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  1. I wrote a fanfic and decided to post it here. It’s a Man wol and Chung Myung story. https://archiveofourown.org/works/26052379
  2. Plastic surgery maybe? I don’t know. We all suspected it was her but never knew it was actually. Poor MY.
  3. I said in the discord chat but I almost dropped my tablet when I saw the screenshot on Instagram. It was so intense that scene. They really kept it in especially Kang Tae.
  4. Jae Su’s face lol I wonder when he is going to be nice to her. Always blaming her for everything.
  5. I miss you guys! Im so glad the forums are back. Looks like KT and MY are wearing the school uniforms for today’s episode.
  6. You know what I have noticed that people are making their version of Mung Tae. I think that’s really cute and I’m thinking of making one of my own.
  7. Rough translation for episode 10 called the shepherd girl. Kang Tae is shocked by the fact that he remembers all the events of the Ice River as a child, and tries to push Moon Young away. Moon-young's attitude toward Kang Tae is sad and meanwhile. In the hospital, Dae-hwan has a seizure. Google translated it for me. Lol
  8. That deer better leave the country before we turn him into deer stew! But I can imagine fanfics coming out from this part! Lol
  9. Wow that ending just when they were happy on their mini vacation. Does ST think that he abandoned him?
  10. Omg an almost kiss! And that deer won’t leave her alone! Those noises she’s doing!
  11. There’s a pic on Instagram that looks like KT leaving MY on the beach alone....Oh no what happened!
  12. Flower boy next door Hotel del Luna Masters sun My Mister Baker King Taku Goblin The Best Hit Coffee Prince Mirror of the witch Moon Embracing the sun Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Goong I can hear your voice Dream High Descendants of the sun Gu Family Book Fated to love you Producers It’s Okay not to be okay Lawless Lawyer Strong woman do bong soon Secret Garden
  13. Yea at the end of the episode! Then we have to wait another damn week! Lol but I do hope there’s a kiss next week. >_<
  14. The little zombie doll is so cute! I love that in every drama I have seen they always have a scene where there’s a guy giving a girl a doll. I find those scenes to be really cute.
  15. If you google it it will probably pop up. There’s some that doesn’t work though. It doesn’t work on my phone.
  16. https://www.koreaboo./news/iu-yeo-jin-goo-will-reunite-television-following-hotel-del-luna/
  17. Maybe he was scared that he will turn out like her and he didn’t want that or it’s something really bad that we don’t know about yet and that’s what drove him to want to kill her.
  18. I almost dropped my coffee when I saw those stills! It her imagination but damn look at that chemistry. I just noticed she’s doing the butterfly hug Method.
  19. I love MYs outfits so far especially the one when she in the book signing. Both of these drama have very good wardrobes. Man Wol definitely have competition. I kinda want IU to have a cameo in the drama too.
  20. I’m also glad I ended up watching this drama I’m not that into sad dramas. The only one I saw was I miss you and that left me a mess. I saw hotel del Luna and loved IU’s acting and the drama was really good. I wanted to see more of her dramas. I kept putting it off because I kept hearing it was sad. But video recommendations kept popping up on my YouTube. so I was ok I will gave it a try and well I ended up loving it. Lol
  21. Gong Yoo Coffee Prince was also my first Korea drama.
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