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  1. Does anybody know where I can watch this drama legally with English subtitles when I live in Europe? I know that dramafever has a license, but dramafever isn't available in my country. I usually use viki. But viki doesn't have a license and doesn't advertise the drama properly. And the channel is still under the old title of the drama which makes it difficult to send a request for the drama license.

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  2. @zenya22 @natokajun I'm with you. I had a big drama slump after Six Flying Dragons and Signal. I couldn't really get into another drama till recently! Instead I have just watched Six Flying Dragons again. Then again with a friend Then again with my neighbour. :)  The OST is also on constant repeat...

    I find it really fascinating that everybody I watched Six Flying Dragons with, enjoyed it for another reason. I watched it for the metapolitical aspects, for the interpretations of the historical characters and for the swordsmen tales. My friend is watching it because she is totally mesmerized by Yoo Ah-ins acting. My neighbour likes the flair of the show. And my husband just likes everything and all about it. :) 

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  3. @Phi Thank you for keeping the thread alive even though the show ended and thank you so much for keeping us updated about the potential other season with our three fisherman! - After the show ended I tried to let it go a little bit so seeing your posts after I returned to this thread was a nice and welcome surprise.


    @Everybody: I know I'm a little bit late but I still want to thank you for the nice welcome you gave me when I entered this thread! I actually had planned to be more active but sadly the last months my life was turned a little bit upside down and so my mind was occupied with a lot of other things. :) - Gladly it (life) returned to normal now.


    @Three Meals a Day: Lastly I really want to thank that show, everyone who was involved in it and also all the fans who provided us international viewers with english subtitles. I know that this "Thank you" will probably not reach the persons it was meant for but it is still good to write it out. In a time when TV is all about being faster paced, having more action, having more "entertainment", this show showed us that there also is beauty in the complete opposite: there were no guests for further entertainment, we all fell for Eric's slow cooking and who of us didn't enjoy the three brothers moments of peace when they just sat in front of the house doing nothing.

    In my case this show provided me with much more than the ususal entertainment show. Every Friday afternoon at the end of my working week, I could find peace and calmness in it and therefore I went relaxed into my weekends. When I had a hard time with my life it reminded me of finding happiness in the small and essential things and finally when the attack on the Berlin Christmas Market happened (you probably don't know but for most Germans a Chrstmas Market is something like a haven of childhood dreams and childhood wonders; to have to associate it with death and violence was really, really unsettling) and thoughts like "what is the world coming to..." and "what is happing to humanity..." were settling in, seeing the three celebrities in Three Meals being so friendly and considerate to each other was a big reminder that still the biggest part of humanity consists of nice and normal people, just like you and me! 

    I'm really grateful! 

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  4. Episode 7 was really fun. I laughed so hard when they tried to escape the stuff using "fast" Eri-car. :)

    Looking forward to Episode 8. That Kimchi Kimbab in the Trailer looks delicious. 

    Is there anyone else who is trying to recreate Erics recipes at home?


    Also I want to share a little personal story with you, because I think it's kind of cute.

    I'm watching Three Meals a Day together with my little 3 year old son. He doesn't watch the whole episodes but some small parts of it. Anyway he thinks it is the greatest thing on earth and of course he is now playing "Three Meals a Day" the whole day long. (Basically it means that he and I are sitting on the bed and try to fish paper fishes from the floor but the fishes get away with the bait...). He is an ardent admirer of Yun Gyun-sang and when he goes playing with his kindergarten friends they now play "Batman, Spiderman and - Gyunsang" Haha. :)


    @salz I'm still interested in the show too. It's only that my English is not good at all and therefore I avoid to make comments in international forums. 

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  5. Does anybody know, whether Kim Sang-joon will play as Hong Gil-dong's father in this drama?

    @wilis2451 thank you for posting the making of of the music video. I knew the music video itself but have never seen the making of. If I saw it correctly, then Chae Soo-bin was standing on something while hugging Yoon Kyun-sang in that scene in front of the coffee shop? - Cute.

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  6. 3 hours ago, oyeleyeolusina said:

    Everyone who has watched the TWDR is saying how extreme and intense YBW was in the tree but almost everyone has changed in the tree from how they were in SFD. for example MH who in SFD is always contemplating whether it is right or not to kill someone expect when he is not fighting against a fellow warrior, in the tree had no problem telling Yi Do that he should kill Ddol-Bok, when he was blaming Yi Do for the death of his father in the shack and Ddol-Bok was still a child then but MH has changed so much in the tree, that he was ready to kill anyone who he saw as been against Yi Do. 


    I thought that Muhyuls behaviour against Ddol-bok was actually well explained through Six Flying Dragons. He has seen a whole dynasty coming to an end, because one bodyguard hesitated to kill a teenage warrior that was charging at her without a sword. 

