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  1. Hello , i hope that you are all doing well actually it's been a while since i watched suspicious partner , 5 or 6 months ago to be exact ( i wasn't a real kdrama fan before ) and i just can't move on . Well, i saw that some of you can't do that after 3 years, so it's kinda reassuring x) guess it's the power of namji ^^ I came to watch MMS at first, and even if this drama had not impressed me , i felt the need to know more about the main actor , yes he is handsome but his acting skills are undeniable , so i searched for his other works and was naturally hooked on their chemistry in SP This is how i discovered this two great actors and came to adore them both individually and even more together after watching their bts interactions, the way they looked at eachother with dazzled eyes and soft smiles ,the way they behaved after the kiss scenes, the way they always held on to eachother, the way they enjoyed teasing eachother and simply being with eachother and how to forget the way they praised eachother at every occasion , hyunni being herself thanking sincerly and kindly her partner, chang wookie oups ji chang wook orabeoni with teary eyes , and him droping her name in national tv just to make clear that he wants her to visit him in military. I wish i had the Dcut but someone told me that the version that exists doesn't contain the couple discs so i don't know if i should buy it anyways . I'm also writing this to thank all of you, i read the 1706 pages and i really enjoyed doing it , i laughed frankly reading lot of comments, i appreciated every gif you posted, i doubted sometimes but i guess it's normal , and i was like "good job " inwardly clapping when reading you answering some haters who came out of nowhere trying to disturb us just when good things were happening, and i'm saying "we" because even if i joined to late and didn't have the opportunity to connect with you at that time, i lived through your words all this journey since page 1 . Thanks a lot to everyone who took the time to translate the itw and videos for us I can think of the " like me already " scene bts and the way he was acting like a protective boyfriend checking her outfit and fixing her hair so that she can look her best , or him trying to grab her wrist at every occasion . The hospital scene where dongha's heart races , the couch scene and their kissses the tight hugs and hyunni's expressions eveytime she's in his arms All their playfulness and joy in set ... Due to all of that, they seemed to me like best friends in love and i started shipping them but as i said it before, sometimes you doubt. Then came the press conference where he said that "she was so sexy" while blushing , i don't know if you can even think that someone you see as a little sister is sexy for those who say they had a oppa-dongsaeng relationship , and then the bomb for me is his interview after military and his new theories about a system in a musical and stuff , i guess there is no need to say more I was trying so hard not to be dellusional but i just can't understand the necklace video the SMA , the KBS awards , Warrior Baek Dong soo , and the fact that they have the same stylists for years now is a bonus for me , the cherry on the cake, i mean you can easily think that it is "weird" in a positive way ,everyone would be intrigued with so much coïncidences , i hope they did ^^ Obviously i watched most of their works, i enjoyed healer and HDH, hyunni's last drama was so good, she did portray her character so well and i found her stunning , hope that wookie's upcoming drama will be as successful as he deserves, but i'm sure that SP will always have a special place in my heart, especially their bts . My shipper heart wants to know someday that they are dating or atleast acting together once again, or twice or thrice ... but i will be happy for them whatever they choose to do and i will always support them. I'm sorry if there are any mistakes, stay safe !
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