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  1. I've been reading all your theories, and after today's twist, I prefer to set aside my preference for JH... I like Taek and wouldn't like to see him suffer. It's a pity, because I know one of them (JH or Taek) will be heartbroken. So, I've made a promise to myself: to not ship anyone. Well, I ship SW with Bora LOL

    By the way, what is DC gallery? I'm the only one who doesn't know about it?

    Have a mortifying week waiting for next friday. My poor Taek crying... :tears:

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  2. text preview for next episode:

    선영집에 예상치 못한 손님이 찾아오고 선영은 비상체제에 돌입한다.
    사소한 일 하나까지 엄마 손이 필요한 성균 집, 갑작스럽게 미란이 집을 비우게 되자 성균 삼부자는 혼란에 빠진다.

    한편, 정환은 자꾸만 덕선 집을 드나드는 선우가 의심스러운데...


    google translation :

    Unexpected guests who are coming home to Sun Young Sun Young will rush to find emergency system.
    Mom trifle bacteria from one hand you need a house, suddenly doeja erosion sambuja bacteria cleared out the house falls into chaos.
    On the other hand, it jeonghwan is house and out jakkuman deokseon favorite Sunwoo is suspected seureounde ...


    Google translator has a problem with Korean, seriously :sweatingbullets:



  3. JH is sooo in love. After today's ending, I'm rooting for him with all my strenght. He's the perfect "tsundere" guy, and I don't see any spark between SW and DS. Maybe I'm wrong, we are only in the 4th episode. DS can even end with Taek, and it's not a bad option, but I think she has the best chemistry with JH.

    I think I'll rewatch today's episode even without subs only for the scene between JH and his father when they do the "president Kim" sketch, so awkward and soooooooooo funny.


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    And he has a similar personality to Yoon Jae: he falls for the girl first, he's smart, very handsome, and a little pervert hahahha.

    Yes, I also noticed some similarities. However, I also like the fact that DS has also a little bit of a perverted side as well. The reading of romance novels and wanting to have some sexual moments in there was a cute addition. I was also quite happy to see that in a female character.

    Yes! but remember Shi Won was perverted too, but in other ways. She liked to write fanfictions about the members of H.O.T. having steaming love relationships between them. All in all, they're all teenagers :wub:

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  5. Please! anyone can share a streaming link with me via pm? hanyutai is laaaaagging like hell :tears:

    Count me in JH + DS team! I just love them together, they remind me of the original 1997 OTP, always bickering. And he has a similar personality to Yoon Jae: he falls for the girl first, he's smart, very handsome, and a little pervert hahahha. Definetily ship them together.

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  6. This is the writen preview:






    I've tried with google translator, but doesn't make any sense. Anyone here who can translate it?

  7. @jongski @solucu @StaRix thank you so much for recaps and goodies.....really appreciated it:):wub:

    i'm happy now BS and SW moment without SA. And another kisssssss??????aigooo cant wait to watch it in raw...

    and its going interesting with SJ's dark side now~

    I have two theories about SJ:

    1. He is possessed by an evil spirit who has something to do with SA's death

    2. He simply is a psycho who killed SA

    And something is wrong too with the accident in wich chef's sister became paralyzed. Don't know if it's related with SA's death, but sure SJ knows about it. I think he goes to SA's father restaurant to keep an eye, in case they discover anything new about her death. And he married EJ.

    Maybe I'm wrong and watch too many thrillers, but, possessed or not, he is definetily evil.

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  8.  So SA was ejected from BS body?????? was it due to the kiss or cos of the water and she got wet? because SA clearly looking at the kiss!

    I don't think she was ejected, I think she left by her own, because she knows BS loves chef and wants her to experience her first kiss. SA is not a bad person-ghost. It's what I think, or what I want to think :D

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  9. Ok, I'll try to do a mini recap. Sorry if a leave a lot of things.

    - When I joined the episode, all the restaurant staff were at a camping, like in a group trip.

    - The staff do a cooking competition and chef is the jury.

    - At night they eat and drink. Chef needs to go to buy something and SA/BS goes with him in a bike. When they come back, PD-nim is waiting (grrrr) and male staff is happy to see her.

    - They go to sleep and Pd-nim sleeps with SA/BS, but when PD is sleeping, she goes to chef  bed, but he chases she out. They go outside the cabin, and the parents of a strange girl who can see SA are looking for the child, who is lost. SA/BS find her, but she tricks them and locks them in a freezer.

    - Meanwhile, the shaman, has gone to chef's mother home and has met for the first time SJ. Something is wrong, she seems scared. SJ and EJ go to have dinner with EJ's friends. SJ goes to the parking and vandalizes one of EJ's friend car with a key.

    - Restaurant staff and cheff are hectic looking for BS, they find her in the freezer and chef yells at her and hugs her. He piggybacks her back to the cabin wher PD-nim talks to him, but he totally ignores her mwhahahahaha

    - The next morning they leave, after saying their goodbyes to the parents and the can-see-ghosts-kid

    - Pd-nim goes in the same car with chef. When they arrive to Seoul, I think it's the scene of the preview, where she questions about his feelings about BS.

    - Lag. Partner of SJ goes in his car and something happens. It doesn't starts. Lag.

    - SA/BS and chef at the restaurant. Another cooking lesson: this is about how to manage a frying pan. She questions him about something and seems like he doesn't know what to answer. She lose the control of the hose, and the two of them end wet.

    - They dry each other and he stares her. He KISSES  HER!!!! YES!!!! but he kisses BS because whe can see how  SA is behind, she left BS body just in time. So sweeeeeeeet!

    - No preview

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  10. andy78 said: more otp scenes... Healer pretends to be stupid ...they walking they are watched by Hmh...Hmh remembers hospital again...he kissed that little girl hand...End of episode!From the preview :love triangle will also begin!!!2men+a girl...Hmh will have his brother fate...he will watch the girl loving another man...maybe his future  friend

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