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  1. I don't know but I'm feeling that Janice won't take revenge on Carrie. Because, firstly - she has seen firsthand how evil SEH is and the extent she'd go to get things going her way. Secondly, she loves HJ and she'd find it hard to forgive her mom for what she did to HJ and Carrie. She may be shocked and angry when she finds out the truth. After she has calmed down, she'd at least understand why Carrie did what she did.
  2. I think Dr Yang forged the internist's signature on the form that he wanted Prof. Shim to sign. He was pressured by PMG to get her to agree to the operation.
  3. Quite likely Dr. Do is trying to get Dr Kim implicated in the table death. The purpose of In beom heading to Doldam could be an attempt to give Dr Kim a heads-up on his father's dastardly plot. Dr Park seems to get into shock whenever something goes wrong. During the accident and during the rich boy's op. He didn't seem to know what to do. Instead it was the Anaestesiologist who tried to save the patient. He is worse that Eun-jae.
  4. Just as SJ tried everything to entice CD, she'd do the same and more to protect her husband. Not that she loves JH to death but just that she hates losing.
  5. As Dr. Kim said, Dr. Yang doesn't look well. Suspect he may need surgery. He will be ashamed of his attitude after SWJ saves his life. I'm sure there will be an epilogue on Dr. Bae's family history and what happened with those 2 loan sharks.
  6. Dr. Yang should be kicked out from Geodae and Doldam. He can sign contract with Hyun jun instead. With regards to Manager Jang, I recall somewhat that he is Head Nurse Oh's ex husband.
  7. I hope JW's mom's company goes bankrupt after people start boycotting her for what she did to CA. That would be the best punishment for her since she's so obsessed with her company and status. If KSW is really HR's bio brother, JW's mother would never accept an ex-con's sister. Even if KWS was framed, he did spend time in jail.
  8. Mi-hyang said EH did the switch to cover up her mistake. Does that mean that it wasn't YK's mom that asked for the switch?
  9. Dr. Bae advised Dr. Kim to use his hidden card before its too late. Doesn't that sound like Dr. Bae knows what the hidden card is? And I think Do guy knows Dr. Kim has something up his sleeve. That's the reason he wants Dr Park and Dr Kim to clash. But its still a mystery to me if Chairman Shin is alive or dead. One more mystery - Professor Shim seems so protective and concerned about Dr. Seo's future. I wonder if she's actually related to him.
  10. Legally, I think Carrie can't be punished for kidnap as 30 years have passed, right? However, SEH's medical licence be revoked as she is still a practising doctor.
  11. In the final episode, when Kim Pro was on the plane, he did a second look at the air stewardess. Was it his ex girlfriend? And was CMJ the owner of the ruler ? Yea, bring on Season 2.
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