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  1. OMG I finally finished it!!! They have a happy ending :)!! I feel this version was good too. It was slow in the middle, but the ending picks it up. Family, kindness, friendships, and romance....all in one...I actually enjoyed it towards the ending :). I also feel sad that Ruyi died lol.....She was horrible, but in the end, she redeemed herself. Fai Hai also redeemed himself. I like the characters development from beginning to end, it was nice.
  2. I'm on the fence, but I guess I'm happy for him too. She is just way too young!! What on earth could they be talking about?? Then again, age is just a number??? Well, about time this old man shall settle down. JK :P!!!
  3. 592^__^. Let's get it to 2000. Come on, Plus team!!
  4. @cantbreathe Fai Hai is a cutie, he is handsome!! True, the OTP's storyline got so bland after they got together. They're like a boring couple after they got together lol. I agree that it is the scriptwriter's fault. If they stick close to the original, the remake might have been better. So far, nothing interesting is happening, besides XQ's storyline. I just hope the ending won't be too disappointing.
  5. I'm on ep 27 and my heart is broken for Xiao Qing and Yutang!!! These two are sooo cute!!! I even like them next to our OTP!!! Haha, their stoyline seems to be much interesting than our OTP at the moment. I like how now, we can see the changes in the characters slowly, especially for Xiao Qing, as she is becoming a woman and is maturing. The actress that played Xiao Qing is very good at acting!! I hope she gets her own lead roles soon, seeing as she is only in her early 20s. She has expressed her emotions so well, and she is a great cast for Green Snake. I hope they do a remake of Green Snak love story!!!
  6. Is that my boo Nam Gil!!?? Haven't catch up with him in ages!! He still looks fly!!! 614!
  7. I'm on episode 23, and I hope the pace of the drama will pick up soon!! It's nice to see the OTP's interactions, but I need to see some progress and actions in the story. Aish Ruyi is getting annoying!! She needs to just turn evil and go be with toad guy now. I really like Xiao Qing's interactions with her guy and the monk. Xiao Qing is pretty, the actress is pretty!!
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