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  1. HELLO HELLO shippers / friends and to all MinEun fans.Finally,we meet again.i have been looking for this cake for nearly one year.i stumbled upon it year ago,then could not remember where the homemade yummy dog birthday cake it was.at first,for just a few days until i found new wish Happy Birthday GORGEOUS QUEEN kim go eun 30th korean age.May your life be full of unforgettable adventures.Arjenia club members kept busy preparing gifts which were delivered on HAPPY GGONE DAY.Love all the way.Someday tell MINHO you love HIM all the way.Just let your heart decide.MinEun love is all around.Headline
  2. HELLO HELLO shippers / friends and to all MinEun fans around the world.To put it in other words i AM reasonable shipper who shipped LEEEul*MinEun Woww.i hope things will turn out fine.How is it going?Minoz Club members are very busy at this time preparing gifts.they will do great.Happy Birthday KING MINHO 35years old korean age.Many happy returns of the day.Finger Crossed.i AM not expert BUT As you get older tell HER that you love HER.SHE loves you more.More than you will ever know KING MINHO.HUHUH. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING MINHO 22.6.2021. Credit to the owner of the video bear Forest.
  3. HELLO shippers / friends and to MinEun fans.i saw the photos.QUEEN 'S cute and HER beautiful smile has been a comfort to us all to see HER appearance too.How does KING MINHO feel when QUEEN kim go eun he likes SMILES?HUHUH WowW.i felt that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.HER pure smile makes 'ME' smile from my heart too!Credit to leeeulfandom instagram photos and videos. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPJCxAfFvIH/?utm_medium=share_sheet
  4. HELLO shippers/fans/friends.HELLO.someone in love will care about your feelings and your well-being.FEELING LOVED. WoWW.Seoul in LOVE?Love in Busan?Here's a look at their gestures over eight months.now i must say i saw something beautiful relationship.waiting is a sign of TRUE LOVE.i am patiently waiting to know WHAT'S coming next THAT MEANS their annoucement.MinEun in LOVE!Credit to the owner Akidot Update's video.
  5. HOLLA HELLO friends / shippers who watched Tkem drama.Let 'ME' introduce myself i AM reasonable shipper who shipped LEEEul*MinEun sincerely in my heart could not ask for more.still HOPE that someday MinEun will end up together in the end.Praying for them.i think its not too late for 'ME' to wish HAPPY 1YearWithTheKingEternalMonarch and to royal couple MinEun.Smiling.HAPPY to see @graceyco @masunni @twinkle_little_star and others who made this thread alive long time ago told the stories about Tkem here again in my ERA.Credit to the owner of the video KGE Motivational.
  6. @Racquel Roum HELLO friend.i organically started watching it about a week ago.Couldn't agree more.2020 is a crazy year.Lets rewatch every episode of Tkem!HUH
  7. @GNCruz HELLO!I understand your feelings.we have an actress thread for QUEEN kim go eun if you write SOME NOTES there.i think if you have checked the words after typing that you do not mix hostility and fights I think there is no problem. @Racquel Roum HELLO friend you can give the reactions more to show who HONEST we are.THATS TRUE we dont have to offend anyone.for this precious couple we must protect and love them.i noticed some fellows shippers told before MinEun followed our thread.i feel so honored especially our posted read by this precious MinEun.Love each other as we have MinEun l
  8. HELLO.i feel this is my first writing its been a long time i have been silently lurked and spied in this thread.just my thought YEAH my delusion.Cant count how many contents and hints from LEEEul*MinEun couple that related to their connections until coincidences keep happening YEZZA as shippers we believe they are in relationship but some of other shippers still investigate and assume their are just remain friends according to the informers.Please discard the word desperate.the word desperate is very inappropriate to ship.its seem like we become a pusher which i mean a person that pushes extre
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