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  1. This is unfair for SK really, now she will become a bank for the two women after she was an ATM machine. I was expecting it was her imagination but it wasn't. Her husband is disgusting she keeps pushing him and saying no and he seems set on getting her pregnant no matter what. Wouldn't be surprised if he tricked her and tried to steal her eggs and hired his ex as a surrogate.


    SH drinking the whole thing why I'm not surprised at all but it seems he remembers, both of SJ and SY changing the contact name of each other on the same day was cute, YJ now is hanging more around SJ and SY instead on moving on and SJ trying to help SD with her career by getting her a modeling gig. Ms. Hong trying to get the shareholders on her side in the preview means things might get tough for the Choi family.


     Mi-Ri did great, he humiliated her and looked down on her love, she should move on.

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  2. The Eun sister father was a great man who worked so hard for his family, he never cheated on his wife >> wait, what he did cheat on his wife OK, at least he didn't abandon his two daughters>> wait what he did OK at least he supported them >> what now? he didn't OK, don't tell me now he didn't help his ex-wife when she got sick and needed money for treatment >> oh he did see he is a great father how much did he help them with, wow 15,000  that's so generous of him >> you mean 1,500. Oh OK he is a salary man>> What do you mean by 150$ you're kidding?. That loser dares to say his daughters look down on him because of their mother sickness and because she is weak, she has an excuse for being weak it called Chemotherapy, what is his excuse for being a lousy father, kids feel safe and protected because of their fathers.



    Ms. Hong running to Mr. Choi office just to protect her son face in front of JY was not a smart move since JY is onto her, JY know and the older sister knows and SJ knows no but he will forget maybe, that behind every problem there is Ms. Hong, SH was about to join the list but he might stray. SJ sister is more scared of her father finding out that she went on her knees and totally ignored her husband.



    SK, I really wanted her to have a clean break up, her husband deserves to be cheated on, he has to take a good look at himself his first wife cheated now the second wife, it is his fault but that is not an excuse for cheating.


    I'm 99.999999% sure that SH will forget if not they would have ended the episode with him not drinking by throwing away the drink. Looking at his tortured face and tormented soul makes me wanna cave in and feel sorry for him but then I remember he is a stalker and brush that feeling off.


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  3. I was checking the asianwiki page of this drama, I know that young SH is the same boy from "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim", what I found today interesting is that even the girl played young SY was the same girl too, she was very cute when she was telling the boy WWWSK that she is gonna marry him but it didn't work for them here.


    The best friend CY in her profile picture looks gorgeous. It seems it is her first acting gig and she is doing a great job.


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  4. 51 minutes ago, Yi Gui said:

    can you fill me in why SJ's sister needed surrogacy in the first place? Is there something wrong with her body so she cannot conceive? Or she just does not want to lose good body figure for pregnancy?

     I think because she is old and it is hard for to conceive, that is the only reason they always use in Kdrama.

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  5. SY remembering her relationship with SH and reflecting on their memories together where there was nothing much, they met as children and SH went to his mother and he met SJ, then SY and SH met again but when did they meet again exactly?. What made SH and SY think they might be couples?.

    SJ stepping in instead of his shameless sister, it seems the first obstacle is out in the open.

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  6. That trash Eun dad blaming the mother for being sick instead of blaming himself for not doing his duty as a father, and for his wife to tell him that he has nothing to do with them!. I don't understand men and women using a trashy slur to describe women they have a problem with?. Where they use words with associate with prostitutes. No amount of water could cleanse his dirty soul.



     I really thought for a second she will stab him in the neck! and hoped for it deep inside.



    The slap was missing one thing, for SY to be more confident and not bulldozer to let it slide but the only great outcome that SY knows who is actually behind it, I hope she never gets intimidated by Ms. Hong anymore.



    I think every preview gets us excited only to disappoint us. The show is almost halfway and there is a lot of things that happened and a lot of time for fillers episode. I hope things go towards retaliation from SY instead of Ms. Hong ruining SJ to his disease for the next 50 episodes to getting revenge and redemption for the last episodes.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Yi Gui said:


    The only good part I like is SJ told his father he is not marrying JY! but it is about 1 min in total~:joy:  


    SJ is such a likable character, as a boyfriend, a brother, a son and a colleague...He is the only one by far who has not been disappointing to me


    His father is an idiot but at least he cares about SJ. Unlike the Eun sister dad, his daughter getting slandered by his wife and he keeps his mouth shut, that idiot it worthless. I still remember him giving SD 150$ for her mother treatment.

