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  1. hi, is it me only wanna see the Emperor falled for Sunny? Sunny's love should be responsed and he should be in pain when Sunny love for him ended ... Anyway dont know why but i found the Emperor is sexy more than WS? hahaha sorry just a personal feeling i started to watch the drama because of JNR and because its surprised me with the rating, its higher than Encounter? That drama is kinda like on hit with 2 top stars...
  2. @goonersina oh yes, now i remembered, i read some news about this movie but no many so I have no idea if its good or where to watch... the thread is so silent because there's no any news, back to its lurking days
  3. sorry but what is summer vacation? i have no idea about it? Variety show? or a dramaa?
  4. HSKOS is the drama where I falled for LHN, I didnt know her before this one. At few first episodes I found the character SY was weird too, I dropped at ep 3 but somehow I continued it one year ago after seeing the kisses on youtube lol and it was a right decision to explore how amazing SY and Min Suk or LHN and SIG there SIG has mentioned in one of his interview about which actress /costar he impressed the most , he refered to LHN and her Jung Soo Young. He said other co-stars he worked with are all adorable and nice, but he was most impressed by Jung Soo Young character and LHN who played that role very well. I like SIG too and watched most of his dramas, I felt that SIG is talented actor and good kisser, but it seemed he transformed best in Lee Min Suk role and its unforgettable role for him. The latest one is airing in TVN is Smile has left your eyes are good but dark theme and in my opinion, even they have bed scene, the chemistry is still unfilled. Back to LHN, why there's no news about Voice 3? Should we expect Voice 3 or another drama?
  5. I feel frustrated right now for seeking news of LHN and her co-stars coming to Vietnam but found no any articles or news... the audiences who are fancy of stars like Lee Jong Suk or Park Seo joon etc not a crime drama like Voice as I can understand and predicted. im on my busy days hence I cannot arrange a travel to Danang to catch Hana today i just hope to see her posts when she is here, enjoy the best landscaping seaside in Danang. Lee jin wook has once visited Vietnam in 2016 if im not wrong, this time he is going or not? btw its a good news to me for Hana to appear in Running man, im waiting to see her shy smile as always
  6. Haha I am Vietnamese but im living on Hochiminh City not Danang. But hope there will be articles and photos on the news hehe wonder even if i traveled to Danang will i have chance to see them ? Lol for the friendship with MCW i found it here
  7. Thank you for your translation for all the info and her message, feel good that you are here. emmm, why the writer of voice sent her flower and cake, for apology to make her role KKJ dying? sorry I know that most of you believed that KJ will be alive but I am still mad at the ending. btw, i like her old IG more, not known why. it is more likely to her personal life. and the friendship between LHN and JJY is beautiful, I like to have such friend as Hana in my life. She is soft, humble, musical artist (to play guitar for my daughter) and we can sit together to drink a tea. Peaceful~~~ I heard that she becomes close with Moon Chae Won?? but cannot find any news except some pics on IG.
  8. thanks @ellelyana88for all the information and updates about LHN I love her personality too with less noisy life, soft music and she loves natural things. her insta @granny has a lot of pictures of natural things back to her old dramas you wont believe her real characteritics is different from her roles, she played the funny and weird girl for HSSKS her role got so many bad words saying that the role was annoying which made me wanna to kill them indeed. waiting for her news on new drama
  9. So they confirmed and promoted about season 3 while they have no any specific plan or script for it? Except that LJW shall 90% join? I have no idea what is in their mind. But Voice 2 is breaking all the history records of the rating in OCN right? They shall act wisely to that, or they will have a poor rating for making season 3 without KKJ. I watched final ep and found its worse than I thought. Poor PD and bad processing. DW was more conflict in negative way, I felt him in ep 10 but in 11 and 12 I didnt get what kind of person he is. Perhaps Kosuke is really a bad guy Yeah then season 3 title which they mentioned is City Accomplish may be new title instead of Voice and I wont care about it anymore. unless they get back to Voice 1 with KKJ is the center and heart of the drama, not a supporting role for the main lead DKW. I am with my gun here and waiting for their smart decision and I dont like puzzles either.
  10. ha, I was here in 2016 trying to make this thread alive but I failed due to my personal busy life now we have @titania1000 on the board so I can relieve let make Hana thread strong, hope she will get a nice and good project soon. Forget about voice 2 now
  11. I have not yet watched the finale yet but reading your posts I think I would not need to watch anymore. I woke up in the midnight and jumped here to read the comments about the final and you guys said they killed KJ, i shut off my phone and thought this were just a nightmare and tomorrow I would have a better ending but now it is the truth. seriously? Voice without KJ? OCN doesnt know what they are doing indeed. okay I am not watching season 3 , they can do what they do but it is a big disappointment which will harm my good feeling toward OCN dramas for sure. changing the main from KJ to KW? I am speechless. For LHN, if she decided not joining the series any more then it may be good choice. Like she dropped out the family dramas Our GabSoon with Song Jae Rim to pick this Voice, I trust in her decision, she should have another better offer to take and it will be great character like KJ or Jung Soo Young in High School King. Thats the only point which can console me right now
  12. Okay just few hours to ep 11 and i remember the gesture here He acted like an oppa :))
  13. Sorry but I dont understand what's wrong with the romance -which is very slightly- here? The sweet thing added is not ruining the drama itself like the way you felt it, we are joking and hoping for the romance but we are not losing or forgetting the drama plot. Physcho killer is there and creepy crime is still there, the police system sickness is there, like all mentioned and built up in Season 1. I am not a fan of LJW nor Jang Hyuk but both have done their best. I know JH did his best and his MJH was too good to forget (so did Kim Jae Wook with his Mo Tae Gu), but it is unfair for LJW to compare his DKW and saying that the Voice team has picked LJW for his look. DKW is totally different from JH and thankfully LJW has performed a naughty-lonely and craving for the care DKW perfectly. Briefly to say, all the casts from s1 to s2 are doing the amazing jobs for their characters. Certainly I am also disappointed in S2 for underrated KJ with her cool charm that I was very pleased from s1, and the viliian is less sexy and weirdly attractive like MTG but I have no problem with DKW and the romance hint in this season. You want KJ live lonely and protective herself? She is deserved a love and romance with DKW is anyway better than with the villian like MTG I am not offense though I dont agree with your points, like @lilyphenix I just hope you dont feel bad just because we are talking about the romance. We have 2 eps left and no matter the romance is developed or not, we are still happy if KJ can be happy at the end, right? @ellelyana88 yes, thanks to those fmv I can watch the scenes again without seeking up every episode back lol.
  14. Yeah i have searched instagram and found this, really liked it It seems ocn will have loveline or fans will not be able to withdrawal from their hallucinations hehe
  15. You guys made me smiled from mouth to ears , is it crime drama or rom-com :)) I searched for Kwon Joo x Kang Woo keywords in youTube but it came out Kwon Joo x Mo Tae Gu clips haha even s1 the fans were on romance mood already hope we will have clips of KJ and KW soon
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