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  1. 1 hour ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

     it seems we are the only ones commenting here,


    This show became my new favorite and usually it is the last thing I watch.


    1 hour ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    I want to understand a point, is Nabi the daughter of bomi's dad?


    This point is still unclear especially the step-mother is a cheater.


    1 hour ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    Did the stepmom get rid of bomi because she saw her with her lover?


    Yes she was afraid she might tattle on her.

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  2. The little boy is funny, cute, adorable and smart in a cunning way like how he told that minion that his grandfather hate strangers in his land, then the guy gave Pikachu ears headband to get rid of him and the boy with a smile waved saying goodbye to his grandfather who chased the guy out. This boy commits the perfect crime by bending on his sick grandfather.




    The trouble couple are perfect match to each other they lose money, they lie, the crazy about getting rich and they stick together no mater what, how would they live without each other?

    Finlay she knows who is her knight in a shining armor and she needs now to know is her evil step-mother.

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  3. SM had an affair with JH which ruined YR chance to be adopted by GH so for SM or even JH who never wanted YR to think they deserve him it will be sick, they are the reason why he is at the orphan, and for the adopting center even to consider it after the fact that SM and JH are the reason behind canceling the adoption is unprofessional, GH already applied to be YR mother and to rob her from this opportunity would be cruel.


    If the writers even considered this plot line and for the center to let JH and SM even take him would be impossible with everything:

    1- GH is the best option without any doubt.

    2- YR already sees her as his mother.

    3- SM and JH cheated and lied to them about the affair.

    4- SM is the reason behind the cancellation with her tips.

    5- SW knows everything and how awful his sister is.

    6- JH and SM lived apart because of SM lies and their marriage is weak.

    7- No one in SM family will even consider YR especially when they know what SM did if they have a heart.

    8- This plot is crazy.

    9- This plot is awful.

    10. GH will never allow it.


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  4. Can't Bom make the connection? the only woman who frequent the village is her best friend the only one she always open up to her and tells her everything and the one whenever she steps foot the house the grandfather goes nuts. Also when she was thinking alone at the police station logically and trying to make sense of things I was happy for a moment until she said "No don't get creative" she was on the right path



    For her not to realize the only person who can help is always standing right in front of her and not her ex it is sad

    I don't want to hate NaBi so I hope she never turns into her mother, I don't see it is her fault that BoMi took the blame since it was the two timer fault.



    I really need to pull my her off, they always come to right conclusion and then the theory collapse, she was right on the point but he had to say something unrelated.


    I hope today's episode is better



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  5. BoMi was raised in the western country the US and usually the stereotype we have about them they don't get involved in other people business or like others to get involved in theirs, so for BM to sing like a bird every time her stepmother question her is weird. She doesn't tell anyone who wants to help like the researcher and keeps a tight lip, but she tells everything to that woman who never offers her any help.


    The dumb and dumber duel trying to set BoMi up and if they succeeded that will be crazy.

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  6. If Dr Yoon was like other girls with crush she would have complained about SW being cold to her and jumped the opportunity and acted as if SW belongs to her and said yes, SW mother is so rude asking her to study abroad with SW as if she has nothing going on her life and she will drop everything because she has nothing better to do but to be with SW, she didn't even take Yoon parent into consideration rude!


    I don't care if JH mother ended up homeless but I can't stand it when people get scammed so easily in away that screams scam because they want to get rich on one go, it reminds me of a time of the emails from a Prince or a rich person who chose me from billions of people to get his wealth, I respond with an apology telling them I'm grateful and they should just give it to charity.


    So the writers didn't find any creative way to make SM miscarriage scheme but this? Really, but the preview seems promising.

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  7. She heard the step-mother voice a lot when she came across her,how come she never recognized it on the phone or when she went to her house.


    Na-Bi  is spoiled and annoying and she does as she please, but you have to handed to her she knows how to go after the people she hates and makes them lose their mind. I can't hate her she is the kind of villain you enjoy her evil for the time being, I hope she doesn't turn into her mother.


