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  1. so chinggu, look what i found on instagram. we still have another crumbs
  2. I totally agree with your point of view. it's like connecting dots that already exists before. if previously he had not posted a photo with KGE in a romantic pose, or his obvious behavior behind the scenes. I would buy that OIM said that his post yesterday was just a coincidence and didn't mean nothing. but we obviously know the right answer.
  3. so guys, i'm sorry for bringing this back agian. but this video is so damn funny and i want you guys to laugh with me.
  4. hello chingu, i am a newcomer to this forum. previously forgive me for my bad english, because it is not my native language. I am new to Shipper Paradise, and have never shipped kdrama actor or actress before. Mineun couple is my first ship. Today I decided to unlurk because i want to inform all the RYL here that I found a comment by someone who stay in japan on Instagram, stating that Lee Min Ho doing an interview with Kanryu Magazine June edition 2020. in that interview, Lee Min Ho himself said that as the TKEM film process progressed, he increasingly realized that Lee Gon was more and more similar to himself. He even dares to say that Lee Gon is Lee Min Ho. he said because this was the second project with KES, it was different when on the heirs, he was more open for the time being. maybe that's why KES designed Lee Gon's character exactly like Lee Min Ho's character. But this info is still not valid, because I myself have not seen the original article in the magazine. And i'm really curious about this insterview. Well that's all i wanna say. Thank you so much for your attention and your positif vibes in this forum that makes my first ship experience become memorable.