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  1. Hahaha good point! In the bts, the beheading scene, the director was screaming 'cut, cut, cut' ...I think in the dvd, hmmmm, should I say more?!
  2. That was the first thing I noticed, and converted it to £££! I thought I could buy some KAHI products, perhaps a Mindbrige dress and maybe sign up to get a Minoz kit
  3. Yeah, you all have been hiding too long. @Heera (you're a long time minoz too right? ) Enlightened us please ...
  4. Bride to be????? KAHI I'm not a bride to be, but, I'll use KAHI lol! https://www.instagram.com/p/CE6aINoDSpP/?igshid=1c0c3ds23h7nf
  5. Thank you for dropping Teddy in the ship. He is so adorable! Although, he has PM Koo's personality lol, at least it's better than all the ridiculous rumors we heard so far about our lovely love birds!
  6. By posting this here, you very well know how our response going to be. Whether he stops posting on his IG or not ... that's LMH decision to make! As you say he is a smart guy, and I agree with that! He is smart to know how and what to post! Thank you for being honest and saying it out right that you are an OIM ... Ggone's Oppa didn't ask you to call him Oppa did he? He wanted Ggone to call him Oppa not in his IG but in Presscon!
  7. Sorry to cut your post short and I'm sure you felt sad when you heard that rumor. I would be very upset too and would come here to vent it out. But, the way you said it, is just that you've convinced yourself that the rumor is true and sounded so convinced that he will announce his relationship with this lady soon. No, this kind of influencing won't work here. I looked through her IG, I don't see/sense any connection to LMH. Just because she has some kind of connection to cdb boy, so she is now gf ...no not gf.. fiancee?! ..to LMH?! Anyways, rumor has been debunked and we're still sailing with our King & Queen. So, don't be sad, enjoy your weekend
  8. Also, why pictures of road, traffic mirrors, bits of apartment buildings ...walls haha ...I like this side of him and her(), goofy, playful and happy. Okay, I get it, he is saying, there's no one around at all. No cars on the road, not a single soul walking on the street .. we're happy walking just the two of us!
  9. Yes that one. I guess it is the light, his shirt looks white in the mirror. Anyways, he is definitely teasing us lol, the mirror reflection is missing just a wee bit of the photographer. The photographer position herself/(himself- hope not) avoiding her reflection to be captured in that mirror! Hahaha ...
  10. That traffic mirror ...someone sitting on the railing...I don't think it's LMH reflections (I can't zoom ...hahaha)?! Yikes ...no not Christy boy again ... If it's him ...then he is the third wheel hahaha ...
  11. @graceyco thank you for this. Here's my take on these questions: 1) What interest me/attract me to this couple: To me first and foremost, is their offscreen chemistry - bts, fancam, presscon! Then, their onscreen - to me their hugs, kisses and touches are so real. It all look natural, they were not acting! When I saw all these, I told myself, they are very close, their relationship is not just colleagues. So, I found this forum and so delighted that there are like minded ladies/gents that are just as ecstatic as I am for this lovely couple! Finally, what sealed the deal for me was LMH July 2nd IG posts. To me that's his declaration that they are in a relationship ...i.e more than friends, i.e. dating/courting ! 2)How does our couple/ship inspire me? I don't really know LMH & KGE as individuals or their personalities (apart from being actors) before TKEM. But, being in this ship and this forum, I get to know both of them and how beautiful they are inside and out - down to earth and humble. KGE has such good values - a strong woman but gentle as well. She's got all the fame, but, she is so down to earth and not ashamed to tell her fans that she is as ordinary as all of us. She is the whole package! LMH is so lucky to have her - infact, they are both lucky to have each other! Royal court ladies we are still sailing! Yipeee!
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