    The actress who play Da-Soon  was born actually on April 2007, so she is 12 years old but she looks way mature to her age, I thought she is new but she was acting since 2011 and I saw most of her dramas.


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  8. GD I really don't know whether he is way too nice or just stupid. He wants to help his friend so asks his parent to rent out the room for her and he assures them she will pay the rent then he asks her to move in and not to worry about the rent, so he will pay the rent and lie to his mother and her?. His family were nice letting her stay after she was prejudice against him and he used their kindness :dissapointed:.

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  9. Bo Mi saw her flyer inside her stepmother car and she tried to delay her escape so did that never raise a red flag for her?. I do hate evil character but I hate the good stupid ones like the doctor more than them. Sadly Bo Mi is grateful towards the wrong person.

    Did he really do that or it was part of the script :fearful: especially when he wiped it on her bag.



    Finally after 11 episode she wore her own cloth and something different.


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  10. GD is loyal to the girl he like even though she was prejudice against him after supporting him doing what he likes she doesn't see him good enough for her. But he was great helping her even though she doesn't deserves him.


    I really thought that SW and SH wouldn't attend the wedding but they did and JH looks like some one who is so exhausted after work that his hair is messy and for that guy to be sad about SM getting married was cringy looking forward for him to blackmail SM.


    SM should get pregnant again to keep the father around since keeping JH the husband is not easy for her.


    I felt this episode was short and empty.




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  11. The worst case of abandoning a child I saw in K-drama, this step-mother is from hell blaming a little child for her crime, the funny thing she and her daughter are the same, one is an adulterer and the other one chases unavailable man when she is still married, her husband will cry river of blood when he finds out he abandoned the actual heiress.

    The doctor is basically a stalker she reminds him of his daughter to keep him on a short leash so he wouldn't look at other women and she found her soulmate in the cousin. The aunt and her husband are thieves and they got what they deserve but their son paid the biggest price.


    But how can they just deport her if she has no country?

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  12. SW was too nice forgiving her so fast and not making her sign a contract that she will never quit again. Both SH and GJ are naive but they are cute together :blush:,  I feel sorry for them that their joy will be cut short soon because of their families.

    DS should have gotten himself a job as an agent instead of scratching his belly and spying on GH, or he should just became a privet eye . The aunt and her husband acting as a newlywed every time sparks jealousy from SM mother. JH mother hit the jackpot and it is weird no one announced her presence.

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  13. 51 minutes ago, yamiyugi said:

    Speaking of Geum Hui asking for a divorce so that she can finally adopt Youreum I have a question where is she going to live after the divorce and what is going to happen to the house that they currently live in. knowing Sang Mi she will probably demand that Cheater sell of the house so that Geum Hui is going to have trouble and might not get the adoption approval.


    She will move back with her parent for sure because she needs her support system to show that even when she is at work her parent could look after their grandson. I hope she never give up her alimony or half of everything because JH doesn't deserve to go free.

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  14. The grandfather stealing the cousin cloth was funny :joy:, but the mother not recognizing the girl that she wants to get rid of is weird, she never saw her picture at all?

    The doctor obsessing over the lawyer is creepy, ask him out or move on. She is not a teenager girl to have a secret crush.

    Bo Mi should come clean to the lawyer instead of trying to handle it alone on her illegal status.

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  15. 5 hours ago, GuimHui said:

    due to financial reasons.


    She has a job ( she is will beg SW to get it back) and her parent will help and she could live with them and she will have her alimony from the divorce. So she will have enough to raise YR.


    1 hour ago, dramaninja said:

    I hope somehow GH and SW beat SM to the punch of getting marry that would be oh so fun.

     If only our wishes could come true but nope :dissapointed:


    12 minutes ago, marrez1 said:

    JH would want  to adopt ths boy as single parent so after the divorce? really? why,? It dosen't make sense,


    I think it is just a mistake instead of GH it said JH.

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