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  1. I first checked this drama mainly because of the male lead (loved him since Marriage not dating) but Kim Se Jong has been such a wonderful surprise and the romance and the thriller part has been haunting me. I’m watching and enjoying also a very popular airing drama right now, but THIS is the drama that I’m waiting for every single day of the week. About the romance part, I appreciate the fact that every time the female lead tried to confess to him he kind of turned her down bluntly like “being interested in someone and liking someone are two different things” or “there can’t be nothing between us” and I personally think that he didn’t actually approach her trying to make her fall for him, it happened and he has been taking advantage of it (and of course I didn’t like it) like “let’s go together to retrieve your traumatic memories”. He seems to me like a rightful man who has been carrying a huge guilt on his shoulders as if he failed to “save” his little brother and he has been falling for the possible actual murder all along. At first I noticed during her breakdowns he didn’t really empathize with her, he tried to interrogate her like a police man instead, he didn’t touch her never, he stayed far from her every time she cried in front of him and I didn’t notice real affection, just attraction during their first kiss. But now, I only saw some scenes, but he embraced her and comforted her before kissing her, so I guess his feelings went too ahead and he couldn’t stop. She felt sick because she couldn’t stop herself from liking him even after knowing the whole story, but I think he can’t feel much better about himself either, considering that he’s kissing the potential murder of his brother. For me right now they’re both on the same page, it will be harder for her, the process of retrieving her lost memories, but their relationship won’t be easy for either of them, hope they’ll somehow manage to keep this succession of comedy and thriller nonetheless. About the thriller part, don’t know if I’ll change my mind after watching this week episodes, but I think she was only trying to remove the knife while in shock. Can’t guess anything else, but I’ll go read some theories on the thread Hoping HYY will be safe soon, happy watching to all of the live streamers here *hearts* @The_Doctor read your theory only now and I think the same too
  2. Hello all I've been following this drama trough recaps because it's just so interesting, but I think I'll start actually watching the episodes from this week on lol I forgot the airtime so I've saw only the very last minute of today episode: CAN'T wait to watch the whole thing
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