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  1. @irilight " I love your illuminations, and your knowledge that you share with us. Glad to see you here." Thank you, will be around to answer any historical queries & information as I had done in the drama "Hwajeong" (Splendid Politics)
  2. @Jillia "I think if they got married as children already she should know Lee Hun very well and at least be suspicious about the sudden change in behavior. " For history knowledge.....& in no relation to the drama Queen Munseong (1576-1623) married Gwanghaegun when she was 11 in 1587 & was confer Princess Consort Munseong. In 1592 (at the last days before the Japanese invasion or Imjin Wars) at the age of 16, she was made Crown Princess. In 1608, at the age of 32 she became Queen Consort when Gwanghaegun ascended the throne Contrary to the drama, Queen Munseong borne Gwanghaegun a son Crown Prince Yi Jil (이지, 李祬) in 1598 Gwanghaegun died in Jeju-do in 1641 age 67, although he was initially buried in Jeju-do but in 1643, according to his last will, he was move to the present Gwanghaegun Myo ( 남양주 광해군묘) in Namyangju Gyeonggi-do that he wish to buried at the down-right side of his mother Royal Noble Consort of Gongbin of Kim clan tomb. Gwanghaegun is buried together with his Queen, Queen Munseong who had died in Ganghwa Island in 1623, was initially buried in Yangju then move to join her husband at the present site in 1643. Gwanghaegun had a Royal Tomb (myo) befitting of his Princedom rank not King In 2002, a Cyber Joseon Dynasty network render Gwanghaegun a temple name although it is an unofficial bestowment as the Bureau that confer temple name " The Bureau of Rites" (Yejo, 예조) or Hongmungwan (Office of Special Advisors,홍문관 弘文館) no longer exist. Gwanghaegun with a temple name (묘호,廟號) of Hyejong (혜종,惠宗) & his posthumous official title is 혜종 경렬성평민무헌문대왕 (惠宗 景烈成平愍武獻文大王- Hyejong Gyeong Ryeol Seong Pyeong Min Mu Heon Mun Dae Wang) For Queen Munseong of Ryu Clan, she had been bestowed as Queen Hyejang (혜장왕후,惠章) & her posthumous official title is 소온사헌혜장왕후 (昭溫思獻惠章王后 - So Eun Sa Heon Hyejang Wanghu) The tomb had been upgrade to King's tomb with the given name Yeolneung (열릉,烈 陵).
  3. For those who are interested.. a sort of a prequel to this drama This is not first Gwanghaegun that Yeo Jin Woo had portray. Yeo Jin Woo played Crown Prince Gwanghae in 2017 movie "Warrior of the Dawn"
  4. Should be a great historical drama Crown Prince Sohyeon's great grandson Prince Mil Pung Gun, Yi Tan (밀풍군 이탄) is making an appearance from the historical closet, giving a run for the throne as well The drama covering the workings of Saheonbu (사헌부, 司憲府, Office of Inspector General) will be worth watching
  5. Episode 57-58 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktVXImB-GjI This is really classic. I will translate Halmeoni reprimanding her own daughter in law Mrs Wang: Just leave with your mother...I am a person who will not feel any pity even if you now divorced Dae Ryeok & leave our household Do Ran: Eomeoni? Halmeoni: Emi (에미)! What are you now blather over there!!!...What....towards Sae Aegi (daughter in law) who is newly wed not so long ago....what prattle are you rendering Emi (에미 - an informal referring address from the speaker to mother of your children or in this case grandchildren) Mrs Wang: It is not that..Eomeoni....that woman who is so called Sae Aegi's mother who you have given her 300 million...was scam all her money....came again to Sae Aegi for more money Halmeoni: the so called Sae Aegi's mother.....what vulgarity are you addressing to our in laws Mrs Wang: What? Halmeoni: In laws already in dire predicament to have come to see Sae Aegi, how perturb she is feeling, as an elder.....you should have a heart for her.....what prattle did you render her.....divorce & leave this household Mrs Wang: it is not that...Eomeoni...it is just that I was feeling embarrassed & was upset Halmeoni: Do you think that you are so prepossessing in my life to have you stay with me!! Mrs Wang: Eomeoni? Halmeoni: You had Housekeeper Yeoju (Yeoju Daek) "force" to leave the service....Sae Aegi who did not know a thing, have her manage the household....in the morning breakfast & dinner for the whole family members...manage household chores.....looking after a dementia elder like me...nowadays where you going to get this kind hearted daughter in law like that.....you should be express your gratitude for her. A person who doesn't know how to express gratitude...that is not a person but a brute Yeoju Daek (여주댁) denotes she is from Yeoju (여주시, 驪州市) is a city in Gyeonggi-do Province while Daek (댁,宅 which means residence household). It is a respectfully term of address for someone of equal or lower status. Although these days the word Daek (댁,宅) have come to means somewhat of a slang....generally refer to housekeeper Mrs Wang: Eomeoni!!! Halmeoni: You who is always loaf & idle with expenditure & play ....what good have you done...as for me to say...if you are not in this household.....I don't feel any pity for you either Mrs Wang: Omo! Eomeoni? Halmeoni: In my in & out of my dementia stage....do you think that you can just sidelined me like that....I am still not dead yet...From now onwards...all meals will be prepare by you & younger daughter in law...if you can't manage then recalled Housekeeper Yeoju (Yeoju Daek) to the household....just because I stand idle & not do a thing that you can take me as a scarecrow (heosuabi,허수아비)... Mrs Wang: Eomeoni? Halmeoni:......you wretched wench!!
