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  1. Oh, that's scary I dislike that scene (I don't like main lead kiss others than OTP ) but never thinking of blaming her an actress or anyone. I enjoy waching chemistry main lead , cinematography (beautiful scenery set comparing with other drama which higher rating). Cheer up everyone on this project.
  2. Thank you. Next episode please more more more MR DC moments ( it will helping me cleaning memory of unnecessary scene of HY dreaming kiss)
  3. @ktcjdrama @LavelyShai thank you so much for help me understand better Episode 7 and 8 have a lot of scene MR and DC together. I still can not get over them. I am melting by rain kiss and after kiss and I have to wait till saturday.
  4. Can anyone please explain what is "flirting" (some?) mean in this drama. The question which MR en DC asking. (ep7,8) Is it not the same as people would like to know each other and dating? (me) Did not understand this Gen Y trend = )
  5. Guy, I watch live today waiting for the kiss. and I saw it this episode is like fast track, everythings come full pack of episode.
  6. @stroppyse me too, the main reason im stuck through this drama, because of thease two main lead. I read all of your post here. Im so thankful that you are here in this thead
  7. I watched more than 10 times and repeat on the moment that CJM start to hug her... Its look so soft and gentel and he took a chance to hug ...oh repeat again... I'm in love with this two.
  8. soooooooo much waiting for this ship I start watching this show because of CJM and then I fall in love with YEH and then I fall in love with CJM again ...
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