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  1. Love Xing Fei. I saw the behind-the-scene of her crying scene and she indeed put her heart on it. I don't get anyone who hate her character, IMO, one of the most well written FL in C drama history where ML is the actual dominant in the drama. Nevertheless, Xing Fei is a good actress and I am glad JXN was played by her. Regarding the RJL's family, we only know he is married and has a child. All other are considered rumors. RJL fiercely guards his family from public eyes. You see, He always gets attacked and cursed out by anti-fans or whoever but he won't bother. But when his f
  2. RJL has broken thoughts as in he has a lot of ideas and he will say those, good, bad or weird. He likes nagging too. He is not quiet type. RJL did not change the ending, he changed the interaction between Dr Peer and Xu Cheng Ran to give Gu Chuan more depth. He did not really like that Gu Chuan is described as Cold and arrogant so he twisted a bit, especially for his interaction between those two characters. Since Dr Peer's character is less established and the casting was not even done yet till they almost ended filming, RJL acted in the way he wanted after discussion with directo
  3. Well, he sure has hella lots projects going on but nothing is on screen right now. As always. The live Chat is just for him to promote some products and they did play a few games and such. We shall wait for the RJL's fan club to sub those (Hopefully) and post on youtube. But I think nothing much. IQYi has started to promote aggressively for Forever and Ever but then again, I wonder if they have actually passed the review by government. Still, promotion are massive. For Youku, it is just not at the right time to catch this cash cow RJL since they had no high-profile d
  4. I have watched all the episodes and this drama indeed hit my expectation more or less. I cried a lot in episode 30, thanks to Ice Cream(and Chuan). It indeed made us think about the underlying question and I loved how it paralleled with Gu Chuan's state. Both are "saved" by XN, facing the chronic health issues and "no longer" worth living in this painful world. But they answered this underlying question beautifully in their own ways. They held on and made every second count. The director knows how to induce the tears from audience. We had "dying" ca
  5. While We cannot force down our views on anyone, I would like to write this post to prevent any misjudgment of this drama just from our discussions/actions alone. The drama is currently No.1 Drama in weibo for days, occasionally the Long Ballad will take the first place, but that is fine. IMO, this drama maintains its own standard and holds onto the original idea of simple yet sweet romantic drama. The leads face minor challenges along the way and we loved how they overcome it. The final challenge happened in ep 25 - 27 and then we entered into the major climax of this serie
  6. @tantaran808 Hmm, u can check our spoilers but I rather you enjoy the process because it will be a good ride.
  7. I have seen till ep 30 too... It was painful. What I can say is that, RJL loves to explore different ways of crying. The way he does in MCWML is indeed different from his other dramas but extremely aligned with Gu Chuan's personality. That brought viewers to another level of suffering.
  8. Marcus uses Vlinkage so not sure how the Vlinkage pull data. Well, people used to criticize him for getting dubbed, now for using his own voice, so it is quite a ridiculous thing he faces every time. He has unique timbre and what they want him to do? Get a vocal core surgery? I feel the emotions in his voice though, especially the car accident scene. He does have a bit of accent but I am sure he is speaking standard Mandarin given the fact this drama passed censorship board with his original voice. Speechless on listing on film credits nonsense. Fans of certain Kpop id
  9. This drama is considered hit given how little promotion it had and how it is promoting. We don't even get BTS videos or tidbits today! It seriously gives a strong competition to The Long Ballad,which has the bigger budget and the stronger promotion. MCWML often snatch the crown from The Long Ballad and it is always either first or second of Weibo's Drama ranking. Funny enough, RJL is working with director and the actress from The Long Ballad and he must be under serious pressure to be in this situation. Internationally, it is considered HIT for RJL. He gained 11K Instagram follower
  10. I am not old enough to see my favorite actor retires but old enough to see him mature and become seasoned actor, achieving stability that he wants. He is Joo Won whom I liked from my teenage years till now(sort of). There are many good actors out there, international fans notice them starting from first wave of Kdrama popularity (Song Il Gook, Kwon Sang Woo etc). Joo Won, along with his other famous peers, falls under second wave and they once brought glory to Kdrama Kingdom. I liked Joo Won because he never stuck to typical Kdrama standard and willing to try all sort of dramas. G
  11. I watched episodes 13- 16. 13 & 14 were indeed filter episodes but I am so glad that our plot bounced back. Enjoyed episode 15, so much cuteness and love that we needed until I reach episode 16. Episode 16 is the return of handsome yet depressed Gu Chuan. Oh lord, Gu Chuan indeed needs to check himself into mental hospital for depression. SEVERE DEPRESSION. I understand why he behaved like that, why he is so scared and running away, I understand but IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Today, I am on Xiao Ning side. If I am her gugu and knows what is happening to her, I will hit
  12. Sorry. I wanted to say he is Mr Xingfu, always looking happy. He normally talks too much and has no air of celebrity. I did not like Glory of Tang Dynasty and did not finish it. It is too sad and tragic to the point where I don't even want to touch it.
  13. I understand your POV but it is just how Chinese/Korean dramas are so I just let it pass. I hope XingFei was alright when she was filming it I don't like actors that easily also. I mean, I was obsessed with one actor and devoted my teenage years following that particular actor on my profile and posting about him religiously on soompi, that how I got "Legend" status but after that,life happens. I was interested in some actors here and there but no one can hold my interest so long until RJL appeared. HHAHA I actually saw him in Under the Power whom I thought was villain
  14. I believe the glass breaking was just away to indicate Xiao Ning is a symbol of bad luck. Ren Jialun can sing, dance and speak/write Korean well. Yes. He was a Kpop idol trainee for 3 years. If the stars were aligned in different way, he would have become an idol. Thank god, he did not I PREFER him as an actor because he is one hella good actor. He did not hide this fact though. He often talks about those trainee days in interviews just not which group or which company is. It is well kept secret.
  15. Hi all, so glad to back to soompi after years thanks to this cute drama. I am actually surprised that there are actual discussions going on here unlike some other Chinese dramas that I used to follow. After having tons of puppy love with different actors, I landed in Ren Jialun's blackhole last year. And this drama, IMO, is so endearing and sweet that I can't help but seeking likeminded all around the internet to fangirl with me. Glad I am here. The drama is cliché but isn't it so refreshing to see something so simple yet so lovely again? This drama gives me old Ko
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