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  1. Hanjimin's latest IG story 5hours ago was blue sky and trees... is it safe to say <delusional mind, sorry> that as much as they both like nature.. they were together during these recent nature trips or just letting each other know that they have similar tastes?!
  2. @Chrc I'm referring to JHI's endorsement for ALL.. he posted the video in IG on May 7. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_4nM__pFQu/?utm_source=ig_embed https://www.instagram.com/p/CFJVmdqHwOD/?utm_source=ig_embed
  3. The newest endorsement video that Jimin posted, not sure what kind of drink it is, there's a dance and 2 claps at the end. I got the same vibe with JHI's endorsement video for All. Sorry guys, I am not very good with technology so I do not know how to copy or share here. I will appreciate anybody who will share them here!
  4. Hello haemin friends... I'm not very active online these days, I read your sharings and discussions here from time to time. I am happy that the thread is still moving, haemin still sailing. And I watched OSN again!
  5. I think so @Chrc.. what is the meaning of noona?? Does it exclusively mean 'older sister?' I checked on google and some sites are saying that you can use noona as a romantic way to address an older female.. just like when girls say 'oppa' to guys..
  6. right on @hjm_osn! and of course, they will privately sent a message to each other, wishing JHI to enjoy the beer, or JHI inviting Jimin to join them. (oh boy, what a delu mind I have!) LOL
  7. Epic! That's actually one of my favorite scenes in OSN, showing who's the boss! LOL. Interestingly, why did JHI posted the pic of beers?? Most of the pics or videos that he posted were for promotions or awards/achievements. Occasionally, he will post greetings for everybody, example Christmas greetings. Then he will have these random posts such as beer with caption "I love beer" or cherry blossom (not sure if those were cherry blossom) with caption "wishing all spring to come"... common denominator: Jimin.
  8. hello friends! how's everybody doin'? i have been lurking and reading all of the posts but too busy to reply. But, hey! our couple do not disappoint us huh! When we are very quiet, they are more active LOL. I am imagining the both of them talking to each other: "hey, let's post pictures a day after the other...let's not like all of each other's posts... nobody will notice." hahaha. Haein couple, if you are lurking here: we notice everything!
  9. alright friends, if you are going to zoom in the first pic where Jimin was holding a cup of coffee...you will see a reflection of 2 more cups and a guy. The person who took the picture is hidden behind Jimin's left hand/finger. who was that guy, and who else was there with her??? I am wishing that Haein was there, but if he was not, then I hope it was a plain friendly date. LOL>
  10. @FuyuKyu this is the first time I saw the video, sad it does not have translation. Do you know if this is also on youtube? Thank you! Btw, to everyone who is on the same part of the world as I am, happy 4th!
  11. Look at their faces! They look like a couple having a good time, boyfriend is drunk, girlfriend is pissed and teasing at the same time. Their BTS videos are making my heart flutter as much as OSN.
  12. The way they used the word "obsessed". LOL. So Haein has been obsessing over Paul Kim's song, and any song in particular? And yes, he plays it every day every moment. And of course, we obsessed about something that we can relate to. Hehe. So the filming/promotion/showing/post-production of TIFL, OSN and APYM were overlapping, meaning Haein have worked to different people, ladies, as I may say during those times. All of those ladies have describe Haein almost the same way, but there was one thing that they missed out-- Haein's fun side-- which was very evident towards one certain person, and that is Jimin. With that being said, I think the other ladies knew that they did not share a special connection to Haein, it was all work or maybe a hint of friendship. After all, KGE is friends/same company with Jimin. (please correct me if i am wrong, LOL). With those interviews where Haein answered questions about Jimin, other ladies, with their instincts I suppose, they knew that Jimin is in a special place in his heart. @Chrc He avoided her name because it feels awkward (when you are crushing on someone it's awkward to say his/her name --that's me when I was younger hahaha) or maybe he thinks he won't be able to control his excitement and he will get busted!
