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  1. *delete* Thank you ladies for the input. @tzupi and @bedifferent One question. In the confrontation he asked her why she chose these dangerous decisions. And then those don't do this and that. Then she answered she does not regret her choices/decisions/actions (that is her answer). Then he said he will be the man of use for her from the moment on even if he ends up becoming everybody's enemy including her. Then he cut her hair. Was he thinking for AS to lay low for the time being and let him do the dangerous things that she wants until it's ok to be in action again because WI is currently eyeing her movements? Having the Japanese soldiers filling up the town will do no good to her wandering around even with her servants in tow. This seminar is killing me with boredom *sigh*
  2. Oh...then why is EC on the floor looking surprised? I think I replayed few times to confirm. Oh well, I will just wait till next ep.
  3. @inna75 dear, thank you for the good post. Do write again. I know it's tough to ignore the language used when reading the many reviews here. Nevertheless, I will be waiting for more insights from you. On the preview, did EC just got judo-ed by DM? AS's dialogue most probably directed to him right after hair cutting free service. And EC pointing gun at DM most probably after hearing about it. Then most probably DM will tell EC on the telegram and chide him for not paying attention to WI's activity that could possibly speed up AS's demise. They will banter as usual. I am really looking forward to the meeting between DM and Takashi. How intense can it get and who is gonna win? HS got a win from his. That guy is just ... Ok, off to work!
  4. I don't know if any of you have watched the princess man drama. A noble woman cutting off her hair symbolises also cutting her relationship with her parents. Our Korean Soompier can help me verify with this please. So far, this is my understanding. After the telegram intel, I believe the most plausible reason for DM's action could be this. He knows WI is trying to solve the puzzle of AS and the identity of her parents. His action was shocking, yes. He also knows she might kill him for it. He did say he doesn't even care if she becomes his enemy. This is the second time he asks for her to basically kill him if she doesn't agree with whatever he did. He doesn't need her understanding. He will just protect her as he sees fit. That is just his personality. EC and HS are more finesse in their behaviour towards AS. But not DM. Ok I will continue later. I would like to watch ep 19 first before I can deliberate more on DM's action as I feel there is more to it than meets the eye, based on my understanding of the cutting hair thingy. Of course DM is not a bad guy here, he is one of the good guys, ruthlessness notwithstanding. He is just a little brute, a grumpy member of the team who would disagree at everything but eventually follow through with the plan. Just like those grumpy brute but softie dwarf of the LOTR. Don't be too serious ladies. Everything is done for a reason. Give him the benefit of a doubt. Wait for next week for more explanation. Cheers!
  5. OT: I watched the match. It was well played by the Koreans. Unfortunately, we lost to Japan in the final of hockey game.
  6. Is there even a shipping thread for AS-DM at soompi? Just asking... maybe I should drop by to see how's the party over there. Anyhow, seeing remarks on the fans being brought up over and over again.... *sigh* DM is never gonna get AS, period. DM knows it and KES has also established that I believe in that temple visit episode. No worries, he won't be kidnapping her to Antartica, she will no doubt put a bullet in his skull for it. On the other hand, AS too won't be bothered by any other man because her heart and mind are already occupied. That is the premise of the drama. Do we even have to keep bringing up unnecessary remarks on the 'impossible' to the extent of seeing members leave the thread? There is no fun in that. Fans of all characters should be able to enjoy constructive discussions on their loves and critics of the drama and its characters without having to deal with disrespectful remarks towards them for not favoring any one character. Can we stick to that please? Thank you. @Berou has put up posts on this as pinned above. Feel free to read them even if you don't have the time. Anyway, @rubie, come back. You are our main source for the tidbids. We need you. @Seoulmemories wasn't referring to you, so come back please. And @Seoulmemories I know you are frustrated but we do not have to drag LBH or KYJ into this. Chances may be slim as I have seen fans left this thread before, but do come back as well. I will drop by again once I watched the subbed version of ep. 17, if I have anything to say that will not attract unnecessary hates nor take too much of my time in writing my thoughts so as not to offend anyone here. This thread has become rather too sensitive of late that I find my vocab doesn't have enough polite words that can please everyone. Cheers! Edit: @USAFarmgirl, I really appreciate your post on AS. It makes me rethink my position on the character. Mayhap my expectation is too high because I put up high hope for her since the beginning and got rather disappointed when I didn't see what I hope to see (e.g. definitely NOT DM-AS loving one another ). Perhaps my position of her will change later as the plot thickens. Your latest post is beautifully written as well. Thank you, sincerely.
