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  1. I could not watch the this EP how this writer made Ana being kidnap again and mentality abuse by SR and her mom after being Kidnap by SR when she was a baby this was crossing the line and how many more crime can SR and her Mom and old wang do and DJ should of have protect Ana with guard did she not learn when Old Wang took Ana Hostage grrrrrrrr
  2. I do not understand the writer when DJ and YH and Noel and grandma talk to each other about how SR will get back at them why not protect the first person who SR will try is Ana they need to think.
  3. Slap her yesssssssssssss Do not worry you will not be Loney for long BC mom will join you in a while you and her will dumpster dive for a chicken nugget
  4. Why oh why would YH gave this woman 1 day to decide really no wonder he can not get revenge, take her to jail right away do something but not give her 1 day omg can they be any dumber him and DJ they finally got one over SR and her Cohort but end up back again as before proving that SR and her cohorts got over them again twice I thought Woman in Vail was bad this is right up there
  5. Get ready for Double Amnesia i think, like Young Lady and Gentleman Noel will only Rember her past and forgot her present LOL cause due to extension ahhh KDrama
  6. It will be awhile before she find out both have the same dumb gene pool the more i see DJ in that House the Nausea i get is just plain gross and to seat there at breakfast next to the chairman and JH as if nothing happening and still can eat as DJ i would of take my meal with Ana in the other room
  7. WHYYYYYYYYY Just when you thought it was safe to go watch these Stupid characters for 122 .Ep they went and extend 10 more when i already except is going to be a quick wrap up of the story they go and extended it so i guess we wll see more people doing stupid stuff and the excuse they make it they are doing this for the viewer i guess Korean audience love this. extension
  8. I am sick and tired of Noel slapping Dj is getting old but what make it worse is DJ just stand there. with that blank look and take it.
  9. I think SC should either go to jail or die no forgiving. Rember he help killed DJ father
  10. These peoples are so disgusting do they not Rember SY here we see his mother and him going to be making money of his last alive daughter Ana i hope the writer make them suffer but who know? Yes your right is just copy and paste
  11. To me the way i see it is the writer decided to make SR the Evil female lead and i think there will no happy reunion with Noel if they kept her Anmisha this long i just wish they would of have DJ and her Grandma bond early in the drama i think that would have a good story this writer had taken the playbook from Elegant Empire who the evil ML making SR like him cause there 30 Ep left just thought.
  12. Oh and one more thing it seem like SR did the dirty deed with DJ Ex and jump on JH bed and assaulted him in one day this writer sure went the gutter route.
  13. Just call it what it was she assaulted JH while he was drunk disgusted pervert. Yes I will say it DJ she a disgusting person she know who stab YH but say nothing next we see her all Happy at the breakfast table without a care in the world cooking for the Chairman. Her Ex FIL who is her husband And the chairman Ex Noel who is her Bio mom and the Chairman Wife/Mistress and SR after she killed your father push you of the cliff, switch your baby with her after watching this Episode 89 YH take Ana and leave that house of perversity. fast before SR do something to Ana i say it again this is the house of perversity . cause YH is the only one now who can protect. Ana these two are the only good decent people out of this show yes DJ is disgusting
  14. I thought Good supper. Was gross but this chairmen want to make DJ his step daughter his real wife
  15. I lay it all on DJ feet because of her stupidity. lots of people got hurt and now with telling she found her daughter is alive in the US to the biggest loud mouth Ex, i put some of the blame on YH for telling her at the restaurant where SR Mom work and her Ex work cause know one knock they just walk in this is what YH should have done is ask DJ to meet him where there less traffic have her get in the car and tell about Ana, I just wish they would have her found out about Ana last I do not think at this late stage DJ brain power will not inprove or get smart is sad.
  16. The scenario i hope i see is DJ move out and YH and Ana get their own place and SR find out JH kill SY and the chairmen kill her father and Noel stole her dad i want to see SR go scorch earth and tear that whole family so DJ can start searching for her Grandmother,and start to get her life in order and take care of her scum Ex let DJ do the dirty work for her so close to the ending it will be SR verse DJ take down, hope is eternal ahh.
  17. I agree she DUMB,i started laughing when DJ threaten BSC to keep his mouth shut or she will kill him really? how can a writer do this revenge without the FL not knowing what was done to her in the past? By these people and now they interduce JH to be the one that kill SY story line out of the blue in this late time frame what about the Factory fire in the beginning or Grandma being hood wink by SR or SR mother sold DJ when she was little or Noel is her mom or SR kill grandma son and is already 85 Esp i still can not believe this is the same writer who did a great drama Second Husband to write the FL this Dumb and clueless
  18. I guess is going to be another female lead mother who is going to Financial abuse her daughter for money to support the whole family
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