  6. In the preview WOW! MY confront her ex-husband, as she is curious what he will do as he knows that she is suffering from dementia MY: Even though how ill, am I.....I am still Yi Mi Yeon
  7. Episode 26 The Park really have self confidence & will not be trample Truth serum when they are in drunken stupor SH tells JS's mother that there will have established separate houshold (move out) after marriage ET gets a slap from YH for his "cold treatment" . ET whisper ES in her when the dandelion wind disperse (usually in June), he will return HS return MY the title deed to their house.....the condition/compensation that MS gave to HS to leave his mother. MY asked HS to tell her the true colours of her son MS to her
  8. GY: It seems you have no knowledge, that today, this event is done on my behalf ONR: What?..What are you saying.....What is she trying to say there HJA: Do you want me to tell you then.... ONR: What? HJA slaps ONR ONR: Hui Jang Nim? HJA: Why....Let me come & introduce.....my daughter....the person that you had make her died in an accident.....my DAUGHTER!!!! I thought they could have done a better job.....like everyone taking their turns to "slap" at ONR since they were all standing in a line
  9. Preview to Episode 121 JS: There is a guest outside (HJA?) JS Mother: No matter what, I am deliberating what we need to reprimand (teach the lesson) that wench (ONR) JS: How about having lunch? ONR: What is happening here....JS makes the first move to invite me for a meal HJA: In comparison to showing my intend (feelings), I will definitely show you what trepidation is JS: I will slowly have a change of heart towards you HJA: Finally.....now I have really enter into the social league JS: Goya?...Goya! Most likely she is fixing breakfast
  10. Preview to Episode 121 GY: it is because of this reason that I left JS brother: Is it not Jesu-si, this time? Jesu (제수) is for a male address for the wife of his younger brother GY Aunt: Do you know who came to our shop? Grandmother Jang: It is because of a person's obstrution that had preventing the both of you to meet ONR: You are not only just my "meal ticket" you are also my saving grace HJN: Go & find out every single details for me JS: Now that person is no longer our family JS Mother: Then who is that person JS: Let us do this together
  11. Episode 120 Go Ya sprain her ankle (phew!) & went to the hospital for treatment & through the medical records, located her Ha Jin Ah is informed that Goya is her daughter Preview Finding Go Ya. Ji Suk locates Go Ya
  12. Preview Episode 120 My medical prognosis from watching k-drama all these years, is Go Ya going to suffer from osteosarcoma.....judging that she suffering weakness around her knee
  13. Great Episode today Yoo Ha is Eun Soo biological mother & did Donor Insemination through IVF or IUI with the approval of her "divorce" husband who had legally sign the document of consent, so the argument of the "extra-martial" affairs is void. Yoo Ha also lodge a counter-suit against Haea Eun Soo also stand to inherit Haea's fortune through the Chairman's will, which Yoo Ha had told Chae Hee Kyeong that she is willing & gladly accept on her daughter's behalf Chae Hee Kyeong had really "stir up the hornet's nest"
  14. @angelwingssf "did you discuss those beautiful mountains with the pink flowers in "King in Love"?" You mean the azaleas in Ganghwa-do Island's Goryeosan mountain Episode 118 Just to note that JS mother asked Go Ya not to registered their marriage, to wait for a year, even asked Go Ya to go on contraceptive
  15. @lclarakl " I was interested in where she went. Do you know what type of province it is? In other words, is it farming? I was trying to think of how she will make a living. " A town that have train station accessibility Judeok-eup (주덕읍,周德邑) is a sizeable town with a population of 5,400 people You may notice that they 'smudge" the train station signage
  16. For those who are interested Go Ya went to Judeok (주덕), Cheongju in Chuncheongbuk-do province It is about an hour train ride from Seoul
  17. For those who are interested in the "hanja" (Chinese character) of the word "Hwi" that Ro Si Gae wrote his given name at his palm 徽 Ro Si Gae complains over the complexity of his name that consist of 17 strokes when Ja Hyeon taught her the strokes. The most complex Chinese character that is current consist of 57 strokes while there is an obsolete character that had 64 strokes
  18. Preview to Final Episode (20) Eo Eul Eun: Cheonha, now you need to preserve one's life Yi Kang: Even if it called for my death, I will conclude it in this palace Do Jeong Guk: Although we eliminate the soldiers who have infiltrate the palace but however we have lost the Queen's whereabouts (Jungjeon, 중전,中殿, Na Gyeom) Yi Kang: It is because I (Gwa In,과인,寡人) have hurt your feelings so many times...I (Gwa In) will slowly reimburse that back to you Yi Hwi: Hyungnim.....what does he think he is up to.... Eo Eul Eun: He is now in Jeongjeon (정전, 政殿) awaiting for you Dae Gun Jeongjeon (정전, 政殿) is short for Geunjeongjeon (근정전 勤政殿) which is throne hall in Gyeongbokgung palace Grand Queen Dowager: Jinyang had escaped from Milgung (밀궁,密宮, Secret chamber)?.....In the end, we still need to see blood being shed Yi Hwi: Please come down, this seat/position is no longer yours to have, Hyungnim Yi Kang: However you should also know all too well...this Hyungnim of yours....Arrgh! @1451 I will like to express my ardent appreciation for your many postings in this thread
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