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  1. Episode 51 Clip of the episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRgreewxXJA
  2. History lesson Daesaheon Yi Yi Gyeom ( 이이겸) & Prime Minister Kim Chang Jung (김창중) Daesaheon Yi Yi Gyeom is loosely based on historical figure Yi Yi Myeong (이이명,李頤命 1658 - 1722) Prime Minister Kim Chang Jung is loosely based on historical figure Kim Chang Jib (김창집 ,金昌集, 1648 - 1722) I don't know whether the drama have downplay Shinimsahwa (신임사화, 辛壬士禍, Literati Purge of 1721) but in history Yi Yi Myeong & Kim Chang Jib were the casualties Please note that Daesaheon Yi Yi Gyeom's Mandarin Square (흉배, 胸背) is Haechi
  3. @star2010 "1. is it possible for gisaeng like Yoon Yoeng becomes queen consort?" Not in history, but the closes will be Jang Nok Su, Consort to Yeonsangun (reign from 1494-1506), she was a gisaeng & was rank 3rd rank Su Yong (정3품 소용 正三品 昭容) "2. how does civil exam in Joseon work? How is Moon Soo sure that if he passes the exam he would work at Saheonbu and not another department? Does Minister of Personnel assign jobs for those who pass the exam?" I am sure that the newly investiture Crown Prince has "pull strings" for Park Mun Su to be in Saheonbu. With regards to Civil Examination read up on Gwageo (과거,科擧 or in China it is the Imperial Examination 科举)
  4. @smhelen "That horrible ex MIL slapped our girl. How dare she?" At that moment....Mr Kang woke up from his coma & have the strength to "scold" the Wangs
  5. Preview 101-102 Loan shark's son dies & Dae Ryeok paid for the funeral expenses, I hope that he will turn himself in Finally Mr Kang reprimand the Wangs for being nasty to his daughter
  6. @lightbringer06 "Maybe we should ask our historian..... about your question regarding the Cheon surname . @star2010 "Do you know any thing about Cheon surname in Joseon? is it a common for people to have that last name beside Lee, Kim and Park?" Korean surname "천" (Cheon) have different hanja/chinese character "千, 天, 川" Most Korean that bears the surname Cheon is "千" There is also alternative spelling "Cheon" is spell as "Jeon" (전 hanja 全 田 錢) which you have to listen to its intonation but my auditory perception is that it is the former not the latter We have to see when Cheon Yeo Ji writes her name in hanja to denote what is her surname but the Chinese subtitles have put her surname as "千" In the drama Dong Yi, before she was discover as "Choe" she use her surname as Cheon (천) which was written as "千" "Yeo Ji and Yoon Young share the same last name. Not sure whether they are related or it s just a normal thing to share a same common last name." Yes it is common to have the same surname & not be related. It all depends which bon-gwan (family clan, 본관, 本貫) or which provincial origin (gwan hyang 관향,貫鄕) they belong to Cheon Yun Yeong (천윤영, 千允英) or Bok Dan (복단, 福丹) her Cheon surname is "千 " too Also, who is this woman?..doesn't seem familiar to me ..this woman who Dal Moon was chasing after ? " In the character description, she save young Dal Moon from the streets & look after him but abandon him when she aspire to climb the social class ladder (remember with Yi Tan she wants to be Queen Consort) No one even how low class will not use Cheon (賤) from Cheonmin (賤民) as a surname. It is also not found in Baek Ga Seong (백가성,百家姓, Hundred Family Surnames) For example, take Yeongjo's mother who is from the cheonmin class. Royal Noble Consort Sukbin of Haeju Choe clan Her surname is Choe or Choi & her family clan was Haeju Choi clan (there are approx 160 Choe/Choi clans in Korea) " "what could be Yeoji's new job. She's standing in front of Gwanghwamun Gate, which is the main and largest gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace." Cheon Yeo Ji return to Saheonbu as Damo. In front of Gwanghwamun Gate stands two statues of Haechi. Saheonbu is located on the left side Gwanghwamun Gate The Joseon Ministries offices & bureau stands at both sides of what is today Gwanghwamun Square. On the right side stood Uijeongbu (의정부 議政府, the State Council), Yejo (예조 禮曹, the Ministry of Rites), Ijo (이조 吏曹, Ministry of Personnel, Min Jin Heon's Ministry), Hojo (호조 戶曹 the Ministry of Taxation), Hanseongbu (한성부 漢城府, Capital Magistracy) & Giroso (기로소, 耆老所, the Office of Elders). On the left were Samgunbu (삼군부 三軍府, Three Armies Command), Jungchubu (중추부 中樞府, the Office of Ministers-without-Portfolio), Saheonbu (사헌부 司憲府, the Office of Inspector-General), Byeongjo (병조 兵曹 ,the Ministry of Military Affairs), Hyeongjo (형조 刑曹, the Ministry of Justice), and Gongjo (공조 工曹, the Ministry of Public Works). Since the reign of Gwanghaegun, Gyeongbokgung palace is no longer the primary ruling palace. Changdeokgung palace is.....
