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  1. Why am I not worried about our OTP despite of the hurdles that've been coming their way...this is a good testing ground for the both of them on how they will hold on to each other. I am very confident the two are doing fine. Like one of our sissies here said they've been in the showbiz industry for so long that this is not the first time they've seen this or even got dragged into this kind of scandal. This I know, whoever orchestrated or behind that thing, HB and his camp has nothing to do with it. Our boy is clean. He's working hard right now with Jinnie beside him, I believe he's doing alright. I'm glad voting is done and that we did it! Congrats unnie! I just love our girl amidst all the dramas she remained calm and quiet. I know she's not weak (hell no), she's just smart with a very good attitude. Can't wait for her new CF! I will definitely subscribe to smart telcom if I am in the Philippines. PS. If there's no more hope for the clubs to be back, is there any other way or site that we can group together? Appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Love you all...ttyl.
  2. Same I need the clubs back pali pali! Meanwhile...when you see it this must be after Seri's birthday crying scene.
  3. Plot twist...this is the real BinJin!!! haha oh my goshh I'm so cryin' right now with what Vast did for killing that thing (ya'll know what I mean ayt BinJin nation? I don't want to spell it out). @wap this is the BinJin they denied (LoL)...I'm not joking, yes I am @RiRiGaGa I knew you're whipping up on somethin' can't wait to read all of it.
  4. Yes yesss! you ma' lady are a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, daebak! Thought I would need a third eye to behold what you and others see. I see one wearing a hat, slouched over while aiming for a good shot and he's definitely using a camera not a camera phone.
  5. @Chewy glad to have you back...I was probably new to the forum when I was enjoying reading your posts and then poof! you were MIA . Thank you for sharing this though ...me personally, I don't really look for receipts (but I embrace them if they are dropped as freebies he he) I just ship the two based on what I see (LoL) and I respect and welcome everyone's opinion, logics and delulus. Although I will surely envy their fans in the Philippines and such a bummer that I won't be able to go...make this happen yeah...your updates will be gold.
  6. This is what I have been saying the whole time, that's why I got confused at Beksang (my first to watch a Korean award show) and began to watch other contenders' dramas. CLOY has everything, I still stand on my pov that Binnie should have also won the best actor. It's hard enough to portray a cold but soft and comedic character rather than just one angle bubbly and or comedian all throughout or a straight dreary character. The story was all thought off, best director and best writer would have won it as well. Best rom-com yeah... Hope I won't get reprimanded for this subtle rant (he he)...I still feel for CLOY. It's the show that made the whole universe come together. I'd still probably in my own cocoon world with zero idea of our OTP and K-ent...so thanks to CLOY #CrashLandingOnYou
  7. Oh my gosh that will be epic! Will for sure trend worldwide and smash the internet again. Although HB , as competitive as he is, he will deliberatelly let her win just like what he did (my surmised) on beer pong. I thought him showing like he's aiming for the cups but then throw the balls so easily...I go, yeah he's letting her win. I so love watching her in this video, she's so freakin' cute. I showed to my co-worker and told her how competitive she is and that she''s my fave korean actress. She said she's beautiful and cute...we cracked up when she smacked the guy with the pillow. Then I showed Binnie and told her this is her boyfriend...Then she goes, oh my he's adorable. They're beautiful couple. Ok, I'm gonna vote for Jinnie just because I love her (he he)....I guess Binnie already won it.
  8. Yes indeed they are Vegas pride...although I'm a fake fan of Imagine Dragons as I have not seen any of their shows here when I did with Adele , Celine and Maroon 5. Shame on me...but now because of Binnie. I will surely check 'em out (LoL) I didn't realize soompi has been down for days. Wonder what will happen to all of us if this will totally be taken away one day? I for one will surely get lost and out of touch for BinJin other than google and you tube. I want to create an IG or twitter account but those are limited, unable to discuss so much unlike here. Last time I stopped was 1076 pages ago, so I have a lot to backread and I'm excited to hear more about our OTP. Talk to you all later...ciao!
  9. Saw this on you tube and somehow I too wonder why they didn't do a project together in their 20s. I could see it to be unforgettable as well and then reunite in CLOY. I swear they already look good together even back then. Would have been a blast for us BinJin to have something to reminisce besides CLOY. Knowing YeJin, I don't think they'll date or end up together in those days because they will in CLOY (LoL).
  10. When money can't buy the happiness of these two beautiful teenagers who are....
  11. Although with CLOY or without, our OTP will still be doing a drama together like what they promised with each other but good thing CLOY came right away. I am just glad he turned down DOTS (based on the ranking looks like he was the 3rd choice) and I am just glad the other actors (hoax or not) turned down CLOY, he he. Tae Pyeung is/was 100% fit for Ri Jeong Hyeok, he slayed layers after layers in his character. I have watched the other BAA contender's dramas, yes their characters are more relevant in general but to play Captain Ri that requires mega extra skills and efforts, I'm still putting my money on him as best actor. Like Jinnie adamantly expressed, "he is 100% to me no matter what" Btw, it is now 12:25 am in Jordan and 6:25 am in SK... I don't know why I'm doing this
  12. Awww, binsshi…I missed his going away party. He just looks fresh, well rested and content. I’m in awe of the superb soco skills of BinJins, probing everything he was wearing from head to toe even who’s inside his super tinted vehicle haha and even got a pic of him inside the plane faster than a speed of light. I appreciate all of your efforts as I don’t have that soco skill. I suck at fangirling comrades…mianhe. @BJHope thank you for sharing your list I have been doing the same on my spare time while on soompi hiatus (you tube you tube you tube, net flix net flix Netflix) Binnie is soo adorable at the airport, he did make me laugh when he did not know where to go after they checked his temp. I miss both of them especially our Jinnie! I truly adore his dedication to work. Such a hardworking guy…I’m sure he landed safe and sound and must on quarantine now.
  13. Haha, same, I could barely see what page number I am on...alright that's it, i'mma stop backreading, my contacts are not helping either. Pardon my typo's if you notice any.... ALl i know is that YJ has a promising hollywood movie, Binnie is in Jordan and their BinJin kids are in the lala land, hoping they will send some candies or cookies to their hungry kids...
  14. Happy birthday America! Finally had time to get in here…back reading a few pages, I still applaud those who are staying strong sailing our ship. You guys are the true sailors of this ship, guarding it like a lion …hands down to you. This is indeed a BinJin elite society who knows how to pick its battle. Anyone that is being led to a mist of hearsays that SYJ or HB are dating someone else, that’s what I say speculation. I for one, hardly ship any love teams or celebrity couple if I don’t see and feel authenticity with their actions off screen. A reason why I don’t watch soap or series because they always like to play with their viewers where more often than not lack sincerity. I prefer at least close or closer to reality… I love you all, as Binnie says, stay safe and healthy. just keep sailing...I am with you on this. Old but gives me chills everytime...I love his voice...so soothing.
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