  13. hello @Ana2345... thank you for dropping by.. thank you also for supporting ji min and Hae in and for rooting for them to be together. i believe that you get offended for KGE when people talk negatively about her, which I understand, because you are her supporter. Personally, I have not seen any of her works, I am very particular with the actors that I support. Although, I do not support her, I also do not bash or judge her. And I can say that my friends here (yes, I consider the people here, my Haemin friends LOL), also do not say ill of her or any other actors. If ever that we have observations, we do not intend to hurt anybody, they are purely observations. And we say what's on our minds in respectful way. Those observations and comments may it be positive or negative also apply to Jimin and Haein. BTW, i do not recall anybody saying KGE was ugly, if there was a time that somebody did, I apologize, once again, we do not intend to offend anybody. Besides, we are only focused on our Haemin couple. Thanks again, cheers!
  14. Haein such a gentleman, he didn't want to embarrass Jimin when she placed the wooden blocks wrong, hihi. I was hoping that he will let the blocks topple on his last turn so jimin won't be sad but they're both competitive, oh well. Jimin was so hungry during the game, did they eat out after this game?? They also had the flower arranging activity same day, does anybody knows, what did they do first?
  15. I watched their uncut Jenga game in youtube again because I did not pay attention the first time I played the video. Ji min always wanted them to be the same, I mean, they always had the same taste and almost same character. But like when asked about the one of her joys in life, she answered to have a glass of beer while listening to music with people she loves. Haein agreed, then she counter it with him not only liking beer, so he said he is ok with wine and beer, then she agreed. Next was about the one food that Haein can eat for the rest of his life, he said rice. Jimin also answered, she said ramen. Then she asked him in an insistent way that shouldn't it be just plain rice, notice that she was not smiling the whole time during that discussion. Then Haein, said "ramen for me". Then she laughed, she was contented with Haein's answer and was happy again. Haein's face when Jimin answered "Ms. Baek" as the movie that she can watch for the rest of her life, he was nodding as sign of agreement with a proud look on his face.
  16. Maybe she was told not to post it yet.. Sometimes, companies wants to launch the new video endorsements formally. Just a thought.
  17. Good morning! yes, i think it was a video of goldendew. Something caught my eye, the theme of her new endoresement is that we can wear their jewelries at anytime of the day... so, each color of Jimin's clothing refers to a certain time of the day or the mood for: Blue -- in the morning White -- for a stroll Sunset Orange -- on the beach Beige -- for relax Green -- for memory Black-- in the evening Purple -- in the afternoon Black (again) -- in the sunshine Correct me if I got the colors wrong, LOL. Green is for memory?? it's not even a time or a mood.. then Haein also did a pictorial wearing green... So, i know I am overthinking but I am taking all tiny little crumbs that I can think of hahaha.
  18. IDK if this has been discussed his before but another observation, in this video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBse912JuZZ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link After PD shouted cut, Jimin already let go of JHI but he still tried to hold her hand, eventually letting go. He looked like he was disappointed that PD cut the scene right away. He also did tilt his head sideways (which I observe him do in some videos) I wonder what's the meaning of that gesture to Haein, or just mannerism.
  19. For the Nth time, I was browsing himin012's IG and saw the OSN BTS when they were rehearsing the altercation outside the cafe. I don't understand what they were saying when Jimin shook Junhan's hand and she kept her distance staying besides Haein. LOL. At the end of the video, Haein and Junhan were practicing how Haein will reach out and hold junhan's coat. Jimin was at a distance and I saw her look at Junhan when he forcefully side pushed Jaein's arm. I feel she got concern why did he do it very forcefully, that JHI might get hurt LOL.
  20. I read somewhere that the scene was supposed to be cut after the first kiss, when JHI said something like "you really poked me". But then, director didn't shout "cut" so being a professional and great actress that she is, ji min initiated the 2nd kiss to continue sequence, I think she knows JHI won't do it. I can't remember where I read it though.
  21. Sometimes I wonder and hoping that JHI was with her/them whenever she posts something, like the recent pic with rabbit that her OSN sis took. What about that pics/story that both of them posted on April, coincidence?
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