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  1. I watched more than 10 times and repeat on the moment that CJM start to hug her... Its look so soft and gentel and he took a chance to hug ...oh repeat again... I'm in love with this two.
  2. soooooooo much waiting for this ship I start watching this show because of CJM and then I fall in love with YEH and then I fall in love with CJM again ...
  3. Not yet recover from final and behind back-read and rewatch plan. This thread is awesome. Thank you so much for every words, lines, paragraph and pages. I do appreciated so much. Thank You Thank you. Are we going to have BTS from ep. 15-16? and video message from OTP for fan?
  4. Jang Se Ra said to MY once that MY and her are same species and they can not be good because it's did suit them. Later MY replies that he is not same as her (because he want to search for brother/family while JSR won't) JSR is devil (she do lie hurt ppl for fun). MY is not monster.
  5. @hoyund Thank you for beautiful written for this drama. I feel the same. I feel so disappointed and very sad that they following the jversion. @Mau_Cherry @Table122000 missing you both. How do feel and up to at this point? My only hope for ending is ... I want kversion to ending with Understanding, Reasonable, Beautiful. and NOT!! like jversion ending Because MY and JK is different!
  6. "I think I come home" VERY VERY VERY SAD EPISODE I thought I was positive with guess of kversion ending. I thought I was prepare .... I cry a river....
  7. @Table122000 @jujuls Thank you so much for summery Jversion ending. Before I knew just a little of tragic end. After reading your summery in details and timeline, I’m in shock! This is so hard. They do ending like that for the last 30mintes of Episode Final! I’m glad I stop watch Jversion at Ep.4. That time I did not feel attached to Ryo and Yuko which I love MY-JK from start. The ending of Jversion is like I have make story of Ryo Yuko in beautiful place in my heart and then someone tear that apart to little pieces. Thank you you both. Now I’m think I’m wel prepare (^__^”) ready for whatever will come for MY-JK for the final. I believe in writer and director will make it good.
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