  7. @KDramaLogic Thank you for your post. I was really having a good time reading it. It's 2 am here and I just got back from spending time for the countdown of our independence day today. Back to KES and her direction and inspiration for the RA story. After reading your post I went over to read some materials during this time period. I am curious how far in terms of the time period will KES cover in the drama. From the wikipedia, it was indicated that the Japanese govt will introduce a law that prevents publication of local newspaper in 1907 resulting in only one remaining newspaper company publishing a korean newspaper but this is owned by a foreigner. I wonder what will happen with HS's newly built business. Quite a number of events happened in that year and years that follow e.g. the emperor sending secret reps to the Hague, him appointing the crown prince as regent, the prime minister signing treaty with japan that effectively annexed korea etc. We know that KES initially introduced the drama as the story of the RA but after much complaints by the viewers on the historical aspects, I wonder how many of the history inputs were replaced/regarded as fictional since we also know she has been working on the episodes way before the disputes and complaints were raised and that filming also has been quite far ahead. I am looking forward to see the close relation between this fiction and the history and find out if any parts of it matches, even slightly. Should be an interesting workout for me brain, at least. Unfortunately, I will only be able to rely on the recaps and reviews since I can't access the streaming sites while in Korea. Tried it before. They seems to be blocked. Looking forward to your insightful reviews ladies. Ok. Will head to bed now. Night night ladies!
  8. Why can't I? What is so weird about not getting what writer-nim trying to explain in any particular characters? Didn't I say I view things on a different angle. If you disagree, I have no issue about it. I won't even question it. I am just reading all the thoughts here and keep them in mind even though I may not agree to them or not seeing what others see. Yes, I am interested in the RA. But I find it slows in progressing and in the mean time I found interest in other characters presented. The RA starts to waver in the 15th ep, that's how slow I feel the RA plot is in the drama. Is that so weird? *shrug* I don't even find anything weird about the many written views here. They are all good reading materials. Yes, my favorites are definitely DM, HN and Hotaru, and of late - HS, and Go elder but does that mean they are the reason for me to, using your word, 'bring down' your favorite? No. They are not. Get that one thing clear. Though if it makes you feel better to assume as such. So be it. That is your right. I am not going to question your liking for what your views are. They are those who appreciate DM, definitely but there are also his critics. And I agree with points from both camps. Some in DB do not feel AS not without a reason, as indicated earlier. If you do not share their sentiments, that's up to you, I understand because she may be your favourite. Those regular commenters at DB, they don't question/critic others who don't share their views. They just discuss the characters and what they find lacking or would expect more. Don't you think it is unfair also to treat as if their views on any characters or plots are flimsy just because they don't feel AS as much as others? Heck, some even root for this girl up until recently and some even grow to love her and some even still hope to see the best coming up for AS. I am enjoying all these comments, immensely. I am not sure why these comments are lost in between the rage at DB. I am also seeing grate and hate noise of annoyance on too many DM-related notes, even when those notes are sandwiched in between other worthwhile reads/ appreciation of other elements/characters from the drama. Funny, that. We want to continue to root for this girl. Unfortunately, till ep 16 the character, at least to me, not showing any growth on the RA front but more on personal front. But again, that is just how I see it, flawed or not, that is my perspectives. Feel free to disagree. My expectation on this drama may be different than others. Nobody is going to shove anyone's favorite down anybody's throat. As you said, 'There's nothing to be bitter about'. Cheers!
  9. @kansas424, you are new here, right? You may want to backtrack a bit. I have mentioned I won't be commenting much in Soompi. Nevertheless, thank you for the invitation. I believe in regard to AS's character development, I echoed @KDramaLogic. I have also written quite lengthy about it in DB. Feel free to drop by. I am seeing it differently from many here as you can see from my earlier posts and that is how my mind works. I don't let my love for an actor or actress clouded my judgement in analysing characters and plots though it won't stop me from enjoying the beauty feast as well. I criticised DM before and I will do it again to him and any characters when I just can't relate. I don't see Soompi any different than DB. So I will assume claim of pulling down any site than the other, a non existent. Please understand as I am understanding why people can't relate to other characters than AS or EC. Because we see and analyse things differently. You may analyse e.g. DM on one perspective. I analysed him by others. I have written lengthy before. My views stand that I find HN, HS, Hotaru and DM are more compelling to date. I came to Mr. Sunshine not for the main love story but for the RA, hence it should give you some idea where my stance is. It does not change since then. You may also deem them as a matter of preference in addition to different way of how I am viewing this drama. Cheers!