  7. Organisation chart of Saheonbu (사헌부,司憲府, Office of Inspector General) So far the personnel we have seen. The physical office is known as Daejangcheong ( 대장청,臺長廳), the hearing & debate court in Saheonbu is Jejwacheong (제좌청,齊坐廳) Senior ranking staff Dae Sa Heon (대사헌,大司憲; 종2품 從二品, Inspector General). He is Yi Yi Gyeom, the person who Sukjong met & relay his Royal Intention that he wants Prince Yeoningun to succeed Gyeongjong. The person who seen siding with Prime Minister Kim. Jibui (집의 執義; 종3품, 從三品 Deputy Inspector General). The person who was flustered in the recent episode to which order to follow Min Jin Heon (to prosecute) or Yi Yi Gyeom (not to prosecute) until Wi Byeong Joo came in to advice for them to stay neutral Jipyeong (지평 持平 정5품 正五品 Senior Inspector) The current designation of Wi Byeong Joo Gamchal (감찰 監察 ;정6품 正六品 Inspector). The designation of Han Jeong Seok, currently Yun Hyuk & soon to be Park Mun Su Junior Ranking staff
  8. Episode 8 When Ja Dong mentioned to Cho Hong that she will be title Sohon (소훈 昭訓, carries the rank 종5품, 從五品) when she enter the palace but then Cho Hong mentioned how could she as Prince Yeoningun have not render her Seung Eun (승은, 承恩) Seung Eun (승은, 承恩) is a person who has been render favour or a chance to be bedfellow. Some had mentioned that Cho Hong is loosely based Royal Noble consort Jeongbin of Yi clan (1694-1721) History Jeongbin of Yi clan was a palace maid & enter the Royal Household of Prince Yeoninggun. In 1717 she borne Princess Hwa Eok (화억옹주, 和億翁主 1717-1718). In 1719, she borne Crown Prince Hyojang (효장세자,孝章世子 1719-1728, prior to his Crown Prince, he was title Prince Gyeonguigun - 경의군, 敬義君). In 1721, when Prince Yeoningun became Brother Heir Apparent (Wangseje, 왕세제,王世弟), she was title Sohon (소훈 昭訓). When Prince Yeoningun as Yeongjo ascended the throne in 1724, she was promoted to Senior 4th rank Sowon (소원, 昭媛, 정4품 正四品). When Yeongjo made Crown Prince Hyojang (효장세자, 孝章世子) his Heir Apparent, his mother was promoted to Jeongbin (정빈이씨 靖嬪李氏)
  9. @lightbringer06 "how is Yeoning and Yi Tan related..are they blood related?" Yes they are.....they are posterity of Injo Crown Prince Sohyeon & Grand Prince Bongrim are brothers
  10. @lightbringer06 "I tried doing my own research, but I can't seem to find anything regarding Yi Tan or Prince Mil Poong. Is that even his name from the history? " I wrote on Prince Mipunggun Yi Tan (밀풍군 이탄, 密豊君 李坦 1698-1729) on page 7 on this forum He is the Crown Prince Sohyeon Yi Wang 's (소현세자 이왕, 昭顯世子 李汪, 1612 – 1645) great grandson Injo & his Crown Prince were not in the best of terms especially after the Crown Prince return from his study tour to Manchuria/political hostage to the Qing, later Injo towards his daughter in law Crown Princess Minhoe (1611-1646, Sukjong reinstated her Crown Princess status in 1718, depicted in the drama). Injo charge his daughter in law for treason thus making her sons void to succeed the throne. Injo exile & killed 2 out of 3 Crown Princess Minhoe's son. Prince Milpunggun Yi Tan descend from Crown Princess Minhoe's youngest son Prince Gyeongangun Yi Hoe (경안군 이회, 慶安君 李檜, 1644 - 1665) Injo made Grand Prince Bongrim, his 2nd son as Crown Prince & later succeed Injo as Hyojong. Sukjong, Gyeongjong & Yeongjo are from his lineage The 2013 Jbtc drama Cruel palace - War of Flower (궁중잔혹사 – 꽃들의 전쟁) is one of the best depiction "And btw, to any Korean historians out there, do you know why they normally change their names when they become the king, like Yi Geum/Yeoning, for example, where it was later changed to King Yeongjo, and his grandson Yi San, changed to Jeongjo who proceeded as the next king. Take an example on Yeongjo Given name Yi Geum (이금, 李昑) Infant name: Hui Su (禧壽), his elder brother from the same mother was Prince Yeongsu (永壽) At the age 5 investiture with Princedom Prince Yeoning (연잉군, 延礽君) When reign as King, he is just known as The King (Jeonha, 전하 殿下). It is treasonous to address the King by his given name When he dies, he is given a temple name (묘호, 廟號) Yeongjo (영조,英祖) & history will known him by this name Other names that Yeongjo bears Pen-name (호, 號) Yang Seong Heon (양성헌,養性軒) Courtesy name (자, 字): Gwangsuk (광숙, 光叔)
  11. For those who are interested The wishing "nut" is hazelnut (Gye Am Namu, 개암나무, Corylus heterophylla) & not acorn.
  12. Episode 49 Go Rae mother goes "tactlessly" to see a former widowed sister in law who have since remarry for 20 years asking for her son (first cousin to Go Rae) to be a donor & got turn down flat by the former sister in law. It is like, first time meeting in 20 years & all you want is my son as a "spare part" For those who are interest in amusement park is Seoul Land, Seoul Seoul Land is better for younger kids than Everland & Lotte World Take Line 4 Seoul Grand Park Station, walk 100m to Seoul Land entrance & take the elephant train (free ride with your admission ticket) to the park
  13. Preview to Episode 50 Mr Kang goes into hepatic coma Doctor: His status is in the state unconsciousness (coma) Mrs Wang: Do Ran asked you to be together with her Chairman Wang: Do Ran will think that you are making her a burden Mrs Kim: I just had a dream (태몽 conception dreams) that in law's living room had appear in golden Zucchini (Hobak).....I think our Mi Ran is pregnant Do Ran: All this while, Appa you must be very tired with hardship...whatever Appa you have done, what to do that you can't seem to escape from the past...Appa...you should then leave....let end this Dae Ryeok: It is a 30 years old killing case...will you able to help me find out whether I could find the Court transcript & documents related to the case
  14. @stroppyse " YR's mother refused to let her son be tested. " YR''s mother informed whether true or false that her son had been diagnose with fatty liver (지방간,脂肪肝) from his last medical examination Go Rae needs 70% of his liver replace, when Mi Ran cries to Do Ran, she mentioned she is not a match From the preview, Mr Kang is a match for Go Rae but Do Ran fear that her father is taking a great fatality risk to donate. Do Ran mentioned that she will donate instead (whether or not she had already tested her liver as a match), of course father & daughter tussle over the risks in the transplant
  15. Clip of the Episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfIvH2Kmkzs Mrs Wang & Daya had to save the dishes & pot as Grandma swipe off the dinning table
  16. @circulate9oo "BTW, there are still other possible royal successors even without Lord Jinpyeong. " In history Seonjo had 13 sons from 6 Secondary Consorts
