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  1. Real talk: I bet these haters will be fangirling real hard if they have pets on their ship but since they have none, they vent their envy by hating on the pets. There are a lot of crumbs on "dog gatherings." So if they know how to analyze, I am sure deep inside, these rabid haters are threatened. Otherwise, if they havent thought about these angles, then they are just plain bad mannered people unhappy with their own lives and use foul language everyday.
  2. The bittermelons spread fake news that Song Hye Kyo keeps chasing Hyun Bin If you only knew how he kept chasing Kyo over the years. If you only knew what happened in Jeju in 2016. If you only knew why she was confused and had a sleepless night posting soundtrips on IGS, two nights of December 2019. Cannot wait for the day when tea will be served.
  3. Bittermelons gonna hate But fact remains Hyun Bin is very very close to her. Over the years.
  4. Kyo has said in past interview that if she is unhappy she will work and work to forget everything. So it means she is happy and contented with her life now it also shows on her aura. I miss her dramas too but she is working since 14 years old, more than half of her life are spent in showbiz. She deserves some personal time. She is also someone who choose projects carefully. She is not after the quantity but the quality of projects.
  5. Super handsome and hi there BinKyo VP Some bittermelons bash this woman whom Hyun Bin treats like family. Yes I am sure he would be happy of you fake fans. You clearly do not know the real Kim Tae Pyoung. BK is also not an employee of Vast. She has her own styling agency. She is a Senior Stylist. Kyo's stylist was only her student before. Hyun Bin loves hiring her for his CF projects because she is quite good and he treats her as family. They are quite close.
  6. He gains weight. I know someone who loves to cook delicious food
  7. Someone said earlier they are "co-owners" of each other and of Baby R
  8. October 1 - October 5 Anyway, a clearer more visible one from a top fashion magazine has published the list (Take note! not from that lovetrash site hahaha)
  9. I stan Asia's Most Stylish Couple in 2020 Special Award goes to BFFs Kyoung and Belmakang
  10. His aura is super different from before. What happened? Hmm Hmm Hmmm Blue hearts all over
  11. When he suddenly showed up wearing BinKyo's colors BLUE MY BLUE HEART CANNOT CONTAIN IT
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