did once. Said that he just finished jacket photoshoot at gangwondo in taemlog Q&A, its about 12 plus am Almost like calobye. First time, its at front shelf cabinet and a box at the table. Next vlog the calobye at the lower shelf at the back. And from yesterday ig live its almost hidden at the back of lowest shelf Why do you do that Taemin ah.. ?? More suspicious that way ...
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