  17. @kingkong72 It is not over with Shin Ji Suk & Queen Dowager, remember they discuss that they will put a Young/Child King on throne & Queen Dowager can act as Regent & giving Shin Ji Suk the control of the Court Prince Jinpyeong is no longer in their equation, his death is a favour to them We have to wait for Ha Seon to deal with them
  18. It is confirm that they went to Sinseondae Cliff & Observatory in Geoje The actual location can be found 2:53
  19. Preview Milpungun is shock & mentioned "Seje" Gyeongjong had name Prince Yeoningun as Wangseje (왕세제,王世弟, Brother Heir Apparent) There are only 2 Brother Heir Apparent in Joseon Dynasty Taejong (3rd King of Joseon) brother of Jeongjong (2nd King of Joseon) Yeongjo (21st King of Joseon brother of Gyeongjong (20th King of Joseon)
  20. @Yongzura "Looking at our new dedicated officer in Saheonbu, it reminds me of "Flower of the Prison" again." Yun Hyeok (played by Choi Min Cheol 최민철) the dedicated Saheonbu Officer was the Prison Director Jeong Dae Sik in Flower in Prison
  21. @spark101 "Today I discovered prince ahn-gye (안계군- is there an official romanization of his name?) is a real figure." 안계군 - An Gye Gun (RR transliteration, South Korea) There is 2 An Gye Gun in Joseon history that bear the same name or in the Jeonju Yi clan 안계군 이보인(安溪君 李保仁, An Gye Gun Yi Bo In) Great Grandson of Grand Prince Ui An Dae Gun Yi Hwa 의안대군 이화 (義安大君 李和 1348-1408), elder brother of Yi Seong Gye, founder of Joseon The drama timeline 안계군 이지(安溪君 李墀, An Gye Gun Yi Ji 1703 - 1738), Grandson of Grand Prince Inpyeong Dae Gun Yi Yo (인평대군 이요 ,麟坪大君 李㴭, 1622 - 1658) 3rd son of Injo & Queen Inryeol. Died from Diabetes at the age 36 years
  22. Episode 5 (9-10) There is a timeline starts a year after Sukjong death & in the reign of Gyeongjong Soron faction had make an appearance Gyeongjong’s reign in 1721-1722, we will see the political purge known the Shinim Sahwa (신임사화, 辛壬士祸). One of the casualty in this purge is Royal Consort Jeong Bin of Hamseong Yi clan (1694-1721) mother of Crown Prince Hyojang (1719-1728)
  23. Episode 14 Queen Dowager is deposed to Seogung (West palace). In history the reference to Seogung (서궁) is presently known as Deoksugung Palace. Prince Jinpyeong & his troop enter the Doninmun (돈의문 敦義門) commonly known as Seodaemun (West Gate 서대문 西大門). It is one of the 4 main gate of the Hanyang Fortress Wall It was demolished in 1915 but the Seoul Government has plan to rebulit the gate but is delayed to 2022 due to budget constraints
  24. Here is my "pundit" on the ending Since they already tell that the drama is pure fictional from the opening title & the drama have obviously omitted "Gwanghae" that was in the movie title to just title "Man who became King" We can assume that this is an alternative Universe Joseon We may find that Ha Seon will successfully crushed Prince Jin Pyeong revolt then became a Sage King as he promise the Queen History will give due recognition for his achievement, therefore they had bestowed a temple name (묘호,廟號) of Hyejong (혜종,惠宗) & his posthumous official title is 혜종 경렬성평민무헌문대왕 (惠宗 景烈成平愍武獻文大王- Hyejong Gyeong Ryeol Seong Pyeong Min Mu Heon Mun Dae Wang). While the Queen, she had been bestowed as Queen Hyejang (혜장왕후,惠章) & her posthumous official title is 소온사헌혜장왕후 (昭溫思獻惠章王后 - So Eun Sa Heon Hyejang Wanghu) The Royal tomb Yeolneung (열릉,烈 陵)
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