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  1. I'm leaning more towards mother. The sister was the one who called him from the hospital. I don't understand why they were driven out of Seongsan though... was it because Yun-bok's father was already dead and she was now a widow?🤔
  2. His dodgeball moves against PN were hilarious. That brat totally deserved it. And I am one of those who surprisingly enjoyed the first episode. Didn't realize Go Kyung-pyo can actually pull off comedy. I am so going to enjoy him being brutally honest because of the accident.🤣 I wonder if that apartment is his or is it a fringe benefit from being the boss' favorite?🤔
  3. His name is Soo-cheol here.😀 So apparently, Da-hye's "brother" is really her "baby daddy". Did no one ever bother to veto her family background before she married into the family?!?🤔 re: Panic Room - Am I the only one who believes Eun-seong hasn't found the panic room yet? That mother and son won't waste any chances to flaunt the money if they already have it. Plus it won't be that easy to move that kind of money considering it took a truck to even move it into the panic room in the first place.
  4. Well, her Korean doctor gave her 3 months and she has lived through it so far (current timeline is already August 2023). I wouldn't put it past the writer to pull out the miracle or misdiagnosis part for the last 6 episodes.
  5. I believe they'll find out next episode given that she practically announced it to the whole country via that press conference.😊And now that her illness is out in the open, there is no stopping the family from uniting to outwit Team Vipers from finding the slush fund. If Seul-hui and Beom-ja/Grace are in the same hospital, I wonder who got to the Chairman first?🤔
  6. TRUE! This is why I cringe over people swooning that Eun-sung will go through all lengths just to be Hae-in's guardian... even to the point of marrying her. He is a creep. Period.
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