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  1. If this is called coincidence, then I've lost count of all the coincidences. Maybe, there's a total of 2,228,047,222 number of coincidences ctto:
  2. Sorry to cut your post short. No need to apologise, I wasn't in a bubble ...I'll take it as a coincidence, a beautiful coincidence
  3. Oh no, even @Peekaboohoo post with the IG link is removed . Oh well, it doesn't matter, cake has been served . My husband is a car enthusiast, especially British make! He'll love LMH for this hahaha. I think so, they'll both will miss each other for sure .
  4. @yellowduck @Peekaboohoo @masunni indeed! During his interview with GQ, he was asked if he realised that he showed his mobile password in one of his earlier vlog. He said of course and it was intentional. Everything in his vlog is intentional and being thought of, he is the one that did the editing. To me, he is serving us the whole bakery!! His car registration number ... '222' is a piece of cake, what about '8047'? I think it is ... '87' his birth year, '87'+'04' = '91' (her birth year)! The whole car registration number is a big cake for us lol They are coming out, with their rel
  5. Hello chinggus ....Awww so quiet here today, even after captain King IG post?! I will not say much, but, the song is so romantic! All I can say is, our captain is so in love Here's the lyrics of the song:
  6. Sorry, to bring this back. I understand your disappointment but he was disappointed too (although of different reasons) and he surely didn't hide his disappointment and sadness. I believe if they have won the couple award, he would have mentioned her, nevertheless, he did mentioned TKEM casts as a team (which includes his co-star of course). He has mentioned before that Ggone calms him down. I think she has been doing just that running up to the event and throughout the award night for sure . She certainly has calmed me when she posted that IGs! I guess the face time wit
  7. About Ggone's IG story of LMH ... I just want to say this - 'Behind a successful man, there is a strong, brave, confident, wise and successful woman'
  8. I was so emotional when KGE posted LMH on her IG story. I was actually welled up with tears. This is exactly how I feel KGE felt. I'm so so proud of her for posting that. She is such a sweetheart!!
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