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  1. hi, is it me only wanna see the Emperor falled for Sunny? Sunny's love should be responsed and he should be in pain when Sunny love for him ended ... Anyway dont know why but i found the Emperor is sexy more than WS? hahaha sorry just a personal feeling i started to watch the drama because of JNR and because its surprised me with the rating, its higher than Encounter? That drama is kinda like on hit with 2 top stars...
  2. @goonersina oh yes, now i remembered, i read some news about this movie but no many so I have no idea if its good or where to watch... the thread is so silent because there's no any news, back to its lurking days
  3. sorry but what is summer vacation? i have no idea about it? Variety show? or a dramaa?
  4. HSKOS is the drama where I falled for LHN, I didnt know her before this one. At few first episodes I found the character SY was weird too, I dropped at ep 3 but somehow I continued it one year ago after seeing the kisses on youtube lol and it was a right decision to explore how amazing SY and Min Suk or LHN and SIG there SIG has mentioned in one of his interview about which actress /costar he impressed the most , he refered to LHN and her Jung Soo Young. He said other co-stars he worked with are all adorable and nice, but he was most impressed by Jung Soo Young character and LHN who played that role very well. I like SIG too and watched most of his dramas, I felt that SIG is talented actor and good kisser, but it seemed he transformed best in Lee Min Suk role and its unforgettable role for him. The latest one is airing in TVN is Smile has left your eyes are good but dark theme and in my opinion, even they have bed scene, the chemistry is still unfilled. Back to LHN, why there's no news about Voice 3? Should we expect Voice 3 or another drama?
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