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  1. I'm writing this here, still related with Time. A Letter for KJH Dear Kim Jung Hyun, I read that today is your last day of filming Time. Thank you so much for playing the character Suho. You played Suho so well, so real. You are simply tremendous! I appreciate the time you spent in sharing your talents to us viewers. Now, I am looking forward to see a better you in future dramas. It is alright, take a rest. But if in case you decide to quit showbiz, whatever you aspire to be go for it. My support is with you in your decisions. Live happily. Hugs for you.
  2. Why is it only Monday? I can't wait for Wednesday! Time is unpredictable and irresistable. It is getting better as it unfolds even if Cheonseol couple is piercing my heart. I get goosepbumps with their acting - the entire cast. I think I mentioned this before but I want to say it again. Credits also to the director, writer, and everyone involved in this drama they're doing very good! I'm loving the blue and orange palette for the cinematography. And those rain scenes, I wish to get soaked, too as if I'm also in the drama, I can feel their emotions! It's really sad to hear about KJH's health problems. SH character is physically and mentally draining to play, not good for KJH's condition. I'll surely miss this guy's acting, but I'd rather see him healthy in a new drama when he comes back. Meanwhile , let us enjoy watching while we still have Time.
  3. Time is giving me heartaches and headaches. But I'll finish this no matter what.
  4. Are they going to air tonight? Can't wait for JH's makeover! She's definitely going to make SH fall hard. Thanks everbody for posting updates, pics and videos, I appreciate it so much!
  5. I'm so late for the party but still posting because I followed this drama since it started. I was disappointed with the last two eps, everything seems in a hurry. My heart sank when I read FINAL EPISODE (opening of second half) last Thursday. I didn't saw that coming very soon. Though my sympathy is always with robot NS, I was hoping for the human NS to mellow down and fall in love with SB. Sad me. Their acting was good, esp SKJ, the plot was interesting at the beginning, but the ending just dwindled for me. Now I am looking forward to SKJ's and GSY's next project. Yes, I am also hoping for their loveteam reunion.
  6. Wow! Last Wednesday's ep is...indescribable (lol) I don't know how to put it because it made me sad, angry, happy, reflect, so much happening in my emotions. Time is climbing the chart of my favorites I don't care anymore if SH and JH live or die. I'd like to see how they will make their time more meaningful. This drama is giving me some reflections..."What am I going to do in this short precious life?", "Am I living my life happy?"...stuff like that. I feel I'm going to cry buckets in the coming episodes. But this drama is soooo good! BRING IT ON! My eyes, rolls of tissue, and pillows are ready! Ahh, yes, the chemistry is !
  7. I'm not too fond of watching ongoing dramas. I usually wait until it is finished. But not in this drama. I'm determined to watch Time every week, and finish it. I'm ready to accept happy moments and heartaches. Ugh...dedication lol! Kim Jung Hyun's acting in Time is superb, as if he is not one of the naughty guys in Eulachacha Waikiki. He is still in his mid-20's but I see depth in this guy. I'm now looking forward for his future projects. Seohyun's acting needs a little more polishing. She'll be a better actress as this drama unfolds. She could also do well in different genres. I'm now a Seohyun follower. I'm glad KJH and SH are trying different roles. I'm not familiar with the lawyer and fiancee's previous movies/dramas. But their presence in this drama is making it more intriguing. These actors jives well with their characters. Can't wait for the next episode. I might watch eps 1-4 again tomorrow.
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