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  1. 1 hour ago, Dramanoona said:

    Lost a whole section.


    But Eun finally tells the girls about the letter.




    Chef is back!

    Looks like SM is doing something now. Hmmm...


    Epilogue :

    Funny -each lady going into a lingerie shop. And their tastes in lingerie.

    YE went with Ho Chang and asked him if a set was nice. He said yes with his eyes closed.

    Eun looked at fancy lingerie.

    JW mentioned her size and the sales lady didn't believe her and wanted to measure her. JW puffed out her chest. LOL

    JM as typical - went to the sale area.



    It looks like she is back.



    I've watched the preview, but I don't see the Chef!!! where he is? is there another preview?

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  2. Well, this was fast. They gained me with the first minute! the girls lip sync dancing to Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A man after midnight) of Abba has become one of the most memorable moments in a kdrama for me. I'm a diehard fan of Abba, and never imagined they could use their songs in a korean drama, so... I was screaming and laughing. I'm sooo happy! The story seems fine, too. But perhaps it's too early, with just one episode. 

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    20 hours ago, evie7 said:


    I like him chingu, he is just adorable love.png I will definitely check out his work.

    I just found that subs are up for episode 7 at the sites you can mention here. 


    I strongly recommend you a movie called "Yell for the blue sky" (Aozora Yell). He's the male lead, and it's entertaining, the typical l lovely high school jmovie, 


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    On 4/9/2017 at 6:29 PM, evie7 said:



    Omo chingu I binged watched the 6 eps too and am just in love w/this drama. I saw your post in what drama are you watching, saw some familiar faces in this thread and decided to check it out too. I may just have to rewatch it again. This is so addicting, I'm a sucker for their height difference too. What an adorable otp we have, love the families, hope to see some growth w/Mama. Love the father to pieces, I get a kick every time he comes up w/those scenarios in his head of what he wants to say and doesn't.




    Their height difference is due to Takeuchi Ryoma. He's sooo tall to Japanese standards and actresses are 1.55-165, so he always has a big height difference. I've watched almost all his works (he has very few) and is very funny. 



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  5. This dorama ends next week with episode 10. Yesterday I watched live streamed of episode 9. Just waiting for the subs, because I know only a biiiit of japanese. But Kahoko was grown a lot. The OTP is just perfect, they complement each other. The only problem I have with japanese doramas is the lack of skinship, kisses... they're so cold on this matter.

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  6. 3 hours ago, ChyuuNyuu said:

    LOVED this episode :heart:

    But I'm like 99% sure that we won't get a kiss next week. Almost in every Drama they get interrupted or they get shy and step away unless it a kdrama PREMIERE!!!!.... I thing they'll confess first and then kiss later on ... or at the end of the drama ... or NOT AT ALL :fearful: nooo I really hope they will hihihi I could watch those two interact all day!

    I agree. I too I'm 99.99% sure they don't kiss this time, but  because Kim Jung-Hyun (Tae Won) has a very big cold sore on lower lip. On today's and yesterday's episode was very visible, even they tried to put make up to conceal it. Cold sores are very contagious, sooooo... no kiss! not even in the cheek or the forehead.  :dissapointed_relieved:

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