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  1. I give myself a pep talk, be sad then get over it. Talk to friends and family, and eat a yummy dessert.
  2. now I'm listening to chinese instrumental on utube. the zither sound is always so nice and calming.
  3. stop your urges from spending money on things you want, not things you need. Could use this advice myself^^.
  4. bored so I'm going to spam soompi haha!
  5. yes, true^^ I cannot help it. I'm abnormal. I'm not normal like normal people because normal people are so boring. lol jk. True or false, you have a sweet tooth^^
  6. I had chicken teriyaki with takoyaki, corns and salad for dinner~!
  7. 256^^, yay soompi back to original
  8. Just came from EP 18^^!!!! Dang it, the suspense of PrinceCP meeting LiGe is so tick-tocking. I really cannot wait to see when they meet and finds out their real identity! I like how friendly and kind the Consort Princess is, good thing there's none of that cat-fighting between them. I like how this drama showcased LiGe's personality in very modern-like; it's funny to see her do things that are not royalty ordinary. Her assistance girl is hilarious, and she brings in some humor into the show. That annoying sister girl needs to go, why is she still in the drama!!!?
  9. Just saw EP 14!!! Why do I feel that Prince JingLing might betray Prince ChengPeng in the future??? And damn that girl Prince JingLing do music with is actually the sister of Lu Yuan!!! She's probably gonna use him for revenge? And lol I can't help but think how funny and upsetting FL is gonna be when she finds out 4th brother's real identity as the Prince ChengPeng. I wish Prince ChengPeng could tell her his true identity, why isn't he???!!! I hope LiGe won't dislike him too much when she finds out who he really is. She has the wrong idea about him because of her master.
  10. Just saw EP30, and awww the reunion between Yingluo and Su Xuan was bittersweet. But how heart-broken she's gonna be when she finds out ML used his poison blood to save him :(.
  11. I'm watching him in Yanxi Palace, and he's very growing on me. He reminds me of XZ^^!!! Maybe that's why I like him too lol. Looking to see him in his new drama :)!
  12. Just saw EP 28, and all the feels between Emperor Wen and Manqing makes me sad :(. I really wish he would have went and take her away from her Manqing and Emperor Wen has really good chemistry, even more so than the OTP lol. At this point, FL finally acknowledges her feelings to QC; our poor ML who is puppy love and just want the FL to be safe and live a safe and good life with him. Reading the spoilers from mdl, it does makes me see QC in a new light. BTS, his strategy are well done and carry out well. He's like a younger version of Mei Changsu in this aspect. All the actions were great and intense from EP 25-28^^. I read EP 30-33 isn't all that great, but I'll see to it. Also, Manqing was written as a semi-strong female character at the beginning, but now they're making her character so feminine-like and weak, and crying??!!! Ughhh, why??!! It was nice for her to have the romance aspect, but they don't have to weaken her character. Ohhh no, I still wish Manqing and Emperor Wen to get together at the end!!
  13. I just started this drama, and OMG Noble Consort is a real RickRoll'D!!! I hate RickRoll'D like her, they're so conniving and manipulating. I cannot wait to see how Yingluo is going to take her down. I'm only on EP 10, and I'm liking the interactions between FuHeng and YL^^, I'm having 2nd lead bias^^. I like XuKai, so I'm already so sad that he doesn't end up with YL :(. Well, I'm also gonna keep an open mind, the King might change my mind :). So far, so sad YL's good friend from the clothing shop got killed unjustly!!!! I'm also curious how her sis died, and why??? I'm sure FuHeng has something to do with it, but not in the way YL thinks so. YL is witty, smart and kind. I'm liking her personality. The Empress actress is pretty, and she has a kind heart^^. I'm also liking Consort Xian too!!!!
  14. I also find it odd when A'Nu sacrificed herself; but I also think that was needed or else all of them couldn't have escaped. The FL here is written strong, although there are some parts where she needs help, but at least it's not too overbearing like the typical damsel in distress plot. And good, 6th Prince was acting; I really hope he keeps using Evil Lu so he can help ML and FL. I like how fierce LiQin challenged her expressions; she looks fierce when she go all female badass mode :)~ Looking fore more episodes, and plot development!