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  1. Yes it's The Brother Islands Jeju. She did not hide this time. She posted the same place on second week of December but did not show the clue. Last 2019, an hour before midnight, Kyo changed her profile pic back to the past. This 2020 going to 2021 she posted JEJU of all places where someone we know has a private beach house Happy New Year!
  2. That the same SBS show which investigated about BinKyo after they denied and also Park Sol Mi's post but without explanation as to if its a crumb or not, are now saying Huge Actors dating are gonna be revealed by Dispatch. BinKyo status now in Entertainment Industry, I dont think its BinKyo.
  3. More and more new connections between UAA and Vast. I see what you are doing there Mr Kim
  4. Kyo said she wants to play in a different genre like a thriller in which she is being chased and screaming Hyun Bin said he wants to play a villain Me: They should do a project together. Binnie being the villain chasing Kyo
  5. This is the first time ever she held a birthday party for a dog. Why so special Baby Ruby
  6. Some of Kyo's close squads are glam squads too of the newest Vast artist I never noticed the MUA being her MUA before she joined Vast
  7. @Mave Doan Why someone not from this thread reacted to your post as off topic? I think that account is the one who got lost
  8. Ruby is not an offspring of the other dogs because Pink and others are with her mom but remember Ruby's first bio - grandma does not know. She was a gift to Kyo because she never buy puppies too.
  9. He said he is similar in a sense to Joo Won ( Secret Garden character) his thoughts, the way he expressed himself has changed. In what way is he similar? Joo Won told his mom that he does not just love Ra-im but he loves ONLY her and he is marrying her even if his mom does not agree. He also said his views about God has changed. Not sure what his parents religion is but I have read before that he has not been going to church. I am glad to hear this in his new interview.
  10. I think he clarified misconceptions and delulus and emphasized that all are only for WORK. He made it clear that if you work together for several months, naturally you will become closer while communicating during the duration of the project.
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