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  1. I have the same thought as this twitter poster. For me it's more towards love assurance instead of heartbroken song.
  2. We are into 'that' phase again aren't we? Come. Let's regroup. This too shall pass This too shall pass This too shall pass This is all our captain fault. We need more breadcrumbs! Forget it. Just give us the bakery instead. Here's something to make everyone smiles. Look at wdh monitoring his hyung & noona playing together. Ggone are so cool showing off her moves to minho. THeY aRE sO DanG CUteeee!
  3. IN BOUQUET WE TRUST! It's good enough to keep out shipper heart alive when our lovebird went into hiding right now. They really have eagle eyes. I only manage to count 9 roses. Haha
  4. Have read this fanfic? It's beautifully written and it's hot btw. Well, don't judge me A night of transgression by collecsfallenstars
  5. That twitter acc is protected. However, i also did a cross checked and bhent_boss is indeed following LMH. Here is his like reaction to lmh's beach photos with kge. He also liked 2 of kge's photos with lmh in her ig which is photo of them sharing earpiece & another one is photo of kge & lmh with maximus. Maybe it's mean something or maybe it's mean nothing. Lets go delulu with whatever info we have right now because we are desperate like that. Hahahaha..
  6. Ayee... Cheekbones don't lie ya all The leaves! They definitely talking about the leaves here. Now we know why she looks so hyper like that.
  7. Yup. Why suddenly everyone so pessimistic? They might not dating yet as what @Heretorant said. I didn't feel any coldness. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Ggone is a very sensitive girl. Maybe she's too sad & emotional to be apart from the team after working together for 7-8 months. Is it because of the couple pic at the beach? Or because the way he patted her back? My husband also patted my head like that what.And we still married. Hahaha...Are they supposed to be clingy? Cheer up ok everyone. If they didn't get there yet, I'm sure our boi will know what to do. In LMH we trust! have you guys forget about the crumb he gave us today? Lady in white with black hat?
  8. Doesn't he know we are very sensitive to small details like that. I guess he really love ggone. I mean lee gon.
  9. Maybe this is their unofficial announcement. They don't even give us a goodbye ig post. Are they preparing us with bigger news soon?
  10. I also don't think she said anything. I think they are just teasing & flirting with their eyes & smiles. Another scene that I like most is their I love you scene. It feel so real & sincere.
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