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  1. I thought about something about the "sunset" If we look at Jimin and HAein's IG, both pictures and stories.. one of the common things besides projects or endorsements is the "sunset".. may it be on top of hill overlooking the city skyline, may it be near a body of water, with treelines or with clouds... same color scheme from the same time of the day -- sunset. Another thing to highlight -- Han River. If we are going to connect all of the posts, it seems like there is something special going on between the two. (or I am just delusional, ) I personally find sunset warm and sweet.. if
  2. Do we know who was with Jimin? She posted on her IG Story: golden hour.. it was sunset... Jimin and Haein are making crazy again... with their subtle posts... LOL am I the only one?!
  3. Oops, @FuyuKyu shared the mv not me! Thank you!! But yes @tok-soompi I feel like haein is dedicating that song to someone very special in his 'real' life.. I wish for them to finish all their projects for this year successfully then get married next year
  4. Haein's new post literally woke me up.lol. That song might have a special meaninh to Haein for him to post the lyrics with matching picture of sunset... I hope it is for JM .. the words fit them, eh? And who else recently enjoys Paul Kim's songs?? I am also hoping this is not an ost for SD or DP... so that, it will be exclusively for JM <in my dreams, lol>
  5. Sorry friends, not completely related to our couple but I'm just so happy that my other favorite Korean actress just followed Jimin on IG-- kim sejeong! Lol.
  6. For a movie, I would like to see them play a pretty heavy story-line... drama with some action maybe, which will showcase both of their talents as actors. At the same time, I would like the plot to be able to reach all Korean watchers.. so, something that will showcase their talent, give them more awards and boost their popularity to the highest level because that's what both of them deserve! Lol.
  7. Our Jimin just posted new IG stories... I'm praying she was with Haein..I know he is very busy right now, but, it won't hurt to dream
  8. Thank you @tok-soompi! I just finished Ms. Baek, she was so good. Watching Ms. Baek I remembered Jimin's latest IG post..
  9. @Hong Willerthey should've have their wedding after the MBC awards LOL. I remember their press conference for OSN, they looked like bride and groom
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