    Also he maybe was conflicted about whether to kill the kid or not, because a little bit later he contemplated the same problem again after young Ddol-bok attacked him with a sword and at that point he told Ddol-bok to get out of the place if he wants to live. I don't know though, if this was triggered because he didn't want to kill a child or because he wanted to honor Lee Do's decision.

    The Muhyul in Six Flying Dragons has a little bit a similar problem like Alcheon in Queen Seondeok. The latter found himself in situations where the ideals of the Hwarang Codex clashed. Muhyul in Six Flying Dragons often contemplates the behaviour or advices of other warriors that represents different parts of the warrior code. He then finds himself in situations where these ideals clash. Thus he is often in situation where he is in a moral dilemma. So he is now starting to learn to take responsibility for the action he takes when he only can choose between wrong or wrong. 

    I also have the feeling that Muhyul in Six Flying Dragons as well as in Tree With Deep Roots is constantly learning and growing and both series together build a well done circle, where the end kind of comes back to the beginning, but the actions in the end that are similar to the beginning are done with awareness.



    Besides of Guan Yu Muhyul reminds me a little bit of Parzival. Probably because of the women. Parzival also had a soft spot for women. And he was often guided by women. Like Muhyul often gets advice from Boon-yi. Haha, would that make Lee Do the Holy Grail then. :)

    I really like it that Muhyul and Lee Bangji are so very, very different from each other. They are nearly opposites. But both of them are very likable in their own way.

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  7. 32 minutes ago, natokajun said:

    anyone here pro-moomyung? may be its just me but i somehow think moomyung great cause is relevant at some point. At least thats how the world working right now. Of course i have no idea how their prophecy can cause stabilization but their principle to have private land is what actually happening in this world right? Those who work and give more effort would receive the benefits. Those are rich get all the properties. On how they get rich that depends on their effort. And so thats how the society has been created. It might look unfair because poor people could not have the chance to own private land just because they have no power and money but that's how the world being setup. If a land was given freely to them, would they really use it in a good way and not just being a lazy butt waiting for government to feed them? Without determination, no success could be obtained. That's one thing i agree with moomyung. They help bangwon and lee in gyum, so i think they are not really a bad person. But they tried to kill king taejo so of course thats not acceptable. Their great cause however would create a dangerous world eventually. I think thats why both bangwon and sambong wanted to vanish them because greed can kill but surprisingly thats how the world is practically working right now. Sigh. It's a heavy topic indeed.


    Hm, actually in the series there was not so much said about Moomyungs goals. I remember only two discussions where they revealed some of their ideas. One was the one, when Boon-yis talked to Bang-won about the impending war and the othe one was the one, when Mom talked to Sambong. Personally I had the feeling that it developed into a discussion about free market economy vs planned economy. I don't know where you are from, but my country and my neighbouring countries don't have Moomyungs idea of economy. Our economy is partially controlled by the government to prevent big companies from eating up small businesses. The state also takes care that big companies can't monopolize everything. In some of our neighboring countries the government also sets fixed prices for main food articles like bread and water. - I prefer that mixed system, even though it's not perfect either. But I haven't seen a country where planned economy worked and the countries with a more free economy seem all to have big problems with large conglomerates holding to much power. 

    Ah, sorry I'm not really able to talk about that stuff in english! :(

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  8. 5 hours ago, honeywell said:

    Anyone else curious what happened to Jang Sam Bong?   He trained BJ and we only see him in flashbacks. Is he alive?  The same with Bang woo.  He disappeared and I know historically he died early but I don't think it was ever mentioned in the show.  


    Jang Sam Bong is the Korean Name of Zhang San-Feng, the legendary founder of Tai Chi Chuan. He only prolonged his stay in Korea, because he promised to train Bang-ji till Bang-ji would be strong enough to defend himself. So it is probably safe to assume that he returned to Wudang Mountains when Bang-ji had reached a certain Martial Arts Level. And he should be alive, because the legendary Zhang San-Feng became really really old. But you are right: it was not specifically mentioned in the drama.

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  9. @nevill @chocolatewaffle @SukBin

    Your discussion is running in circles, because you are discussing two different things. One of you is discussing historical JDJ and the worth of his ideas. The other ones are discussing JDJ and his ideas and actions in Six Flying Dragons. 

    Personally I think that the political discussions in Six Flying Dragons are ideas about Platos Politeia, Platos work about justice and the just man. Jeong Do-jeon in Six Flying Dragons wants to create an Aristocrazy (in Platos sense, with the ministers and the kings taken from the caste of philosophers), he sees Yi Bang-won as dangerous, because he sees in him the young timocrat. And Jeong Do-jeons fears Mumyeong, because he is afraid that Mumyeong will try to turn his aritocratic state into an Oligarchy.

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