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  1. Anyway, Song Hye Kyo is unbothered. I saw her commenting and teasing her friends using her private IG
  2. If they are as unbothered as they say they are If they are as sure that BinKyo rumors are fake, Then why are they disrespecting Kyo's close friendship with Hyun Bin's stylist?
  3. They can ship all they want but replying to Kyo and insulting her is way too low! So what if she's divorced! It shows she is a strong woman and not a martyr which is usual in Korea. What's with that very short marriage anyway, I had several issues about it myself, Kdrama weddings are more romantic that what transpired, not a religious wedding so the religious alibis of haters wont apply also. Do you think HB is smallminded person like you? You should watch his character having a married woman as GF in World's Within and he praised that drama for being realistic. Lol. You do not know HB at all except the person you perceived him to be in your minds. He is not Captain Ri. He is not even Hyun Bin. He is Kim Tae Pyung the private person beyond cameras.
  4. they lost manners going to someone else's accounts. are these people teens or old people? If these are old ladies? Their husbands must be douches lol so they get happiness pushing a ship that's non sailing and be delusional about it
  5. It shows how no manners and pitiful their lives are. I am so laughing at the open relationship. In delusional world yes because in real world Hyun Bin denied many times and as his fan I feel insulted how they made a liar of this guy.
  6. Chinese BinKyo fans talking about the CF shoot of Binnie in Yangpyeong, I wonder if they are aware also that someone in Kyo’s inner circle , her ninja partner, has a sister in Yangpyeong. And Kyo teasingly used the words “rumor“ and “Yangpyeong“ about two weeks ago. Giant Panda’s Little Squirrel is now a fighter. I love it.
  7. This song Kyo posted last December pls dont quote pic C'etait comme aujourd'hui 그때도 오늘 같았어 pleuvait sur Paris 빠리엔 비가 내리고 있었지 je t'ai reconnu 난 너를 알아보았어 ouvrant ta main connais 네 손도 알아보았지 je t'ai suivi longtemps 난 널 오랫동안 따라갔지 perdu comme an enfant 길 잃은 어린아이처럼 ou hasard de cette ville 이 도시를 모르는 사람처럼 tu n'as pas reconnaitre 넌 나를 모르고 있었지. longtemps apres 오랜 세월이 흐른 후 longtemps apres 오래 뒤지만 lontemps apres 오랜 세월이 흐른 후지만 je ne peut pas oublie 난 잊을 수가 없어 nous nous etions quittes 우린 헤어졌었지 il y a combien d'annees 아주 오래전에 en passe les jours 세월이 아주 많이 흘렀지만 je t'aime toujours 난 항상 널 사랑하고 있어 longtemps apres 오랜 세월이 흐른 뒤지만 longtemps apres English: It was like today It was raining in Paris I recognized you I recognized your hand I've been following you for a long time Like a lost child Like someone who doesn't know this city You didn't know me. After a long time Long after Even after a long time passed by I can't forget We broke up A long time ago Although many years have passed I always love you Even after a long time
  8. If these haters think they can discourage Hyun Bin if they continue to bash Hye Kyo then they are very wrong. It would instead make him very protective of her. Hence Vast has erased shipping comments on their new posts. If you really like Hyun Bin, support whoever he likes in real life. If not, then he does not need fake fans because this “love team“ set up is not the style in Korea. They move on to different projects, different partners. They need individual solid fans not shippers. maybe because of the two weeks Quarantine period after they arrive in Jordan
  9. She will do that on revelation day This Kyo CF was in 2009 when she was dating him
  10. If it's true he is there already, Jordan is 6 hours late from Korea
  11. Baby R has many posts. They are making the most of their time together before Daddy leaves for Jordan
  12. During Memories of the Alhambra days, Hyun Bin was asked who are his favorite Hongkong actors this is what he said (CTO Weibo) "There are also many excellent actors in Hong Kong, such as Tony Leung, Chow Yun Fat , and Stephen Chow. When I was a kid, I also watched a lot of their movies. If they have the opportunity to cooperate, of course it’s good." Tony Leung was Kyo's co-star in The Grandmaster and now on the same agency with her in Hongkong (Wong Kar Wai's agency)
  13. This was made yesterday around after lunchtime. She also liked the post of her photographer friend starring her friend model using her public IG But she did not make any like and comment using Baby R account