  10. @kansas424 I think I remember seeing a similar claim about DB being a cancerous site at the comment section. Honestly, if I were to be such commenter, I would claim similarly with Soompi as I have seen and read quite a number of fanatic postings and bashings but thanks and kudos to the mods controlling them before things get really out of hand. Having said that, I am not going to put myself on the same pedestal by making such claim. I refuse to judge people and their preferences. I would rather having the space to discuss why a certain character is flawed in my opinion and why others are more compelling instead of simply accusing the commenters for having views that are evidently in contrast than mine. It is their rights to feel what they feel for any characters or plots. We really should not go to that route. Such attack itself is worst than being cancerous. It just shows how ones can't accept differences in preferences/opinions. Not everyone can relate with what AS is as of 16 ep than what AS was in the beginning. Many of the commenters are actually rooting for AS as a character from the beginning but until recent eps, some has indicated their frustrations from their observations. And I am among them. And I am also one that root for the supporting roles, DM included. Hence, I will not be backed down by comments like fangirls or cancerous s***. Please have some respect when writing here. I believe all of us here are grown ups. Soompi is not that much different in purpose than DB since it provides space for kdrama fans to mingle and enjoy sharing their likes and dislikes of kdrama. Let's keep it peaceful in both places. I personally find beanies are a funny bunch where I envy, in a positive way, their articulate and creative minds. It makes reading their comments so enjoyable despite we are not sharing views on some points. @KDramaLogic welcome my dear and thank you for such a good written constructive discussion. You have explained really well on behalf of the majority of beanies frequenting Mr. Sunshine recap section. We discuss thoughts and not who likes what. I hope people understand this. Keep on writing, I look forward to read your views. @rubie please don't be influenced by anything to not post link for the recap of DB here. I usually read your highlights first before going to DB which means Soompi is where I park my car. Those who do not want to go there is really up to them but I really appreciate your effort putting up alert for us. So, please keep it up. Last but not least, I have said it before and I will say it again, do not point fingers to the fans, DMNation, HSNation, ASnation, HNNation or ECNation notwithstanding. Agree to disagree. Respect. Cheers!
  11. Yup! She is the cause of me pulling every cells in my brain trying to understand her logic. However, for @Ahpheng I stroke her off my hit list and willingly let other assassins who will be right there waiting for the best moment to pull the trigger. I am just gonna sit back and enjoy my popcorn as we are nearing the end of our rides with Mr. Sunshine. Edit: Ok now that I saw the preview, @Ahpheng I am gonna have to re-list her back into my hit list. Sorry my friend, I just need someone else to be in a bloody condition... *sigh*
  12. I am not sure if anyone mentioned this before. I am having sudden thought about Hotaru and HN. What if Hotaru is the said step-daughter. The way HN is being cautious when bringing Hotaru into her room, as if Hotaru is someone that should not be roaming around in public for some reason. I don't think the event with the Japanese officer would be that serious for Hotaru to be in hiding. Maybe it is ok for her to be going out to read fortunes when WI is not in town. But now that even both him and the doctor are, perhaps it will be dangerous for Hotaru? Is she the stepdaughter that ran away with the stepmother? Since HN bore quite a number of scars, maybe the husband was not even nice to his daughter? And maybe this is where DM came into the picture. HN paid him to protect them but specifically left out details about Hotaru's background to keep her safe? Or does he actually know everything? I feel like having a field day for speculation today. Maybe I should channel it to my unfinished fiction awaiting plots' and characters' descriptions. Ladies, I won't be around much to comment since I have less than two weeks to get myself ready for my road trip in SK. Never stop writings. Regardless of whether it's positive or negative review on the drama, stay to what matter to you most. If you love this drama and the story it unfolds, by all means embrace it. People have different views on many things. Take it as a way of learning to accept these differences, though you may not agree to them. But don't burden your mind and heart because of those differences. As long as you are clear of your preferences, the negativity should not bother you. We are living in a world of people with colourful personalities and minds. Sometime it's fun reading other thoughts that differ. It may open our eyes and minds onto things we never realise before. ^__^ I'll make sure to drop by from time to time to read your colorful reviews/observations. Cheers! P/S: And don't go hair-pulling war over these many nations: #DongMaeNation, #EugeneNation, #AeShinNation, #HinaNation, #HeeSungNation ...
  13. @luna11 keep writing dear. It's really a good read. I share the same sentiments as yours. Since my main motivation for coming to watch this drama is also about the righteous army, sad ending is rather fitting, I guess. Hope for more of the righteous army plots going forward. I want to know how are they going to work together as a team fighting for freedom and saving their country.
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