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  1. Exactly i dont think marriage is out of the picture as a lot can happen between now and March 2021. She doesn’t have to retire to get married to her prince HB. She’s so deserved this opportunity.
  2. @gloriousCh33se wow that makes a lot of sense and exactly what i have assumed after watching CLOY like 10 times. I’d like to believe Seri goes to Switzerland multiple times per year and stays longer than 2 weeks each time but i think the writer wants us to think 2 weeks/year and thats it.
  3. @ElectricHearts But i thought the last episode actually showed two different years of their reunion. First one was they met at the parachute scene and 2nd one was more well-planned. They both met at the concert then spent their two weeks at the “honeymoon” lake cottage? Am I wrong?
  4. @ElectricHearts i’m always wondering about the timeline of RJH & YSR relationship. How long did it take them to re-unite in Switzerland after parting ways at the border? Was it 2 years or 3 years? And how do we know?
  5. hello i am not able to create new post how to do it?


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