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  1. Hello chingus. Anyone watching it live today can share the stream link? thank you
  2. Oh, thank you. I didn't know. Just arrived home from work, tried to connect and all links we're dead. We will have to wait a week, seriously, sometimes I dislike sports.
  3. Seriouysly, nothing is working today! Anyone is watching online and can send me the link? Thank you!!!
  4. Seriouysly, nothing is working today! Anyone is watching online and can send me the link? Thank you!!!
  5. Honestly, I've done this a lot of times when my husband or I we're in a hurry. It's not so strange.
  6. Right now there's a match of taekwondo between Korea and Kazakhstan. At least, it's interesting to watch while waiting for the drama (in my opinion).
  7. They have to start wrapping things. After today's episode, they'll have only 8 episodes for (at least) - 2 weddings - aproving the relationship between JH/DY (or maybe wed too) - DY finding her new job - MS being totally integrated in the new family - resolve MY illness (telling the family, finding a treatment, accepting it, conving her to marry anyways...) - put a rocket in the a** of the ex of MY and sending him to the moon - the coffee mistery (yes, I don't understand this part too because I find this trio too boring) - and a lot more.... ALL of this in ONLY 8 episodes! considering is a weekend familiar drama, and it's rythm it's quite slow...
  8. Please, anyone with a link working, can send me a private? mines are dead!!! and I hope a kiss today, seriously! Thank youuuu!
  9. I'm sooooo tired of this trash between DY and MS. If you really want to clear things, you must be strong, not a weakly like DY. Yes, she says "I don't like you, I have a boyfriend" but she's so stupid to answer the phone when he calls and go to see him when he asks her. WTF???? and all of this without telling JH. In fact, in the last 6 episodes we have mor DY/MS than DY/JH. Seriously, it sucks and their relationship is totally stuck.
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