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  1. I used to have no plans to watch HPL drama but since there were nuts shippers from other side who were rude to me, I decided to try this drama and see if indeed there was no chemistry between PMY and KJW. Alas, I am now hooked. I have watched Healer and chemistry was very good and I thought nothing can top WWWSK chemistry. But I was wrong, this couple got me hooked. Everything about them is so very natural that only people who refused to see cannot see it.
  2. I have been reading this thread since start of WWWSK I have a post here before this thread reached page 100 long before any of you were here. Now you guys have become paranoid and rude that some people here are not fans of PPC. This PPC ship have become TOXIC everywhere. In instagram, all PPC shippers do is to be offensive towards KJW.
  3. You know what, this new batch of posters here are bad vibes. I miss the days when I was lurking here during WWWSK airing and all I saw were good vibes and not dictating others what to post and not being bossy and rude. Others now here act as if they personally knew PMY and PSJ. Remember karma, all of us are never sure about them only delulu. If you want good karma for your ship, do not be rude on this thread like you own it and disrespecting others.
  4. So, other fans here write about ranking, write about other actors and actresses some even to the extent of being disrespectful and offensive to the eyes of fans of HPL, but you forbid only me? I have seen you in other ships thread for PMY so, can I ask too why are you here when you are not 100% PPC?
  5. I seldom post here before but I always read here and for your information I posted here in 2018 long before many of you. You can search this thread old posts.
  6. CONGRATS PARK SEO JOON NO. 30 FORBES KOREA 2019 RANKING but based on 2018 income. Lower than last year's rank 22 but remember in 2017 he had a drama and a movie and also many KPop in this year's list than last year.
  7. By analogy, it's like not everyone has HBO, Fox, Discovery channels on their TV. KBS, SBS and MBC are terrestrial channels. No need to subscribe to any cable tv provider to watch their shows, naturally their ratings are higher and of different bracket. TVN, JTBC, OCN are cable channels. Goblin is a cable drama so the 18% is very much a blockbuster already not simply classified as high as this seldom happens. But Goblin no longer holds the record of highest episode ratings for cable drama. It is already Sky Castle. For highest average ratings of cable drama, Reply 1988 holds the record. HPL ratings is not very low, I will not write what dramas but there were cable dramas in the past with less than 1% in ratings. It can all be googled.
  8. @seoseo From what I understood of your previous post, you said we can never be sure how much PMY salary and other income are. You somehow expressed doubt on the validity of media ranking and implying maybe PMY should also be among the highest paid actresses it is just that no one knows for sure how much she is really earning. That is why my reply was about taxes because her salary and other earnings are reported to the Tax Bureau yearly. Taxes are computed based on the salary and other income. That is why the media knew and able to make a ranking of the salaries of actors and actresses, because once financial statements are submitted to the government, it will become public record.
  9. The drama publicity says this is a Korean Game of Thrones. So far, it is looking like copying Game Of Thrones, costumes and all except there's no dragons. I hope I am wrong because I don't want to watch something that's trying to imitate a highly loved world renowned series.
  10. Her income and other assets are public records. Required by government to be reported annually. Not good for you to say this and imply the income she is declaring in her tax returns (where Forbes and other sites get their info) are not reliable. PMY is obliged to file her annual income tax returns just like any other person who has earned income. If you are a real fan, you should think this is reliable or else you impliedly presume she is evading taxes. Tax Bureau in Korea is very strict and tax evasion for them is a serious matter. A tax case was once filed by the government against SHK because her accountant failed to include some overseas income. So, if you are a true PMY fan who believes in her, you should say her reported earnings to the government is correct. There is nothing wrong with PMY not in the top 10 highest paid actress in Korea. Rather than implying the income publicly declared by her are not reliable. Because their salaries and fees are always declared to their government so that they will pay correct taxes.
  11. She also has a shipping thread for Queen for Seven Days. She has a total of 5 Shipper Threads. the one who created the WooMin thread has already changed her username to minseojoon and made the ParkPark shipping thread
  12. Park Min Young becomes one of the actresses with many shipping threads in Soompi Forums Park Shin Hye has the most shipping threads I think in all her dramas, there are shipping threads made.
  13. The top highest paid actresses in the list started being in the list during their 20's age. So I think the next in line will be PBY and PSH and others who are in top 20 highest paid. PMY is already considered in her mid 30's so I do not think she can be in the top 10 this year and surpassed everybody who are already in the list because the next highest of this top 10 like the actresses in top 20 are also active now in their acting careers. She does not need that anyway she is from rich family. She loves acting so she becomes an actress and not for money.
  14. Just a clarification to some fans in twitter: Her Private Life did not trend Worldwide. If you turned on the "Trends For You" button on Twitter, it's what that will appear whenever you search Worldwide trends especially for mobile twitter. It is based tweets of the persons you follow.
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