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  8. So she tells her son "Go on and live your life but I'm killing myself so I wouldn't be an obstacle in your way", what a piece of trash. The Eun family are lucky to have CY as a friend she is a great girl and very helpful, I really like how she is always worried about them and does a lot for them.
    Now I'm suspicious of the maid Miss. Do she might be SK aunt inside man or she is just a better fortuneteller than her, but she was right that bulldozer doesn't know how to dress and she dared to mock SY sense of fashion. She looks like a painted elephant that escaped from the circus or cotton candy from a carnival or one of the Teletubbies that failed in her audition to be on the TV show and went to the dark side.



    SJ saying it is the best kiss of his life make it seem he kissed a lot of frogs until he found his princess but JY is not even a frog. The options he gave her all are on his benefits.



    Again how come the two most stupid women get the most important info so fast and without any struggle?

    I suspect the last scene of the preview to be a dream, no way it is true, too good to be true.


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  9. 1 hour ago, Yi Gui said:

    Do you mean he wanted to sleep with her? for real? seriously ?  


    It was episode 29 at the beginning of the episode, he wanted her to assure him that she belongs to him and loves him. The title was because the minion called Ms. Hong and told her that SH took YS to a motel, she made SY sound very cheap.


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  10. 41 minutes ago, xprosperity said:

    (Also cannot wait to see SJ and SH fight for some reason. I used to like SH and now it's like I can't stand him; always forcing SJ to choose between protecting SY and staying loyal to him.)


    I use to have second lead syndrome until the day he dragged SY to a hotel wanting her to give herself to him to get rid of any doubt about their relationship as if she is just a soulless body and made me sick to my stomach. I really wanted to cheer for him especially with a mother like Ms. Hong, I really believed he deserves to be happy because he is kind and gentle, then he started to act like a scumbag and disappointed me.

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  11. If SH has a half brain he will wonder why his mother said " Because of a girl", his mother ruined her son for a company. If she is that great she wouldn't need to steal someone else's fortune to give it to her son. She should have spent her 30 years in something more constructive instead of enslaving herself and her son for something she could have built all on her own.

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  12. 8 hours ago, fanofr said:

    Why does the illegitimate daughter allow her husband and his child to treat her that way?  They are staying in that house because of her connections!  


    Because of her dad who turned her into a servant/doormat, the step-daughter keeps coming back because her mother pushes her to do so, and she acted all sweet in front of the awful SK dad, so basically SK has no saying in the house even over the maid. She is afraid of her father if she caused a problem so she should just lay low and live invisible.


    I  don't know why she married a divorcee with a child, who seems incompetent and does nothing at all. I think her aunt or her father forced her into this marriage, she is not happy but she is looking to please her father over her own happiness, she knows how he hates her but she doesn't know how her mother died if she did she wouldn't be so eager to his affection.


    SK should just leave and run away from home it is the best thing for her to be happy.

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  13. YS is getting to know Ms. Hong minions one by one, this is a good thing so she could act more cautious,  I was glad that YJ didn't get to speak much 17 min to the episode I spoke fast, then she comes along and ruins everyone else mood, but again she had a very brief appearance and not a lot of lines, even SH didn't get to talk much or at all. It was sad seeing him tear up it was like an "ah" moment, but turning into a creepy jealous stalker is not the solution. He wants to leave his mother and that is a great thing and a good step.




    So she will give her water to drink but she wouldn't feed her?. She placed the cup closer to Ms. Hong side, she was very prepared for the scene from the water to closing her eyes.




    SK breaks my heart every time and today it was the saddest day of her life, it is that wicked itch fault Ms. Hong and her selfish aunt. She was so happy only to be crashed down by that loser of a dad. She should do what he told her and just leave the house of lies and darkness and deception or at least her aunt has to tell her the whole truth or let her go.




    Ms. Hong planned everything now that her son became the collateral damage for her evil schemes she blames SY as always.


