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  1. ^When he bought her some pads because he puts hers on the chair!! That was cute, and she teased him about taking it.
  2. I agree. I didn't notice at first, but when I saw the comparison image side by side; I can see there is a difference. It is much better to watch it without the image looking so white and wash-out?? The originals color was not as white and wash-out as this newer version. I read they fixed it, so we fans can enjoy it without all the whiteness.
  3. Awww just saw ep 1!!! Momo likes her guy friend, but he is so oblivious!! Her interactions with GWY is nice to see :)!! GWY is cute and handsome!!! Can't wait for their love interactions^^ edit: Just finished ep 2. Fu Pei is such an idiot. I like how Momo said their frequency doesn't match at all. Momo def deserved better than FP!! That guy is just using her emotions and friendship, knowing that she likes him. SMH, such a jerk.
  4. ^I'm on episode 8 :), I was grinning ear to ear when XX finally confessed his love to BSZ. The umbrella gesture was sweet and romantic, with the poem inscribed on it. I love our OTP's sweet moments for now and as long as it continues, because the sad moments will come :(....I also like sweet and action scenes typed too, so I think more actions will come towards the mid-end. I really like our OTP's chemistry, and how their characters are so kind and respectful to each other!! Haha when XX was staying over at the Bai's residence and he was so nervous being so close to her!! So funny!! Green snake is hilarious, she has all the best funny lines. Looking forward to her love storyline too. Is Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud worth watching?
  5. I am psyched to see this!!! Is this based on a book, etc?? As always, PMY is so gorgeous and looking so youthful. This woman hasn't aged a day in her life since I saw her in City Hunter!!
  6. The filter doesn't bother me. I think so far, the storyline is great!! AY's portrayed as XX supposed to be meek, not masculine. His character to me is shy, innocent, cute and respectful. AY portrays his character very well :)!! They do have chemistry, I like how their interactions and meeting creates their love storyline. They both have similar taste and values, how he was able to answer her poem at the Lantern festival, and how they meet there :). They are meant for each other. I also like how funny the green snake is, and her friendship with BSZ!!
  7. Saw the first episode, and so far I like it^^....Aww the way XX looked at BZS is so adorable!! They already have chemistry. Just saw up to ep 5, and it is great!! Our OTP matched their role and played it well^^. I really like the humor, flirting, and teasing between the characters. Aww Chang Shang is such a cute little actor! So sad he died. :(. Alan Yu as the cute, innocent and handsome Xu Xian/Han Wei/Doctor Xu is perfect, his expressions say everything about his character. He becomes the character so well. And of course, JJY is perfect as BZS :).
  8. Hope someone can post ep 4 with Eng sub!! That was soo sweet!!! Is the girl in the pink hoodie, Ahdu?? She looks different with short hair, but still pretty :)!! Yes, they have amazing chemistry. I can tell CXX have chemistry here with PXR, unlike his character in TLOTCH. I rewatched ep 5, and there was a part where XF dreamed about seeing XW as a fox trapped with wooden arrows, and then the fox turns into XW??? Does this mean, they take turns being the fox and the shepherd girl??
  9. You guys have great details eyesight. I didn't even notice the reference for the belt haha lol.
  10. Found this version of Love Catastrophe, because I was looking for the English lyric. Do Chinese drama recycled songs/osts from other drama?? I still prefer the version for GMY^^.
  11. Our OTP are so pretty!!! Is that the same director for GMY?? Also, was that General Pei guarding the bridge??
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