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  1. Yes I agree so far I have two favorite characters first one is gon and other one is Luna. (I was talking to Minoz about Lee min ho that's why I didn't mentioned anything else so don't get me wrong all of them are hardworking and all of them are doing good it's just I like gon and Luna more ) Edit:If Luna is going to have feelings for gon I am going to ship them Edit: honestly I am not found of sad endings and I don't watch dramas with sad endings but in this one I want a really strong and unforgettable ending no Matter if it's sad or happy I just want a really really strong ending
  2. Guys don't be sad we should not stop hoping for the best I know how bad we feel whenever we see ratings but i also know how we become happy when we know this drama is topping Netflix,wave charts and receiving love from all over the world Well in life we can't get everything we want but we should never forget about what we have and we should pay more attention to what we have because that way nothing can let us down and make us feel bad It's too early to be sad let drama be completed than we can clearly see what are end results we should hope that it will become more and more good and more famous I also want TKEM to get a team award because it's Lee min ho's wish to get a team award we can still hope for that Even if this drama don't get team award we shouldn't be too sad because we can hope for another one of his dramas to get a team award whatever will be the end results obviously we are not going to stop watching his dramas or not going to stop supporting him so just lets be strong and wait for good end results
  3. Finished watching epi 8 few hours ago I find luna's character pretty interesting she seems like a really bad person but she actually have a good side she is good to children she didn't hurt that man Infront of child I don't know but I think this character will be the most painful character maybe at first she will join hands with Lee lim but later on she will help Lee gon and maybe she will lead Lee gon to Lee lim Secondly when she asked money from that person why she said give me bills with king on it(will she have love type of feelings for gon )?or she said these words just randomly I have one more question why that child (who give Luna key) was reading "king Arthur" I find it fishy because eun sub also calls gon king Arthur And it was shin Jae's mom from Korea or corea who was crying seeing his photos? Lastly I will agree with those people who find Lee min ho's screen time really short I am someone who follow plot and don't have issues about side characters story but I think they give shin Jae's story more time than it needed and I also think that ratings are getting low because of that reason people really want to watch Lee min ho on screen more than anything plus I find advertisements awful in this episode Writer/director needs to pay attention to Lee gon's character more if they don't want to lose more viewers Hope next week ratings will rise
  4. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/05/the-king-eternal-monarch-draws-new-record-low-viewership-for-the-series I just don't understand Why people are so hateful they made it look like it has nothing good or ratings are really low
  5. Honestly I am waiting for Luna's story I am so interested in her character I hope in today's episode we can see her I have a feeling that this character will give us more feelings even if it's a bad one but her miserable past is really strong
  6. Let's change the topic guys I have a question I was reading someone's comment here(I am sorry I don't remember name and I can't find comment anymore) that tae ul's mom will be alive in corea but tae ul's other self don't have parents,have no identity and living a miserable life so can it be possible that tae ul's mom is alive in corea? Lee gon's parents are same in Korea so don't you guys think tae ul and luna's parents should be same?
  7. Actually I don't know about rating system that's why I am nervous but thanks a lot for letting us (in your previous comment also) know it's not bad I am feeling little bit better now
  8. I just checked TWOTM ratings on Wikipedia and it also decreased a little(I wonder what is the reason) is there any other recent drama that is taking people's attention?
  9. Same with me I was hoping for 13% or above for this episode I don't love Lee min ho but he is my only favorite actor in this whole world I never watched anything for anyone before this is my first time and I am getting tensed about it honestly more than ratings haters comments on Lee hurt me the most I don't know much about ratings type of things but I know how haters will take this opportunity Anyway let's hope for the best for such a nice person I hope everything will be OK and ratings will be super good for next episodes INSHA'ALLAH
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