    The ex-wife planning and eyeing the LX group money is stupid because her ex is nothing at all, she is a home wrecker who wrecked her own home, but it is good for SK to get rid of her husband and her step-daughter, but for her to move so fast to find bulldozer weakness is amazing. Ms. Hong now has a new enemy but the secret is not hers so even if it was exposed it will not harm her as much as the bulldozer, unless if it was illegal in Korea to become a surrogate broker.


    MI-RI fight with the bad dresser could have been funnier if she actually passed out and was sent to a hospital, the bulldozer will fear her image and her dad anger, things would have worked perfectly for her.

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  14. It was very nice seeing her smile today for the first time, it was a very happy moment until her aunt ruined it for her. By the way, when a young woman shows interest in an older guy, he never thinks of himself as an uncle but more of an "Ajosshi " but when a young guy shows interest in an older woman she acts as if she thinks of herself as more of an aunt like SK did today and not an "Ajumma".



    So he never spends time with his daughter or his wife but he goes to work to play and chat with his assistant, what a weird guy, he is incompetent on all levels.



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  15. 3 hours ago, Pam_Van Fossen said:

    I think she was just uncomfortable eating because of SH.



    No, I don't think that is the reason, whenever there is a scene where she has to eat she never does, she either takes a very small bite a very tiny one like when she was eating chicken and she keeps chewing on it or pretend to do so, or she nibbles on it as she did with the bread, but she never ever eats probably at all, I think it is either the actress feels uncomfortable eating in front people or camera or she is counting her calories.

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  16. Ms. Hong fakeness always makes me sick to my stomach, the difference between SH and SJ that one of them got her food, the other one was waiting for his mommy to tell him or to do so. #TeamSJ



    Today while watching  SK driving the coach I wondered exactly as she did while watching him smiling and being nice is he after her money or someone hired him then I remembered how he became the coach then I remembered "familiar wife", then started to worry and she made me feel sad for her. Her only mistake is that she stayed with them.



    OK, this is the third time I say this, what is she eating exactly?. What? if she doesn't wanna eat then don't write the eating scenes or film her from behind. That pizza looked good and she is licking it or sipping it but she is definitely not eating it.







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  17. 3 hours ago, Pam_Van Fossen said:

    I really do not want SK to have an affair with the golfer guy

     Me too I want her to have a clean break up and move on with her life before getting involved in a new relationship.


    3 hours ago, Pam_Van Fossen said:

    She needs to kick that husband and daughter out of her house and divorce him.   

    She just needs to leave the house and divorce her whole family, no one deserves her when she is trying so hard to please everyone she forgot herself and even became the least important person in the house, it goes dad, SJ, the maid, her step-daughter, incompetent husband, then her.


    It is amazing how Ms. Hong planes always explode in her face, it always backfires and has a deferent result she wants and it is all because she is not telling her son that she wants him to have the company and SY doesn't fit you and I don't like her for you I want you to be with JY she is rich and she will be good for you, I don't know if she did it in purpose showing a fake concerns for SJ in front of her son or it was just a slip out of habit in front of JY.


    JY appeared in two scenes where once again she put Ms. Hong in her place and I hope next she will do that to SH so his mother will stop dreaming to have her as a DIL unless if her son dignity means nothing if it is a stepping stone to his success. I thought the ending as missing, we saw Ms. Hong reaction but not the aftermath where she starts power walking.


    I use to be team SH but not anymore, he started to get ahead of himself and he is clueless of his mom involvement in a plot to ruin SJ using SY, he needs to open his eyes.



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    So, SH saves the day and SJ gets the reward they had a lot of nice moment like they use to do before, I didn't realize that JY wasn't around for couple episode till the end. I guess we all win something.

    SH always gets suspicious toward his mother then just brush it off. SK had a lovely moment that's why she should get divorced before they slander her as an adulteress. 

    Regarding TW being EB father is weird, the first thing bulldozer was against him getting a DNA test and the assistant contaminated the sample. Now Ms. Hong is plotting a Cinderella story for SY and SJ and she will play the wicked witch with the minions.

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  19. Mi-Ri assistant is so stupid. SJ sister for the first time she does something good while she is bulldozing but SY will ruin everything as usual and cave in and let Ms. Hong getaway, SH was very rude in SJ office. Ms. Hong acting adorable burned my eyes it was cringy. I saw her with her minions and paused for a second in horror and that sound she made. Then with her son was the worst.


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